Handy Backup Tips

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					                 Handy Backup Tips for Staff Workstations

If your PC needs to be rebuilt or if you are getting a new PC, any documents,
spreadsheets, or databases that you have will need to be saved to an alternative

Below are some tips for backing up files. Please copy any files you need to save
to a flash drive.

I like to use Windows Explorer because I can browse and move files easily.
When you click the Start button you’ll find Windows Explorer is located in
All Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer.

Here I’m browsing to My Computer and Local Disk C: to hunt for any files that
may be saved on the C: drive.

A folder has been created for each user that has logged on to this computer in
Documents and Settings. In each of these user folders there may be bookmarks
or other documents that may have been saved when that user was logged in.
Internet Explorer Bookmarks will be in the Favorites folder and other documents
saved by this user will be saved in My Documents by default.

For example, I’m at the Phantom branch at the Data Center and I’m currently
logged in as the generic user for this agency, Ptm.

I see I have some Internet Explorer bookmarks I’d like to save.

I also see that I have something in My Documents that I’d like to save.

If any custom toolbars for Workflows have been saved on my PC they will be
located in C:\Program Files\Sirsi\Workflows\Toolcust.