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									Wide Receiver - Tips and Tricks
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Have you ever seen the wide receiver take a hand-off? If you haven't, you may
have been fooled just like the defense. But if you do see the wide receiver take a
hand-off it's usually to trick the defense. How does it work?

The wide receiver has to be pretty sneaky to pull it off. He runs from one side of
the field, behind the offensive line where he takes the hand-off from the
quarterback or another receiver, and then runs around the other side circling the
entire defense. Try this one yourself during your next game, and see how many
yards you can gain.

Using the Clock
In close games, the clock can be the wide receiver's best friend. If a pass is
incomplete, the clock stops. Sometimes you may even see teams throwing
incomplete passes on purpose to stop the clock. Or you may even see the wide
receiver catching a pass and going out of bounds on purpose. This stops the
clock, too.

So why would a team want to stop the clock? Stopping the clock buys the team a
little more time to plan their next move - which could mean the difference
between winning or losing the game.

Quick Tip
The letters YAC stand for yards after catch - or how many yards did the wide
receiver gain after he caught the ball. For example, if the quarterback throws a
10-yard pass to the wide receiver, and then the receiver gains another five yards,
his YAC is five.

Wide receivers must have:
1. Super speed
2. High-grade hands

Tight ends and running backs also are eligible to catch

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