FIRST FEDERAL
                           SAVINGS BANK

                                                                                             Points are Easy to Redeem!
                                                                              First Federal Savings Bank Rewards points are awarded through
                                                                              a certificate that is mailed directly to you. Points may be used
                                                                              immediately or accumulated and redeemed at a later time for a higher
    Real Rewards! Real Easy!                                                  point level gift.
                                                                              To register points:
Your First Federal Savings Bank VISA® Debit Card is more convenient           1. Log on to
than writing a check— and now you can earn big rewards! That’s                2. Click on “Start Here”
right! Every purchase with your FFSB VISA® Debit Card adds up to              3. Register and click “Submit”
Rewards points that can be redeemed for great gifts! You can also             4. Enter certificate number(s) (points are instantly credited to you)
earn points by referring a friend to First Federal. When they open a          5. With 100 points you can claim a prize or
checking account, you’ll each receive 100 points. That’s enough to               let points accrue for higher value items
earn a free gift, or you can bank your points for an even bigger gift!
                                                                              To claim a prize:
Use your FFSB VISA® Debit Card instead of cash or checks to pay for           1. Click “Claim Prize”
purchases worldwide. The next time you shop at the grocery store,             2. Click on the prize level that matches your point accumulation
dine at a restaurant, or fill your car at the gas station, use your FFSB      3. Click on the desired item
VISA® Debit Card.                                                             4. Verify shipping address
                                                                              5. Track your order
The FFSB VISA® Debit Card makes shopping fast,
convenient and safe.
   • Accepted at millions of locations                                     Reward
                                                                      REE REE Shipping
   • Never hassle with cash or a check                              F    F
   • Accepted where checks are not
   • Never get caught without enough cash
   • Avoid sharing personal information in paper form

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