International Cancer Technology Transfer (ICRETT) Training by thebest11


									              International Cancer Technology Transfer (ICRETT)
                              Training Workshop

                                         How to Apply

A Department Head or an Executive of similar rank of the host organization will be nominated as
the Host Course Co-ordinator. The role of this coordinator is to:

1. Identify the specific research or clinical training needs of the potential participants.
2. In collaboration with an international expert faculty member and potential a local expert faculty
   member, design a provisional workshop plan of maximum 2 pages. This is to be approved by
   the Director of the applicant Host Organization.
   It must address in sufficient detail:
      •   the training needs and specific skills to be acquired
      •   the profile of the target audience (up to 50 participants)
      •   the profile of the international and local faculty, if any
      •   the plan/timeframe for subsequent application/dissemination of the newly acquired skills
      •   the short and longer-term impact assessment and evaluation of trainees.

3. Upon agreement of the workshop plan by the Director, the Host Course Co-ordinator will
   identify, contact and invite a potential international Visiting Faculty Co-ordinator.
   Together they will:
     •    further develop the course plan
     •    agree on provisional workshop dates
     •    establish travel, accommodation, ancillary cost estimates for the international faculty
          (maximum 3 members)
     •    establish a detailed budget for running the entire workshop
     •    agree on facilities and local hospitality offered by the applicant Host Organization.

4. Upon agreement between both the Host and Visiting Faculty Co-ordinators to organize and run
   such a workshop, either coordinator submits an ICRETT Training Workshop application to the
   The completed application consisting of:
     •   the completed and hand-signed by the Host Course Co-ordinator, Visiting Faculty Co-
         ordinator and the Host Administrative authorized signatory ICRETT Training Workshop
         application form,
     •   a formal letter of invitation from the Director of the receiving applicant Host Organization
         to the international Visiting Faculty Co-ordinator,
     •   a formal letter of acceptance of the invitation from the Visiting Faculty Co-ordinator,
     •   the workshop programme as agreed between both Host and Visiting Faculty Co-
     •   the cv/publication lists of the members of the international faculty, including the Visiting
         Faculty Co-ordinator, and that of the Host Course Co-ordinator,
     •   a Host Attestation signed by the Host Course Co-ordinator.

      The application will go through the usual international review process and both Co-ordinators
      are advised of the outcome generally within 60 days.

5. Upon termination of the ICRETT Training Workshop, the Host Course Co-ordinator will supply
   UICC with:
     •   a list of participants, faculty members that had taught the training course, their full postal
         and email address along with the workshop programme. (template provided with Letter
         of Award),
     •   text/abstract of Lectures to be provided by the International Visiting Faculty,
     •   participants feedback forms to be provided by the Host Course Co-ordinator (template
         provided with Letter of Award)
     •   an end-of-project report in English within 1 month of the end of the project (template
         provided with Letter of Award).

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