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									Statistical Worksheets with

      MAA Spring Meeting
       March 12, 2005

  Supported by NSF-DUE 0126682
      Technology in Statistics
• Allows Visualization
• Allows Computation
  – Mean, Standard Deviation, Random Samples
  – Least squares line
• Allows Case Studies/Data Exploration
  – Minitab for exploring extended applications
  – Simple “Data Mining” activities
   But Technology also leads to
• A Disjointed Combination of Different Media
   – Textbook and Exercises are Pencil&Paper
   – Supplements are placed on the web
   – Minitab/ActiveStats are often “stand alone” activities
• Lots of Material that cannot be Assessed
   – Tests and Quizzes remain pencil&paper
   – Applets primarily for Illustration
   – Worksheet Assignments often mean Grade inflation
           Avoiding the Pitfalls
•   Learning must be active
    –   Applets must be integrated into assignments
    –   Minitab, Maple, etc. must require some
        element of creativity
•   Students must be engaged
    –   Create active learning environment
    –   Require regular interactive assignments
     Implementation at ETSU
• About 1200 students each semester
  – Idea is introduced in a classroom setting
    (the Mansion)
  – Online “homework” assignments require
    interaction and exploration of assignment
  – Next class meeting is in the statistics laboratory
    (The Stat Cave )
  – Stat Cave is for extensive Minitab Application
    Benefits and Shortcomings
• Expected Benefits
  – Improved performance in gen. ed. experience
  – Better comprehension of statistics concepts
  – Better interaction between faculty and students
• A Few Problems
  – High computer use leads to many computer repairs
  – Scheduling
  – Serving online courses
         Unintended Benefits
• Service to other departments
  – Sections for other disciplines in which “their”
    preferred stat package is used instead of Minitab
  – Specialized training for specific populations
     • Computer Science Laboratory Experiences
     • Sociology/Psychology sections
     • Biology-specific section
• Improved retention and better attitudes
              The Course Site
• New Web Site being Developed
• Current web site is at
• Let’s take a look!
                The Next Step
• GOAL: To develop online worksheets that
  incorporate all 4 stages
  –   Amenable for Lecture
  –   Based on interactive exercises with applets
  –   Utilize Minitab data
  –   Include an assessment component
• (Actually, Minitab experience will not be
  replaced, only augmented)
• Statistics Worksheets with Applets
  – Pronounced (swop-lets)
  – Sample at
• Must complete exercises on each page
  before you can move to the next
• Last Page of Swapplet has exercises and
  email box so results can be sent to instructor
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