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									                                     How to Increase Comfort and Save Money on Energy

                                        Show how building wrap is           costs. It can be performed in         Combining good practices to
                                        fastened at window and other        new construction and                  reduce infiltration with recycled
                                        penetrations.                       renovations.                          content products contributes to a
                                                                                                                  more energy-efficient building,
                                         • The insulation contractor is
                                                                            ACTIONS:                              while reducing indoor air quality
                                        responsible for air sealing to
                                                                            • Perform blower door test to         and other environmental
                                        meet energy code. The general
                                                                            determine air sealing gaps and        hazards.
                                        contractor should seal remaining
                                                                            combustion safety. Note: the test
                                        penetrations prior to insulation.
                                                                            is necessary in any dwelling           ACTIONS:
                                        Using a "wet" type cellulose
                                                                            with a gas furnace or water           • Insulate walls and ceilings of
                                        insulation eliminates the need
                                                                            heater to prevent back drafting       wood framed buildings to
                                        for this step.
                                                                            and spillage of combustion by-        exceed the code by 20 percent.
                                         • Specify the use of low-VOC       products.                             Wall cavities with existing
                                        and/or non CFC propellant                                                 insulation can be blown full with
Air Infiltration                                                             • Conduct test after drywall is
                                        caulks and sealants.                                                      new insulation to increase
                                                                            mudded and exterior doors are
                                         • Often overlooked air leakage                                           density. New and refinished
New and particularly older                                                  installed, so that leaks can still
                                        sites include: rim joists between                                         exterior walls can be wrapped
structures often have a variety of                                          be easily sealed.
                                        conditioned spaces, ceiling                                               with a minimum of 1" (R-4)
leaks that reduce its overall                                                • Perform a "duct blaster" test to   rigid foam to increase envelope
energy efficiency and cause             recessed light fixtures, unless
                                                                            check the efficiency of heating       R-value.
moisture problems over time.            ICT rated, drainpipe holes for
                                                                            ducts in attics and crawl spaces.
Flashing reduces rain and bulk          showers and tubs, and chases for                                           • To maximize R-value, specify
                                                                            Inadequately sealed ducts lose
water penetration in exterior           plumbing or ductwork.                                                     recycled content fiberglass,
                                                                            20-30 percent of their heat into
walls, preventing moisture               • Install/replace dampers on                                             Dense-Pak cellulose, Blow-In
                                                                            unconditioned space, draw
damage. A well sealed "tight"           fireplace(s). Dampers reduce                                              Blanket System, Icynene, and/or
                                                                            pollutants from attics/basements,
building envelope may lose up           down drafting in winter when                                              foam board cladding insulation.
                                                                            and cause pressure imbalances.
to 20 percent of its overall            fireplace not in use.                                                     Recycled content fiberglass
insulation value to air                                                                                           contains recycled glass (up to 30
infiltration. Buildings may also                                            Wall and Ceiling                      percent), formaldehyde-free
lose heat through unsealed              Blower Door Test                    Insulation                            binders, and no asphalt binders.
penetrations to unheated attics or                                                                                Dense-Pak cellulose is
crawl spaces. Ventilation               For highest comfort and safety,     Beyond code insulation in             formaldehyde-free and
systems are more efficient when         the tightness of the building       exterior walls and ceilings           completely fills cavities and
installed in a tight building.          envelope and ductwork can be        improves comfort, decreases           penetrations - reducing air
                                        tested with a blower door and       heating and cooling                   infiltration, moisture intrusion,
 ACTIONS:                               duct tester. The test reveals       requirements, makes homes             and fire spread.
• On all documents, clearly             hidden air and moisture flows       quieter, minimizes mold and
detail flashing and air sealing.        and potential problems and          mildew, and saves money.
 • During installation, avoid                                                                                    foundation wall, a pressure-
crushing, cut and fill carefully,                                                                                treated lumber strip can be
face-staple flanges, and fill all                                                                                ripped to fit over the top of the
gaps.                                                                                                            insulation, flush with the top of
                                                                                                                 the slab. On a monolithic slab,
 • Use expandable foam and
                                                                                                                 the edge insulation can be taper-
caulk to prevent infiltration
                                                                                                                 cut and fitted with flashing.
where wood connections are
                                                                           without polyisocyanate foam
made or framing is drilled for                                                                                   • Exposed insulation can be
                                                                           which is made from ozone-
plumbing and electrical runs.                                                                                    coated with stucco to protect
                                                                           depleting HCFCs.
This is especially important                                                                                     from sunlight and moisture.
when fiberglass is installed.        • Another important rating is the
                                                                           Concrete Slab Insulation              • A slab floor with radiant
Caulk top and bottom plates on       solar heat gain coefficient
                                                                                                                 heating should be fully insulated
all floors.                          (SHGC) that measures the
                                                                           Concrete slabs lose heat at their     underneath the slab and its
                                     amount of solar heat a window
                                                                           edges, where the air and soil are     perimeter.
Windows and Doors                    allows to pass. A low SHGC
                                     (.40 or less) is desirable on west-   coldest. A floor slab should be
                                     facing facades. Use a .60 SHGC        insulated between heated and
Quality windows and doors are
                                     on east and south sides to            unheated areas (i.e. garages and
integral to energy efficiency. In
                                     encourage passive solar heating.      living areas). Some spaces, such
winter, they account for up to 25
                                     Consider installing reflective        as utility rooms, can be designed
percent of a building's heat loss.
                                     film on west windows,                 to be thermally isolated from
Better windows and doors
                                     particularly if unshaded and          conditioned living space,
improve comfort and reduce
                                     single glazed.                        helping to reduce the volume of
noise and utility bills. Consider
                                                                           conditioned space in a unit.
environmental performance             • When installing vinyl
when choosing products.              windows, use a low expanding
                                     foam and don't nail top flanges
 ACTIONS:                            to reduce air infiltration.                                                 For information on available rebates,
• Install double-paned, low-                                                                                     please refer to our companion brochure,
emissivity (low-E) windows            • On remodels, if existing                                                 “How to get free money for saving
                                     windows are in relatively good                                              energy!” Both brochures are available
prevent heat from escaping
                                                                                                                 on our website:
through the glass in winter and      shape, consider weatherstripping,     ACTIONS:                              and will be updated as changes occur.
block heat from entering in          caulking, insulating drapes, and      • Insulate perimeter edge of
summer), low conductivity            storm windows to improve per-         concrete slab floor with code         Prepared by Green Decade’s Kyoto
windows. Install windows with        formance in lieu of replacement.                                            Committee, with thanks to the City of
                                                                           approved foam board. Insulate         Portland Office of Sustainable
U-value equal to 0.35 or lower.       • Specify insulated core exterior    slab between heated and               Development, for the City of Newton
A window with a U-value of           doors (they are up to 60 percent      unheated spaces.                      Inspectional Services Department, May
0.35 cuts heat loss by 15 percent    more efficient than solid wood                                              2006.
compared to code windows.                                                  • R-15 edge insulation is 3"
                                     doors). Note; specify doors           thick. For a floating slab inside a

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