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									                                                                  Driving Directions

                 How-To Convention
                 How-                                           Conference Opportunities
                                                                   January 26, 2008

“Finding and Preparing for Ministry”
            Saturday, January 26, 2008
    Portland (Lynchwood Church of God)
•   Building Character in Children                 Guest Speaker
                                                        Jeannie St. John Taylor is a
•   Coaching Tips for Laypeople                         writer, illustrator, freelance
                                                        editor, speaker, teacher, and
•   Understanding Today’s Youth                         professional artist. Her
•   Healthy Communication Styles                        writings include books on the
                                                        subject of prayer, children’s
•   Cross-Cultural Missions                             picture books, and a youth
                                                        novel. Find out more about
•   Leading Children to Christ         Jeannie at www.jeanniestjohntaylor.com.
                                       Jeannie and her husband Ray have three grown
•   Courageous Parenting               children and live on a cattle farm ten minutes
•   Many Other Conferences             from downtown Portland.
                                           In the general session Jeannie will address

                                       how our nation has lost its moral compass.
                                       Politically-correct concepts like diversity and
                                       tolerance have left not only the society at
                                       large, but many church-going Christians,
8:15 a.m.            Registration      unable to discern the difference between right
                                       and wrong. With God’s help, this can be
8:45 a.m.            General Session   reversed. We must reclaim our nation one
                                       godly child and person at a time.
9:40-10:55 a.m.      Session 1
                                       Registration is only $20 per individual if post-
11:05-12:20 p.m.     Session 2         marked by January 14. Groups up to 10 can
                                       register from the same church for $125 if
                                       postmarked by January 14 (see info on the back).
12:30-1:30 p.m.      Lunch             Registration cost includes lunch along with
                                       three conference choices. Choose your con-
1:30-2:45 p.m.       Session 3         ferences from pages 2-3; then turn to page 4
                                       to register and to get directions to the
2:45-3:15 p.m.       Wrap Up           Lynchwood Church of God in Portland.
            Conference Opportunities                                                          Page 2

                  Session 1
1. How To Build Character in Your Children               and knows the importance of reaching children
   — Jeannie St. John Taylor (Guest Speaker).            for Christ in this vital ministry.
   Building character takes determination and         7. How To Learn Food Pantry Basics —
   work. Jeannie will teach how to build a               Donna Coonrod (Aloha) will show how easy it
   godly foundation for your family and class-           can be to set up a food pantry at your church.
   room so children can grow into people of              Come take a virtual tour of a shopping style
   character.                                            emergency food box pantry. Reach your com-
2. How To Build Healthy Communication                    munity for Christ by meeting their basic needs.
   Skills Part 1 — Jenni Biegler (Associate Pas-      8. How-To Beginner’s Guide to Gospel
   tor in Medford) will share four styles of             Magic — Mike Puckett (Aloha, Puckett Family
   communications commonly used in relation-             Magic) will demonstrate an effective tool in
   ships. Learn six talking skills and five listen-      sharing the gospel. Mike is a professional
   ing skills that are critical for resolving con-       Christian magician who also presents for Child
   flict, making decisions, solving problems, and
                                                         Evangelism Fellowship.
   negotiating more effectively (two sessions).
3. How To Learn to be a Coach — Lorin                                    Session 2
   Myers (Christian Education Commission              9. How to Build Healthy Communication
   Chair). Leaders in the church are often                Skills Part 1I — Jenni Biegler (Associate Pas-
   called upon to come alongside men and                  tor in Medford) will share four styles of com-
   women who need encouragement and/or                    munications commonly used in relationships.
   help in carrying out a particular task or re-          Learn six talking skills and five listening skills
   sponsibility. This conference will teach               that are critical for resolving conflict, making
   “coaching” instead of “managing” and how to            decisions, solving problems, and negotiating
   ask the right questions.                               more effectively. This is a continuation of
4. How To See “Behind the Scenes” — Ed                    Jenni’s conference in Session I.
   Bergler (Lay Leader at Mt. Scott, Portland)        10. How to Access What You Need for Hu-
   will share how to recognize the people who             man Resource Management — Jenna Reed
   serve behind the scenes in ministry at your            and Gayle Klampe (Cascade Employers) will give
   church. Learn to appreciate the whole body             an overview of the wealth of Human Resource
   of Christ as each serves in their gifted area.         solutions available to our churches. They will
                                                          also share important regulatory and compli-
5. How To Motivate Youth for Ministry —
                                                          ance reminders for 2008. Our Association re-
   Brian Arnold (Youth Pastor at Lynchwood)
                                                          cently became a member of Cascade Employ-
   will share how to motivate youth for church
                                                          ers, so your church will have access to their
   leadership. Learn how to help youth be-
                                                          information and expertise in this very impor-
   come excited and dedicated to serve in the
                                                          tant area.
                                                      11. How to Affirm Your Church Ministers —
6. How To Be a Good Camp Counselor
                                                          Panel: Laurie DeLapp (Mt. Scott, Portland), Lorin
   — John Kuykendall (Senior Pastor at
                                                          Myers (Minister, Eagle Point), and Frank Yerden
   Lynchwood, Portland) will share tips and
                                                          (Rockwood, Gresham) will share concepts on
   concepts for good camp counseling. John
                                                          how to encourage your church’s ministry staff.
   has directed children’s camps for many years
             Conference Opportunities                                                        Page 3

12. How to Understand Today’s Youth —                     urgent that you develop your writing skill if
    Aaron Walton (Youth Pastor at Mt. Scott,
                                                          you feel God leading you in that direction.
    Portland) will help us understand the unique
    characteristics of today’s youth. Learn how       18. How To ThinkNEXT — Bob Christensen
    to be relevant and how to effectively com-            (Senior Pastor at Mt. Scott, Portland) will
                                                          share how to choose ministry for your
    municate with our younger generation.                 church with a purpose and aim. Learn how
13. How To Connect With the World
                                                          to plan strategically for your church’s future.
    Through Project Link — Dennis Miller
    (Portland, International Christian Ministries)    19. How to Be a Courageous Parent — Rick
    will give ideas on how to empower your                Johnson (Gresham) is dedicated to helping
    congregation’s vision for ministry throughout         people in the community by offering educa-
    the world by connecting with Project Link.            tion in parenting and family relationships.
    Learn how to bring your church first-hand             Good fathers and good men make a critical
    knowledge from missions projects around               difference in our society. Learn more about
    the world.                                            Rick’s ministry at www.betterdads.net.
14. How To Make Fun and Inexpensive                   20. How to Be a Good Church Supporter
    Crafts — Beth Rivas (Hillsboro, Preschool             — Panel: Roberta Petersen and Jeanette Davis-
    Teacher) will share great craft ideas and will        son will tell why it is important and the char-
    supply the art supplies. This conference is           acteristics of a good church supporter.
    limited to the first 25 registrants, so you       21. How to Know Your Roots — Gary Ihle
    must pre-register for this conference.                (Lay Leader at Lynchwood, Portland) will
15. How To Influence Public Policy — Rod                  share basics on Church of God history.
    Monroe (State of Oregon Senator, Portland)            Learn about our church heritage and why it
    will show how Christians can be most suc-             is important for the future.
    cessful in influencing public decision makers     22. How to Lead a Child to Christ — Betty
    from local school boards, city and county             Franz (Child Evangelism, Salem) offers tips on
    officials, the State Legislature, US Congress,        how to present the gospel to children. Learn
    and the President. Christians have an obliga-         how to reach our future leaders for Christ.
    tion to participate actively in the formation         This will forever impact our world.
    of public policy.                                 23. How To Engage the Next Generation
16. How to Minister in Your Senior Years                  in Cross-Cultural Missions — John Johnson
    — Mary Wilder (Professor at Western Semi-             (Professor of Urban Ministries and Missions
    nary) will share ideas for ministry in our sen-       at Warner Pacific College) explains how our
    ior years. Come and learn how God will still          churches can partner with the college in
    use you in ministry.                                  equipping the next generation of missionaries
                                                          and missional leaders for the church.
                                                      24. How To Be An Ambassador of Christ—
                  Session 3                               Franklin Brown (Senior Pastor at Community
17. How Do I Write for Christ? — Jeannie St.              Church of God, Portland) will help us learn
    John Taylor (Guest Speaker). Is writing a skill       how to speak Christ’s Words instead of our
    that can be learned or is it simply a gift from       own message. Learn how to truly represent
    God? Jeannie will share the ins and outs of           Christ in our churches and in the world.
    Christian writing and publishing and why it is
                                   Driving Directions

         Lynchwood Church of God, Portland, Oregon
     3818 SE 174th Avenue — 503-665-6638 (church phone)
From I-205 North: Take the Powell Boulevard exit off I-205 North. Go east on Powell
Boulevard. Continue east until you reach SE 174th Avenue. Turn left (north) on 174th until
you reach the church on the corner of 174th and Marie (east side of 174th).

From I-205 South: Take the Division Street exit off I-205 South. Turn left (east) on Division
Street. Continue east on Division Street until you reach SE 174th Avenue. Turn right (south)
on 174th and continue until you reach the church on the corner of 174th and Marie (east side
of 174th).

            How-To Convention — Lynchwood Church of God
                     Portland — January 26, 2008
Name                                                Phone
Home Church                                         Email

INDIVIDUAL RATE:          $20 if postmarked by January 14, 2008
                          $25 if postmarked after January 14, 2008

GROUP RATE:               $125 per church group (same church) postmarked by January 14
                          $150 if postmarked after January 14, 2008


Registration fee includes lunch. We need number attending for accurate lunch count.
With group registrations, add $5.00 lunch fee for each person over 10. (Example: early
registration for 12 people attending from your church would be $135). Attach a separate
piece of paper for conference choices for each person in your group.

    Association of the Churches of God
    P.O. Box 18000
    Salem, Oregon 97305


Choose one conference from each session and list below.

Session 1                       Session 2                        Session 3

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