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					FileZilla FTP Client and Server Application
Annotated Bibliography Section
By Devin Funk, Kenny Pullin, Quan “Vincent” Cu

AceFTP 3.0 freeware. Retrieved Oct 10, 2005 from

      Visicom’s AceFTP client is a freeware program that offers many features
      currently used in many of the FTP client software that you have to pay for. Some
      of the main features it includes are drag and drop file transfer, lets you do multiple
      file transfers at the same time, and it has a windows XP design feel. The audience
      for this product could range from a webmaster, which could use its editing and
      viewing options, to a person who just wants a free way to transfer files between
      web sites at work or from home.

Alexay Podrezov. April 14, 2005. F-Secure Virus Descriptions. Retrieved from

      This source is an example that is virus can be transfer via ftp. Every user needs to
      be aware of the virus and Trojan horse. They are very harmful to user. FTP is a
      fast way to transfer file and information over the internet. However, with large
      number of information being transfer viruses can be transfer quickly to many
      users on the internet.

Barrett, Daniel J., Byrnes, Robert G., & Silverman, Richard E. (2005). SSH, The
       Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly.

      This book is an extremely technical overview of SSH, software that enabled
      secure network connections. SFTP actually runs on top of SSH. This book
      details the gritty details about what exactly SSH is, how it works, the history of
      SSH, SSH and SFTP clients such as those Purdue provides, and different SSH and
      SFTP solutions for multiple operating systems.

DigitalMEDIAminute. Setting up a SFTP Server on Windows. Retrieved October 13,
       2005 from

      This source is a guide to setting up an SFTP server on Windows. It details the
      installation of SSH (a required component of SFTP) on Windows. It uses an open
      source implementation of SSH for windows called SSHWindows. The setup of
      SSHWindows requires a good amount of command line work and is not very
      friendly. This guide could be used to show the complexity of setting up an SFTP
      server, especially for a novice.
FileZilla Documentation. Filezilla Documentation. Retrieved October 13, 2005,

      This source is the official documentation for FileZilla. It discusses FileZilla
      history, versioning information, general usage help, and configuration help. A
      quick guide is provided for the using the client, a dissection of the main windows
      of the client is provided, and the site manager is explained. The detailed
      configuration information covers a wide variety of topics including firewall setup,
      speed limits, and interface settings.

Ftp search engines. 2005. Why ftp? Retrieved October 10, 2005, from

      This web page was showed the benefit of the FTP over other method of file
      transfer. FTP is not only use to transfer file between two computers but it can
      also use to find different link on the internet, which contain the file you want with
      the speed you expected. In addition, FTP can be use to upload webpage to the

Indiana University. September 30, 2005. What is FTP, and how do I use it to
      transfer file? Retrieved October 10, 2005, from

      This source created by Indiana University. This is the help pages for students. It
      contained the overview of the FTP and basic step of using FTP. There are three
      basic ways to use FTP. They are graphical FTP clients, web browser and
      commander line FTP for use in Unix acount. It also contained a numbers of
      helpful links that help new user to explore the FTP.

Ipswitch Inc. 2005. FTP 101- A beginner’s Guide. FTP new user guide. Retrieved

      The source is for the beginner who has no knowledge about the FTP. A beginner
      can use learn about the basic information of FTP, FTP client and how to use it. It
      also shows where to down load the FTP program. Tutorials are also available
      with two different levels. The discussion of this source can also help the advent
      user improve knowledge.
Jon Granrose, Mike Jones, Tom Czarnik, Perry Rovers. 1995. Anonymous FTP.
      Frequently Ask Question List. Retrieved from

      A group of professor form the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
      developed this web page in 1995. This was information on the FTP in the early
      years, when internet was not popular yet. It can be use to compare with the newer
      version of FTP, which currently using today, to show the improvement of FTP
      client and server.

Kozierok, Charles M (Sept. 20, 2005). FTP Overview, History and Standards.
      Retrieved Oct 11, 2005 from

      This website is an excellent site that describes the history of FTP, the network
      layers and how they interface together in order to transport of files between a
      client and the server, the differences between anonymous and secure FTP, how
      TCP and FTP work together to form the logical connection, and the client/server
      relationship interaction. I feel that this site would be a good reference to describe
      FTP because it references the subject matter in a simple way and describes the
      topic in-depth without getting so technical that it could confuse a non-technical
      person, although it describes technical processes in detail. It should prove to be
      reliable for our project because it is up to date and describes modern technologies
      as they relate to FTP today.

Norden, John K., (Mar. 25, 2005) SFTP for business use. Retrieved October 13,
      2005 from

      This article examines a problem that is typical with businesses that use FTP and
      that is it is not secure, especially using the anonymous protocol. The author
      assumes the user is setting up a UNIX server but also tells about setting up a
      windows machine using Cygwin. In order to keep their information secure they
      incorporated OpenSSH to solve the problem. They give details about how to set
      up OpenSSH including how to configure the client, the server, build a restricted
      shell for users using RSSH, how to implement the user interface to the server.
SecureFX. Retrieved Oct 11, 2005 from

      This software is used by many universities and businesses for its use as a secure
      FTP client, including Purdue. SecureFTP can also be used as a simple FTP client
      but it provides much more when combined with SecureCRT, the companies
      terminal emulation program. The two programs can share the global options,
      session options, and the host key database so you only need to perform operations
      like setting application defaults, session’s settings, or accepting a server's host key
      once. Another advantage of this application is its integration to IPv6, the next
      generation of internet protocols that are designed to replace IPv4, which is the
      current version, used today.

 Susan Gothard. April 26, 2005. About FTP. Retrieved October 10, 2005 from

      This source created by Purdue University. It is in Window to Administrative
      Information web page. This is a PDF file that explains the concept of the FTP
      (file transfer protocol), and it states the benefit and caution for FTP. In addition,
      it show how to accessing DSS FTP server. All the information was very detail
      and easy to follow, this was a good source for a new user.

The Free Country. Free FTP an dSecure FTP (SFTP) Clients. Retrieved October
      13, 2005, from

      This source provides an enormous list of SFTP and FTP clients. It discusses
      Cyberduck, Core FTP Lite, Filezilla, WinGet, Fugu, Down loader for X, ProZilla,
      Putty, NCFTP, WS FTP LE, AceFTp 2, SmartFTP, and Leech FTP. This source
      will be used to discuss the multiple alternatives to FileZilla that are free.

The Secure Shell FAQ. Secure Shell FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved
      October 13, 2005, from

      This source is an FAQ for the Secure Shell protocol. It is highly technical and
      discusses technical information, setup procedures, and troubleshooting tips. This
      data would be useful to understand the underlying protocols that run SFTP. It
      also discusses legal ramifications of SSH as the encryption used is illegal in some
      countries or restricted.
Vesperman, Jennifer. (Feb. 4, 2002) Introduction to Securing Data in Transit.
      Retrieved Oct. 13, 2005 from

       This website talks about secure data transmission including authentication and
       encryption, which is used for FTP security between the client and the server.
       Authentication is described using public key authentication between two
       computers to ensure encryption synchronization. Encryption is described using
       public and private keys for data transmission and the limits of encryption are
       discussed concerning time limits, and the fact that encryption doesn’t necessarily
       make your data secure.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bittorrent. Retrieved October 13, 2005, from

       This source is a very thorough article on Bittorrent. It discusses its creator, Bram
       Cohen, and discusses the components of Bittorrent including trackers, seeds,
       peers, swarms, and torrents. Proper netiquette when using a torrent is also
       discussed. It also analyzes the legal and illegal uses of Bittorrent and current
       legal proceedings for sites hosting illegal torrents.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comparison of FTP clients. Retrieved October 13,
      2005 from

       This source is a Wikipedia article on a wide range of FTP and SFTP clients. This
       could be used to compare the features of FileZilla to other FTP clients, both free
       and for pay. It lists the platform, age of the program from its inception, latest
       stable version, software license, and cost.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. File Transfer protocol. Retrieved October 12,
      2005, from

       This source was mainly providing the disadvantage of the FTP method. FTP is
       extremely high latency that is the time beginning request and start to receive can
       be very long. FTP use clear text to transfer information, which can be intercepted
       by eavesdroppers. Multi TCI/IP are use, firewall need more logic to account
       these connections.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. SSH file transfer protocol. Retrieved October 13,
      2005, from

       This article from Wikipedia provides a basic overview of the SSH file transfer
       protocol. It discusses the origins of the SFTP, which was the SCP file transfer
       protocol. It compares the older standard to the current SFTP standard. It is a
       technical source detailing nuances of the encryption, platform neutrality, and the
       status of the standardization of the SFTP.

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