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									How to Organize a Chapter of Affiliate

Brief SCLC History

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was co- founded by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Rev. Dr. Ralph David Abernathy, Sr., Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Rev. Charles Steele, Jr. and other civil rights
pioneers in 1957 to promote human rights nationwide and abroad. Promoting Christian principles; to promote
direct action programs ending discrimination and promoting voter registration and political education were
among the issues addressed by the organization. The 1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott was the beginning of later
work. The boycott lasted 381 days and resulted in the desegregation of the Montgomery bus system. With the
formation of this civil rights organization – the only one founded by Dr. King – came the 1964 Civil Rights Act,
resulting from the Montgomery Improvement Association of 1965, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The SCLC is a non - profit, non - sectarian, inter- faith, advocacy organization that is committed to non-violent
action to achieve social, economic, and political justice. The SCLC continues to place human rights and social
justice at the forefront of America’s agenda. Today, the organization works to build on its legacy to effect
change through five key priorities: Economic Development, Education, Community Empowerment, Health and

What are SCLC Chapters & Affiliates

Chapters and Affiliates are the links between SCLC and the masses of people who make up the movement.
Chapters are groups, which are directly responsible to the Board of Directors of SCLC and the National office.

After consultation with the National Director of Chapters & Affiliates, a call should be issued for a community
meeting to initiate the process of organizing a SCLC chapter. The agenda of the meeting should include a brief
history of the SCLC and its nonviolent philosophy for social change.

Steps to Organizing

The organizing chapter shall conduct an intensive membership campaign for at least 30 days.

   1. Only with the guidance and permission of the National office may an organizing chapter deal with
      critical issues in the community.

   2. A minimum of fifty (50) members must be acquired to start a chapter. The names, contact information
      and all monies from the prospective members must be sent to the National office.

   3. Once the membership information has been forwarded to the National office and reviewed a “ Chapter
      Development and Policy Manual” will be sent to the organizing chapter.


The administrative committee and or the President of the SCLC may for just cause refuse to renew the charter
of any chapter at the annual review, suspend a Chapter or revoke a charter.
SCLC Policy And Guidelines

All membership and or affiliate fees are determined by the SCLC National office. Once a chapter has been
certified one - half of all membership fees are to be remitted directly to the SCLC national office. Chapter and
affiliate fees are due by the National convention each year.

Certified chapters must keep the following items on file at the National office:

    q   Listing of paid members names and contact information. (50 minimum each year)
    q   A completed application for chapters
    q   A bio on each chapter officer and board member
    q   A copy of the chapter’s by- laws
    q   Chapter Financial statement
    q   Copy of current charter and paid charter fee

A chapter’s constitutions, bylaws, charters and policies must be submitted to the National office of the SCLC
for approval.

The SCLC board and the National office are empowered to work out further rules and regulations needed in
governing and operating chapters.


Affiliates are groups of any kind whose basic purposes are compatible with those of SCLC. Affiliates pay a
yearly membership fee determined by the SCLC board and the National office. Affiliates may include but are
not limited to: churches, youth groups, labor unions, civic clubs, tenant councils, social clubs, businesses,
fraternal organizations and block clubs.

SCLC Chapters & Affiliates will work with the National office in promoting:

    q   Economic Development
    q   Education
    q   Community Empowerment
    q   Health & Technology
    q   Voter Registration and Mobilization
    q   Racial & Ethnic Profiling Initiatives
    q   Job Readiness Programs

Leadership Expectations & Responsibility

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Even a superficial look at history reveals that no social
advance rolls in on the wheels of inevitability. Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering,
and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. Without persistent effort,
time itself becomes an ally of the insurgent and primitive forces of irrational emotionalism and social
destruction. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is time for vigorous and positive action.”
                                                                     Martin Luther King, Jr.

Great care shall be taken to secure leadership with integrity and a strong commitment to non-violent direct
action social change. The officers and board members should be composed of as many aspects of community
life and leadership as possible.

A person who holds a leadership position is expected to guide and direct. They must possess a capacity and
ability to lead, motivate and teach.

A person of integrity holds steadfast adherence to strict ethical code. He/she is a sound individual willing to
work and strive for quality.

Commitment is a state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to an issue or group.

Individuals elected to serve and hold offices within SCLC chapters’ and affiliates should possess the skills
outlined above.

Local chapters elect their own officers under the guidelines outlined in the “Chapter Development and Policy
Manual”. The manual will address the process for the election of chapter officers, board members, charter fees,
duties of officers and chapter development strategies.

The National office of the SCLC and the SCLC board reserve the right to suspend officers of local
chapters and appoint new officers on an interim basis when deemed necessary.

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