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BadBlue Win32 P2P Web Servers


									                                           Data Sheet

                    BadBlue Win32 P2P Web Servers
                                                                        As of May 29, 2001
                                                                 Features subject to change

                                       Product Summary

BadBlue’s server products are designed to be full-featured, yet ultra-compact, web-
serving platforms with integrated peer-to-peer (P2P) capabilities. With a core server
size of around 80K, BadBlue’s offerings are among the smallest fully functional P2P
web servers ever developed. Two of BadBlue’s P2P server products are Personal
Edition (PE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). These products are designed for seamless
integration with Win32-based systems.

The mission behind BadBlue’s capability and small size is to enable all PC users to
serve web applications and content, to easily publish information and to share
knowledge with other users effortlessly.

BadBlue PE provides P2P searching and file-sharing; basic web serving features
including PHP, CGI and ISAPI extension support; directory browsing; logging; and
basic security capabilities. In addition, PE supports transcoding of basic MS Office
files into HTML for live sharing and collaboration.

BadBlue EE adds a variety of features to the PE platform. EE supports enterprise
security integration (via trusted NT domains, user accounts and security groups); bi-
directional file transfer (i.e., file uploads to friendly machines); browser-based
updates of Excel shared workbooks; and more customization options.

                                Product Feature Comparison
                                 BadBlue PE vs. BadBlue EE

                               Product                         Personal       Enterprise
                               Feature                          Edition        Edition
High-performance web serving features                             Yes             Yes
PHP, CGI and ISAPI extension support                              Yes             Yes
Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and searching                     Yes             Yes
Directory browsing                                                Yes             Yes
Virtual Directories                                               Yes             Yes
Transcode MS Excel files into HTML ‘on the fly’                   Yes             Yes
Transcode MS Word files into HTML ‘on the fly’                    Yes             Yes
CLF web server logging support                                    Yes             Yes
Windows 9X and NT service support                                 Yes             Yes
Define user accounts                                              Yes             Yes
Control access to files and folders by user                       Yes             Yes
Allow/deny access by IP address or mask                           Yes             Yes
Upload files to friendly machines                                 No              Yes
Allow update access to users                                      No              Yes
Browser-based updates of MS Excel shared workbooks                No              Yes
Authenticate NT users (even on Win95, 98, ME)                     No              Yes
Control access to content using NT groups (95, 98, ME)            No              Yes
Customize system tray (right-click) menus                         No              Yes
Typical download size                                            167K            667K
Core server size                                                 77K              77K

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