8th Grade Vocabulary Lists

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					                            8th Grade Vocabulary Lists

History                        Proclamation              Proclamation of 1763
13, 14, 15 amendments          Embargo                   Propaganda
Abolition                      Enlightenment             Proprietors
Agrarian economy               Erie Canal                Pursuit of happiness
Amendment                      Export                    Ratification
Amnesty                        Factory system            Reconstruction
Annexation                     Federalism                Reform
Appomattox Courthouse          Federalists               Religious freedom
Articles of Confederation      Fort Sumter               Republican Party
Balance of power               Free market economy       Salutary neglect
Battle of Gettysburg           Freedmen’s Bureau         Secession
Battle of New Orleans          French and Indian War     Second Continental
Monroe Doctrine                Geography                 Congress
Missouri Compromise            Gold rush                 Second Great Awakening
Bill of Rights                 Great Awakening           Sectionalism
Black Codes                    Guerrilla warfare         Sedition
Blockade                       Habeas corpus             Share cropping
Boston Massacre                Immigrants                Slave codes
Boycott                        Import                    Slaves
Carpet baggers                 Impressment               Spoils system
Cash/staple crops              Indentured servants       Standardization
Checks and balances            Industrial Revolution     States’ rights
Citizen Involvement            Isolationism              Suffrage
Civics                         Jim Crow laws             Tariffs
Constitution                   Kansas-Nebraska Act       Taxation
Colonialism                    Land ordinance of 1785    Taxation without
Common sense                   Lewis and Clark           representation
Compromise                     Expedition                Temperance
Compromise of 1850             Liberty                   Total war
Confederacy                    Louisiana Purchase        Trade
Conscription                   Manifest destiny          Transcendentalism
Consent of the governed        Marbury vs. Madison       Transportation revolution
Constitution                   Mayflower Compact         Treaty of Paris
Constitutional convention      Mercantilism              Underground Railroad
Cotton gin                     Middle passage            Union
Cumberland Road                Monarchy                  Unionization
Decision making                Mormons
Declaration of                 Nationalism
Independence                   Nativists
Democratic Party               Neutrality
Democratic republicans         Nullification crisis
Dissenter                      Panic of 1837
Dred Scott Decision            Parliament
Due Process                    Persecution
Economics                      Plessy vs. Ferguson
Emancipation                   Political freedom
                               Popular sovereignty
Science                illumination        refraction
absorption             reflection          relative distances
asteroids              inclined            relative sizes
atmosphere             lens                rotation
axis                   lever               scattering
axle                   light source        seasons
change in direction    medium              sound
change in speed        meteorite           speed
comets                 meteors             star
constellations         moon phases         temperature
curved path            movement            translucent
direction              opaque              transmission
down                   orbit               transparent
eclipses               plane               up
energy                 planets             wedge
gravity                pulley              wheel

Math                   Discuss             Mode
Algorithm              Domain              Net
Analyze                Edge                Outcomes
Area                   Equation            Parabola
Binomial               Evaluate            Perimeter
Bisector               Explain             Perimeter Area
Box Plot               Expression          Plane Figure
Circle                 Extrapolations      Population
Circumference          Face                Prime
Coefficient            Formula             Prism
Compare                Frequency Table     Probability
Complimentary Angles   Function            Property
Cones                  Graphing            Proportion
Congruent              Histogram           Pyramid
Conjecture             Hyperbola           Pythagorean Theorem
Constant               Image               Quadrilateral
Continuous             Integers            Quartile
Convey                 Internet            Radius
Corresponding Angles   Interpolations      Random
Cube                   Interpret           Range
Cylinder               Intersection        Rational Number
Degree                 Irrational Number   Real Number
Dependant Variable     Line Graph          Reflection
Describe               Linear              Relative Frequency
Devise                 Mean                Repeated Events
Dilation               Median              Root
Sample                Sphere          Trinomial
Sampling              Spread Sheet    Truncate
Scatter Plot          Square Root     Unit Rate
Scientific Notation   Surface Area    Venn Diagram
Sequence              Table           Vertex
Similarity            Tendency        Volume
Slide                 Term            X-intercept
Slope                 Translate       Y-intercept
Solid Figure          Trend

Language Arts

Alliteration          Foreshadowing   Persuade
Audience              Genre           Plot
Autobiography         Hyperbole       Propaganda
Biography             Idiom           Simile
Climax                Metaphor        Summarize
Dialogue              Narrator        Symbolism
Fact                  Opinion
Flashback             Paraphrase