How to use communication skills to change the world by thebest11


									Seen and Heard                2006

How to use communication
skills to change the world
A handbook for young people
 Seen and Heard 2006

Contents                                       How to...
3     Seen and Heard: young people in action
4     Beverley Hughes MP and Esther Rantzen
5     BT – Helping young people to create a
      better world
6     No challenge is too big. Step up         Become an active citizen
      The Pink Pandas
7     Have a say in your future                Get involved in your council’s plans
      Young People Go Loud
8     Champion minority rights                 Campaign using new technology
      Youth Connections Deaf Club
9     Leap over preconceptions                 Take direct action
      Jazz Hands Wyke Youth Forum
10    Link up with other countries             Take part in international projects
      UK Youth Parliament
11    Challenge political decisions            Lobby local government
12    Challenge stereotypes                    Bring issues to life through film
      Coram Family Young Parents’ Project
13    Overcome disability to help others       Use fiction to convey fact
      Nayab and Habeeba
14    Band together                            Organise a profile raising event
      Bunglemunkeyfeet Music Youth Forum
15    Aim for the top                          Break down communication barriers
16    Make millions listen                     Use advertising to tell your story
      Thornhill School
17    Make a difference, on your own           Beat bureaucracy
18    Fight Crime                              Form an action group
      Young Leaders Against Crime
19    Persuade through humour                  Use drama to deliver your message
      Banbridge Rainbow Factory
20    Share your story                         Tell your story to help others
21    Listening to young people
22    Consult young people                     Actively involve young people
      Downland Youth Network
23    Engage with your students                Draw students into adult decision making
      Holbrook Primary School
24    Recognise needs                          Engage marginalised groups
      Corporate Parenting
25    Share your power                         Involve young people in decisions
      Edinburgh Council
26    About the UK Youth Parliament
27    Organisations involved
                                                                               Seen and Heard 2006 

Young people today often get a bad press. They are portrayed as
disinterested and disengaged from society, unruly trouble makers or
hoodie-wearing thugs.

Seen and Heard: young people in action
The extraordinary stories contained within Seen and Heard challenge many
misconceptions of young people. They demonstrate the positive role that
young people can play in their schools, communities, and even beyond, when
they succeed in making their voices heard on issues that matter to them.

But this year’s report is about more than young people. We believe that it’s
time to recognise the adults and organisations who have effectively listened
to young people and acted upon what they have heard to provide valuable
help, services and facilities.

Selecting the case studies to feature in the report was far from easy as the
standard of entries was extremely high. Our panel of young judges, from the
UK Youth Parliament and East Riding Youth Assembly, chose stories that not
only demonstrate passion, commitment and creativity, but will encourage
other young people to be heard in their world.

Seen and Heard 2006 combines inspiring stories with specific ‘How To’
guidance that aims to equip and empower young people to make themselves
heard and to make a difference. We hope this approach will be the trigger to
motivate young people and adults to work together to improve the lives of
all young people, and prove that whatever the circumstance, we all have the
right and ability to be heard.
4 Seen and Heard 2006

Beverley Hughes                                                                                       Esther Rantzen
MP, Minister for Children, Young People and Families                                                  CBE
                     The young people in this      I continue to support the partnership                                    This report reveals that
                     year’s Seen and Heard         between BT and the UK Youth Parliament,                                  young people are
                     Report have once again        and am most grateful for the publication of                              creative and constructive,
                     provided us with some         this report, which highlights just what children                         and it therefore gives
                     outstanding examples of       and young people can achieve when they                                   enormous amounts of
                     how they tackled problems     make their voices heard and when adults                                  added value to the way we
by making themselves heard. They have shown        respond positively to what they have to say.       run organisations and to our individual lives.
that determination can lead to positive results,   I hope these case studies inspire all of us to     It proves yet again how valuable and
improving the lives of themselves and those        engage in greater dialogue with children and       worthwhile it is to listen to the views of
around them.                                       young people in the future.                        young people, because they can improve
                                                                                                      the quality of everybody’s lives.
 I am delighted to see that Seen and
Heard 2006 is also recognising adults and
organisations that have effectively listened
to young people and acted upon what they
have heard. Children and young people are          Beverley Hughes MP                                 Esther Rantzen
tomorrow’s leaders and it is important that        Minister for Children,                             President of ChildLine
adults enable them to contribute, by listening     Young People and Families                          and NSPCC Trustee
to them and using their knowledge and
opinions to implement positive change.
                                                                                                    Seen and Heard 2006 

We live in a connected world, where expressing ourselves clearly and
understanding others are fundamental skills which underpin our ability to
achieve all of our goals in life.

BT – Helping young people to create a better world
The young people who are tomorrow’s parents, tomorrow’s employees and
tomorrow’s leaders are often lacking the key communication skills they will
need, or the platforms from which they can make themselves heard.

For more than 10 years, BT has been campaigning to change this. We are               2004
commit ing with young people and adults to help ensure everyone has the              2003
communication skills they need to create a better world.
                                                                                  Certificate of
The annual Seen and Heard Awards, presented by BT in partnership with the         Excellence 2004

UK Youth Parliament, recognise the most inspiring examples of young people
making their voices heard to improve their own lives and the communities in
which they live. Since 2003, over 60 young people have won Seen & Heard
Awards and had their stories featured in the annual Seen and Heard Reports.

In addition, in the past 4 years we have raised over £4 million for ChildLine,
helping them to listen to many thousands more children. We have provided more
than £1.5m of funding and other benefits to the 700 schools that have won our
Schools Awards, and reached more than 200,000 pupils at those schools.

Our aim is to help all children and young people have a voice, and to give them
the skills to use their voices to create positive change in their communities.
6 Seen and Heard 2006

                         No challenge is too big. Step up                                                                 Tip 1

                         Girls at the Netherhall School in Cambridge chose to dedicate their lunch                        How to...
                         hours to help less fortunate girls in Africa.                                                    become an
                                                                                                                          active citizen
                         A group of fifteen 12 and 13 year olds were       school often faced by those African young
                         shocked to learn that many African girls          people who are fortunate enough to receive
                         have no education because boys are the            an education.
                         priority for limited government funding.
                                                                                                                          The National Association for
                         So when they had the opportunity to work          Persevere                                      Voluntary and Community
                         for an Active Citizenship Award instead of        The project was not without its problems.      Action can help you get in
                                                                                                                          touch with your local
                         wasting lunchtimes, they chose to help their      “We had to convince teachers and adults        voluntary service.
                         less privileged sisters in Gambia. The girls      other than our youth workers to support
                         needed to grab attention to raise money           us, and a money-raising sponge throwing
                         and dubbed themselves the Pink Pandas,            event was sabotaged by boys at our school
                         donning bright pink outfits.                      and had to be stopped early!” says Juliette.
                         “We thought the name was cute and the             However, their success gave the pupils         Investigate!
                         colour was just like us – lively and bright,”     confidence to achieve even more. They          Ask your citizenship teacher
                         says Juliette.                                    raised extra money to convert a disused        if you can work for an Active
                                                                                                                          Citizenship Award. These
                                                                           classroom into a special ‘citizenship youth
                         Be imaginative                                    project room’, and even won awards for
                                                                                                                          schemes allow you to earn
                                                                                                                          certificates by working on
                         The girls worked hard to understand African       their achievements.                            projects that benefit your
                         issues and planned a series of activities for                                                    school or community.

                         a special Africa day which raised enough          “We want to encourage more young people
                         to educate seven Gambian girls for a year.        to become better citizens,” adds Juliette.
                         One imaginative event was a three hour            “And we had some lovely letters too
                         sponsored walk to simulate the long trek to       – especially the one from Africa.”             Get involved!
                                                                                                                          Join an organisation such as
                                                                                                                          Young NCB – a free network

                        “take for a fantastic gift which us forward tooftenless
                         Education really
                                           Realising this powered
                                                                    we in Britain
                                                                                                                          for young people under 18
                                                                                                                          which gives its members
                                                                                                                          the chance to speak out

                                                                                                                          and take action on issues.
                         fortunate children in Africa.
                         Juliette (12), The Pink Pandas, Cambridgeshire Youth Service
                                                                                                                                 Seen and Heard 2006 7

Tip 2                            Have a say in your future
How to...
get involved                     Young people in Bournemouth organised a conference to give their
in your                          peers a say in services provided by the council.
council’s plans
                                 Children are the future. But how many          worth it,” says Kelsey. The council learned
                                 actually get the chance to have a say          the young people had a wide range of
                                 in what the future should look like for        concerns. Among other things, they wanted
                                 young people?                                  safer parks, cheaper leisure centres and
Contact your local council
expressing your interest -       Kelsey and seven other youngsters aged         more funding for sex advice and drug
many councils are looking to                                                    support services. They were worried about
involve more young people        between 12 and 18 years seized the
in their decision making.        opportunity when the council asked for help    bullying and felt there should be more
                                 in discovering the views of local children     practical help in getting jobs. But above all,            on how things could be improved as part of     they wanted a voice, particularly in school
                                 the Vision for Bournemouth 2026 initiative.    decision making and media coverage.
                                 They formed a group called Young People
                                 Go Loud and created life sized Monopoly-       Have your say
Be informed!                                                                    Now, the group is being listened to. Its
                                 style board games to spark discussions at
The British Youth Council’s                                                     conference report and DVD were delivered
website provides                 a conference they organised to involve the
information about how to         town’s young people in the planning and        to councillors, and members wrote the
participate in campaigning                                                      Bournemouth 2026 plan for children and
activities and get your voice    management of youth services.
heard by decision makers.                                                       young people. Their ‘Every Child Matters’
                                 Consult others                                 giant board games are being used by many
                                 “It was incredibly hard work, especially       other organisations to make taking part in
                                 when we had other commitments such as          discussions fun, and the local press features
                                 school. But it was one hundred per cent        stories about their work.
Did you know that in March
2006, the government
published Youth Matters:
Next Steps? This sets out
the government’s vision for
                                “peopleaand has been led byThis hasWe areall about young
                                 It was brilliant outcome.
                                                                          being taken seriously
empowering young people
and giving them more
influence over services.
                                 for a change. It has really built our confidence.
                                 Kelsey (14), Young People Go Loud, Bournemouth Children’s Fund and Youth Service
8 Seen and Heard 2006

                         Champion minority rights                                                                      Tip 3

                         A group of deaf young people translated the UN Convention on the Rights                       How to...
                         of the Child into British Sign Language and produced an advisory DVD.                         campaign using
                                                                                                                       new technology
                         Imagine the agony of being rushed               them into British Sign Language (BSL)
                         into casualty, but not being able to tell       so that other hearing-impaired young
                         the doctor where the pain is. Or the            people can claim what is rightfully theirs.
                                                                                                                       Use the web!
                         frustration of having to wait two weeks         They have also produced awareness-raising
                                                                                                                       The BT education website
                         for an interpreter before you can draw          DVDs and are campaigning for more service     allows you to build your
                         money out of your own bank account.             providers to become BSL-trained.              own easy-to-edit website in
                                                                                                                       as little as five minutes with
                         These sorts of thing happen to deaf people                                                    its website creation tool.
                                                                         Inform your peers
                         every day. But a group of deaf nine to 23       The Club has its own informational website
                         year olds in Scotland who are unable to         and plans to produce promotional posters
                         communicate verbally are making their           and leaflets. Youth worker Kay Clark
                         voices heard in other ways as they battle       learned BSL after two deaf girls came
                         to break down the barriers which can lead       along to join another Youth Connections       Apply images!
                         to isolation and despair.                       project and she and colleagues were           Photo movies are a great
                                                                                                                       way to communicate using
                         Claim your rights                               unable to communicate with them. The          digital images. You can add
                         Scott, 16, says: “We should all have the        Deaf Club was the outcome. She says:          narrative, sounds, music
                                                                         “These young people now have much             and special effects.
                         right to be included in our community.”
                         In fact, their rights as young people are       higher self-esteem and their confidence
                                                                         has improved dramatically.”         
                         enshrined in the UN Convention on the
                         Rights of the Child but these do not exist in
                         deaf format. So members have translated
                                                                                                                       Make an internet radio
                                                                                                                       programme to spread

                        “to overcome. We areindetermined to highlight how this can
                         We all face barriers life but for deaf people, they are harder                                awareness of an issue.
                                                                                                                       Visit the BT education
                                                                                                                       website for information

                                                                                                                       and online tutorials.
                         be achieved.
                         Darren (22), Youth Connections Deaf Club, Greenock
                                                                                                                                   Seen and Heard 2006 9

Tip 4                          Leap over preconceptions
How to...                      Members of the Jazz Hands Wyke Youth Forum decided to tackle litter
take direct                    pollution in their community and improve the reputation of young people.
                               ‘Young people! Litter louts!’ The words            about their area and are usually the culprits
                               often seem to go together, don’t they? Not         who drop litter in the first place.
                               so much in Hull, they don’t, thanks to press
Network!                                                                          Go to the top!
                               publicity gained by a determined group
The BBC Action Network                                                            Undaunted, they went straight to the
can help you make a            of six 11 and 13 year olds who launched
difference in your             a drive against litter pollution in their          top, calling in the head of council waste
neighbourhood by                                                                  management for discussions at their
putting you in touch           community and inspired other young people
with like minded people.       city-wide to do the same. The six all belong       fortnightly meetings. The group then
                               to their local Youth Forum, one of seven run       enrolled on a litter inspection course, really
                               by the Hull Youth Council to help people           designed for adults, which gave them the
                               aged 11 to 25 raise issues, share ideas and        knowledge to identify different types of
                               run campaigns.                                     litter and then grade it accordingly. Soon,
Take Action!                                                                      they were out inspecting, sending their
The British Youth Council’s    Be role models                                     findings to the Town Hall so that problems
‘Take Action’ resource pack    They wanted to improve their area and              could be dealt with. The work is now carried
includes tools to help you
write letters and press        be seen as positive role models for other          out on a regular basis and young people
releases, plan an event        young people and the wider community.              from other areas of the city are being
and conduct an interview.
                               Says Forum member Joshua: “We were fed             encouraged to become litter inspectors too.                 up with wading through all the litter on the
                               way to school and decided to do something
                               about it.” The group had to overcome the
Raise awareness!               usual preconceptions – that kids don’t care
Inform the local media
about your campaign and
any events that you may be
holding. Appearing in the
press can really raise
                              “complainingopportunity to do something rather than are not all
                                We saw an
                                           and we wanted to prove that teenagers

awareness of your cause.
                               litter throwing yobs with ASBOs.
                               Joshua (13), Jazz Hands Wyke Youth Forum, Hull
10 Seen and Heard 2006

                          Link up with other countries                                                                     Tip 5
                                                                                                                           How to...
                          UK Youth Parliament members collaborated internationally to encourage                            take part in
                          active citizenship and overcome negative stereotypes of young people.                            international
                          According to research, 71 per cent of press       Their work focused not just on
                          stories about young people are negative.          young people’s rights, but also their
                                                                            responsibilities. The newsletter was
                          A group of five 17 and 18 year olds decided                                                      Work abroad!
                          to challenge damaging stereotypes by              accompanied by a DVD, launched to MPs in
                                                                                                                           Look at the British Council’s
                          showing that many young people are doing          Westminster and distributed to schools and     Connect Youth programme
                                                                            youth workers.                                 which can help you organise
                          positive things in their own communities.                                                        an exchange programme or
                          The MYPs leapt at the chance to take                                                             voluntary work abroad.
                                                                            Make a difference
                          part in the British Council’s International       Project member Craig says: “We were
                          Citizenship Project promoting active              determined to encourage more young
                          participation in different societies around       people to become active citizens.
                          the world.                                        The media image is totally unfair as many
                          Overcome communication barriers                   young people are already involved with         Think global!
                          They met with 18 other young people from          their communities in ways which are just       The National Youth Agency’s
                                                                                                                           Global Youth Work project
                          Bahrain, Oman and Yemen to produce an             not publicised.”                               aims to promote global
                                                                                                                           issues and help people
                          international newsletter insert encouraging       Their work is already making a difference in   become global citizens
                          active citizenship, to be printed in each         the Middle East. One participant has joined    through youth work.
                          country’s own language. The group                 her Youth Parliament in Bahrain because of
                          overcame language barriers and cultural           what she saw in this country. And the group
                          differences, consulting with a wide range of      is now working throughout the UK to draw
                          young people to identify what issues they         other young people into the project.
                          felt most strongly about.                                                                        Chat!
                                                                                                                  is an
                                                                                                                           online community where

                         “as I learnt what our me the meaning of inclusion between countries
                          The project taught
                                               nations had in common through religions,
                                                                                                                           you can chat with other
                                                                                                                           young people interested in
                                                                                                                           making a difference around

                                                                                                                           the world.
                          traditions and cultures.
                          Craig (17), UK Youth Parliament, West Midlands.
                                                                                                                              Seen and Heard 2006 11

Tip 6                           Challenge political decisions
How to...                       Eighteen year old Chloe successfully lobbied the council and petitioned
lobby local                     against the closure of her local youth service.
                                In December 2005, it was announced that       to all county councillors, urged others to do
                                Northamptonshire County Youth Service         the same, lobbied council chiefs in person
                                was to close with the loss of 196 staff,      and protested to her local MP.
Make contacts!
                                seven local youth services and some 100
Get in touch with your
                                youth initiatives.                            Ask questions
local UK Youth Parliament
member. MYPs increasingly                                                     In fact, Chloe unleashed a blizzard of
represent the views of          Chloe was a quiet and shy young               letters and emails to anyone who would
young people to local and       person who had become involved with
national government.                                                          listen, confidently confronting politicians
                                such projects through Connexions              face-to-face and challenging their thinking    Northamptonshire in order to increase her     and decisions. Other organisations
                                self-confidence. When she heard about the     joined in the protest, but Chloe’s passion
                                impending closure, she decided to speak up.   impressed everyone. The result is that full
Petition!                       Lobby the council                             closure has been delayed, a transitional
Create a petition and get       She says: “I felt outraged. All the youth     youth service has been agreed and more
as many signatures as you                                                     than 30 projects have been saved until new
can. Write to your MP or        work I had been involved in seemed as if
local representative with       it was going to be wasted. There had been     arrangements are set up in 2007. Chloe
the results. If you don’t                                                     was recently elected as a Member of the
get immediate results           no consultation with young people.” With
keep trying!                    a history of campaigning behind her and       UK Youth Parliament for Wellingborough
                                with the support of the Connexions Youth      and East Northants.
                                Involvement Team, she organised a petition
                                against the cuts, independently complained
Be informed!
The Electoral Commission
has created a site
encouraging young
people to get involved
in democracy.
                               “on young people, leaving to have ahang about on the impact
                                Council plans were going
                                                         more to
                                                                   massive negative
                                which leads to increased fears of anti-social behaviour.
                                Chloe (18), Connexions Youth Involvement Team, Northamptonshire
12 Seen and Heard 2006

                          Challenge stereotypes                                                                          Tip 7

                          Young parents are often criticised. One group decided to address this by                       How to...
                          making a DVD to show themselves in a more positive light.                                      bring issues to
                                                                                                                         life through film
                          Young parents are used to being judged.          make a difference. Single mum Anne Marie
                          They can be seen as irresponsible and unfit      has two girls aged five and three. Life has
                          carers, setting a poor example and causing       been tough but she found great support at
                                                                                                                         Choose a style!
                          a raft of social problems.                       the Coram Family Young Parents’ Project
                                                                                                                         Work out how you will bring
                          But many are good mothers and fathers            and was immediately attracted by the          your issue to life - will you
                                                                           film project. “Lots of people look down       make a documentary or act
                          who have suffered poverty and educational                                                      out a story to convey your
                          neglect themselves and now struggle hard         on mothers like me but I think I am a very    message?

                          to give their kids a better start in life. Ten   good homemaker,” she says.
                          young parents aged between 17 and 22             Spread the word
                          wanted to show a more positive picture to        Family, housing and financial problems
                          society so that others would receive the         all had to be overcome throughout the
                          specialised support they need. The Coram         project but the rewards were immense.         Plan!
                          Family Young Parents Project and Film-It!        Government funding has now been granted       Borrow a video camera from
                          gave them the opportunity to have their          to promote their work and the films are       a family member, school or
                                                                                                                         youth group. Allocate roles
                          voices heard.                                    being screened on Teachers’ TV and the        such as scriptwriting,
                                                                           BBC. Every young person who took part         directing, acting or filming.
                          Get support
                          The mums and dads wrote, shot and starred        gained valuable qualifications in film
                          in a series of films conveying the views,        making and Anne Marie hopes to study for
                          experiences and concerns of young parents        a degree and work in the film industry.
                          to be shown to decision makers who can
                                                                                                                         Get support!
                                                                                                                         Contact an organisation
                                                                                                                         such as First Light which

                         “just complain amongstthis, no-one would ever listen to us. We’d
                           Without a project like
                                                  ourselves and bottle up our frustrations.
                                                                                                                         funds and inspires the
                                                                                                                         making of short films by
                                                                                                                         young people in the UK.

                          It’s great to able to make a difference.
                          Anne Marie (20), Coram Family Young Parents’ Project/ Film-It!, London
                                                                                                                                Seen and Heard 2006 13

Tip 8                          Overcome disability to help others
How to...                      Nayab and Habeeba decided to write a fictional book about two girls
use fiction to                 with cerebral palsy to highlight the day to day problems they face.
convey fact
                               ‘They called me names like “stupid”,            Says Nayab: “Buildings with lots of stairs
                               “spastic” and “wheelie legs”. Then they         make life very daunting for people like
                               would whisper to each other, laughing and       me. I felt like I didn’t fit in at the school.
Be creative!
                               pointing at me.’                                I wanted people to know that even disabled
Fiction is a great way of
engaging people with           These words are from a book about two           young people can speak out.”
important issues. There are
a variety of mediums you       fictional schoolgirls with cerebral palsy,
can use such as writing a
                                                                               Help people to understand
                               written by two real schoolgirls with the
story or putting on a play.                                                    The girls decided to write a book
                               same illness who were able to draw on their
                                                                               which, despite containing sometimes
                               own experiences to help others understand
                                                                               heartbreaking lines, is actually a light-
                               the problems they face.
                                                                               hearted tale encouraging people to think
                               Cerebral palsy is when a part of the brain is   about disability in a positive way, whilst
Keep it simple!                damaged from birth and affects the use of       illustrating how much it affects every
Make sure the issue stays      the legs and, sometimes, arms and speech.       aspect of life. To find a publisher, the pair
central throughout, and
                                                                               had to overcome their shyness, developing
draw on your own               Speak out
experiences to help                                                            confidence and speaking skills. The book,
illustrate the problems        Nayab and Habeeba both have physical
that you face.                                                                 “A Wheelie Big Challenge,” was published
                               disabilities and have suffered a lot of
                                                                               with the help of the Whizz-Kidz charity
                               setbacks throughout their lives. But they
                                                                               and their work won Nayab and Habeeba
                               became really dismayed to find many
                                                                               the Alchemy Club’s Young Achiever of the
                               classrooms and areas of their school out
                                                                               Year Award.
                               of bounds because of their wheelchairs.
Devise strong characters
that your audience will
engage with. And make
sure your story has a
beginning, a middle and
                              “charactersnotwe decided to write our own. We hope other authors
                                We could
                                            find any books in the local library with disabled

an end!
                               will be encouraged to cover disability issues.
                               Nayab (16) and Habeeba (16), A Wheelie Big Challenge, Blackburn
14 Seen and Heard 2006

                          Band together                                                                                  Tip 9

                          Young music lovers in Wrexham wanted somewhere to practise. They formed                        How to...
                          a Youth Forum to organise music events and raise awareness of their cause.                     organise a profile
                                                                                                                         raising event
                          What happens when the only place a fledgling    music making and also gives members a
                          band can perform is the garage… and parents     unified voice to communicate concerns to
                          don’t like it? Youth workers in Wrexham         politicians and others who can help.
                                                                                                                         Don’t rush!
                          found local budding pop stars frustrated with
                          nowhere to practise. And because they lacked    Raise your profile                             Give yourself plenty of time.
                                                                                                                         It sounds basic but the more
                          experience, they couldn’t get live gigs.        A planned conference will draw in other        time you allow yourself the
                                                                          young people and raise the profile of local    more you will be able to do.
                          More than 30 music-minded 12 to 17 year-
                          olds were helped to find practise facilities,   talent and the group has already been
                          and the result was a self-organised and         interviewed on Radio One.
                          hugely successful ‘Band Wars’ festival.         Cash shortage was a problem, but the
                          That was in 2004.                               young people got through by energetic
                                                                          ticket selling, tight budget control and
                          Join voices                                     skilled negotiation - all great experience     Be organised!
                          Says 13 year old Hajer: “In the past, it was    for the adult business world. Now, Wrexham     Decide who is doing what,
                                                                                                                         when and how and don’t try
                          so boring. We had nowhere to socialise or       County Borough Council youth service and       to do everything yourself.
                          practice, and we were just hanging about        the Welsh Music Foundation have provided       Have a look at the BYC’s
                          with nothing to do.”                                                                           event planner for help.
                                                                          rehearsal space and a recording studio.
                          They went on to form Bunglemunkeyfeet           The young people are piloting a government
                          Music Youth Forum and this year, ‘Band          scheme to launch a network of rehearsal
                          Wars Seven’ was staged. So far, 24 bands        facilities nationwide and will present a DVD
                          have performed to some 1500 fans.               on their work to MPs in the autumn.
                          The Forum fosters wide involvement in                                                          Communicate!
                                                                                                                         Let the local media and
                                                                                                                         other opinion formers

                         “young is a powerfulcan reallycommunication, especially between
                                people. You
                                              form of
                                                        express how you feel. But it’s no
                                                                                                                         know what you are doing.
                                                                                                                         Think of a different angle
                                                                                                                         from the norm to interest

                                                                                                                         the press.
                          good unless others can hear you. Now they can.
                          Hajer (13), Bunglemunkeyfeet Music Youth Forum, Wrexham
                                                                                                                                Seen and Heard 2006 15

Tip 10                          Aim for the top
How to...
break down                      Tom created the UK’s first Youth Police Authority to help bridge the
communication                   communication gap between the police and young people.
                                ‘Teenagers dislike the police and the police   by the media who concentrate on bad news
                                dislike teenagers.’ Sadly this commonly-held   such as yob attacks.” He adds: “Some police
                                view can create a damaging, long-lasting       officers tend not to have much contact with
Make contact!
                                gulf between law enforcers and the young       law abiding young people either. It’s not
Get in touch with the
people or group concerned.      people who are set to become tomorrow’s        their fault but just the nature of their job.”
Ask if they run any meetings    adult citizens. One young man set out
that you can attend, or
invite them to one of your      to bridge the divide and made history          Be innovative
meetings.                       by creating the UK’s first Youth Police        On his own initiative, Tom persuaded Essex
                                Authority. Tom believes that antagonism        Police Authority to establish a youth wing
                                between the two “sides” is based on            with representatives across the county.
                                ignorance of each other’s problems             He hopes his trailblazing idea will be
                                and issues.                                    adopted nationwide. Youth worker Vanda
Express yourself!                                                              Jessopp says: “Tom has worked tirelessly
Explain your objectives         Identify the problem                           on his innovative idea and seen it through
and how you are feeling.        He attended a local police community
Ask questions to find out                                                      to fruition. He is highly respected by the
how the other party feel.       consultative group which was dominated by      Essex Police Authority and is very popular
                                adults complaining about kids.                 amongst his peers. The love of his life is
                                “But not all young people are going to         “people” and he would do anything he
                                commit crime,” says Tom. “Just as not all      could to improve their existence.”
                                police officers instinctively link young
                                people to crime. The situation is not helped
Once you have established
the problem, discuss ways
of solving it. Do you need
to form a joint action group
or forum?
                               “be really dangerous as it breeds alienation. We have to maintaincan
                                The communication gap between young people and the police
                                dialogue because people tend to fear what they don’t understand.
                                Tom (18), Youth Police Authority, Essex
16 Seen and Heard 2006

                          Make millions listen                                                                         Tip 11

                          A group of students in Sunderland tackled the stigma surrounding mental                      How to...
                          health problems by creating a commercial to increase awareness.                              use advertising
                                                                                                                       to tell your story
                          Many young people fail to seek help with        The Mental Health Trust, they made a short
                          mental health problems because of the           commercial which was premiered in front
                          stigma. When students at Thornhill School       of HRH The Princess Royal.
                          covered the issue of mental health in their
                                                                                                                       Work out what advertising
                          citizenship class, they knew they had to act.   Create a stir                                medium to use. Consider
                                                                          Since then, the commercial, dealing          leaflets and posters,
                          Little did they realise their response                                                       or focus on getting some
                                                                          with bullying, bulimia, self-harm and        campaign publicity via
                          would lead to over four million people in
                                                                          domestic abuse, has been screened in         local radio or regional TV.
                          the UK and North America hearing their
                                                                          cinemas worldwide and won a host of
                          message, or that they would win a string of                                        
                                                                          accolades including a top award from
                          prestigious awards.
                                                                          The Royal Television Society whose judges
                          Raise awareness                                 described it as “superb, breathtaking,
                          “We wanted to give afflicted young people       and phenomenal.” Now the pupils plan to      Act local!
                          a voice, encourage them to seek help and        make a short film about mental health,       Start by spreading the
                                                                                                                       word locally and get lots
                          make adults aware,” says Adam. Despite          written by them and performed by actors.     of feedback on your
                          heavy GCSE pressure, the sixteen 15 and         The ‘Take a Stand’ concept is being rolled   campaign.
                          16 year olds ran local and national street      out to other local schools, mental health
                          theatre workshops showing children in           issues are being addressed in the teaching
                          stressful situations, performed under the       curriculum and promotional wristbands
                          campaign banner ‘Take a Stand’. They were       have been produced.
                          so well received that, with the help of
                                                                                                                       Team up!
                                                                                                                       If your advert or campaign
                                                                                                                       is spreading the word about

                         “carpet but lots of teenagers areproblems are often swept under the
                           Young people’s mental health
                                                           affected. They can’t cope on their
                                                                                                                       an issue which is relevant
                                                                                                                       to a charity, approach them
                                                                                                                       for support.

                          own. We wanted to help.
                          Adam (16), Take a Stand Campaign, Thornhill School, Sunderland
                                                                                                                              Seen and Heard 2006 17

Tip 12                         Make a difference, on your own
                               Although Ashleigh was only 10, she successfully persuaded adults
How to...                      to let her help out in her local care home.
beat bureaucracy
                               Many older people value the energy and          Show commitment
                               sense of fun that young people can bring        Her inspiring approach soon had residents
                               into their lives. Ashleigh had a glimpse        laughing and smiling and she was able to
Don’t give up!
                               of the needs of the elderly when her            help feed some of the more challenging
You may be referred to
several people when            grandfather went into a care home for           and disabled. When Ashleigh first became
trying to make your point.     those suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s      involved with music and movement
Don’t feel disillusioned if
you don’t get results          or confusion. She thought residents needed      activity, only half a dozen patients wanted
straight away.                 more interaction. In short, she believed she    to join in. But two weeks later, more
                               could make a vital difference.                  than 15 were enjoying the fun. Soon, the
                                                                               room was too small to cope with demand.
                               Don’t give up
                                                                               Ashleigh says: “It was very enjoyable.
                               Ashleigh wanted to help in the home as
                                                                               They liked me because I made them laugh.”
Use examples!                  part of her St John Ambulance Grand Prior
Make a list of all the         Award scheme. But there was a major             She did the hours required for her award,
reasons why you think your     obstacle. She was only 10 years old. Many       but has carried on with her work in a
idea is valid and use facts
and evidence to support        critics said children working alongside         situation which would leave many adults
your case. This will help      elderly people with mental health problems      feeling uncomfortable. Ashleigh clearly has
you to communicate clearly
and effectively.               was a bad idea and shouldn’t be allowed.        a flair for care work and would like to be a
                               Six months of battling single-handedly          children’s nurse when she grows up.
                               against bureaucracy to prove she was
                               mature enough to do the job safely paid off.
Rally support!
If you know an adult that
can provide you with a
good reference or has
some influence in the
relevant organisation,
                              “age. But fight hard to get permission to do this work because of my
                               I had to
                                        I just kept on trying and would not take ‘no’ for an answer.
don’t be scared to ask
for their help.                I knew I could help the people in the care home.
                               Ashleigh (11), St John Ambulance, Oxfordshire
18 Seen and Heard 2006

                          Fight crime                                                                                   Tip 13

                          A group of 17 to 19 year olds in London set up Young Leaders Against                          How to...
                          Crime in order to help reduce crime amongst their peers.                                      form an
                                                                                                                        action group
                          ‘Lock them up and throw away the key!’         we were young enough to be listened to
                          That’s often society’s reaction to teenagers   by young people like us.”
                          who break the law. But when a group of         Their passion for change helped win New        Gather members!
                          young people, who met through the Youth        Deal in the Community funding, enabling        Speak to friends or put up
                          Reach project, went on a fact-finding          production of an awareness–raising DVD         posters in your school or
                          mission to Coldingly Prison, the result                                                       youth club encouraging
                                                                         and a series of peer mentoring workshops.      other like-minded people
                          was a more creative solution for steering                                                     to join.
                          young people away from crime. They             Be informed
                          started an initiative called Young Leaders     They overcame the pressure of school and
                          Against Crime because they believed that       college activities to evaluate a range of
                          young people on the street would be more       crime reduction measures covered in their
                          influenced to stick to the straight and        documentary. And their research included
                          narrow by people of their own age.                                                            Get advice!
                                                                         an eight day trip to New York where they       Many organisations can
                          Apply for funding                              visited correctional and juvenile detention    provide you with help and
                                                                                                                        information on forming
                          They wanted to cut youth crime                 facilities and met with campaign group         action groups. Your local
                          by explaining the consequences of              New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.              council or youth group are
                                                                                                                        good places to start.
                          lawbreaking, including possession of illegal   Local press coverage boosted the profile of
                          weapons. Says Andre: “Everywhere you go        their initiative and a briefing session with
                          you read about teenagers involved in crime.    their MP created greater political awareness
                          We decided to do something about it whilst     of what they are trying to achieve.
                                                                                                                        Bid for funds!
                                                                                                                        Many organisations make
                                                                                                                        grants to young people to

                         “with couldprison made usbecausemany youngstersreact to events
                          Visiting a
                                     end up inside
                                                           of the way they
                                                                           we grew up                                   help them carry out projects
                                                                                                                        that benefit communities,
                                                                                                                        such as Youth Bank UK.

                          in their lives. But the inmates are not inherently evil.
                          Andre (18), Young Leaders Against Crime, City YMCA Youth Reach, London.
                                                                                                                              Seen and Heard 2006 19

Tip 14                          Persuade through humour
How to...
use drama                       A group of 12 to 15 year olds made a film to demonstrate how the actions
to deliver                      of young people can be misinterpreted by adults.
your message
                                Misunderstood, mistreated, marginalised        the first time a film has been shot using an
                                and misrepresented. It’s the lament of         actual, working Northern Ireland court.
                                youth throughout the ages. But a group
Connect!                                                                       Illustrate the problem
                                of fed-up teenagers in Northern Ireland
By using drama to show                                                         The movie dramatically demonstrates
situations that happen          decided to defend the reputation of young
in everyday life, your          people everywhere by taking their case to      how the actions of young people can
audience will understand                                                       be misinterpreted by prejudiced adults.
the topic easily. Humour is     court. The young people were the only ones
also a great way to connect     in attendance, however, because theirs was     The script won a BBC award and the
with people.                                                                   Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children
                                a humorous, self-scripted mock trial where
                                they played the roles of prosecution and       and Young People invited the group in to
                                defence lawyers, the accused, the judge        listen to their views. But most importantly,
                                and “for” and “against” witnesses.             the teenagers believe they have really
Keep it simple!                                                                improved relations between young people
Take an issue, then think       Think big                                      and adults in their part of town. Says
about what causes it, how       Members of the Banbridge Rainbow               Emma: “There are plans to show the film in
the situations arise and
what the consequences           Factory performing arts group made a film      local schools, which will add to the success
are for everyone involved.      called Youth on Trial to overcome negative     we all feel. I think film is a very powerful
Use these elements to
create three simple,            stereotypes of young people. Battling all      medium which is particularly attractive to
powerful scenes.                the way to the top to win permission from      young people.”
                                the Department for Constitutional Affairs,
                                they also made history because this was
Get involved!
There are lots of
opportunities to get
involved in drama at school,
including drama lessons
and after school clubs.
                               “criticised for beingshow hasjust becauseto allwore aAblack top!
                                The prejudice we
                                                     a Goth
                                                                              of us. friend was

Consider performing in
front of a school assembly,
family or friends.
                                But we used humour because we did not want to be offensive.
                                Emma (15), Banbridge Rainbow Factory, Youth Action Northern Ireland
20 Seen and Heard 2006

                          Share your story                                                                               Tip 15

                          Ten year old Libby wrote a self help book to help others who had                               How to...
                          struggled to come to terms with the divorce of their parents.                                  tell your story
                                                                                                                         to help others
                          Everyone knows that divorce can be           wide and Libby has signed a contract
                          devastating for children. But when Libby     to make her own TV programme on the
                          Rees’ parents split up, no-one could have    problems children face. Libby knew exactly
                                                                                                                         Keep a diary!
                          imagined that the trauma would result in     what she wanted to achieve. Despite
                                                                                                                         Make a note of how you are
                          her becoming a best selling international    contrary advice, she insisted that her            feeling, what triggered your
                          author helping other kids from broken        manuscript was printed unchanged and              emotions and what made
                                                                                                                         you feel better. You can
                          families throughout the world to cope. Or    ensured a donation from every book was            refer to your notes when
                          that she would also be raising significant   given to charity.                                 writing.

                          sums of money for Save the Children.
                                                                       Empower others
                          Write your story                             Libby is the youngest self-help author
                          Libby worked out her own strategy for        in Britain. Her proud mother says:
                          staying strong. At the age of nine, she      “Libby’s success is an empowering signal          Take time!
                          decided to share it by writing a self-help   to other children. It demonstrates that as a      Use a computer and save
                                                                                                                         your work as you go along.
                          book called “Help, Hope and Happiness.”      child it is possible to make a real difference.   If you don’t have a
                          It was a huge success and Libby found        It also shows that communicating with             computer at home ask a
                          herself in demand for media interviews in    other children can help overcome problems         teacher if you can use one
                                                                                                                         at school.
                          the UK and overseas. One appearance on       and that the value of talking things through
                          US TV was watched by 23 million viewers.     is immeasurable.”
                          Publishing rights have been sold far and

                                                                                                                         Get help!
                                                                                                                         Not everyone can get a
                                                                                                                         book deal! Children’s Express

                         “often confused, sad and angry about theinbreak-up. Children are
                          I was
                                not listened too but if you believe yourself, you really can
                                                                                                                         is a UK news agency which
                                                                                                                         helps young people to get
                                                                                                                         their voices into the press.

                          make your voice heard. Kids should remember it’s not their fault.
                          Libby (10), Hampshire
                                                                            Seen and Heard 2006 1

Future generations will look back with disbelief
at the idea that children should be seen and not heard.

Listening to young people
As our stories dramatically demonstrate, young people are a rich source
of bright ideas, energy and commitment.

Too many young people still have to battle to express their opinions and
influence change in areas of critical importance to them. But thankfully,
things are changing. The case studies in this section show there are
enlightened organisations prepared to reach out to children,
to encourage them to participate, to listen with respect to what
they have to say and to act on what they hear.

Theirs is not a patronising, charitable approach. It is enlightened self-
interest. For they have come to realise that young people have a fresh
take on the world and that they are brimming with interesting and
valuable perspectives which can improve their world.

The gauntlet laid down for adults who are in a position to help young
people is to actively seek out articulate young people, encourage them
to express an opinion and develop clear processes that allow their
opinions to lead to change.
22 Seen and Heard 2006

                          Consult young people                                                                         Tip 16

                          Rural parish councillors felt young people were missing out. They set up                     How to...
                          a youth network to discover what was needed and to implement change.                         actively involve
                                                                                                                       young people
                          Life in the country is a dream for many         a website has been established by young
                          adults stressed-out by the pressures of         people themselves which is being developed
                          the city. But for young people, it can be a     as a regular e-zine.
                                                                                                                       Work together!
                          nightmare. There’s often little to do and
                                                                          Connect with young people                    Form partnerships with
                          something like a trip to the cinema is either                                                existing youth groups as
                                                                          The Network made sure it connected with      they will provide you with
                          geographically unfeasible or too expensive.
                                                                          young people in a youth-friendly way. One    an established and
                          Parish councillors and other adults in some                                                  sustainable network.
                                                                          consultation exercise featured a music and
                          of the rural Downland villages of West
                                                                          art event where guests were invited to
                          Berkshire felt their young people were
                                                                          express their views on a graffiti wall.
                          missing out on many childhood pleasures of
                                                                          Says youth worker Debbie Openshaw:
                          mainstream life. They set up the Downland
                                                                          “I think DYN has shown how easy it is for
                          Youth Network to discover what was needed
                                                                          a small, voluntary organisation to achieve   Connect!
                          and then become a catalyst for change.
                                                                          so much by working in partnership            Consider organising an
                          Make things happen                              with young people and other youth            event to encourage
                                                                                                                       participation and include
                          The young people wanted more                    organisations.” Adds 12 year old Jenny:      activities that appeal to
                          activities, cheaper transport and access        “My mum is involved with running our         young people. Try to involve
                                                                                                                       young people from different
                          to information. Now, parents and partner        youth club. There used to be nothing to      backgrounds.
                          groups have been enlisted to run youth          do and we were really bored. But now it’s
                          clubs and sport and leisure sessions. A pilot   great. We all look forward to going.”
                          scheme of subsidised bus and taxi travel has
                          been introduced and is set for rollout, and                                                  Research!
                                                                                                                       Ensure you read Hear by
                                                                                                                       Right. It’s a tried and tested

                         “are heard. They listen, theyof a group which ensuresback to other
                          This is a cracking example
                                                       act and then they feed
                                                                               young people                            model for actively involving
                                                                                                                       young people in decision

                          organisations which can also take action.
                          Debbie Openshaw, Rural Youth Worker, Downland Youth Network, West Berkshire
                                                                                                                                     Seen and Heard 2006 23

Tip 17                            Engage with your students
How to...
draw students                     Staff at Holbrook Primary School involved students in the appointment
into adult                        of a new headteacher.
decision making
                                  Adults usually have a say in who leads             Peter Sugar said: “The importance of what
                                  them. They can vote in elections or quit           they were doing was explained to them
                                  their job if they don’t like the boss. Staff       and they knew they had the support of the
                                  and governors at one enlightened primary           governing body and myself.”
School Councils UK provides
training and resources for        school in Ipswich decided their students
schools wishing to develop        should have a say in the appointment of a          Facilitate responsibility
their student participation                                                          Annie Hookway commented: “The students
and active citizenship            new headteacher.
programmes.                                                                          were excellent, not only in speaking clearly
                                  All the children at Holbrook were asked to         when reading the questions but also in         give their views of what they would like           listening carefully to the answers. They were
                                  their new headteacher to be like, and at           a credit to the school and I felt I had been
                                  the end of every interview a panel of the          formally interviewed by them.”
Think big!                        oldest pupils was able to pose questions to
                                  the candidates. Their opinions were taken          Year Six student Bronte said: “We felt very
Working Together: Giving                                                             important and involved. None of us just
Young people and Children         into account when Annie Hookway was
a say - gives guidance            eventually chosen to lead the school.              wanted to meet a stranger at the beginning
on how to involve young                                                              of the next school year. We were looking
people in the governance
of schools.                       Listen to ideas                                    for someone who was kind, knew how to
                                  The idea came from the pupils themselves.          run our school and would keep on with our
                                  They had heard that secondary students             ecology projects.”
                                  from the local high school had been given
                                  the same opportunity. Retiring headteacher
Make the students aware
of the benefits of being
involved so they remain
engaged. Provide them
with continuous feedback
                                 “recognisedproud that I will be including children,school which has
                                  I feel very
                                              the importance of
                                                                  headteacher of a
                                                                                     making them feel
so they know just how
they are influencing
decision making.
                                  valued and giving them a voice.
                                  Annie Hookway, Holbrook Primary School, Ipswich
24 Seen and Heard 2006

                          Recognise needs                                                                                      Tip 18
                                                                                                                               How to...
                          Corporate Parenting in Leicestershire set up a forum which enabled young                             engage
                          people in care to make themselves heard and influence change.                                        marginalised
                          Children in care frequently miss out on          for 11 to 21 year olds from throughout
                          things enjoyed by other young people.            the county, which enables the young
                          Corporate Parenting in Leicestershire            people’s voices to be heard through a range
                          strives to ensure they are given                 of communication initiatives aimed, for
                                                                                                                               Encouragement and
                          opportunities to fulfil their potential and      example, at teachers and social workers.            support is the key. The
                          raise their self-esteem. They run a string                                                           young people must

                          of projects designed to help, including          Show respect                                        feel that you genuinely
                                                                                                                               want to listen to them.
                          work experience, driving lessons, free           One T2C tip for social workers was: “Be
                          and discounted leisure facilities, financial     discreet when you pick us up from school.”
                          support for cultural and social activities,      Teachers were told: “Don’t label looked-
                          provision of computers and special events        after children”. The group has pressed for
                          to celebrate achievement.                        all young people being moved to another
                                                                           home to be able to see what it looks like           Feedback!
                          Listen carefully                                 in advance, just like using an estate agent,        It is important that you
                                                                                                                               clearly express from the
                          But officials also want to listen very           and is lobbying for change in a number of           outset how you will act
                          carefully to children in care. Says manager      key areas affecting their lives. Says 16 year       upon what the young
                          Fee Scott: “There is always a danger that        old Danielle: “I think Corporate Parenting          people have said and
                                                                                                                               how you will report back
                          adults think they know best. We try to           is great and really involves young people           to them.
                          make sure young people have direct access        like me who are in care. The staff take
                          to very senior people who are genuinely          into account what we need and genuinely
                          influenced by their views.” The council set      respect what we say.”
                          up the Time 2 Change (T2C) Group, a forum                                                            Be creative!
                                                                                                                               Use different ways to
                                                                                                                               engage young people,

                         “one per cent goes to university compared with aFor example, only
                          Children in care often have lower expectations.
                                                                          national average
                                                                                                                               such as sport, music,
                                                                                                                               drama or the internet.

                          of 40 per cent. We want to put that right by listening and supporting.
                          Fee Scott, Corporate Parenting and Time 2 Change Group, Leicestershire County Council
                                                                                                                                  Seen and Heard 2006 25

Tip 19                           Share your power
How to...
involve young                    Edinburgh Council took steps to involve young people in its strategic
people in                        planning of the services and activities that affect them.
                                 There are inspirational examples of young        been awarded to student councils in schools.
                                 people breaking through bureaucracy and          A young people’s consumer advocacy service
                                 political indifference to have their voices      has been established and more opportunities
                                 heard. But there are often still exceptions      for work experience created.
Young people are the only
people who can tell you          to the rule. Edinburgh Council and its           Conferences and surveys are used to help
what they need. Involve          partners wanted youth involvement to
them in a meaningful way to                                                       gauge young people’s views and active
ensure you deliver the           be the norm, so set out to engage young          involvement has had the spin-off benefits
appropriate services.            people in strategic planning across the          of boosting the image of young people in
                                 board, embracing areas such as learning and      the city and inspiring others to take part in
                                 citizenship, leisure, health, transport, work,   community activity.
                                 the environment and safety. Youngedinburgh
                                 is the city’s youth strategy, developed in       Generate aspirations
Use resources!                   association with young people themselves.        Seventeen year old Robert, who sits on
‘Participation Works’ is an                                                       the Youth Services Advisory Committee
online resource concerning
the world of young people’s
                                 Implement change                                 said: “This is fantastic. Young people know
participation. Find out about    It reflects what services and facilities young   what they want and we are the best people
young people’s rights and        people need and what they believe should
best practice in this area.                                                       to represent ourselves.” Committee chair
                                 be changed. Now, young people have               Councillor Rev Ewan Aitken added: “Our    planned and run full city council meetings,      commitments are purposefully aspirational.
                                 a youth council has been established,            We want to see real changes in the lives of
                                 youth programmes have been enhanced at           real young people and make Edinburgh the
Research!                        leisure centres, support and advice has been     most youth-friendly city in Europe.”
The Children Now                 improved for young tenants and £50,000 has
Participation Charter sets
out a vision for giving young
people a say in decisions
that affect them.
                                “Youngedinburgh ensures that their views influence the plans and
                                 Young people are an important part of the community and
                                 the partners involved in delivering services for them.
                                 Councillor Rev Ewan Aitken, Edinburgh Council
 Seen and Heard 2006

                  About the UK Youth Parliament
                                          It’s a real pleasure for UKYP to       tools to make a difference, it is    listened to young people and
                                          be involved with BT’s Seen and         especially pleasing to note how      acted upon what they have heard
                                          Heard report, which for four           Seen and Heard has evolved this      when designing and providing
                                          years has been celebrating the         year by distilling the lessons of    their services.
                                          very real achievements of young        success so other young people
                                          people from a wide range of            can use them as templates for        The field of youth participation
                                          backgrounds.                           their own action. This is to be      and active citizenship is really
                                                                                 welcomed and will hopefully          gathering pace in the UK, and the
                                          UKYP aims to give the young                                                 BT Seen and Heard report can
                                                                                 inspire the next round of youth
                                          people of the UK between 11 and                                             rightly claim to have played an
Melody Hossaini                                                                  champions to make a stand.
Co-Chair                                  18 a voice, which will be heard                                             important role in this and future
Board of Trustees – UK Youth Parliament
                                          and listened to by everyone who                                             developments. We hope it goes
                                                                                 Previous Seen and Heard reports
                                          has an influence on the lives of                                            far and wide.
                                                                                 have been extremely useful
                                          young people – from local service
                                                                                 in showcasing young people’s
                                          providers to the highest levels                                             For more information about UKYP:
                                                                                 achievements to a variety of
                                          of government. We currently
                                                                                 organisations, and this has led      Go to our website:
                                          have over 400 directly elected
                                                                                 to many doors opening and  
                                          Members of Youth Parliament,
                                                                                 many more opportunities for
                                          all of them tackling local issues in                                        Call us on:
                                                                                 young people to drive forward
                                          exciting and creative ways.                                                 020 7843 6310
                                                                                 change. That’s why it’s great
                                          As we aim to provide young             that this year’s report recognises   Or email:
                                          people with the structures and         organisations which have actively
                                                                                                                                      Seen and Heard 2006 

Organisations involved
Bournemouth Children’s Fund       City YMCA Youth Reach          Leicestershire County Council        Youth Action Northern Ireland
21c Stanley Road                  8 Errol Street                 Children & Young People’s Services   Hampton
Bournemouth                       London                         County Hall                          Glenmachan Park
Dorset                            EC1Y 8SE                       Glenfield                            Belfast
BH1 4SD                           Tel: 0207 549 0470             Leicester                            Northern Ireland
Tel: 01202 304772                      LE3 8RL                              BT4 2PJ
                                                                 Tel: 0116 2657535                    Tel: 02890 760067
The BT Corporate Responsibility   Connexions Northamptonshire           
Team/Charity Programme            75a Abington Street
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Friary House                      NN1 2BH                        Service                              9 Clyde Square
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Southampton                       www.connexions-                Leigh-on-Sea                         Inverclyde
SO14 3LX                        Essex                                PA15 1NB
Tel: 023 8088 1131                                               SS9 4EE                              Tel: 01475 787049           Coram Family Young             Tel: 01702 420290          
                                  Parents’ Project     
ChildLine                         Coram Family Parents’ Centre
45 Folgate Street                 49 Mecklenburgh Square         St John Ambulance
London                            London                         27 St. John’s Lane
E1 6GL                            WC1N 2QA                       London
Tel: 0207 605 3200                Tel: 020 7520 0316             EC1M 4BU                   Tel: 08700 10 49 50
Cambridgeshire Youth Service      Downland Youth Network
ELH 1101                          The Slater Centre              UK Youth Parliament
Castle Court                      Buckner Croke Way              8 Wakley Street
Castle Hill                       New Greenham Park              London
Cambridge                         Newbury                        EC1V 7QE
CB3 0AP                           RG19 6HN                       Tel: 020 7843 6310
Tel: 01223 718476                 Tel: 01635 500858    
                                  Hull Youth Council             Wrexham Youth Service
City of Edinburgh Council Youth   Kingston Youth Centre          The Vic Centre for Creative
Services                          48a Beverley Road              Activities
Atholl House                      Hull                           13 Hill Street
2 Canning Street                  HU3 1YE                        Wrexham
Edinburgh                         Tel: 01482 585297              LL11 1SN
EH3 8EG                               Tel: 01978 317950
Tel: 0131 222 4825                                     
The BT ‘Am I Listening?’ campaign aims
to ensure that every young voice is heard.
For further information,
please contact the BT project team:
Claire McDonald / Nicola Flack
Project Managers
Telephone: 020 7462 7600

BT Corporate Responsibility Team – 2006

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