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                                                Bank Commitment Letter
                                                National Bank of

P.O. Box
Attn.       , President

      In response to your request for a loan of      to acquire, renovate, and equip the facilities at              in                ,
   we are pleased to offer       Corporation the following:


       Terms: The rate of interest shall be a fixed rate of      for         years. Payments of       shall be due and
   payable on or before the first day of each and every month for          consecutive months beginning on the first day
   of the month next succeeding the closing.

     Fees: The bank shall charge and collect at the time of closing a closing fee of              percent of the principal
   amount of the loan. This fee shall be in addition to any interest charged on the loan.

       Collateral: This loan shall be secured by a first mortgage lien in the amount of           on the premises acquired
   and renovated at           Avenue. In addition, the bank shall receive security in the form of a security interest
   (UCC-1 Financing Statement) in the amount of              on all personal property located at           Avenue. Neither
   the mortgage nor the security interest shall be subject to any prior liens. In addition, the bank shall receive a second
   mortgage lien on the real and personal property of the residence at           in        , of which        and         are

       Guarantee: An unconditional personal guarantee shall be required from              and        .

      Conditions: The company shall obtain subordinated mortgage financing commitments in the amount of
   from the       Economic Development Commission. The financing shall be for a period of       years.

       This commitment represents the maximum loan amount the bank will provide for this project.

       In addition to the above commitment, the bank is willing to advance interim financing in the amount not to
   exceed          at a rate of      for        months provided the borrower submits satisfactory evidence and
   assignments of commitment from subordinated mortgage lenders totalling        .

       This commitment shall remain in effect to [Date], if this commitment is accepted by the borrower by signing and
   returning to the bank a copy of this letter by [Date]. In the event that there is any material adverse change in the
   company's financial condition or obligations prior to the closing, the bank may, at its sole and complete discretion,
   terminate this commitment.
Accepted                                                                                                         Sincerely,

                                                                                                 Senior Credit Administrator
                                                                                                    National Bank of


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