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					                                                      Headquarters Land Forces
                                                      Erskine Barracks
                                                      Wiltshire SP2 0AG
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                                                      Reference:            LAND/RF/1/8/4/5
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                                                      Date:                 27 February 2009

1.      Introduction. Cadet 150 is the working title of a Tri-Service project designed to celebrate
and promote the success and values of the cadet movement in its 150th year in 2010. It has been
agreed to conduct a 21-day Tri-Service expedition to the Kingdom of Lesotho in July and August
2010; the expedition will be run by Outposts Ltd, a company specialising in expeditions of this
nature and one used for by the Cadet Vocational Qualifications Office for similar purposes. A short
brief on Lesotho is attached at Annex A. HRH Prince Harry has agreed to be the Patron of the
Expedition and hopes to visit those selected during training and whilst on the Expedition.

2.     Objective. The objective of this letter is to seek nominations for adult escorts and cadet
volunteers to take part in the Cadet 150 Expedition to Lesotho in 2010.

3.     Outline Expedition Plan. The outline expedition plan is:

       a.      23 to 26 Jul 09 - Proving and selection weekend for 80 selected cadets. This will
       include assistance with the sponsorship plan for individual cadets. Individuals should plan
       on raising £1000 for the expedition.

       b.      Apr 10 – training weekend – date to be confirmed.

       c.      Jul 10 - Assembly prior to departure – date and location to be decided.

       d.      Jul – Aug 10 (21 Days) – Lesotho Expedition with following activities:

               (1)    Acclimatisation and Environmental Awareness Course.

               (2)    Community Project based around Sentabale (HRH Prince Harry’s Charity).

               (3)    Trekking, which may take place in winter conditions.

               (4)    Paddling.

               (5)    Abseiling.

               (6)    Battlefield tour of Rorke’s Drift and Islandwana.

     e.     Date tbc – Reunion and sponsor brief.

4.   Outline Administrative Plan.

     a.    By Fri 24 Apr 09. Applications to HQ LONDIST, Regional Bdes. HQ ATC and HQ
     Sea Cadets are to screen their own applications via their Area and Wing or equivalent
     Headquarters and submit their nominations to HQLF by Fri 1 May 09.

     b.    By Fri 1 May 09. HQ LONDIST and UK Regional Bdes are to submit nominations
     to HQLF, in priority order, for:

            (1)    Up to 4 cadets per Dist/Bde.

            (2)    Suitable female and male adults.

            Note. All bids are to reflect a fair mix of genders and experience with a balance
            between ACF and CCF (A).

     c.     By Fri 8 May 09. HQLF is to promulgate a short list 80 cadets to be selected on
     behalf of the Tri-Service organisations during the period 23 to 26 Jul 09, as follows:

            (1)    ACF/CCF (A) – 28 and 10 reserves.

            (2)    ATC/CCF (RAF) – 20 and 6 reserves.

            (3)    MS&SC – 12 and 4 reserves.

     d.     By 29 May 09. HQLF is to publish preliminary instructions for the training and
     proving session during the period 23 to 26 Jul 09 which is to run by the Cadet Movement as
     agreed by the Expedition WG with input from Outposts Ltd.

5.   Nominations – cadets.

     a.      All ACF and CCF(A) cadet nominations are to be submitted to Cadets Branch HQLF
     using the pro forma at Annex B by Fri 1 May 09. The cadets may be of either gender.
     Nominations for Sea Cadets and ATC are to be submitted through their Area and Wing or
     equivalent Headquarters respectively to HQ Sea Cadets and HQ Air Cadets.

     b.     Nominees are to be interviewed either at Brigade or County level or Tri-Service
     equivalent to confirm their motivation and suitability. This HQ will not accept any cadet’s
     application that does not involve a formal interview.

     c.      Each cadet nominated is to produce a statement on one side of A4 paper describing
     why he or she wants to participate in the expedition and how it may benefit them in the
     future. No application will be accepted without this statement.

     d.     All nominations must be approved and prioritised at Dist/Bde or Tri-Service
     equivalent level; nominations direct from Cadet units or CCF contingents to HQLF will NOT
     be accepted and will be returned. Cadets Branch HQLF will respect the individual
     formation HQ order of priority.

     e.     Candidates must be aged 16 or above on the day of departure.

     f.     All cadets should have a valid passport that is valid until at least 1 Jan 11.

6.     Nominations – adults.

       a.     Adults may be of either gender (five male and five female) and must be current
       serving CFAVs of the ACF, ATC, CCF or Sea Cadets.

       b.      Essential requirements include:

               (1)    Winter hill walking experience essential; winter hill walking qualifications

               (2)   Passed and completed either the CCF Basic (Qualifying) or ACF Instructors’
               Courses at CTC Frimley Park or ATC/Sea Cadets equivalent.

               (3)     Physically fit, including ability to fell walk reasonably well.

               (4)     Have at least one NGB higher level qualification in one of the disciplines in
               Para 3c (3) – (6). The expedition includes at least intermediate level rock-climbing,
               hiking, and canoeing.

               (5)     First Aid trained.

       c.     Nominations for CCF (A) and ACF CFAVs are to be submitted to Cadets Branch,
       HQLF using the form at Annex C by Fri 1 May 09. All nominations must be approved at
       Dist/Bde level. Nominations direct from Cadet ACF Units or CCF Contingents to HQLF will
       NOT be accepted and will be returned. Nominations for Sea Cadets and ATC are to be
       submitted through their Area and Wing Headquarters respectively to HQ Sea Cadets and
       HQ Air Cadets respectively and selections forwarded to HQLF.

       d.      A full CV showing all cadet experience and qualifications is to be submitted.

       e.      Medical Officers. HQ LONDIST, Regional Bdes, HQ ATC and HQ Sea Cadets are
       requested to trawl for expressions of interest from their Medical Officers. A minimum of
       four will be required. Preference will be given to those with appropriate medical
       qualifications and previous expedition experience.

7.     Medical. Full and honest disclosure of any medical or dental conditions is required in the
application forms for all cadets. It is essential to observe the medical constraints especially those
concerning allergies and asthma, which are exaggerated by altitude.

8.     Conclusion. This is an outstanding opportunity for a group of young people to enjoy the
opportunity of a lifetime and is very much part of the “cadet experience”.

Original Signed

A J B Edwards
Lt Col
for COS


A.     Lesotho Background Brief.
B.     Exercise LESOTHO VENTURER 2010 – Cadet Application.
C.     Exercise LESOTHO VENTURER 2010 – Adult Application.




Regional Bdes for G7 Cadets
HQ Sea Cadets for attn Capt JMS Fry RN, COS and Working Gp Chairman
HQ Air Cadets for attn Wg Cdrs TJ Marley and RN Davis
Cadet AT Advisor
Outposts Ltd for Michael Kingscote


DRFC for SO2 DRFC Projects
HQs 2, 4 and 5 Divs for G7 Cadets
ACFA/CCFA for Gen Sec, DFOT and Colonel M E Bennett OBE
Colonel A M Blowers OBE



AD Cadets
SO1 Cadets