How to Use eBooks

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					                                   How to Use eBooks

   You can use the yellow Search box at the upper left. Type in your search term(s) as shown above.

Your search results will provide links to different sections of the eBook. Link #1, shown above, will jump
   you a section of the eBook titled “…A Swell Time while It Lasted…”: The End of the Harlem
                       Renaissance which is in the eBook on “pages” 135 to 147.

You can also use the links in the eTable of Contents. Click on the eTable of Contents link, shown above.
                                                                         Directions continue on the back…
           Click on any link, for example, Harlem Renaissance Timeline, as shown above.

                           These pages of the eBook appear for you to read.

You can also use the eBook Index. Click on the eBook Index link at the top of any page. Now you can
      click on any link listed or use the alphabetical list at the top of the page to jump to any topic.
 For example, if you click on the first Apollo Theater link, you will be taken to Volume 1 page 71, which
                     also includes illustrations. The second link will jump to page 77.
You can also search through the eBook Index using the search box at the top of the eBook Index page.