SAMPLE LETTER -- by oot20032



Name of New Employee
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Dear (First Name of New Employee)

It is with pleasure that I confirm your appointment to the classified staff position of (name of
position), salary grade (grade number), at a salary of ($ amount) per (month or year) on a 12
month per year basis effective (start date).

In this position you will report to me, and the general scope of your responsibilities will include
(high level description of duties). You will work closely with and serve on the (name of any
team, e.g., EIT, if part of job responsibilities). Office hours for our department are (hours).
On your first day of work, you should report to (name & address/location).

The first six (6) months of employment is a probation period. During this time, I will assess your
performance and give you written or verbal evaluations. As a classified staff employee you will
receive an annual salary increase of two steps, up to the maximum step allowed. On occasion,
the University may also authorize a general salary adjustment for all classified staff employees
independent of performance per se, based upon legislative authority.

You will be eligible for sick leave, annual leave, paid holidays and tuition exempt programs.
These benefits begin accruing immediately, however, you will not be able to use these options
until the end of the probation period. You will also participate in the State of Washington
Retirement Plan, Pers 2, and have an opportunity to enroll in a variety of medical and other
insurance plans. Details concerning these plans will be provided during your New Employee
Orientation session.

I sincerely look forward to your association with the University of Washington and with our own
department. You may want to check out the University website at Please let
me know if you have any questions concerning this appointment.


(Name of immediate supervisor)
(Title of supervisor)

cc: (Name of EIT member)

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