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Booking a Meeting with Your MP Template Letter by oot20032


									Booking a Meeting with Your MP: Sample Letter

You might find the following helpful as an example of how to write a letter to
request a meeting with your MP. It is just an example and you will need to
adapt it to your own situation.

                                           [Your address including postcode]


[Your MP’s name]
The House of Commons

Dear [your MP’s name],

I will be attending a lobby of Parliament, organised by Sense, in the
afternoon of Wednesday 29 October 2008 and would be most grateful if you
could arrange to meet with me.

I would like to discuss my concerns about concessionary bus travel for
disabled and older people. I believe that the Government ought to increase
the statutory national concession to include free travel for companions and
so that the permits are valid at all times of day.

I communicate using British Sign Language and would be grateful if you
woul arrange for a British Sign Language interpreter to be at our meeting.
You may wish to contact Liz Ball on 020 7014 9372 or, who can arrange for you to hire an interpreter from

I look forward to hearing from you with a time and place for our meeting.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

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