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					Please use Institution letterhead

                          Institution Endorsement Letter

Dear Dr. Al-Taie,

This is to confirm that the Research proposal (NPRP ID XXXXXXX) has been checked
by our Research Office for compliance with the following:

      At least 50% of the proposed funded research days must be conducted in Qatar
       by the research team inside Qatar.
      At least 65% of the total budget must be expended within Qatar and no more
       than 35% outside Qatar.
      Time and resources are available to the research team to carry out the project.
      QNRF policies, as stated in this RFP.
      The institution's internal policies.
      All laws and regulations applicable to the jurisdiction in which the research is
       being conducted.
      For funded proposals, confirmation that the IRB approved research procedures is
       in compliance with national ethics and guidelines.
      The project budget (including compensation of the research team) is in
       accordance with all of the institutions’ internal financial and research budget
      The amount charged to the project for the compensation of any research team
       member is no more than the percentage of his/her time (measured in person-
       days) spent on the project.
      All travel expenses are permissible under the institution's policies.
      At least one PI must reside in Qatar who must come from the submitting

              Dean or equivalent,       Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or equivalent,

Name: _______________________           __________________________________

Signature: ____________________         __________________________________

Date: ________________________          __________________________________

QNRF Form (Revised 09)