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									                            How to use home access to:

       Review your Bullitt County Public Library account to see what you have
       checked out.
       Place a hold from home.

Reviewing your account:
        In order to view your account you must have a PIN number assigned to you. Pin
numbers must be assigned in person from a Bullitt County Public Library location. You
must have identification with you to have a PIN number assigned. Please pick a PIN
number that is easy for you to remember. We cannot give out PIN numbers over the
phone. If you forget your PIN you will need to come in and get a new one.
        Before placing a hold from home please verify that the library location that
originally issued the card is the one you are still using. The hold process will
automatically forward your request to the library location that initially issued your card. If
you have moved, or are using a different library, please let your librarian know so they
can update your home library information.
        In order to access your account information or place holds you must have access
to the Internet and be using Internet explorer 5.5 or higher or Netscape 4.7 or higher.

To access you account information:
   Go to the library’s homepage at
   Click on the button “MyInfo”
   From there, click on the “Patron Review” button.
   Enter your 14 digit barcode number.
   Enter your PIN number.

Placing a hold on a book
   Go to the library’s homepage at
   Click on the button “Library Catalog Lookup”
   Look up an item the way you normally would using Author, Title, or Subject
   View the detailed record and look for the round “Hold Request” button at the top.
   By clicking on this “Hold Request” button, you will be putting a hold on the next
   available copy.
   Enter your barcode and PIN number.
   If the item requested is allowed to be checked out, your hold will be processed.

Things to keep in mind about placing holds from home:
   The item you request may not be immediately available.
   If the item is checked out, you may not be the next in line to receive the item.
   The book may be housed at a different library location and need to be transferred to
   your home branch. Delivery can take over a week depending on delivery schedules.
   The items marked available may be missing or miss shelved.

Your home library will call you when the item becomes available for pickup.

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