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AREA NAME                   POSITION                        OFFICE     TEL.NO. AREAS OF INTEREST
OR   Prabhu, N              Professor and Head              GRIS 241; 494-5421 Nonlinear optimization and its applications; eigenvalue computation of
                                                            MGL 1303             large sparse matrices; computational oncology; Soliton physics.
Prod     Tanchoco, J.       Professor and Associate Head    GRIS 230; 494-4379 AGVS (automated guided vehicle systems); unit load design, enterprise
                            for Undergraduate Studies       MGL 1307C            operations and production systems; logistics terminal operations;
                                                                                 manufacturing economics.
Mfg      Chandrasekar, S    Professor and Associate Head    GRIS 234; 494-3623 Manufacturing; materials processing; nanostructured materials;
                            for Graduate Studies            MGL 1318B            microsystems.
Math     Abhyankar, S       Math Professor with courtesy    MATH 600 494-1933 Algebraic geometry; commutative algebra; local algebra; theory of
                            appointment in IE                                    functions of several complex variables; circuit theory; combinatorics;
                                                                                 computer-aided design; invariant theory; robotics.
HF       Barany, J          Professor                       GRIS 253   494-5435 Human factors; occupational ergonomics; methods engineering and work
                                                                                 measurement; applied statistics.
HF       Caldwell, B        Associate Professor and         GRIS 228D; 494-5412; Human factors engineering; distributed human supervisory control; team
                            Director, Indiana Space Grant   CIVL G175 494-5873 coordination and performance using information technology
Mfg      Chang, T           Professor                       MGL 1307B 494-5436 Computer-aided manufacturing; process planning.
Mfg      Cheng, Y.T.        Professor                       MGL 1305
Mfg      Compton, D         Lillian M. Gilbreth Professor   GRIS 228C 494-0828 Management of technology; industrial competitiveness; manufacturing
Mgmt                        Emeritus (Retired)                                 processes
HF       Duffy, V           Associate Professor; with       GRIS 236  496-6658 Digital human modeling; safety engineering; work methods and
                            appointment in ABE                                 measurement; ergonomics
HF       Landry, S          Assistant Professor             GRIS 258  494-6256 Human factors; human-computer interaction; aviation, air traffic control

HF       Lehto, M           Associate Professor             GRIS 259  494-5428 Technical Assistance Program (TAP); human factors; safety engineering;
                                                                               expert systems; software engineering.
Mfg      Liu, R             Professor                       MGL 1307D 494-5413 CAD/CAM; manufacturing and artificial intelligence; materials processing.

OR       Morin, T           Professor                       GRIS 257  494-5418 Operations research; discrete optimization; dynamic programming; public
OR       Muthuraman, M      Assistant Professor             MGL 1307E 494-5416 Mathematical Finance; computational methods for PDEs; stochastic control
                                                                               and optimization
Prod     Nof, S             Professor                       GRIS 255  494-5427 Collaborative robotics, e-Work, and e-Business systems; decision support
                                                                               networks for integrated production and service systems; automation of nano
                                                                               and micro sensor networks; systems security, integrity, and assurance.

Prod     Ozsen, L.          Assistant Professor             GRIS 262     494-5414 Production and logistics; facility location modeling; supply chain
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OR       Richard, J         Assistant Professor   GRIS 254  494-5166 Algorithms; integer programming; large scale linear programming;
                                                                     combinatorial optimization
HF       Salvendy, G        Professor             GRIS 263  494-5426 Human factors and ergonomics; content preparation for it; human-computer
OR       Schmeiser, B       Professor             GRIS 228B 494-5422 Monte Carlo simulation methods.
OR       Sparrow, T.        Professor (Retired)
OR       Sweet, A           Professor (Retired)   GRIS 238  494-5424 Probability and stochastic processes; forecasting; quality assurance;
Prod     Uzsoy, R           Professor             MGL 1318C 494-0829 Production planning and control; supply chain management; semiconductor
OR       Wan, H             Assistant Professor   GRIS 256  494-7523 Design and analysis of computer simulation experiments; stochastic
                                                                     process; quality improvement and quality control; applied statistical
                                                                     methods; healthcare system engineering.
Prod     Yih, Y             Professor             GRIS 261  494-0826 Design, monitor, and control of complex systems; behavior-based dynamic
                                                                     control; process/system model, analysis, and improvement; machine
                                                                     learning and artificial intelligence; healthcare system re-engineering.

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