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									Great Lakes Electronics Distributing, Inc.                                                                                                                     GSA Schedule
GSA PRICE LIST                                                                                                                                      Contract # GS-35F-0489J


Manufacturer                         Manufacturer Part #              Vendor Part #    Product Description                             GSA Price
                                                                                                                                       w/ fee

                                                                      Base PC Configurations
GLED                                 E02CO10                          E02CO10          Elite Desktop PC Intel Based                       48.13
GLED                                 E02CO20                          E02CO20          Elite Desktop PC Intel Base Bk                     48.13
GLED                                 E02CO30                          E02CO30          Elite Desktop PC AMD Based                         48.13
GLED                                 E02CO40                          E02CO40          Elite Desktop PC AMD Base Bk                       48.13
GLED                                 E02CO45                          E02CO45          Elite All-in-One PC                                74.05
GLED                                 E02CO50                          E02CO50          Elite Notebook PC                                  51.65
GLED                                 E02CO60                          E02CO60          Elite Pedestal Server                             137.34
GLED                                 E02CO70                          E02CO70          Elite 1U/2U Server                                137.34
GLED                                 E02CO80                          E02CO80          Elite 4U Server                                   137.34
GLED                                 E02CO90                          E02CO90          Elite Superior Series Desktop PC                  161.29
GLED                                 E02CO91                          E02CO91          Elite Superior Series All-in-One PC               244.52
GLED                                 E02CO92                          E02CO92          Elite Superior Series Notebook PC                 222.11
GLED                                 E02CO93                          E02CO93          Elite Superior Series Pedistal Server             657.21
GLED                                 E02CO94                          E02CO94          Elite Superior Series Rackmount Server            657.21

All the components listed under the various component group headings below are only intended to be sold as part of a complete,
configured system. These individual parts are not manufactured by GLED. Only the end product, which is a configured PC system,
 is manufactured by GLED. The Elite Superior Series is available for OCONUS locations, but must add the appropriate fee found in the

                                                                      Floppy Disk Drive Options
Alps Electric Co, Ltd.               DF354H068                        A11FD100         1.44 Floppy Disk Drive                               6.68
Alps Electric Co, Ltd.               DF354H121-BLK                    A11FD200         1.44 Black Floppy Disk Drive                         6.68
Lacie                                706018                           L05FD100         USB External Floppy Drive                           31.06

                                                                      CPU Options
AMD                                  AXP2000BOX                       A05CP118         Athlon XP 2000 - Retail Boxed                       71.35
AMD                                  AXP2200BOX                       A05CP122         Athlon XP 2200 - Retail Boxed                       82.22
AMD                                  AXDA2600BOX                      A05CP126         Athlon XP 2600 333FSB - Boxed                      109.34
AMD                                  AXDA2700BOX                      A05CP128         Athlon XP 2700 333FSB - Boxed                      129.38
AMD                                  AXDA2800BOX                      A05CP130         Athlon XP 2800 333FSB - Boxed                      145.88
AMD                                  AXDA3000BOX                      A05CP132         Athlon XP 3000 333FSB - Boxed                      175.36
AMD                                  AXDA3200BOX                      A05CP134         Athlon XP 3200 400FSB - Boxed                      223.69
Intel                                BX80532RC2000B                   I05CP218         Celeron 2.0GHz 478pin                               78.69
Intel                                BX80546RE2400C                   I05CP236         Celeron D 320 2.4GHZ 533FSB                         88.61
Intel                                BX80546RE2667C                   I05CP237         Celeron D 330 2.66 GHz 533FSB                      112.38
Intel                                BX80546RE2800C                   I05CP239         Celeron D 335 2.8GHZ 533FSB                        146.22
Intel                                BX80532PE2800D                   I05CP508         P4 2.8GHz 533FSB                                   202.93
Intel                                BX80532PG2400D                   I05CP520         P4 2.4GHz HT 800FSB                                208.36
Intel                                BX80532PG2800D                   I05CP524         P4 2.8GHz HT 800FSB                                219.99
Intel                                BX80532PG3000D                   I05CP526         P4 3.0GHz HT 800FSB                                267.41
Intel                                BX80532PG3200D                   I05CP528         P4 3.2GHz HT 800FSB                                332.80
Intel                                BX80532PG3400D                   I05CP530         P4 3.4GHz HT 800FSB                                499.60
Intel                                BX80546PG2800E                   I05CP532         P4 2.8EGHz 1MB CACHE 800FSB                        217.79
Intel                                BX80546PG3000E                   I05CP534         P4 3.0EGHz 1MB CACHE 800FSB                        216.61
Intel                                BX80546PG3200E                   I05CP536         P4 3.2EGHz 1MB CACHE 800FSB                        263.77
Intel                                BX80546PE2400E                   I05CP540         P4 2.4A GHz 1MB CACHE 533FSB                       151.84
Intel                                BX80546PE2800E                   I05CP542         P4 2.8A GHz 1MB CACHE 533FSB                       202.93
Intel                                BXM80535GC1300E                  I05CP600         PMP 1.3GHz 400FSB                                  252.68
Intel                                BXM80535GC1400E                  I05CP602         PMP 1.4GHz 400FSB                                  238.17
Intel                                BXM80535GC1500E                  I05CP604         PMP 1.5GHz 400FSB                                  238.17
Intel                                BXM80535GC1600E                  I05CP606         PMP 1.6GHz 400FSB                                  283.81
Intel                                BXM80535GC1700E                  I05CP607         PMP 1.7GHz 400FSB                                  346.28
Intel                                BXM80532GC2200D                  I05CP654         P4M 2.2GHz 400FSB                                  234.60
Intel                                BX80547PG2800E                   I05CP700         P4 2.8E 775P 1MB Cache 800FSB                      204.82
Intel                                BX80547PG3000E                   I05CP705         P4 3.0E 775P 1MB Cache 800FSB                      223.69
Intel                                BX80547PG3200E                   I05CP710         P4 3.2E 775P 1MB Cache 800FSB                      345.46
Intel                                BX80547PG3400E                   I05CP715         P4 3.4E 775P 1MB Cache 800FSB                      341.57
Intel                                BX80547PG3600E                   I05CP720         P4 3.6E 775P 1MB Cache 800FSB                      506.61
Intel                                BX80532KC1800D                   I05CP900         XEON 1.8GHz 512K                                   227.22
Intel                                BX80532KC2000D                   I05CP902         XEON 2.0GHz 512K                                   247.97
Intel                                BX80532KE2000D                   I05CP920         XEON 2.0GHz 533FSB                                 261.33
Intel                                BX80532KE2400D                   I05CP922         XEON 2.4GHz 533FSB                                 260.16
Intel                                BX80532KE2667D                   I05CP924         XEON 2.66GHz 533FSB                                272.31
Intel                                BX80532KE2800D                   I05CP926         XEON 2.8GHz 533FSB                                 317.53
Intel                                BX80532KE3066D                   I05CP928         XEON 3.06GHz 533FSB 512k Cache                     381.66
Intel                                BX80532KE3066E                   I05CP930         XEON 3.06GHz 533FSB 1MB Cache                      539.16
Intel                                BX80532KE3200E                   I05CP931         XEON 3.2GHz 533FSB 1MB Cache                       826.08

                                                                      Motherboard Option Group
Intel                                BOXD845GVSRL                     I05MB051         S478 P4 i845GV DDR MB-MATX                          67.78
Intel                                KD845GVSRLPAK10 - BULK           I05MB052         S478 P4 i845GV DDR MB-MATX                          61.30
Intel                                S875WP1                          I05MB251         S875WP1-E DDR Srvr MB-ATX                          233.41
Intel                                SE7505VB2                        I05MB275         SE7505VB2 EATX MB                                  476.25
Intel                                BOXD865GBFL                      I05MB335         S478 P4 i865 DDR 800FSB ATX                        105.51
Intel                                BOXD865GBFLK                     I05MB336         S478 P4 i865 GB NIC 800FSB ATX                     118.97
Intel                                BOXD865GBFL-BULK                 I05MB338         S478 P4 i865 DDR 800FSB ATX                        100.20
Intel                                BOX865GBFLK-BULK                 I05MB339         S478 P4 i865 GB NIC 800FSB ATX                     115.52
Intel                                SE7501CW2                        I05MB501         S603 Dual Xeon E7501 DDR -EATX                     337.15
                                                                                         Anne Holahan
                                                                                      716-825-9611 x136
                                                                                       fax: 716-825-9636                                                          MOD 13
1 of 7                                                                                                                   EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/27/04
Great Lakes Electronics Distributing, Inc.                                                                                               GSA Schedule
GSA PRICE LIST                                                                                                                Contract # GS-35F-0489J

Manufacturer                         Manufacturer Part #        Vendor Part #   Product Description              GSA Price
                                                                                                                 w/ fee

Intel                                SE7501BR2                  I05MB510        S603 Dual Xeon E7501 DDR -EATX      565.84
Intel                                SE7501HG2                  I05MB520        S603 Dual Xeon E7501 DDR -EATX      643.65
Intel                                BOXD865GLCL                I05MB600        S478 P4 i865 DDR 800FSB MATX         98.44
Intel                                BOXD865GLCLK               I05MB601        S478 P4 i865 GB NIC800FSB MATX      112.96
Intel                                BOXD865GLCL-BULK           I05MB603        S478 P4 i865 DDR 800FSB MATX         99.02
Intel                                BOXD865GLCLK-BULK          I05MB604        S478 P4 i865 GB NIC800FSB MATX      110.81
Intel                                BOXD915GEVL                I05MB700        S775 P4 i915 DDR2 533FSB ATX        144.81
Intel                                BOX915GEVLK                I05MB705        S775 P4 i915 GB NIC 533FSB ATX      159.53
Intel                                BOXD915GUXL                I05MB710        S775 P4 i915 DDR2 533 FSB MATX      142.30
Intel                                BOX915GUXLK                I05MB715        S775 P4 i915 GBNIC 533FSB MATX      156.97
Intel                                BOXD915GAVL                I05MB720        S775 P4 i915 DDR 400FSB ATX         141.14
Intel                                BOXD915GAGL                I05MB725        S775 P4 i915 DDR 400FSB MATX        138.63
MSI COMPUTER                         651M-V                     M08MB712        S478 SIS651 DDR333 533-HT MATX       55.01
MSI COMPUTER                         KT6V-LSR/7021-020          M08MB956        SA DDR VIA KT600 400FSB-ATX          67.57
MSI COMPUTER                         KM4AM-L                    M08MB966        SA VIA KM400A 400FSB-MATX            67.99

                                                                Memory Option Group
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      128MB DDR266 SODIMM        D02DR190        128MB DDR266 SODIMM                  31.83
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      256MB DDR266 SODIMM        D02DR192        256MB DDR266 SODIMM                  51.87
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      512MB DDR266 SODIMM        D02DR194        512MB DDR266 SODIMM                 111.99
KINGSTON                             KVR333X64SC25/512          D02DR380        512mb DDR333 SODIMM                 123.78
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      16*64 DDR-266              D02DR420        128MB PC2100 DDR                     30.06
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      32*64 DDR-266              D02DR421        256MB PC2100 DDR                     52.46
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      64*64 DDR-266              D02DR422        512MB PC2100 DDR                     99.02
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      16*72 DDR-266 ECC          D02DR430        128MB PC2100 ECC DDR                 36.55
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      32*72 DDR-266 ECC          D02DR431        256MB PC2100 ECC DDR                 61.30
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      64*72 DDR-266 ECC          D02DR432        512MB PC2100 ECC DDR                121.42
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      128*72 DDR-266 ECC         D02DR433        1024MB PC2100 ECC DDR               255.81
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      32*72 DDR-266 ECC-REG      D02DR441        256MB PC2100 ECC REG DDR             73.09
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      64*72 DDR-266 ECC-REG      D02DR442        512MB PC2100 ECC REG DDR            130.85
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      128*72 DDR-266 ECC-REG     D02DR443        1024MB PC2100 ECC REG DDR           255.81
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      16*64 DDR-333              D02DR499        128MB PC2700 DDR                     29.47
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      32*64 DDR-333              D02DR500        256MB PC2700 DDR                     51.87
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      64*64 DDR-333              D02DR510        512MB PC2700 DDR                     94.30
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      128*64 DDR-333             D02DR515        1GB PC2700 DDR                      226.34
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      32*72 DDR-333              D02DR520        256MB PC2700 ECC DDR                 73.09
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      64*72 DDR-333 ECC          D02DR522        512MB PC2700 ECC DDR                126.13
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      124*72 DDR-333 ECC         D02DR524        1024MB PC2700 ECC DDR               255.81
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      16*64 DDR-400              D02DR549        128MB PC3200 DDR                     31.53
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      32*64 DDR-400              D02DR550        256MB PC3200 DDR                     49.51
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      64*64 DDR-400              D02DR560        512MB PC3200 DDR                     96.67
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      128*64 DDR-400             D02DR565        1GB PC3200 DDR                      235.77
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      32*64 DDR2-400             D02DR580        256MB PC4200 DDR2                    93.72
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      64*64 DDR2-400             D02DR585        512MB PC4200 DDR2                   162.68
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      32*64 DDR2-533             D02DR590        256MB PC5600 DDR2                    99.02
MEMORY PRODUCTS                      64*64 DDR2-533             D02DR595        512MB PC5600 DDR2                   200.40

                                                                Chassis Option Group
Advanced Industrial Computer         SL4101/SRMC4S              A16CW100        4U 19" Rackmount Chassis-Black      144.41
Advanced Industrial Computer         SL4301/RMC4L               A16CW150        4U 19" Rackmount Chassis-Black      307.44
Advanced Industrial Computer         SP2400                     A16CW200        2U 19" Rackmnt SCSI Chassis         334.56
Advanced Industrial Computer         SP2600                     A16CW225        2U 19" Rackmnt SCSI Chassis         425.32
Advanced Industrial Computer         SP2601                     A16CW250        2U 19" Rackmnt IDE Chassis          425.32
Advanced Industrial Computer         RMC2F2-G-XP                A16CW260        2U 19" Rackmount Chassis            588.24
Advanced Industrial Computer         RMC2Q2-G-XPS               A16CW262        2U 19" Rackmount Chassis            700.23
Advanced Industrial Computer         RMC3Q2-G-OE                A16CW300        3U 19" Rackmnt IDE Chassis          907.71
AOpen                                H340A                      A17CW100        3-bay Micro ATX Desktop Case         68.38
Apex Technology                      ATX3300 - 7C225-033        A26CW300        6-bay ATX Mid-Tower w/300wt          49.37
Chenbro America                      PC61166 (METALIC SILVER)   C04CW050        Xpider ATX Chassis (w/o P/S)         54.82
Chenbro America                      SR105-4HDD-GY              C04CW105        7-bay Pedestal Server Chassis        93.72
Chenbro America                      SR107-8HDD-GY              C04CW107        12-bay Pedestal Server Chassis      152.66
Chenbro America                      SR10303001                 C04CW200        14-bay Pedestal Server Chassis      205.71
Chenbro America                      RM41122001                 C04CW350        19" Rackmount - 4U Long Case        137.69
COMPUCASE                            A466A00                    C25CW100        4U 19" Rackmount                    235.13
COMPUCASE                            RA253C00                   C25CW200        2U 19" Rackmount                    218.63
COMPUCASE                            RA261A00B46EP/RCA2U64      C25CW210        2U 19" Rackmount w/460w PS          386.66
COMPUCASE                            RA466A00I50EX              C25CW300        4U Rackmount w/500W redundent       697.24
LiteOn                               BK202                      D03CW001        Book Size Chassis                    51.28
Evercase USA                         E1290B-L24                 E30CW100        Small Form Factor Chassis-Blk        63.07
American Advantech, Inc.             IPC-610MB-260-C            I01CW100        RackMount Chassis/ATX               371.34
In Win Development                   V700GX W/O POWER SUPPLY    I03CW040        5-bay MATX Tower Case (w/o PS)       25.05
In Win Development                   IW-S700T.XFU2D             I03CW053        7-bay Mid Tower Case (w/o P/S)       35.42
In Win Development                   IW-S523T.300FU2D           I03CW091        7-bay ATX Mid-Tower/300wt-Blk.       62.89
In Win Development                   IW-V700G 300WT             I03CW220        5-bay MATX Mid-Tower/300wt           47.27
In Win Development                   IW-V700G                   I03CW221        5-bay MATX Tower (w/o PS)            26.82
In Win Development                   IW-H700P 300WT             I03CW310        6-bay ATX Desktop/300wt              62.19
In Win Development                   IW-D500N 180WT             I03CW400        4-bay MATX Desktop/180wt             46.27
Intel                                KHD3HSRP650RNA             I05CW200        5U 19" Rackmount Chassis            972.35

                                                                Power Supply Option Group
Advanced Industrial Computer         PS-300X/AX2-5300FB-2S      A16PS100        300WT ATX PS for 4U case             40.08
Advanced Industrial Computer         PS-400X/FSP-60GN           A16PS105        400WT ATX PS for 4U case             67.19
Advanced Industrial Computer         PSO-MR300X/EVR-3006        A16PS110        300WT Mini Redundant PS 4U          273.49
Advanced Industrial Computer         PS-300XP                   A16PS115        300WT ATX PS for 2U case            136.74
Advanced Industrial Computer         PS-400XP                   A16PS120        400WT ATX PS for 2U case            165.04
Advanced Industrial Computer         PSO-SR300XP/R2G-6300P      A16PS125        300wt Slim Redundant PS 2U          521.05
                                                                                   Anne Holahan
                                                                                716-825-9611 x136
                                                                                 fax: 716-825-9636                                          MOD 13
2 of 7                                                                                             EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/27/04
Great Lakes Electronics Distributing, Inc.                                                                                               GSA Schedule
GSA PRICE LIST                                                                                                                Contract # GS-35F-0489J

Manufacturer                         Manufacturer Part #        Vendor Part #   Product Description              GSA Price
                                                                                                                 w/ fee

Advanced Industrial Computer         PSO-MR460XP-I/MR3-6460P    A16PS200        460WT Redundant Power Supply        479.79
Chenbro America                      MR2-6250F                  C04PS100        Dual 250W PS (4U or GENIE)          255.81
Chenbro America                      R2U-6300P                  C04PS120        Dual 300W PS (4U or GENIE)          391.37
Chenbro America                      ARD-6300F                  C04PS150        Dual 300W PS (NETSERVER)            238.13
Chenbro America                      ARD-6400F                  C04PS200        Dual 400W PS (NETSERVER)            356.01
Chenbro America                      PS-MRW-6400P               C04PS205        Dual 400W PS (SR105)                414.95
Chenbro America                      AP25400F-RV2               C04PS300        ATX 400W PS (4U or GENIE)           139.11
Chenbro America                      PS-MR3-6460P               C04PS400        460WT Redundant PS SR104/107        581.17
Chenbro America                      PS-RHD-6460P-X             C04PS410        460WT Redundant PS for SR103        498.65
LiteOn                               SC-203                     D03PS008        200w Power Supply - FlexATX          25.94
In Win Development                   FSP250-60ATV               I03PS251        250W 12 Volt ATX Power Supply        21.81
In Win Development                   FSP300-60PLN               I03PS355        300WT ATX Switching Pwr Supply       41.26
In Win Development                   FSP300-60ATV               I03PS360        300WT 12 Volt ATX Power Supply       25.76
SPARKLE POWER                        FSP550-60PLG               I03PS400        550WT ATX XEON Power Supply         103.74
Intel                                AXX2PSMODL350              I05PS200        350 Hot Swap Power Supply Mod       144.93

                                                                Frame and Carrier Option Group
Advanced Industrial Computer         BR-IDE23 - 4U              A16AO100        3 in 2 PATA Frame & Carrier         119.36
Advanced Industrial Computer         BR-MBPP                    A16AO101        1 in 1 PATA Frame & Carrier          41.26
Advanced Industrial Computer         BR-MBSS                    A16AO102        1 in 1 SATA Frame & Carrier          43.62
Advanced Industrial Computer         BR-SS23                    A16AO103        3 in 2 SATA Frame Carrier           130.26
Advanced Industrial Computer         BR-SS35                    A16AO104        5 in 3 SATA Frame & Carrier         184.49
Advanced Industrial Computer         BR-SCA23 - 4U              A16AO105        3 in 2 SCSI Frame & Carrier         131.15
Chenbro America                      SK12301004*1329            C04AO160        3 IN 2 PATA WD Frame+Carrier        133.21
Chenbro America                      SK12301004*1330            C04AO165        3 IN 2 PATA MX Frame+Carrier        133.21
Chenbro America                      SK32301002*1767            C04AO168        3 IN 2 SATA Frame+Carrier           109.63
Chenbro America                      SK22301-SCSI-GY            C04AO170        3 IN 2 SCSI Frame+Carrier           139.11
Chenbro America                      84-220910-006              C04AO175        4 Bay SATA Frame+Carrier-SR105      121.42
Chenbro America                      84-220910-004              C04AO176        4 Bay SCSI Frame+Carrier-SR105       86.06
Chenbro America                      84-210710-005              C04AO177        4 Bay SATA Frame+Carrier-SR107      121.42
Chenbro America                      84-210710-003              C04AO178        4-bay SCSI Frame+Carrier-SR107      133.21
Connector Resources Unlimited        DATAPORT V+ 9270-251-03    C06HD100        IDE Frame & Carrier                  81.29
Connector Resources Unlimited        DATAPORT VI 9286-145-01    C06HD150        SCSI HH Frame & Carrier             139.06
Connector Resources Unlimited        DATAPORT VI 7601-280-01    C06HD249        2-bay SCSI HH Frame & Carrier       257.09
Connector Resources Unlimited        DATAPORT VI 7601-380-01    C06HD250        3-bay SCSI HH Frame & Carrier       372.27
Connector Resources Unlimited        DATAPORT 320 7780-320-01   C06HD300        3-bay SCSI LP Frame & Carrier       181.14
Intel                                AXX2HSDRVUG                I05AO210        5 Bay Hot Swap Carrier Upgrade      180.08
Western Digital                      FRAME                      W01HD999        Hard drive frame kit                  2.00

                                                                Hard Drive Option Group
Hitachi                              HIT-30-4500                H05HD102        30GB Mobile ATA100 4200rpm HDD      112.11
Hitachi                              HIT-40-4500                H05HD104        40GB Mobile ATA100 4200rpm HDD      125.84
Hitachi                              HIT-40-5400                H05HD105        40GB Mobile ATA100 5400rpm HDD      119.80
Hitachi                              HIT-60-5400                H05HD122        60GB Mobile ATA 100 5400rpm         145.58
Hitachi                              HIT-80-5400                H05HD125        80GB Mobile ATA 100 5400rpm         199.81
Maxtor Corp.                         MX 6E040L0                 M06HD702        40GB UDMA/133 7200rpm HDD            57.17
Maxtor Corp.                         MX 6Y080L0                 M06HD706        80GB UDMA/133 7200rpm HDD            68.96
Maxtor Corp.                         MX 6Y120L0                 M06HD708        120GB UDMA/133 7200rpm HDD           92.54
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST336607LW                 S03HD143        Cheetah 36GB U320 SCSI HDD          168.39
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST336607LC                 S03HD148        Cheetah 36GB U320 Hot Swap          172.00
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST373307LW                 S03HD206        Cheetah 73GB U320 SCSI HDD          327.16
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST373307LC                 S03HD211        Cheetah 73GB U320 Hot Swap          327.16
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST318453LW                 S03HD218        Cheetah x15 18GB U320 SCSI HDD      214.09
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST318453LC                 S03HD228        Cheetah x15 18GB U320 Hot Swap      214.09
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST336753LW                 S03HD232        Cheetah x15 36GB U320 SCSI HDD      322.35
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST336753LC                 S03HD237        Cheetah x15 36GB U320 Hot Swap      321.75
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST373453LW                 S03HD240        Cheetah x15 73GB U320 SCSI HDD      641.12
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST373453LC                 S03HD245        Cheetah x15 73GB U320 Hot Swap      641.12
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST380013AS                 S03HD500        Barracuda 80GB SATA-150 7200         81.64
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST3120026AS                S03HD505        Barracuda 120GB SATA-150 7200       109.42
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   ST3160023AS                S03HD510        Barracuda 160GB SATA-150 7200       126.87
Toshiba                              TOB-30-4500                T02HD100        30gb Mobile ATA100 4200rpm HDD       87.83
Toshiba                              TOB-40-4500                T02HD110        40gb Mobile ATA100 4200rpm HDD       90.18
Toshiba                              TOB-60-5400                T02HD120        60GB Mobile ATA100 5400rpm HDD      136.74
Western Digital                      WD1200BB                   W01HD500        120GB UDMA/100 7200rpm HDD           89.59
Western Digital                      WD1200JB                   W01HD501        120GB ATA/100 8MB 7200RPM HDD        96.67
Western Digital                      WD2000BB                   W01HD510        200GB UDMA/100 7200rpm HDD          139.69
Western Digital                      WD2000JB                   W01HD511        200GB ATA/100 8MB 7200RPM HDD       142.66
Western Digital                      WD740GD                    W01HD515        Raptor 74GB SATA-150 10000rpm       291.30
Western Digital                      WD360GD                    W01HD520        Raptor 36.7GB SATA-150 10000rp      123.78
Western Digital                      WD200BB                    W01HD976        20GB UDMA/100 7200rpm HDD            56.58
Western Digital                      WD400BB                    W01HD989        40GB UDMA/100 7200rpm HDD            57.77
Western Digital                      WD400JB                    W01HD993        40GB ATA/100 8MG 7200rpm HDD         62.48
Western Digital                      WD800JB                    W01HD994        80GB ATA/100 8MB 7200 rpm HDD        74.27
Western Digital                      WD800BB                    W01HD997        80GB UDMA/100 7200rpm HDD            68.96

                                                                Storage Adaptor Option Group
Adaptec                              2906 / 1772900             A02AO155        Adaptec 2906 SCSI Controller         54.51
Adaptec                              29320A-R/2060500           A02AO221        U320 SCSI Card / Mid Range Svr      320.04
Adaptec                              39320A-R/2060900           A02AO231        U320 SCSI Card / High End Svr       369.07
Adaptec                              2120S / 1961800            A02AO530        1-Channel 64bit U320 Raid Card      485.51
Adaptec                              2200S / 1961700            A02AO540        2-Channel 64bit U320 Raid Card      730.63
Intel                                SRCU42X                    I05AO220        U320 SCSI PCI-X Raid Controlle      740.11
Intel                                AXXRBBU1                   I05AO230        SCRU42X Memory Backup Battery       105.88
Promise Technology                   SUPERTRAK SX6000           P08AO100        SuperTrak SX6000 ATA Raid Card      297.46

                                                                                   Anne Holahan
                                                                                716-825-9611 x136
                                                                                 fax: 716-825-9636                                          MOD 13
3 of 7                                                                                             EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/27/04
Great Lakes Electronics Distributing, Inc.                                                                                           GSA Schedule
GSA PRICE LIST                                                                                                            Contract # GS-35F-0489J

Manufacturer                         Manufacturer Part #    Vendor Part #   Product Description              GSA Price
                                                                                                             w/ fee

Promise Technology                   FASTTRAK TX2000        P08AO200        FastTrak TX2000 ATA Raid Card       104.79
Promise Technology                   FASTTRAK-100 TX2       P08AO300        FASTTRAK 100 Tx2 ATA-RAID Card       89.50
3Ware                                7500-4LP BULK          T10AO050        4Port PATA RAID Card w/o cable      242.49
3Ware                                7506-4LP KIT           T10AO051        4 Port PATA RAID 5 Card             293.53
3Ware                                7500-8                 T10AO110        8 Port PATA RAID Card               457.17
3Ware                                7506-8 KIT             T10AO111        8 Port PATA RAID 5 Card             460.93
3Ware                                7506-12 KIT            T10AO130        12 Port PATA RAID 5 Card            618.30
3Ware                                7506-12-5PK BULK       T10AO131        12 Port PATA RAID 5 Card            530.48
3Ware                                8006-2LP               T10AO135        2 Port SATA Raid Controller         146.18
3Ware                                8506-4LP               T10AO138        4-port SATA Raid Controller         341.86
3Ware                                8506-8 KIT             T10AO140        8-port SATA Raid Controller         535.20
3Ware                                8506-12                T10AO150        12-port SATA Raid Controller        796.90

                                                            Video Card Option Group
Matrox                               G55+MDHA32DB           M10VC135        Matrox G550 32MB AGP               107.83
EVGA.COM                             064-A8-NV65-LX         P14VC283        GF4 MX440-8X 64MB DDR               45.97
EVGA.COM                             064-A8NV93-LX          P14VC284        e-GeForce MX4000 64MB 8X 32BIT      43.62
EVGA.COM                             128-A8-N306            P14VC332        GF FX 5200 128MB DVI TV-Out         89.59
EVGA.COM                             128-A8-N335-TX         P14VC400        GF X5700,128MB/DDR,TV-out          172.11
EVGA.COM                             256-A8-N333-TX         P14VC405        GF FX5700LE 256MB/DDR DVI TV-O     154.43
EVGA.COM                             256-A8-N338-AX         P14VC410        GF X5900, 256MB/DDR, DVI           472.71
EVGA.COM                             256-A8-N313-LX         P14VC420        GF FX5500 256MB/DDR DVI TV-OUT     113.17
PNY                                  VCQ4380XGL-PB          P16VC090        Quadro4 380 XGL -64MB DDR          190.97
PNY                                  VCQFX500-BLK           P16VC100        QuadroFX 500 -128MB DDR            242.84
PNY                                  VCQFX1100-PB           P16VC110        QuadroFX 1100 -128MB DDR           703.77
PNY                                  VCQFX2000-PB           P16VC120        QuadroFX 2000 -128MB DDR          1257.82
Pinnacle Systems                     210100281              P91VC100        Liquid Edition PRO DV editing     1124.77
Pinnacle Systems                     210100189              P91VC110        STUDIO DLX V8 Video Input Adpt     190.19
Pinnacle Systems                     210100209              P91VC120        PCTV PRO - PCI TV TUNER STEREO      85.71

                                                            Sound Card Option Group
CREATIVE LABS, INC.                  70SB022600000          C01SC216        SB LIVE Dolby Digital 5.1            26.47
CREATIVE LABS, INC.                  CT-4750                C01SC325        SoundBlaster PCI 128                 18.35
CREATIVE LABS, INC.                  70SB035000000          C01SC500        SB AUDIGY 2 ZS PCI                   96.95

                                                            CD-ROM Product Group
GLED                                 SBW-242                A08LT408        CDRW-DVD Drive for M680             109.51
ASUS COMPUTER                        ASU-COMBODRIVE-M3NPB   A08LT409        24x CDRW-DVD Drive                  109.63
GLED                                 NB2050DVDRW            C30LT100        2X DVD-R/RW                         203.94
GLED                                 NB2050DVDCDRW          C30LT110        8x DVD-CDRW Combo                    97.84
GLED                                 NB2050CDROM24X         C30LT120        24x CD-ROM                           50.69
Hewlett Packard                      Q2110A#ABA             H03CD200        DVD300XI DVDRW/CDRW Combo           165.69
MSI COMPUTER                         DR8-A2                 M08CD305        8x DVD±RW                           104.33
MSI COMPUTER                         DR8-A2-BLACK           M08CD315        8x DVD±RW - Black                   104.33
MITSUM                               SR244W1                M90CD100        24x Black Slim CD-ROM                49.51
Plextor                              PX-W5224TA/SW-BL       P04CD560        52x24x52x blk Int. CD-RW             72.44
Plextor                              PX-W5224TA/SW          P04CD610        52x24x55x Int. CD-RW IDE Drive       70.96
Plextor                              PX-504A/SW             P04CD700        4x/2.4x/12x / DVD+RW                144.33
Plextor                              PX-708A/SW-BL          P04CD706        8x2x12x/4x2x12xDVD+/-RW - BLK       161.46
Samsung America                      SN-324BEA              S02CD300        Slim 24x CDRW 8x DVD Blk Drive      104.68
Samsung America                      SH152AEBUW             S02CD422        52x IDE CD-ROM Drive                 16.18
Samsung America                      SH152AEBUB             S02CD442        52x IDE Black CD-ROM Drive           17.77
Samsung America                      SD-616EEP              S02CD523        16x DVD Drive w/Software             27.96
Samsung America                      SD-616EEPB             S02CD526        16x BLACK DVD Drive w/Software       29.00
Samsung America                      SM-352NEN              S02CD676        52x CDRW w/16x DVD COMBO             52.22
Samsung America                      TS-H492A-WBEH          S02CD677        52x CDRW w/16x DVD COMBO             46.38
Samsung America                      TS-H492A-WBGH          S02CD678        52x CDRW w/16x DVD COMBO-BLK         46.38
Samsung America                      SM-352NENB             S02CD686        52x CDRW w/16x DVD BLACK COMBO       52.81
Samsung America                      SW-252FEN              S02CD706        52x32x52 CDRW                        29.47
Samsung America                      SW-252SEN              S02CD707        52x32x52 Beige CDRW                  33.15
Samsung America                      SW-252SENB             S02CD757        52x32x52 BLACK CDRW                  33.15
SONY CORP OF AMERICA                 CRX700E                S04CD120        8x4x24 Slim Black CDRW               97.36
SONY CORP OF AMERICA                 DRU510A                S04CD200        DVD±RW Drive                        279.76
Toshiba                              SD-M1712               T02CD145        16x DVD w/RAM Read                   45.68

                                                            Speaker Option Group
Altec Lansing                        ATP3                   A15CS510        3 Piece Subwoofer System             64.60
Altec Lansing                        251                    A15CS520        5 Piece Subwoofer System             81.39
CREATIVE LABS, INC.                  51000000AA299          C01CS116        2 Piece Blk Speakers - SBS250        13.09
CREATIVE LABS, INC.                  51MF0150AA002          C01CS156        Inspire T2900 Blk Speakers           45.49
Cyber Acoustics                      CA-2012                G99CS009        2 Piece Speaker system                6.25
Pro Juster, Inc.                     AC-691N                G99CS010        15w RMS Speakers                      4.48
Cyber Acoustics                      CA-3080                G99CS012        3 Piece Subwoofer System             18.78
Cyber Acoustics                      CA-3090- BLK           G99CS013        3 Piece Black Subwoofer System       21.57
Cyber Acoustics                      CA-2022                G99CS300        2 Piece Speaker System               14.50
Cyber Acoustics                      CA-1000                G99CS400        5.25" Bay Speakers                   10.02
Cyber Acoustics                      AC-100                 G99CS500        Headset Microphone                    3.17

                                                            LAN Card Option Group
ASUS COMPUTER                        ASU-WLANCARD-A2        A08NC602        Wireless LAN Module                  63.15
Allied Telesyn, Inc.                 AT-2400BT              A60NC100        10Mbps PCI Ethernet adapter          15.21
Allied Telesyn, Inc.                 AT-2701FTX-L-SC-001    A60NC110        100Mbps Dual Fiber+Copper NIC       125.43
CNet Technology Inc.                 PRO200WL               C40NC100        10/100Mbps PCI NIC w/WOL              7.72
CNet Technology Inc.                 CWC-854                C40NC240        Wireless G PCMCIA LAN Card           34.18
CNet Technology Inc.                 CWP-854                C40NC250        Wirelss G PCI LAN card               34.18

                                                                               Anne Holahan
                                                                            716-825-9611 x136
                                                                             fax: 716-825-9636                                          MOD 13
4 of 7                                                                                         EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/27/04
Great Lakes Electronics Distributing, Inc.                                                                                                       GSA Schedule
GSA PRICE LIST                                                                                                                        Contract # GS-35F-0489J

Manufacturer                         Manufacturer Part #     Vendor Part #   Product Description                         GSA Price
                                                                                                                         w/ fee

CNet Technology Inc.                 CNPROG-2000S            C40NC260        10/100/1000 PCI NIC                             21.69
SMC                                  SMC1211TX               I01NC001        SMC1211TX Ethernet NIC                          13.36
INTEL                                PILA8460C3 / PRO 100S   I05NC095        10/100Mbps PCI NIC                              32.59
Intel                                PWLA8391MT              I05NC206        10/100/1000Mbps PCI NIC                         56.53
INTEL                                PWLA8490XF              I05NC210        PRO/1000 Fiber NIC                             592.47
INTEL                                PWLA8490XT              I05NC220        10/100/1000 Server PCI NIC                     147.53
INTEL                                PWLA8492MT              I05NC225        10/100/1000 2 Port Svr PCI NIC                 190.97
Intel                                WM3B2200BGMWWB          I05NC335        Intel PRO/Wireless B/G LAN Mod                  31.83
Intel                                WM3B2200GBMWWB2         I05NC336        Intel Pro/Wireless B/G LAN MOD                  31.90
Intel                                PWLA8391MTLPBLK         I05NC400        Pro/1000 MT PCI Network Adapte                  50.37
NETGEAR                              WG311NA                 N10NC115        G 54 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter                  51.28
NETGEAR                              WG511NA                 N10NC120        G 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card Ada                  51.63
NETGEAR                              WAG311NA                N10NC135        G Wirelss 108Mpbs PCI adapter                   84.88
NETGEAR                              WG511TNA                N10NC140        G Turbo Wireless 108 Mbps PC                    70.04
3COM CORP                            3C905CX-TX-M            T06NC125        10/100Mbps PCI NIC                              30.89

                                                             Modem Option Group
AOpen                                91.AB762.010            A17IM100        56k Low Profile Modem                           41.27
BROOKTROUT TECHNOLOGY                904-030-50              B03IM100        TruFax200-fax interface PCI card               489.53
CNet Technology Inc.                 CNUM-56S                C40EM100        Ext 56K Fax Modem                               41.98
CNet Technology Inc.                 CN5614RV                C40IM100        56K Internal PCI Winmodem                        9.90
3COM/USR                             USR5610B                U10IM062        56K Int. PCI Controller Modem                   78.65
3COM/USR                             USR5699B                U10IM075        56K PCI Winmodem                                39.91
ZOOM TELEPHONICS                     3090-00-00              Z01EM100        Ext. 56k v.92 USB Modem                         50.37
ZOOM TELEPHONICS                     1225-02-26A             Z01IM090        56K PCI Soft-modem                              10.52
ZOOM TELEPHONICS                     1220-02-26C             Z01IM105        56K PCI Winmodem                                15.41
ZOOM TELEPHONICS                     1125-02-26A             Z01IM120        56K PCI Controller Modem                        36.00

                                                             Backup Device Option Group
IOMEGA                               5.25 FRAME              I02TB420        5.25" Frame Kit with Bezel                       2.71
IOMEGA                               31167 / ZIP250ATAPI     I02TB450        Iomega 250 MB Zip Drive                         80.94
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   STT220000A-SST          S03TB004        Travan 20GB Internal ATAPI                     209.84
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   STT220000N-RDT          S03TB007        TapeStor Travan 20GB SCSI                      250.88
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   STT6401U2-SST           S03TB026        Certance Travan 40GB USB 2.0                   442.53
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   STD224000N-RYT          S03TB045        TapeStor 4mm DAT 24GB Int                      654.68
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   STD2401LW-RY            S03TB050        TAPESTOR DDS4 40GB INT TDKIT U                 754.43
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                   STD2401LW-S             S03TB505        Tapestor DDS4 20/40Gb Int                      748.82
SONY                                 AITI90/S                S35TB100        AIT-1 90GB INT SCSI 5.25 Bezel                 760.94
SONY                                 AITI90-A/S              S35TB110        AIT-1 90GB INT ATAPI 5.25BEZEL                 762.71

                                                             Keyboard Option Group
Keytronics                           S-CARD-001US-B          K08KB200        104 keyboard with CAC reader PS/2 - Black       63.35
Keytronics                           KT800PS2BUSC            K08KB500        104 Black Keyboard                              14.32
Keytronics                           EUROTECH-C              K08KB600        104 Key Eurotech Keyboard                       43.64
KSI                                  KSI1400                 K10KB100        104 Key w/ CAC Reader - Black                   75.74
Logitech                             967234-0403             L02KB100        Elite USB/PS/2 Black Keyboard                   34.06
MICROSOFT                            K49-00054               M02KB105        Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard                   18.46
MICROSOFT                            C59-00092               M02KB120        Internet KB & Intellimouse Kit                  20.09
MICROSOFT                            Q95-00041               M02KB150        Microsoft Basic KB PS/2                         12.05
MICROSOFT                            A11-00333               M02KB800        MS Natural Elite -105 Keys                      21.83
MICROSOFT                            Q95-00013               M02KB905        Basic Keyboard PS/2                             10.26
MICROSOFT                            Q95-00087               M02KB906        Basic Keyboard PS/2 Black                       10.26
MICROSOFT                            K49-00023               M02KB910        Multimedia Keyboard PS/2                        16.62
MICROSOFT                            N86-00009               M02KB911        Multimedia Keyboard PS/2 Black                  14.27
MICROSOFT                            C19-00375               M02KB920        Internet Keyboard PS/2                          15.44
MICROSOFT                            N90-00002               M02KB930        Wireless Optical Desktop KB/Mo                  45.97

                                                             Mouse Option Group
Hewlett Packard                      DE934A                  H03MO100        Spaceball 5000 CAD Trackball                   565.84
Keytronics                           2MOUSEPS2-461BL         K08MO500        PS/2 Black Scroll Mouse                          8.96
Logitech                             930808-0403             L02MO120        Black Optical Mouse USB/PS/2                    22.99
MICROSOFT                            K80-00030               M02MO100        Wireless Opt. Mouse-3 button                    27.61
MICROSOFT                            PS/2 INTELLIMOUSE       M02MO250        PS/2 IntelliMouse                                9.43
MICROSOFT                            D58-00015               M02MO280        Intellimouse Optical PS/2                       18.80
MICROSOFT                            062-00066               M02MO300        PS/2 Trekker Wheel Mouse                         5.91
MICROSOFT                            062-00066               M02MO300        PS/2 Trekker Wheel Mouse                         5.91
MICROSOFT                            P58-00008               M02MO605        Optical PS/2-USB Mouse                           9.21
MICROSOFT                            F94-00004               M02MO900        Trekker Wheel Mouse - PS/2                       5.18
MICROSOFT                            673-00431               M02MO910        Intellimouse - PS/2                              9.14
MICROSOFT                            D58-00041               M02MO920        Optical Intelimouse PS/2 / USB                  18.57
MICROSOFT                            N50-00002               M02MO922        Optical Intelimouse - Black                     17.98
MICROSOFT                            B75-00083               M02MO925        Optical Explorer- PS/2 / USB                    28.29
MICROSOFT                            N48-00019               M02MO926        Intellimouse Explorer PS/2-USB                  20.63
MICROSOFT                            P58-00006               M02MO930        Basic Optical Mouse - USB                        8.84
MICROSOFT                            N71-00005               M02MO936        Optical Wheel Mouse - Black                     10.02
MICROSOFT                            D66-00044               M02MO940        Wheel Mouse Optical PS/2 / USB                  14.15
SecuGen                              EA4-0018G               S14MO100        OptiMouse USB                                  121.78

                                                             Operating System Option Group
Linux                                RHF0130US               L06OS330        REDHAT PRO WORKSTATION                          94.40
MICROSOFT                            B23-03877 SP4           M02OS111        Windows 2000 Professional                      155.02
MICROSOFT                            E85-02178/02179 SP1A    M02OS113        Windows XP Pro                                 157.38
MICROSOFT                            C11-03148 SP4           M02OS117        Windows Svr-2000-5 user - SP4                  760.94
MICROSOFT                            C78-00686               M02OS120        2000 Server CAL - 5 License                    152.66
MICROSOFT                            C78-00686               M02OS120        2000 Server CAL - 5 License                    152.66

                                                                                Anne Holahan
                                                                             716-825-9611 x136
                                                                              fax: 716-825-9636                                                     MOD 13
5 of 7                                                                                                     EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/27/04
Great Lakes Electronics Distributing, Inc.                                                                                                              GSA Schedule
GSA PRICE LIST                                                                                                                               Contract # GS-35F-0489J

Manufacturer                         Manufacturer Part #    Vendor Part #   Product Description                                 GSA Price
                                                                                                                                w/ fee

MICROSOFT                            C10-01530              M02OS200        W2K Advanced Server 25 User                          3007.35
MICROSOFT                            228-00683              M02OS500        SQL SVR 2000 STD                                     1515.63
MICROSOFT                            359-01039              M02OS510        MS SQL SERV 2000 USER CAL                             154.96
MICROSOFT                            228-01265              M02OS666        MS SQL Svr 2000 SE-MEDIA                               27.56
MICROSOFT                            228-00782              M02OS667        MS SQL Serv 2000 SE LIC                               688.69
MICROSOFT                            E76-00321              M02OS761        SBS 2000 CAL 5 License                                229.71
MICROSOFT                            E75-00956              M02OS767        SB Server 2003 Std - 5 User                           486.86
MICROSOFT                            T74-01040              M02OS768        SBS 2003 Device CAL-5 Lic                             458.57
MICROSOFT                            E75-01028              M02OS769        SB Server 2003 Premium -5 User                       1167.65
MICROSOFT                            P73-00654              M02OS800        Windows Svr Std 2003 - 5 user                         755.05
MICROSOFT                            P72-00640              M02OS805        Windows Svr Ent 2003 - 25 user                       3005.16
MICROSOFT                            P70-00003              M02OS810        Windows Svr Web 2003                                  399.43
MICROSOFT                            R18-00889              M02OS820        2003 Server Device CAL - 5 Lic                        146.77
MICROSOFT                            R18-01063              M02OS825        2003 Server User CAL - 5 Lic                          145.58
MICROSOFT                            N09-00319              P90OS100        Windows XP Home                                        82.13
MICROSOFT                            E85-00970              P90OS105        Windows XP Pro                                        137.71

                                                            Application Software Option Group
MICROSOFT                            B11-00984              M02SW146        Microsoft Works Suite 2004                              73.30
MICROSOFT                            203-00768              M02SW500        Visual Basic Pro v6.0                                  544.96
MICROSOFT                            269-04592              M02SW600        Office XP Pro Academic                                 213.37
MICROSOFT                            021-04755              M02SW610        Office XP Std Academic                                 163.85
MICROSOFT                            S55-00033              M02SW900        Office Basic - 2003                                    163.37
MICROSOFT                            588-02829              M02SW910        Office SBE - 2003                                      235.41
MICROSOFT                            269-07161              M02SW920        Office Pro - 2003                                      312.03
EVGA.COM                             CD-DVD                 P14SW100        POWER DVD SOFTWARE                                       6.78

                                                            Utility Software Option Group
MCAFEE                               VIRUS SCAN 8.0         M15AV210        McAfee VirusScan v.8 -1 year                            16.74
Symantec                             10098558               S15AV041        Norton AntiVirus 2004 - 90 day                          23.93
Symantec                             10236210               S15AV042        Norton AntiVirus 2004 - 1 Year                          35.12
Symantec                             07-00-03416            S15AV060        PC Anywhere v10.5 Host Only                            103.36
Symantec                             10055306               S15AV065        PC Anywhere v11.0 Host/ Remote                          98.90
Symantec                             10024131               S15AV500        SAV v8.0 SBE 10 users                                  428.91

                                                            On Site Warranty Option Group
GLED                                 ESAWR3-DT              M09CO001        3 yr Advance Parts Warranty                            20.04
GLED                                 ESAWR3-AIO             M09CO005        3yr Advance Parts Warranty                             43.62
GLED                                 ESAWR3-ESVR            M09CO010        3 yr Advance Parts Warranty-I                         111.99
GLED                                 ESAWR3-HSVR            M09CO012        3 yr Advance Parts Warranty-II                        318.29
GLED                                 3YR DEPOT WARRANTY     M09CO014        3 yr DEPOT Warranty Uplift III                        111.99
GLED                                 ESNBD1-DT              M09CO230        1 yr NBD On Site Warranty                              30.65
GLED                                 ESNBD3-DT              M09CO232        3 yr NBD On Site Warranty                              70.73
GLED                                 ESNBD3-DT-OCONUS       M09CO232-O      3 yr NBD On Site Warranty - OCONUS (Desktop)          341.86
GLED                                 ESNBD1-ESVR            M09CO233        1 yr NBD On Site Warranty-I                            82.52
GLED                                 ESNBD3-ESVR            M09CO235        3 yr NBD On Site Warranty-I                           265.24
GLED                                 ESNBD4-ALL             M09CO235-4      4th year Warranty Extension-OCONUS (All PC Types)     618.89
GLED                                 ESNBD3-ESVR-OCONUS     M09CO235-O      3 yr NBD On Site Warranty - OCONUS (Server)           577.63
GLED                                 ESNBD1-HSVR            M09CO237        1 yr NBD On Site Warranty-II                          165.04
GLED                                 ESNBD3-HSVR            M09CO239        3 yr NBD On Site Warranty-II                          530.48
GLED                                 ESNBD1-AIO             M09CO240        1 yr NBD On Site Warranty                              42.44
GLED                                 ESNBD3-AIO             M09CO242        3 yr NBD On Site Warranty                             100.20
GLED                                 ESNBD3-DT+1            M09CO950        1 Year Extension to On Site Warranty                   70.73
GLED                                 ESEAWR3-NB+1           M09CO951        1 Year Extension to Expess Warranty                   261.53
GLED                                 ESNBD3-HSVR+1          M09CO952        1 Year Extension to On Site Warranty                  530.48
GLED                                 ESAWR1-DT              W99CO000        2 yr Advance Parts Warranty                             4.72
GLED                                 ESAWR1-SVR             W99CO003        2 yr Advance Parts Warranty                            17.68
GLED                                 ESAWR1-AIO             W99CO005        2 yr Advance Parts Warranty                            22.40
GLED                                 ESAWR1-NB              W99CO100        1 yr Advance Parts Warranty                            18.67
GLED                                 ESEAWR1-NB             W99CO110        1 yr Express Parts Warranty                            37.66
GLED                                 ESAWR3-NB              W99CO120        3 yr Advance Parts Warranty                           132.75
GLED                                 ESEAWR3-NB             W99CO130        3 yr Express Parts Warranty                           261.53
GLED                                 ESEAWR3-NB-OCONUS      W99CO130-O      3 yr Express Parts Warranty - OCONUS (Notebook)       406.70

                                                            I/O Card Option Group
In Win Development                   CR-I500                I03AO300        7 in 1 memory card reader                               15.91
Lava Computer Mfg.                   PARALLEL PCI           L03AO180        Single Parallel Card - PCI                              29.53
Lava Computer Mfg.                   DSERIALPCI             L03AO310        Dual Serial Card - PCI                                  32.89
Lava Computer Mfg.                   DSERIAL-PCI/LP         L03AO315        DSERIAL-PCI/LP                                          36.37
Lava Computer Mfg.                   USB HOST ADAPTER       L03AO340        Dual USB - PCI                                          22.40
Lava Computer Mfg.                   USB 2.0 HOST ADAPTER   L03AO343        Dual USB 2.0 Adapter - PCI                              37.13
Lava Computer Mfg.                   IEEE 1394 FIREHOST     L03AO345        Dual IEEE 1394 Fire Wire PCI                            43.62
SIIG                                 JU-P50212              S30AO100        5 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card                                 42.95
SIIG                                 LP-U22011              S30AO110        USB 2.0 3PT PCI LP HOST ADPT                            31.14
SIIG                                 NN-PCM212              S30AO200        2 Port IEEE1394 Firewre PCCard                          92.00

                                                            Notebook Option Group
ASUS COMPUTER                        ASU-NB-M3NP-B          A08LT105        PMP NB 14" XGA Centrino                               707.30
ASUS COMPUTER                        ASU-NB-L5GA/SXGA       A08LT121        15" P4 SXGA ATI 9600 PRO NB                          1098.68
ASUS COMPUTER                        ASU-BATTERY-M3NPB      A08LT503        Spare Battery for M3NP-B                               94.30
ASUS COMPUTER                        PORTBARII              A08LT504        Port Replicator                                        96.67
ASUS COMPUTER                        ASU-BATTERY2ND-M3NPB   A08LT523        2nd Battery for M680 -black                            92.64
GLED                                 NB2050DVDRW            C30LT100        2X DVD-R/RW                                           203.94
GLED                                 NB2050DVDCDRW          C30LT110        8x DVD-CDRW Combo                                      97.84
GLED                                 NB2050CDROM24X         C30LT120        24x CD-ROM                                             50.69

                                                                               Anne Holahan
                                                                            716-825-9611 x136
                                                                             fax: 716-825-9636                                                             MOD 13
6 of 7                                                                                                            EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/27/04
Great Lakes Electronics Distributing, Inc.                                                                                             GSA Schedule
GSA PRICE LIST                                                                                                              Contract # GS-35F-0489J

Manufacturer                         Manufacturer Part #      Vendor Part #   Product Description              GSA Price
                                                                                                               w/ fee

GLED                                 NBACCEPORT-U2            C30LT200        Port Replicator w/ LAN               81.34
GLED                                 NB2050BATTERYLI          C30LT300        8 Cell battery for CL50/CL51         91.95
COMPAL                               CL50-15/NB2050SX15BASE   C30LT400        15" Centrino NB w/802.11 wirel      877.06
COMPAL                               CL51-15/NB2051-X15       C30LT420        15" Centrino Notebook               682.55

                                                              Various PC Items
Advanced Industrial Computer         IDE ADAPTER              A16AO050        IDE Adapter                          8.49
Advanced Industrial Computer         RMC-R011 - 2U            A16AO200        3x32bit Riser card -Intel 815E      32.13
Advanced Industrial Computer         RMC-R012 - 2U            A16AO205        2x64bit Riser card-Tyan/SMicro      23.87
Advanced Industrial Computer         RMC-R016 - 2U            A16AO210        2x64bit Riser card-Intel STL2       32.13
Advanced Industrial Computer         SR-26                    A16AO300        26" Slidng Rails                    37.72
Advanced Industrial Computer         HDC-23C04                A16CA100        Daisy Chain SCSI Cable              10.61
Advanced Industrial Computer         HDC-23C03                A16CA105        24" SCSI Cable                      12.96
Advanced Industrial Computer         SCA-TERM320M             A16CA110        U320 SCSI Terminator- Male          15.33
Chenbro America                      80-093212-005            C04AO220        RM212 64 Bit Riser Card              1.29
Chenbro America                      4U SLIDING RAILS         C04AO400        Rail Kit for 4U Rackmount           62.48
Cables Unlimited                     SCS-7950                 C08AO120        LVD Internal SCSI Terminator        21.16
Cables Unlimited                     FLT-3700                 C08CA004        SER ATA SATA PSW ADPT CABLE          2.30
Cables Unlimited                     FLT-6000-18              C08CA013        18" SATA Cable                       2.60
Cables Unlimited                     FLT-3660-14              C08CA027        14" four pin internal PC ext.        2.07
Cables Unlimited                     FLT-1600-18              C08CA032        18" Dual IDE Cable                   1.36
Cables Unlimited                     FLT-1000-24              C08CA035        24" Floppy Cable                     1.71
Cables Unlimited                     FLT-1600-24              C08CA036        24" Dual IDE Cable                   1.36
Cables Unlimited                     CDR-2600-24              C08CA050        4-pin MPC Audio Cable                1.12
Cables Unlimited                     FLT-1800-24              C08CA920        Ultra ATA 100/ UDMA Cable            2.53
Cables Unlimited                     PCM-2420-06              C08CA999        M/M Keyboard Cable                   1.82
Cables Unlimited                     PRC                      C08PC002        Power cable                          2.12
GEMPLUS                              GEMPC USB-SL             G05AO100        USB CAC Reader                      25.34
GEMPLUS                              GEMPC 400                G05AO110        PCMCIA CAC Reader                   54.82
In Win Development                   2ND CASE FAN             I03CF100        In Win Case Fan                      4.48
Litronic                             ARGUS 2600               L15AO100        USB Crypto PCMCIA Reader/Write     226.34
Cooler Master                        SAF-B82                  M88CF100        Secondary Case Fan 3pin              4.07
Cooler Master                        D14-7H53D                M88CF200        Socket 478 CPU Fan                   8.78
Cooler Master                        DP5-5G11A                M88CF650        Socket 370/Socket A Fan              4.65
Cooler Master                        CP5-6J31C                M88CF998        Socket A / Socket 370 Fan            6.72
CTK                                  PKM50                    N02CF940        S370 / S7 Heat Sink / Fan (PS)       7.90
CTK                                  8CM FAN                  N02CF950        Secondary Case Fan (P/S)             4.48
GLED                                 OCONUS-DT                P90CO654        OCONUS Desktop PC Fee              778.04
GLED                                 OCONUS-NB                P90CO655        OCONUS Notebook Fee                424.38
GLED                                 OCONUS-SVR               P90CO656        OCONUS Server Fee                 1485.34
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 6012P-6      S18CO100        Dual Xeon 1U SCSI SuperServer     1104.73
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 6011H        S18CO105        Dual PIII 1U SCSI SuperServer      878.15
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 6011HI       S18CO110        Dual PIII 1U IDE SuperServer       796.00
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 5011H        S18CO115        PIII 1U SCSI SuperServer           585.63
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 5011E        S18CO120        PIII 1U IDE SuperServer            522.12
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 5012B-6      S18CO125        Pentium 4 SCSI SuperServer         645.37
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 5012B-E      S18CO130        Pentium 4 IDE SuperServer          499.72
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 6022P-6      S18CO200        Dual Xeon 2U SCSI SuperServer     1054.29
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 6022L-6      S18CO205        Dual Xeon 2U SCSI SuperServer     1526.09
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 6021F        S18CO210        Dual PIII 2U SCSI SuperServer      993.29
SuperMicro Computer                  SUPERSERVER 6021I        S18CO215        Dual PIII 2U IDE SuperServer       599.90
3Ware                                3W-CBL-24                T10CA131        24" Single IDE Cable                 5.22
TMSI                                 CK98-1222                T20AO200        Add-in card retention device         1.16
TMSI                                 CK99-1222 COMBO          T20AO210        Add-in card retention device         0.57
TMSI                                 CK99-1224                T20AO220        Add-in card retention device         0.57

                                                              Monitor Option Group
AOC                                  LM520                    A90CM110        15" LCD Monitor                    376.60
AOC                                  CT700                    A90CM201        17" CRT Monitor                    129.30
AOC                                  CT740                    A90CM211        17" CRT Monitor w/Speakers         141.19
AOC                                  LM720                    A90CM220        17" LCD Monitor                    474.72
AOC                                  9GLR                     A90CM300        19" CRT Monitor                    179.94
GLED                                 AQ15L                    I01CM300        15” LCD display                   1562.56
GLED                                 AQ17L                    I01CM310        17” LCD display                   1648.90
GLED                                 AQ18L                    I01CM320        18” LCD display                   1830.09
GLED                                 AW17C                    I01CM330        17” CRT display                   1313.25
GLED                                 AQ19L                    I01CM340        19” LCD display                   1968.17
NEC                                  ASLCD51V                 N03CM111        15" LCD Monitor                    395.50
NEC                                  ASLCD71V                 N03CM211        17" LCD Monitor                    481.85
NEC                                  AS700                    N03CM305        17" CRT Monitor                    146.20
NEC                                  AS900                    N03CM355        19" CRT Monitor                    208.23
NEC                                  LCD1860NX-BK-1           N03CM365        18".1 LCD Monitor - Black          663.04
NEC                                  AS750F                   N03CM401        17" CRT Flat Screen Monitor        157.11
NEC                                  AS700M-BK                N03CM510        17" CRT BLK Monitor w/Speakers     177.73
NEC                                  V50LCD-BK                N03CM900        15" LCD Monitor-Black              377.23
Samsung America                      955DF                    S02CM023        19" CRT Flat Screen Monitor        235.92
Samsung America                      793DF-IVORY              S02CM024        17" CRT Flat Screen Monitor        152.79
Samsung America                      950B                     S02CM182        19" CRT Monitor                    188.48
TTX                                  S9174R9N                 T11CM100        17" LCD Rack Mount                 934.82

                                                                                 Anne Holahan
                                                                              716-825-9611 x136
                                                                               fax: 716-825-9636                                          MOD 13
7 of 7                                                                                           EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/27/04

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