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How To Be Useless And Miserable by thebest11


									           R           O           A          N   R        I       D        G         E           R       O      A         D

 Church of Christ
               Publication of the Roanridge Church of Christ, Kansas City, Missouri
June 29, 2008	                                                                                                   Volume 23, Issue 26

Gospel Meetings for 2008                          Jesus Shall Reign       Tough As A Tiger    Sermons for Sunday
                                                  An article based on     Can we learn        Sunday Morning:
                                                  Psalm 72, a Messianic   anything as
Fall Meeting                                                                                  Haggai: Build God’s House!
                                                  psalm about the         Christians from a
September 21-26 with Max Dawson
                                                  coming kingdom.         world-renown
                                                                                              Scripture Reading:
                                                  Page 2                  golfer?
Vacation Bible School                                                     Page 3              Haggai 1:2-9
July 28-August 1
                                                                                              Sunday Evening:
                                                                                              5th Sunday Worship in Song

How To Be Useless And Miserable
by L.R. Hester

1. Be self-centered; bestow all of your affection and care upon yourself; seek
   your own happiness and well-being to the point of unconcern for the needs
   of others.

2. Be demanding of others; tell yourself that others are obligated to you -- that
   it is their duty to be concerned about and look after your best interest, and
   make no allowance for the least failure on their part to discharge this duty

3. Feel neglected and become absorbed in self-sympathy; convince yourself
   completely that others do not fulfill their obligations to you, and never
   allow the least doubt that you are a subject of misfortune and pity to enter
   your thoughts.

4. See only good in yourself and faults in others; and every attitude and act of unrighteousness on your part find
   an excuse to salve your conscience while demanding absolute perfection on your part.

5. Observe these rules and you will attain to complete uselessness -- and perfect misery forever. If, however, your
   aim is usefulness, and happiness (as I trust it is), then you must do the exact opposite. “It is more blessed to
   give than to receive,” and selfishness is among man’s most soul-condemning blunders.

Bulletin of the Roanridge Church of Christ
      R   O   A   N   R   I   D   G   E    R   O   A   D     C   H   U   R   C   H   O      F         C    H    R    I    S    T

                                          The Messiah came to establish a  knee should bow, of those in
Jesus Shall Reign
                                          kingdom, of which it was said,   heaven, and of those on earth, and
by Wayne S. Walker
                                          “...And all nations shall flow to of those under the
“Yes, all kings shall fall down           it” (Isaiah 2:2). The reason why earth” (Philippians 2:10).
before Him; all nations shall serve                                        However, whether here to their
                                          this is so is that even in the first
Him” (Psalm 72:11). Psalm 72 is           century “the gospel...was        salvation, or later to their
identified as “A Psalm of                  preached to every creature under condemnation, the fact is that in
Solomon.”                                 heaven” (Colossians 1:23).       judgment “every knee shall bow to
                                          Therefore, the Messiah is to be  Me” says the Lord (Romans 14:11).
In verse 1, Solomon prays, “Give
                                          praised as the one who has       But then it will be too late.
the king Your judgments, O God,
                                          “redeemed us to God by Your      However, Jesus will continue to
and Your righteousness to the
                                          blood out of every tribe and     reign over the righteous in heaven
king’s Son.”
                                          tongue and people and            while those who refused His rule
This Psalm has long been                  nation” (Revelation 5:9).        in life will suffer eternal
considered Messianic. In fact, the                                         punishment in hell under the
                                    Based on this Psalm, Isaac Watts
heading in the New King James                                              devil’s reign. The choice is yours
                                    wrote, “Jesus shall reign where’er the
Version says, “Glory and                                                   and mine to make now.
                                    sun Does his successive journeys run;
Universality of the Messiah’s
                                    His kingdom spread from shore to
Reign.” With this understanding,
                                    shore, Till moons shall was and wane
we would naturally conclude that
                                    no more.” Indeed, people out of
verse 1 has Solomon praying that
                                    every nation throughout the
God would give him, as king, His
                                    history of this earth since the first
judgments, and would give his
                                    century have accepted the reign of
Son -- not his immediate son,
                                    the Messiah by obeying His will
Rehoboam, but his most illustrious
                                    revealed in the Scriptures.
descendent, the Messiah -- His
righteousness. The succeeding       Of course, it is true, that, literally
verses speak of how the Messiah     speaking, not all kings have fallen
would then judge the people,        down before Him nor all nations
bring blessings to all mankind,     served Him. God gives people free
and have dominion from sea to       choice whether or not to accept the
sea, so that all kings should fall  reign of the Messiah in their hearts
down before Him and all nations     and the law of His kingdom or
should serve Him.                   church in their lives. His desire is
                                    “that at the name of Jesus every

                                                                                       Bulletin of the Roanridge Road Church of Christ
         R     O    A    N     R    I    D    G    E     R   O   A   D      C   H   U   R   C      H       O   F     C   H   R   I   S   T

                                                       stress fracture in his left leg, ligament       Furthermore, the apostle Paul likens
Tough As A Tiger                                       damage to his left knee, and he                 the Christian “race” to an earthly
by Wayne Goff                                          underwent surgery to repair the                 contest in 1 Corinthians 9:24-25:
                                                       damage and will not be able to play
A couple of weeks ago Tiger Woods                                                                         “Do you not know that those
                                                       for the remainder of this year.                    who run in a race all run, but
defeated Rocco Mediate after 91-holes
                                                                                                          one receives the prize? Run in
of golf to win the 2008 U.S. Open,                     A Lesson for Us?                                   such a way that you may obtain
Tiger’s fourteenth major tournament.                   Absolutely there is a lesson for us.               it. And everyone who competes
If you’re not a golfer, you could                      Christians are seeking a                           for the prize is temperate in
probably care less. If you are a sports                “crown” (trophy) and are                           all things. Now they do it to
fan, like me, you are quite impressed.                 admonished to do everything in our                 obtain a perishable crown, but
                                                       power to obtain it. It takes mental                we for an imperishable
Of course, what made this major                                                                           crown.”
                                                       toughness -- grit, determination,
victory so impressive and even inspiring
                                                       perseverance, overcoming trial, etc.,
                                                                               Christians, run the race for eternal life
is the fact that Mr. Woods did this on
                                                       in order to win that prize. The kind of
                                                                               in such a way that you may obtain it.
a severely injured left knee. Doctors
                                                       mental toughness and determination
                                                                               Those in the world, like Tiger Woods,
had told him to rest for several
                                                       that characterized Tiger Woods’
                                                                               compete to obtain a “perishable
months or he would risk greater
                                                       attempt at winning another major
                                                                               crown,” and we admire them. How
injury. However, this year’s U.S.
                                                       tournament illustrates to you and me
                                                                               much more should we hold in high
Open was a very special challenge to
                                                       that it can be done if we set our minds
                                                                               esteem those, like the apostle Paul,
Tiger because it was being played on
                                                       to it, with God’s help. who ran with even greater
Torrey Pines golf course, the place
where Tiger played golf as a child and                                         determination to obtain the
                                        For example, James 1:12 says “Blessed
spent so many hours with his father.                                           “imperishable crown”?
                                        is the man who remains steadfast
He was determined to play. He would     under trial, for when he has stood     Paul competed for his entire life that
try his best to win, regardless of the  the test he will receive the crown of  he might “finish (his) race with
dangers.                                life, which God has promised to those joy” (Acts 20:24). At the end of his
                                        who love him” (ESV). Tiger remained life, he affirmed that he had “finished
Tiger Woods played the usual four
                                        steadfast under severe pain, and won the race” (2 Tim. 4:7). The Hebrew
straight days injured, ended the
                                        the contest.                           writer admonishes us to “run with
tournament tied with Rocco Mediate,
and only in the U.S. Open was required The gospel preacher, like all           endurance the race that is set before
to play a fifth day to determine the                                            us, looking to Jesus, the Author and
                                        Christians, is admonished to “endure
outcome. After five straight days of                                            Finisher of our faith...” (Heb. 12:1-2).
                                        afflictions” (2 Tim. 4:5). Life isn’t a
golf, the two were still tied. Finally, bowl of peaches, and everything        So the questions we should ask
Tiger defeated his opponent on the      doesn’t go as planned, predicted, or   ourselves include: (1) Are we serious
91st hole, a “sudden death” format,     hoped. One has to fight, endure, and    about running our race? (2) Are we
on Monday.                              overcome.                              competing in a way to win? (3) Do we
By Wednesday, doctors had                                                      realize the value of the prize? (4) Can
determined that Tiger had a double                                             we summon up the mental toughness
                                                                               to endure to the end?

Bulletin of the Roanridge Road Church of Christ
      R   O   A   N   R   I   D   G   E   R   O   A   D     C   H   U   R      C    H        O      F         C    H    R    I    S    T

Back Page Thoughts
Summer Vacations Continue

Many of our members are traveling again this weekend, and we pray for their safe travel, and that they might find
rest, relaxation, and peace from their weary, work-worn ways. Even Jesus had to take some time alone with His
disciples in an isolated place from time to time, Mark 6:31, Luke 9:10. The Old Testament “Sabbath” was a day of rest,
Ex. 23:12. God deserves to be respected and He knew that man needed time away from work.

However, let us never take a vacation from the Lord. Always plan ahead and locate a congregation of God’s people
with which to worship. There are many good churches scattered throughout the country, and it is rare to find a place
where God’s people are not located. Not only will it do you good, but it will build up the brethren where you go.

Greetings are sent from Anthony and Agnes Prosceno. Their son, Anthony, was married last week and several
pictures were sent along with well wishes for the church here. Everyone remembers them fondly, I’m sure, and we
miss having them here but know they are doing well where they worship the Lord.

This evening we will worship God in song since it is the fifth Sunday night of the month. These singings occur four
times during the year, ordinarily. Let’s come and worship God in song, in the beauty of holiness.

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                                                                            Dan Kleinlein
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                       there is no earthly power that can
                       impede our progress. But the day we                  Deacons
                       leave these walls and go out to take                 Shawn Gillispie, Brad Harris, Wendell McCarter, Steve Meirose,
                       counsel with the world will mark the                 Jay Morris, Tim Young, Jon Gorham, Ky Hascall, David
                                                                            McWilliams, John Schneider
                       day of our decline. We have nothing
 to fear from without. Our only danger lies in the direction                Editor & Evangelist
 of indifference and compromise. While we are true to God
                                                                            Wayne Goff @ 816-746-6937 or mail at:
 in the maintenance of those principles, the divine blessing
 will be upon our work. But should they ever be                             Roanridge Church of Christ
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 surrendered, ruin will as certainly follow as that the Bible               Kansas City, Missouri 64151
 is true.                                                                   816-587-6818
                                                         F.G. Allen
                                                   Gospel Advocate
                                                  January 23, 1896

                                                                                               Bulletin of the Roanridge Road Church of Christ

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