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Albright Seed Company believes that striving for the highest quality, efficient service, and competitive
prices is not enough. We work as hard to achieve a relationship with our customers that is fair, honest and
mutually beneficial. We’re small enough to get personally involved and large enough to meet your needs.
The next time you want service—call Albright.

Our standard terms are 2% 10 days, Net 30 days. As in any agricultural commodity market, prices are
subject to change without notice. Ordinarily, our quotes are good for two weeks. If more time is needed
we are often able to extend the option at our customer’s request. We will refund your purchase price if the
seed we ship you does not conform to the analysis tag. Albright Seed Company has a minimum sale
amount of $25.00 (U.S.) and restocking charge of 15% of purchase.

Albright’s blends and recommendations are backed by careful evaluation, up-to-date information and
constant review of performance on the job. We are aware of the need for accurate price information and
firm options to buy at a quoted price. We are also able to advise on proper seeding rates, maintenance and
cultural practices.

Please note that this is only a partial listing of seeds and blends available from Albright Seed Company. This
catalog and price list is published to show the broad range of seeds and products we handle. Product bulletins and
expanded lists are available on our website.

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                                  PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE

                                 SOLUTIONS THAT WORK

                                 TURF BLENDS and MIXES
                                            VISTA TURF BLEND
This blend takes advantage of top-rated turf-type tall fescues which retain the deep-rooted, drought-
resistant characteristics of tall fescue. Vista Turf Blend produces a durable, green, healthy turf. It is for
use in full sun or partial shade. This blend has been updated to include our dark green, fine-textured
CAMARILLO Dwarf-type Fescue

   33% Gene's Tall Fescue
   33% Heritage Tall Fescue
   34% Wildcat Tall Fescue

Seed: 7-10 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 10-21 days
Establishment: 50 days                                                           1.55 per lb.

                               PACIFIC VISTA DWARF TURF BLEND
Latest direction in the breeding of tall fescue. It has a shorter stature in its natural plant condition. These
new fescue cultivars are known to breeders as “dwarf” tall fescue. The best of these will be in this blend.
Their characteristics are darker green, finer texture, thicker turf, and slower growing habit.

34% Chapel Hill Dwarf Tall Fescue
33% Redcoat Dwarf Tall Fescue
33% Insignia Dwarf Tall Fescue

Seed: 10-12 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 10-21 days
Establishment: 50 days                                                  1.70 per lb.

                             FAST TRACK PERENNIAL RYE BLEND
An elite blend of 3 top NTEP rated, Perennial Ryegrass varieties. The NTEP rating provides the turf grass
distributor with unbiased information on cultivar performance such as adaptation, disease resistance,
insect tolerance, and environmental stress tolerance. S&S Seeds relies on this information to develop
cultivar recommendations for targeted uses. Great for overseeding, this blend has been developed by a
California seed company - selecting seeds for our clients needs for over 30 years.

       34% Pearl Perennial Ryegrass
       33% Superstar Perennial Ryegrass
       33% Pearl II Perennial Ryegrass

Seed: 7-10 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 7-12 days
Establishment: 60 days–(to 2nd mowing)                                  1.70 per lb.

                                  FUSION DWARF FESCUE BLEND
A certified Blue Tag, Weed Free Blend of 4 top rated Dwarf Fescue varieties chosen for their fine texture
dark green color and superior quality. S&S Seeds is proud of the turf performance of this blend. Fusion is
unsurpassed in beauty and performance in California and we will keep it that way by updating the
varieties that we use to make it.

   25%   Wyatt tall fescue
   25%   Chapel Hill tall fescue
   25%   Redcoat tall fescue
   25%   Jaguar III tall fescue

Seed: 8-12 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 8-21 days
Establishment: 60 days–(to 2nd mowing)                                 1.70 per lb.

                                          VALLEY FINE TURF
This mix is specifically formulated to take advantage of the third generation fine-leaf ryegrasses. It results
in a beautifully uniform, fine-textured, lush green lawn. Another plus—it cuts clean to eliminate ragged

30% AFFINITY Perennial Ryegrass                     30% PS 8990 Perennial Ryegrass
20% CHATEAU Kentucky Bluegrass                      20% Kentucky Bluegrass

Seed: 6-8 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 8-14 days
Establishment: 50 days                                                          1.80 per lb.

                                        FINE LEAF PARK MIX
This mix is for use where some shade tolerance is needed. As with Valley Fine Turf, it produces a
beautifully uniform turf with lush green color.

25% Pearl Perennial Ryegrass
25% Quest Perennial Ryegrass
25% Creeping Red Fescue
15% Kenblue Kentucky Bluegrass
10% Baron Kentucky Bluegrass

Seed: 6-8 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 8-14 days
Establishment: 50 days                                                          1.65 per lb.

                                               Plush Turf Blend
This blend takes advantage of top-rated turf-type Tall Fescues which retain the deep-rooted, drought-
resistant characteristics of tall fescue. Plush Turf Blend produces a durable, green, healthy turf. It is for
use in full sun or partial shade.
The best all around blend for performance.
Formula blended by S & S Seed Company from three of the top ten turf type Tall Fescue varieties, rated
for best performance in the following classifications.

                                        Combines all these fine turf advantages
                              *Heat & Drought: Highest tolerance available
                              *Texture: Medium-fine leaf, medium –low growth
                              *Superb Color: As dark as most
                              *Good cold tolerance
                              *Improved leaf disease resistance
                              *Good wear ability: Takes use and abuse in stride

                              Recommended for:
                              *Overseeding Bermudagrass
                              *Renovation of old lawns
                              *All new construction
     34% Success tall fescue
     33% Chapel Hill tall fescue
     32% Pedestal tall fescue

Seed: 10-12 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 8-12 days
Establishment: 50 days                                                                1.40 per lb.

                                                   80/20 MIX
80/20 is a cost effective, drought-resistant turf that grows well in sun or shade. Quick recovery from
injury and improved texture combine to make it the ideal mix for athletic fields or turf subjected to heavy
traffic, high heat, and low maintenance.

80% Turf-type Tall Fescue
20% Kentucky Bluegrass

Seed: 8-10 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 14-21 days
Establishment: 70 days                                                            1.40 per lb.

                                        OTHER TURF MIXES
SPORTS TURF PRO— A mix of FAST TRACK BLEND and BLACK JACK improved Bermuda grass.
Designed for a professional turf look and performance.

  65% Blackjack Bermudagrass

Seed: 10 pounds/1,000 square feet.
Emergence: 14-21 days
Establishment: 70 days                                                        2.50 per lb.

SHADE TOLERANT                                                                2.65 per lb.

  35% SUN-UP Poa Trivialis
  25% SOUTHPORT Chewings Fescue
  20% WARWICK Hard Fescue
  20% PS 8990 Perennial Ryegrass

FORMULA II—80% Turf-type Tall Fescue                                           1.45 per lb
           20% Perennial Ryegrass

CALIFORNIA NATIVE TURF SUBSTITUTE— Native Perennial Turf, A Native Lawn substitute
                         So. & Central Coastal formula

Once established this is the ultimate low maintenance turf, no-irrigation and once or twice a year mowing.
It is a long lived, deep rooted ground cover, that will do all of the landscape functions of an exotic turf
grass with out the irrigation required.

There are some tradeoffs for this self-sustaining cover - sacrificing some color in the summer when the
grasses go dormant. The plants are active in the winter when rain is expected. The ability of carefully
selected California Natives to re-grow each fall from dormant crowns makes this cover Greenup faster,
more forgiving, with positive protection of the soil from erosion and weeds. It should be planted before
the first rains into a finely worked seedbed – may require supplemental irrigation and weed control
during the first year to aid establishment.
                                 90 % Molate Red Fescue
                                   5 % San Diego Bent grass
                                   5 % Achillea millefolium

Seed: 100-150 pounds/acre or 3.5 lb per 1000 sq ft
Height: 8-15 inches
Emergence: 4-15 days
Establishment: 60 days                                                       20.00 per lb

                          COVER CROPS, PASTURE BLENDS
                            AND GROUND COVER MIXES


                                           RAPID COVER (E)
A low cost, temporary erosion control solution or green manure plowdown cover crop. Once up, it will
stabilize the soil at the surface. This saves valuable topsoil, costly repair and clean-up from runoff. It
should be planted before the first rains. Does not reseed well, but plant residuals will protect soil
surface the second year and add organics to pre-amend for subsequent landscaping.

45% Barley                   45% Annual Ryegrass                   10% Crimson Clover

Seed: 150-200 pounds/acre        Height: 15-30 inches
Emergence: 4-8 days              Establishment: 30 days                       .65 per lb.

                                    CRITICAL COASTAL MIX
                                       (E—an invasive exotic)
Winter annuals for highly erosive areas where fast cover is desired or green manure plowdown cover
crop. It has been formulated with compatible grasses and the addition of field flowers to lend some color.
This is a permanent cover which reseeds itself.

30% Cucamonga Brome              20% Zorro Fescue          10% Crimson Clover
25% California Oats              10% Common Vetch          05% California Field Flower

Seed: 50-75 pounds/acre          Height: 15-30 inches
Emergence: 8 days                Establishment: 30 days                      3.50 per lb.

                                   SOIL-BUILDING MIXTURE
30% Lana Wollypod Vetch        20% Cayuse Oat     20% Common Barley
10% Hycon Rose Clover          10% Crimson Clover 10% Mt. Barker Subclover

Seed: 50 pounds/acre                                                        $1.50 per lb.

                             LOW-GROWING LOW FUEL MIXTURE
40% Zorro Annual Fescue        15% Crimson Clover       10% Hycon Rose Clover
25% Common Vetch               10% Mt. Barker Subclover

Seed: 40 pounds/acre                                                        $3.75 per lb.

                                       GRASSLAND MIXTURE

45% Cucamonga Brome              29% Common Oats13.3% Zorro Annual Fescue
8% Lana Wollypod Vetch           5% Hycon Rose Clover

Seed: 45 pounds/acre                                                        $2.60 per lb.

                                CALIFORNIA BIOREGIONAL MIXES
Mixes for all 11 bioregions that support the plant and animal populations in each community. The plants
in each mix are of local origin or of a nature that will not displace local natives. See our web site for


                                          GP PASTURE MIX
This mix provides a general purpose high-yielding palatable pasture. It gives uniform production
throughout the seasons, stands heavy grazing, and maintains good nutritional balance.

25% Fawn Tall Fescue     10% California Brome    25% Deborah California Brome
05% Nungarin Sub Clover 15% Linn Perennial Ryegrass 05% Birdsfoot Trefoil
10% Potomac Orchardgrass 05% Strawberry Clover

Seed: 25 pounds/acre          Height: 24-50 inches
Emergence: 14 days            Establishment: 55 days                          2.50 per lb.

                                            NEAT & LOW
A colorful ground cover, this mix provides a broad genetic spread with perennial legumes. Perennial
flowering plants have been added so that some plants will be in flower throughout the year. Best results
are obtained with irrigation. Slow to cover in winter, annual legumes and flowers can be added for
faster winter cover at the expense of cleanup in early summer.

26% White Dutch Clover       21% O’Connors Strawberry Clover
21% Salina Strawberry Clover 16% Birdsfoot Trefoil

Seed: 50-75 pounds/acre       Height: 5-24 inches
Emergence: 14-21 days         Establishment: 50 days                          7.00 per lb.

                                           MEADOW VIEW
A low, slow-growing mix of grass, legumes and flowers for that suburban meadow look. Provides low
growth and color splashes for areas where the low, unmowed look is preferred.

92% Hard Fescue                                   03% New Zealand White Clover

Seed: 50-75 pounds/acre       Height: 18-24 inches
Emergence: 12-21 days         Establishment: 80 days                           6.00 per lb.

                                 INSECTA-FLORA MIX (E)
Wildflower Cover Crop Mix for commercial orchards. Creates a beautiful natural habitat for beneficial
insects to reduce pesticide use.

Seed: 11 pounds/acre                                                        $26.00 per lb.
Also Available (covers 5,000 sq. ft):                              $29.95 per 1.25 lb. bag

                                PERENNIAL GRASSLAND MIXTURE
40% Idaho Native Fescue          40% Molate Native Fescue
10% Strawberry Clover            10% Insecta-Flora Wildflowers (see Insecta-Flora Mix)

Seed: 20 pounds/acre                                                         $15.00 per lb.

Cover crops enhance the beauty of vineyard or orchard while attracting beneficial insects, keeping dust
down, reducing need for pesticides, cultivation, fertilizer and water. Both our non-irrigated and irrigated
mixes can be custom blended for specific sites and farm practices .

                                         WILDFLOWER SINGLES LIST
                                                                              California            Rate    Price
Trade Botanical Name (Jepson)             Common Name                        Bioregion     Habit   #/Acre   Per lb.
Achillea milefolium                         Yarrow                                E          P          1    24.00
Alyssum (Lobularia maritima)                Carpet of Snow                        E         A           4    25.00
Alyssum                                     *Royal Carpet                         E         A           4    70.00
Alyssum saxitile                            Basket of Gold                        —          P          4    90.00
Anagallis monelli var. phillipsii compact   Poor Man’s Weatherglass               —         A           4    35.00
Aquilegia caerulea                          Rocky Mountain Columbine              NN         P          5   250.00
Aster-Callistephus chinesis, var            Single Rainbow Upbright Mixture       —         A           5    30.00
Baileya multiradiata                        Desert Marigold                       NC        BI          5    50.00
Calendula                                   Pot Marigold                          —-         P         10    15.00
Castillija affinis                          Indian Paintbrush                     NC        A           1    700.00
Castillija exertis                          Owls Clover                           NC        A           1    80.00
Centaurea cyanus                            Bachelor Buttons, Cornflower          E         A           7     8.00
Cerastium tomentosum                        Snow in Summer                        NN         P          1     80.00
Cheirasthus allionii                        Siberian Wallflower                   NN        A           6    20.00
Chrysanthemum carinatum                     Painted Daisy                         —         A           8    25.00
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum                  Oxeyed Daisy                          E          P          5    30.00
Clarkia amoena                              Farewell to Spring                    NC        A           2    30.00
Clarkia unguiculata                         Clarki Mountain Garland               NC        A           2    30.00
Collinsia heterophylla                      Chinese Houses                        NC        A           6    30.00
Coreopsis lanceolata                        Lance Leaf Coreopsis                  NN         P         10    30.00
Coreopsis tinctoria                         Plains Coreopsis                      NN        A           2    30.00
Cosmos bipinnatus                           Pink Cosmos                           NS        A          10    15.00
Delphinium ajacis (Consolida ambigua)       Rocket Larkspur                       —         A          10    35.00
Delphinium cardinale                        Scarlet Larkspur                      NN         P          8   260.00
Dimorphotheca sinuata                       African Daisy, Cape Marigold          E         A          10    30.00
Echinacea purpurea E.sp                     Purple Coneflower                     NN         P         12    35.00
Eschscholzia caespitosa (lobili)            Dwarf California Poppy                NC        A           5    50.00
Eschscholzia californica                    California Poppy                      NC        BI          8    18.00
Eschscholzia californica, var.              Mission Bells                         —          P          8    35.00
Gaillardia aristata                         Blanketflower                         NS         P         10    30.00
Gaillardia pulchella                        Indian Blanket                        NS        A          10    25.00
Gazania splendens                           Gazania—Mixed Colors                  —          P         10    45.00
Gilia tricolor                              Bird’s Eyes                           NC        A           2    31.00
Lasthenia galabrata                         Goldfields                            NC        A           6    45.00
Lasthenia californica                       Dwarf Goldfields                      NC        A           4    75.00
Lavatera trimestis                          Rose Mallow                           NN        A          10    20.00
Layia platyglossa                           Tidy Tips                             NC        A           6    60.00
Limonium perezii                            Sea Lavender                          E          P         10    10.00
Limonium sinuatum                           Statice                               E         A          10    11.00
Linanthus grandiflorus                      Mountain Phlox, California Phlox      NC        A           2    45.00
Linaria moroccana                           Toadflax, Baby Snapdragon             —         A         1/2    35.00
Linum grandiflorum var. rubrum              Scarlet Flax                          —         A          15    15.00
Linum lewisii                               Blue Flax                             NC         P          8    15.00
Lupinus bicolor                             Pigmy-Leaved Lupine                   NC        A          15    45.00
Lupinus densiflorus var.                    Ed Gedling, Golden Lupine             NC        A          35    30.00
Lupinus nanus                               Sky Lupine                            NC        A          20    60.00
Lupinus succulentus                         Arroyo Lupine                         NC        A          20    18.00
Mentzelia lindley                           Blazing Star                          NC        A           4    45.00
Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)               Dwarf Jewel Mix                       —          P         50    10.00
Nemophila maculata                          Five Spot                             NC        A          10    28.00
Nemophila menziesii                         Baby Blue Eyes                        NC        A           8    28.00
Oenothera camissionia                       Beach Evening Primrose                NC         P        1/2    60.00
Oenothera hookerii                          Giant Evening Primrose                NC        BI          3    16.00
Oenothera speciosa                          Mexican Evening Primrose              NS         P          3    80.00
Oenothera pallida                           White Evening Primrose                NS        A           5    60.00
Papaver nudicaule var.                      Iceland Poppy                         NN         P          1    90.00
Papaver rhoeas                              Corn Poppy, Flanders Field            —         A           1    30.00
Penstemon palmerii                          Pink Wild Snapdragon                  NC         P          6    46.00
Penstemon spectablis                        Showy Penstemon                       NC         P          4    50.00
Penstemon strictus                          Rocky Mountain Penstemon              NN         P          4    50.00
Phacelia campanularia                       California Bluebells                  NC        A           3    20.00
Phacelia tanacetifolia                      Purple Heliotrope, Bee Food           NC        A           3    16.00
Phlox drummondii                            Annual Phlox, Drummond Phlox          NN        A          10    45.00
Ratibida columnaris                         Yellow Prairie Coneflower             NS         P          2    36.00
Ratibida columnaris                         Red Mexican Hat                       NS         P          2    40.00
Rudbeckia hirta                             Black-Eyed Susan                      NS         P          2    22.00
Salvia farinacea var.              Blue Bedder                —        P         6     160.00
Silene armeria                     Catchfly                   —        A         1      20.00
Sisyrinchium bellum                Blue-Eyed Grass            NC       P         8      75.00
Verbena tenuisecta                 Moss Verbena               NS       P         6     110.00
Viola Cornuta                      Johnny Jump-Up             NN       A         7     110.00

A—Annual; P—Perennial; Bl—Biennial; E—Invasive Exotic; NC—Endemic native to one or more
California bioregions; NS—Native to Southwest U.S.; NN—Native to North America. Rates per acre if
seeded alone. Available in other colors. Species marked “E” are listed by the California Native Plant
Society as invasive exotics that should not be used outside of managed landscaped areas or near native
open space without careful consideration as to their adaptability in that zone. Species marked "NC" are
endemic natives to one or more California bioregions.

                   To lend a natural balance to a meadow, include one of our selected grasses with
                   your wildflower mix. Check Erosion Control, Ground Cover, Pasture
                   grasses identified with *.

                                     WILDFLOWER MIXTURES

                                   CALIFORNIA FIELD FLOWERS
                                     ANNUAL WILDFLOWER MIX
These robust species compete well with existing grasses—good news for large open areas where weed
control is difficult. Designed as a non-irrigated mix to be seeded in the fall. May be irrigated to establish
growth and to prolong the blooming period. Mostly annuals for good first-year color.

Height: 3 ft.                                                                    20.00 per lb.

                          MADE IN THE SHADE WILDFLOWER MIX
This wildflower mixture was designed for shady areas with at least a few hours of sunlight.

Height: 3 ft.                                                                    36.00 per lb.

Here is a balanced blend of annuals and perennials including all the old-fashioned favorites of yesteryear.
Has the advantage of also being a CUTTING GARDEN for good color and varied bouquets. Once
established, this mix requires good irrigation. If possible, soak the ground, rather than use overhead
sprinklers, and ensure good weed control.

Height: 4 ft. or more                                                          32.00 per lb.

                                           MARVIN GARDENS
This low growing annual and perennial wildflower mixture reaches only 1-2 feet in height. A
sophisticated blend that can substitute for the beauty of a meadow in a small area. Use as a border for any
unused portion of the garden.

Height: 1-2 ft.                                                                30.00 per lb.

                               HIGH DESERT FLOWER/SHRUB MIXTURE
Control wind erosion by providing a ground cover that blends with the native chaparral. Mostly annual
flowers for first year color plus quick-establishing perennials, all needing only one mowing a year. Plant
in the spring, irrigate the first summer to establish. Additional irrigation will prolong the blooming period.
To be added for aesthetic balance: Achnatherum speciosum, Desert Needlegrass

Height: 3 ft.                                                                  28.00 per lb.

                               CALIFORNIA CENTRAL “BIG VALLEY”
                                           WILDFLOWER MIX
Here are selected flowers for a wonderful show of spring and summer bloom in the central valley area
where temperatures can be extreme. A balanced blend of drought-tolerant annuals and perennials from
California natives to some introduced species that are very adaptable to hot, dry conditions. Suitable for
non-irrigated areas if seeded in the fall with some weed control.
                                                                            26.00 per lb.

                                     ALPINE FLOWER MIX
Enhance any mountain view with a rich variety of wildflowers.
This balanced blend of annuals and perennials was designed for success in the higher elevations of

Height: 3 ft.                                                                  32.00 per lb.

                          BLANKET OF COLOR GROUND COVER MIX
A balanced blend of compact annuals and perennials provide a continuous color show with low
maintenance. Warm shades of yellows, golds, orange, some reds, all embraced in white. The BLANKET
OF COLOR will create depth where space is limited, with variety for interest at close inspection. Low
enough to function as a lawn or as a permanent ground cover.

Height: 6-12 in.                                                            36.00 per lb.

Primarily perennial flowering ground cover. Use where low-growing color is desired. Designed to be
irrigated for maximum profusion; with preplant weed control. Sow anywhere in California below 3,000 ft.
Some annuals have been included for rapid cover and first-year color.

Height: From 1 to 3 ft.                                                     35.00 per lb.

                              COASTAL NATIVE WILDFLOWER MIX
There are many species available native to the Pacific coastal range. Under the influence of the Pacific’s
low-lying clouds and very little frost, this mix blooms in rich color contrast spring through late summer.
Succeed with wildflowers native to your area and become familiar with these representative specimens
for the meadow or garden border. For aesthetic balance add optional grasses.

Height: From 6 in -4 ft.                                                    28.00 per lb.

                                     Rate          Price
                                     #/1000 SqFt   Per lb.
Highland Colonial                     2             5.00
Seaside                               1             8.00
Pro- DG-P                             1            12.00
Penncross, certified                  1            12.00

Baron                                 3             2.40
Midnight                              3             3.20
Merit                                 3             2.75
Poa Supina                            1            30.00
Poa trivialis, Ruffstalk Bluegrass    3             3.50
Reg. Kentucky Blue                    3             2.25

Chewings                              6             2.00
Creeping Red                          6             1.40
Heron Hand                            6             2.50
Sheeps                                6             2.50

Tall Fescue                           8             1.50

Perennial                             7             1.60
ARENA                                 7             1.65

Buffalograss                          6            15.00
Bermudagrass, Hulled                  4             3.50
Bermudagrass, Unhulled                6             3.00
Bermudagrass, Blackjack               2             6.00
Zen® Zoysia 100                       3            20.00
Zen® Zoysia japonica 300CS            3            30.00
Zen® Zoysia Zenith                    3            30.00


                                     See        Rate     Price
                                    Note        #/Acre   Per lb
 Alfalfa—Cuff 101 Low Dormancy        —           15       3.00
 Alfalfa—Hi Dormancy                  —           15       3.50
 Barley                               —          100         .23
 Bluegrass, Sherman Big Blue         NN           25     10.00
 Blue Wild Rye (EG5000)              NC           20      11.00
 Brome, Blando                         E          45       3.00
 Brome, California Cucamonga         NC           45       3.00
 Brome, California Diablo            NC           45       4.00
 Brome, Deborah                       —           45       3.00
 Brome, Panoche Red                    E          45      10.00
 Brome, Pine                         NC           45       40.00
 *Clover, Hykon Rose                   E          15       2.50
 Clover, O’Connors Strawberry         —           15      11.00
 Clover, Salina Strawberry            —           15       5.00
 Clover, Crimson                      —           25       2.00
 Clover, Nungarin Sub                  E          15       1.50
 Clover, New Zealand White            —           15       2.00
 Fescue, Fawn Tall                    —           45       1.25
 *Fescue, Molate Blue                NC           30     10.00
 *Fescue, Idaho                      NC           30     18.00
 *Fescue, Warwick                     —           50       2.50
 *Fescue, Sheep                        T          40       4.50
 *Fescue, Zorro Annual                —           15       8.00
 Meadow Barley                       NC           20     15.00
 *Melica imperfecta (Coast Melic)          NC               6    80.00
 Nodding Needlegrass                 NC          20      50.00
 Oats                                 —         150          .34
 Orchardgrass, Berber                 E          45        4.50
 Pennisetum rupelii                   E          15      15.00
 Plantago indica (insularis)         NC          15        2.00
 Purple Needlegrass                  NC           5      50.00
 Ryegrass, Linn Perennial             —          50        1.00
 Ryegrass, Tetrazoid                  E          50        1.50
 Stone Crop                           —           5        ASK
 *Trefoil, Empire Birdsfoot           —          25        6.00
 Thyme, Creeping                      —           5      120.00
 Vetch, Common                        —          35          .60
 Vetch, Lana                          —          35          .85
 Vetch, Purple                        —          35          .85
 Wheatgrass, Ephraim Crested          T         100        3.20
 Wheatgrass, Luna Pubescent           —          40        ASK
 Wheatgrass, Oahe Intermediate        —          40        ASK
 Wheatgrass, Tegmar Intermediate      —          40        ASK
       Wheatgrass, Nordan Crested             —            40      2.00

       *Companions for Wild Flower Mix.

Species marked “E” are listed by the California Native Plant Society as invasive exotics that should not
be used outside of managed landscaped areas or near native open space without careful consideration as
to their adaptability in that zone. Species marked "NC" are endemic natives to one or more California
bioregions. Species marked "T" stand up to heavy traffic.

                                SHRUB AND TREE SEEDS
                                                                            Price Per lb.
       Acacia redolens—Prostrate Wattle                           35.00
       Acacia salinga—Blue Leaf Wattle                            24.00
       Adenostoma fasiculatum—Chamise                             20.00
       Artemesia californica—California Coastal Sage              22.00
       Atriplex glauca—Gray Saltbush E                            15.00
       Atriplex lentiformis—Quail Bush                             9.00
       Atriplex semibaccata—Australian Saltbush E                 16.00
       Baccharis pilularis—Coyote Bush                            22.00
       Chrysothamnus nauseosus—Rabbit Bush                         9.00
       Cistus villosus—Rock Rose E                                44.00
       Encelia californica—Bush Sunflower                                 40.00
       Encelia farinosa—Brittlebush                               15.00
       Eriogonum cinereum—Ashy Leaf Buckwheat                     15.00
       Eriogonum fasiculatum—California Buckwheat                  3.00
       Eriophyllum confertiflorum—Golden Yarrow                   40.00
       Isocoma menziesii—Golden Bush                              30.00
       Heteromeles arbutifolia—Toyon                              12.00
       Lotus scoparius—Deer Weed                                  12.00
       Lupinus arboreus—Bush Lupine                               25.00
       Mimulus longiflorus—Southern Monkey Flower                 45.00
       Mimulus puniceus—Red Monkey Flower                         35.00
       Rhus integrifolia—Lemonade Berry                           15.00
       Rhus larina—Laurel Sumac                                   19.00
       Salvia mellifera—Black Sage                                40.00
       Viguiera laciniata—San Diego Sunflower                     27.00
       Yucca whipelii—Our Lord’s Candle                           35.00

                                    OTHER PRODUCTS
                                    FROM ALBRIGHT

                                         SOIL BINDERS

Sentinel is a concentrated hydrophilic colloid derived from seed husks. Sentinel is organic and
biodegradable and is nontoxic even at high application rates. Application of 90/100 lbs. per acre with
1,500/3,000 gallons of water is the standard rate using hydraulic seeding equipment.
                                                                                           1.00 per lb.

ASB-45 Acrylic Copolymer
Dust control for traffic or non-traffic areas. Application rates on request. Approved by CALTRANS and
other governmental agencies.
                                                                                         350.00 per drum

                                           FIBER MULCH

HYDROSEED MULCH 100% Paper Mulch The ecological alternative—100% recycled newsprint and
paper. Cleanest with lowest moisture content in the industry. In 50 lb. bales. 10.00/bale

                                          TOP DRESSING

Bed Spread Pellet Mulch A manual top dressing.
Coverage rate: 50 lb. bag per 200 sq. ft.                                      6.00/bag

                         Truckload of any of above mulches: Call for quote


Poly Burlap
Close mesh polypropylene netting offers better control than conventional jute/burlap on slopes and retains
moisture.                                                                  .15 per sq. ft.

PRO 5 Weed Barrier
Our best quality in 6-ft and 12-ft widths. Keep water in, weeds out.        .10 per sq. ft.

                  Other geotextiles available. Call Albright for information and prices.

                            STORMWATER RUNOFF CONTROL

Ecologically sound alternative to straw or sand bag barriers for control of stormwater. Mesh bags filled
with 100 percent recycled wood chips to hold back entrained soil silt and debris. Degrading wood chips
add mulch to soil to avoid costly labor-intensive sand and straw removal with other barriers.
18 X 42 in. mesh bag                                                              3.00 ea


One Earth™ Compost for Hydroseeding The perfect solution for erosion control and revegetation.
Retains water. Enhances germination, bio activity and nutrient uptake for quick establishment.
Use with paper or wood mulch. Uniform texture and size for spray application. 45 lb., 1 cu/ft
bags; 60 bags/pallet.

1-5 pallets                          300.00/pallet           FOB Albright Locations.
6-10 pallets                         280.00/pallet           FOB CA Job Site
11-20 pallets                        270.00/pallet           FOB CA Job Site

BIOSOL 6-1-3       California Certified Organic Fertilizer. Special blends for Northern or Southern
55 lb. bag                                                                     26.00/bag

BIOSOL MIX 7-2-3     Natural Organic               Fertilizer.   PROVEN     MORE       EFFECTIVE       IN
REVEGETATING low-organic subsoils.
55 lb. bag                                                                     22.00/bag

                                  MICROBIAL INOCULANTS


A natural plant growth promoter that contains living microorganisms, enzyme complexes, and nutrients
that improves standard establishment rates, increases crop yields and improves plant disease resistance.

TURBOSTART            Biological Alternative for the Future

Increases absorption of minerals and nutrients, intensifies plant development and survivability and disease
resistance. Promotes drought tolerance, nitrogen fixation, tolerance to salts. Reduces fertilizer, material
and labor costs. A mixture of endomycorrhizal spores, host plant roots and sterilized soil media. Primarily
composed of mycorrhizal fungi, Glomus etunicatum and Glomus intradicies. Includes Trichoderma and
Cytokinin organisms to increase biological activity and regulate growth.

                                       PLANTING SYSTEM

RACING JACKET gives turf and other plantings from seed a head start that results in quick
establishment of healthy, vital plants. RACING JACKET is specially formulated to help:
    • increase nutrient and water absorption
    • reduce transplant shock
    • increase tolerance to environmental stress such as drought and salinity
    • increase root biomass
    • decrease need for phosphate fertilizers
    • increase availability of certain elements, particularly calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus,
        manganese and potassium.
                                                        Call for Information and Quote

Seed Planting Incorporating Crop Establishment system—a complete pelletized planting system
containing organic bedding, nutrients, water retainer, fertilizer and seed. Customized to your needs.
Perfect for broadcasting fluffy native mixtures by air over remote areas.
                                                                            Call for Information and Quote


One Earth™ Compost for Hydroseeding The perfect solution for erosion control and
revegetation. Retains water. Enhances germination, bio activity and nutrient uptake for quick
establishment. Use with paper or wood mulch. Uniform texture and size for spray application. 45
lb., 1 cu/ft bags; 60 bags/pallet.

1-5 pallets                       300.00/pallet      FOB Albright Locations.
6-10 pallets                      280.00/pallet      FOB CA Job Site
11-20 pallets                     270.00/pallet      FOB CA Job Site

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