How to be a Good Guardian by thebest11


									                             If you have any
  Other Duties of a
     Guardian             questions about being
                           a guardian, call the

                                                                      Good Guardian
  (Probate Court)
                           Probate Court that

                                                                       How to be a
                              appointed you.
-Annual Report to the

-Notify Court of Change      You may also get
   of Address
                             information from
-Obtain Court Approval
   for Move to More
   Restrictive Setting
-Obtain Court Approval
   for Certain Medical                                           This pamphlet was
                                                                 written jointly by
   Decisions                         DDMHS/DS                    Vermont Self-Advocates
                              Guardianship Services Program      & staff of the
                            Division of Developmental Services
                                   103 South Main Street         Guardianship Services
                                      Weeks Building             Program, Division of
                                   Waterbury, VT 05671           Developmental Services,
                                  Phone: 802-241-2614            Department of
                                   Fax: 802-241-4224             Developmental and Mental
                             Gail Falk, Chief of Guardianship
                                                                 Health Services
                                  A Good Guardian
  A Good Guardian...                                                  A Good Guardian
                                Helps Ensure that the
                                                                      Helps the Person
                                      Person Is

Should                             In a safe house               -Get and Keep Rights
                                   With safe people who treat         Find a good lawyer, if needed
     Call and visit often                                             Receive mail, use the phone and
                                   him/her right
     Return calls                  With appropriate clothing          see family as desired
     Visit if the person is        With a good support                Be listened to at ISA or IEP
     hospitalized                  system                             meetings
     Listen to the person’s    -Healthy                               Have choices
                                                                      Get services and benefits that
     thoughts and desires          Has good food                      the person is entitled to
     Help make decisions           Has needed equipment:              Vote
     Treat the person as an        glasses, adaptive                  Have privacy
     adult                         technology, etc.
                                   Has a good doctor & dentist
     Respect his/her privacy
                                   Gets regular check ups        -Make own decisions
                                   Isn’t taking unnecessary           Help the person follow his/
                                   medications                        her dreams
Should NOT                         Side effects of medication         Be more independent
     Have a conflict of            are monitored                      Find people to listen to desires
     interest                      Gets prompt, appropriate,          Find people to help take the
                                   quality hospital care              necessary steps
     Make decisions without
                                   Helps make choices about           Believe in the person’s gifts and
     consulting the person         own medical treatment              talents
     Be disrespectful          -Not cheated                           Learn to make choices &
     Make decisions where          The person’s money isn’t           decisions independently
     the Court has not given       stolen                             Know how to appeal if
     power                         He/She isn’t over charged          dissatisfied with guardian
     Treat the person as a         Loans are repaid
     child                         Rental agreements are fair
                                   Deposit is returned when
                                   People don’t take his/her
                                   belongings without
                                   Work is paid

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