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					Architect of Record Letter of Intent
        <ARCHITECT OF RECORD Letter of intent: print on firm letterhead>

        < Date >

        Attn: Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR
        c/o The Cadmus Group
        1600 Wilson Blvd. Suite 500
        Arlington, VA 22209

        As the Architect of Record, <Firm Name> we are submitting a Statement of Energy Design
        Intent (SEDI) for the <INSERT building name>, located in <INSERT city and state>, owned
        by <INSERT Owner name>. We proudly submit this SEDI, which states our best estimate of
        energy use for all specified systems and processes with the intent for the building to be
        operated to achieve ENERGY STAR.

        This project achieved an EPA energy performance rating of 75 or greater, and we are applying
        for the Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR certification graphic. This certification graphic
        indicates that the project was designed and specified to be an energy-efficient building and
        does not guarantee performance of the building. We also understand that the graphic can only
        be displayed on building plans, contract documents, and marketing materials for the specified
        project and will adhere to the ENERGY STAR Logo Identity Guidelines.

        <Firm Name> understands that the building Owner has been asked to measure and verify the
        building’s energy use and, if it performs in the top 25 percent, to apply for the ENERGY STAR
        qualified building label. We plan to review the energy use data to better understand how our
        design impacted the overall energy performance of the building.

        With the Owner’s consent, we agree to collaborate with EPA to create a building design profile
        about this project’s energy use including its strategies, technologies, and EPA design rating to
        be published in ENERGY STAR program materials.

        We have put forth our best to design this building to earn the ENERGY STAR and help
        prevent CO2 emissions associated with fossil fuel energy use.

        I can be reached at <Insert phone #> and by e-mail <Insert e-mail address>.


        <Architect of Record Firm Name>

        1. Letter of Intent: Architect of Record; If applicable list other A&E firms participating on this
        project who are ENERGY STAR partners
        2. Letter of intent: Building Owner or Developer
        3. Statement of Energy Design Intent