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									                         IDAHO WOMEN’S CHARITABLE FOUNDATION
                                Letter of Inquiry Form Instructions
Please read through these instructions carefully, there may be discrepancies between the information on
the general web pages and this more recent document.

The mission of the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation’s Pooled Fund Grant Committee is to research
and nominate proposals for the ballot that best meet the criteria of the Idaho Women’s Charitable
Foundation. IWCF funds nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, educational institutions, government entities
(such as parks, libraries, special purpose commissions) and tax-exempt religious organizations* serving
southwestern Idaho (specifically the counties corresponding to the Idaho Department of Health and
Welfare Regions 3 and 4). Organizations may be based elsewhere but may only request project funds that
will directly be used in our area.
*Religious organizations may seek funding for community projects that provide benefits beyond their immediate congre-
gations, do not limit services based on religious beliefs and strictly avoid any promulgation of any particular faith to clients.

The criteria for funding are:
       *Addressing a critical or immediate community need
       *Supporting the start-up of new charitable ventures
       *Creating innovative approaches to time-worn problems

The guiding principle will be to select projects that because of their existence will make a significant
impact within the greater Treasure Valley. Under these criteria, requests for operating funds,
scholarships, capital/building campaign contributions or endowment donations will probably not be rated
very high if submitted as stand-alone projects.

Grant proposals must be for a minimum of $5,000, with standard awards in the $10,000 to $25,000 range.
We encourage organizations to write for what they need instead of writing to the maximum of an
arbitrary dollar amount.

Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) are initially screened by workgroups in each of the five Interest Areas listed
below. Since some projects can be considered under more than one area, we require that the submitting
organization designate which Interest Area they wish their project to be considered under. LOIs
submitted without a stated Interest Area will not be considered.

          Cultural Arts -- Includes support for emerging or established arts groups, arts education
                           programs for all ages, abilities and income levels. May include arts classes
                           for at-risk individuals, therapeutic arts programs for the
                           disadvantaged/disabled, support for arts outreach programs, etc. Also may
                           include purchase of works for public display/performance.

         Financial Security -- Includes issues of poverty, homelessness, housing, self-sufficiency with an
                               emphasis on families and seniors. May include unduplicated (those that are
                             not widely offered or under-served) programs such as information and
                             referral, work/job training, food/clothing collection/distribution, homeless
                             shelters, transitional housing, financial assistance, case

               Education -- Includes the spectrum from infants to adults with issues such as early
                            learning, literacy, public and private K-12, and post-secondary. May
                            include services such as enrichment programs, mentoring, childcare/pre-
                            school, instructional upgrades and special/pilot projects.

             Environment -- Includes environmental issues (flora, fauna, land, air, water) such as
                            resource conservation, mitigation, reclamation or public education. Also
                            may include programs for domestic animals in need and parkland

                   Health -- Includes issues of domestic violence, child abuse/parenting, general health
                             care, substance abuse, suicide, disabilities, wellness/ recreational programs.
                             May include unduplicated (those that are not widely offered or under-
                             served) programs such as information and referral, accessible health care,
                             domestic violence, at-risk (substance abuse, child injury or neglect, senior
                             safety, etc) preventative services and treatment, wellness/recreational
                             services for children, youth, or adults.

Qualified applicants may only submit one LOI in a particular Interest Area (IA), however they may
submit multiple LOIs for different projects that address the concerns of different IAs.

Previously funded organizations may submit LOIs in subsequent years for projects unrelated to the one
which has already received funding from IWCF.

Please limit your information form to two (2) pages (11 point font minimum):
additional text beyond two pages will not be reproduced for distribution to the workgroups.

All Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) must be received by December 1, 2009 via mail to:
                                        ATTN: Grants Chair
                               Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation
                                           P.O. Box 6164
                                       Boise, ID 83707-6164

LOIs are strictly for preliminary information gathering purposes. Submission of an LOI does not
guarantee formal consideration for funding. Only selected agencies will be invited to submit full
proposals in early February 2010. Although no attachments are necessary, agencies wishing to submit
additional information may enclose a single copy of a supporting document.

Please refer to the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation website for further information:

Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation appreciates the opportunity to learn more about your organization
and project(s).
Letter of Inquiry for 2010 Pooled Fund Grant

Area of Interest:

Name of Organization:

Does your organization have 501(c)(3) or other tax exempt designation from the IRS?

Executive Director:


City, State, Zip:

Phone:                                     Fax:

Email:                                     Website:

Contact person, title, phone and email (if different from ED):

Mission of Organization:

Total Annual Budget for Organization:
Total Estimated Project Budget:
Anticipated Dollar Amount Requested from IWCF:


Brief summary of your project:

Target population demographics/geographic area to be served:

In the remainder of space provided please tell us about your project, especially including how the
project meets at least one of the three IWCF funding criteria. Describe how a pooled fund award from the
Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation would be used and how receiving funds in two payments (June
and December 2010) fits with your project’s timeline.
page 2 (maximum submittal length)

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