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      The power of expression:
 The pen is mightier than the sword!

                       By: N.Bakalopoulos
  Essay Writing Skills:
           Wanted For:
 KS3 SATS exams
GCSE coursework and exams
A-level coursework and exams
University coursework and
The rest of your life!!!
You start with a Question or a

   Then you start breaking it into
          smaller parts!

Main Paragraph 1

Main Paragraph 2

The Introduction

          Start with some broad
          general information:
          •biographical (author)
          •historical / social
          •contemporary facts
          •a definition
          •an anecdote
          •a personal insight or
The Introduction

              Next: start
           narrowing your
          focus to a TOPIC
           SENTENCE: You
           state what your
          topic is and what
         your opinion on the
             topic will be.
     Sample Introduction 1
‘Macbeth’ is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies.
   Written in the 16th century, at a time when a stable monarchy
   was seen as essential to the functioning of society, people were
   fascinated with what could possibly could go wrong if power
   was abused. Nothing could be worse than breaking the ‘Great
   Chain of Being’, a hierarchy of power starting from God to the
   monarch to the nobility and going down to the poorest peasant
   or beggar. ‘Macbeth’ is the study of one man’s ambition and
   thirst for power and how it annihilates his sense of morality. I
   will be comparing and contrasting the character of Macbeth in
   Act I and Act V. I believe that he starts off as a hero and ends
   up as the darkest of villains.
     Sample Introduction 2

Macbeth is a story about a man who is very ambitious and wants
  power. He changes from the beginning of the play to the end.
  Shakespeare wrote ‘Macbeth’ because James I ordered him to.
  England back then was a society where power was very
  important. Women did not have the same position in society as
  men. There was also something called ‘The Great Chain of
  Being’ because the King got his power from God and everybody
  else followed. The story of ‘Macbeth’ is actually based on a
  historical person, who actually lived in Scotland at least eight
  hundred years before Shakespeare’s time.
      Main Paragraphs
 Decide what your SUBTOPICS are going
  to be.
 Remember: 1 SUBTOPIC = 1
 You can have as many main paragraphs
  as you may need.
    Example subtopics for
      ‘Macbeth’ essay:
 Paragraph 1: Macbeth’s heroic and
  good qualities in Act 1.
 Paragraph 2: Clues of bad things to
  come in Act 1.
 Paragraph 3: Similarities in character
  between Act 1 and Act 5
 Paragraph 4: Differences in character
  between Act 1 and Act 5 – how he is
  shown to be a villain.
     Structure of a Main
You should keep the following structure in
  mind as you write:
 Sentence 1: Opinion
 Sentence 2: Quotation which supports
  or illustrates your opinion
 Sentence 3: An explanation of the
  quote and how it proves your opinion
Example of how to build your
 Macbeth is a hailed as a hero by King
  Duncan for helping defeat the
  Norwegian enemy. This is shown when
  Duncan says, ‘……’. Macbeth must have
  fought and risked his life to such a
  great extent because he must have
  loved his king and country, otherwise
  he would not be so praised.
The Last Paragraph!
  The Conclusion
             Remind your reader why
              you have been writing
              this essay! It’s been a
               long while since your
                Topic Sentence! So,
                rephrase your Topic
Finally: broaden your focus!
Move away from examples, quotes and analysis and
make some general conclusions:
•Describe your personal reactions or thoughts
•Connect it to life in the 21st century
•Discuss what you think was the author’s purpose
     Sample Conclusion:
I have been discussing how Macbeth started off
   as a hero and ended up a hated tyrant. Such
   power-hungry people are still around today
   and continue to cause great instability in
   society. That is why we continue to have
   political unrest and wars and we hear about
   them daily in the news. Sadly, Shakespeare
   has shown us that selfish, naked ambition is
   one of humanity’s timeless vices.
‘What is written without effort is in
  general read without pleasure.’

Samuel Johnson, Biographia (1799)