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					  Patent Monitoring & Alert Report
  Keeping eye on patent filing by technology, by assignee and/or by inventor

  Patent alert report is very important to keep alert eye on        Workflow
  new innovation taking place in desired field of
                                                                               •Identification of problem
  technology, by particular assignee and/or by inventor. It              1     •Background Study
  enables strategist, scientists and attorneys to understand
  the competitor’s patenting activity and helps them to
                                                                               •Creation of Mind Map
  take key decision in new product development, R&D                            •Creating query using different keywords obtained
  planning and strategic development to provide
  competence against innovation.                                               •Search timeline is spcified by client (weekly/monthly/quarterly)
  Useful for                                                                   •Searching of patents/Literature/Products using Micropat, Google
                                                                         3      patents, etc
      Track patent filing by technology, by assignee
       and/or by inventor.
      Track patent filings for major competitors as well as                   •Searching using IPC, US Class, ECLA Class and F-Term (Incase of JPO)
                                                                               •Giving final touch to the query and moving to analysis
       new companies/start-ups.                                          4

      Keep alert eye on innovation and look for
       opportunities                                                           •Creating taxanomy
      Systematic track of technology developments.                      5
                                                                               •Starting Analysis

      Monitor potential infringers or avoid potential
                                                                               •Finishing Analysis
      Identify licensing opportunities                                        •Creating Dashboard

                                                                               •Creating graphs/charts
  IPCalculus’ patent analysts develop customized and                           • IPCalculus findings for new innovation
  effective search strings. We then run the established                  7     • Final report delivery

  searches over worldwide patent databases and deliver
  the results on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.              Results
  Analysis is done on detailed taxonomy generated by our
                                                                    Reporting will be done on collaborative platform. The
  patent analysts.
                                                                    results are summarized in a structured report which
  Our expert team of patent analysts performs rigorous
                                                                    includes, usually, a tabular presentation of the documents
  data mining, data visualization and data analysis to
                                                                    and references to important passages, grouped according
  generate a patent alert report that helps research
                                                                    to relevance. It is also possible to have copies of the
  professionals, attorneys and decision makers to identify
                                                                    original documents or relevant passages, in the case of
  new innovations in technology and to track competitor’s
                                                                    very long documents. Individual needs can be taken into
  patent activity.
                                                                    account when structuring the report.
  IPCalculus’ centralized and interactive repository of
  patents in specific fields of interest including competitor
  patent activity saves significant time of research
                                                                    All reports will be stored on our password protected
  professionals, attorneys and decision makers. The
                                                                    proprietary web2.0 platform; however it is possible to
  centralized and interactive patent alerting repository can
                                                                    deliver report in other formats according to client
  be set-up for individuals or groups from diverse
  departments of an organization enabling collaboration on
  projects and smoother information exchange. Frequency
  of patent alert is weekly, monthly, quarterly, as well half
  yearly or yearly depending on client requirements.

About us:
IPCalculus is a global intellectual property and technology research services firm. We provide customized services in the form
of competitive patent landscape analysis, technology sector overviews, patent portfolio analysis, patent monitoring & alerts,
patent-product mapping, patent licensing support, trend analysis and various patent searches. Our clients consists of fortune
50 and fortune 500 companies. Our analysis techniques and visualization tools helps CEOs, patent attorneys, R&D
department, IP department to make effective business decisions. We focus on a niche set of service offerings and have
proven experience in working with counsel in technology and related fields.

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Description: IPCalculus: Patent alert report is very important to keep alert eye on new innovation taking place in desired field of technology, by particular assignee and/or by inventor, by IPC / US / ECLA / F-term class.
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About IPCalculus is a global Patent Analytics firm based in India. We provide customized competitive patent landscape analysis, technology sector overviews, company patent portfolio profiles, patent monitoring and alert service and patent search services to fortune 50 and fortune 500 companies around the world. IPCalculus' patent analysts combine traditional qualitative analysis with sophisticated and interactive web2.0 tools to dig deep into competitors' patent portfolios to understand how companies are positioned relative to each other in particular technology areas. Our affordable pricing and quick turnaround time provide our clients with a significant advantage over their competitors