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									Patent Licensing
 In-licensing, Out-licensing and patent valuation

Patent licensing raises a host of critical legal and business        Our experts minutely examine each patent and use
issues that the company will need to address                         regression analysis and calculations to calculate value of
appropriately in order to ensure it has the right level of           the patent. Our experts also map existing products with
protections as it approaches the marketplace.                        the patent to know the actual innovation and value for
In-licensing study is a comprehensive study of patents               licensing.
which a firm want to license. These patents are either
selected by the client or can be searched by IPCalculus              Workflow
team.                                                                For in-licensing and out-licensing we analyze patent
Out-licensing study is a comprehensive study of patents              relatively based on a taxonomy built by our experts and
owned by the client which client wants to put for                    rank the patent according to various important patent
licensing. Target companies and target markets are                   valuation parameters. We also analyze existing products
determined and deliver to the clients.                               to know the actual innovation in the patent and its
Patent valuation can be done for self owned patents for              market value. A list of target companies can also be found
out-licensing as well as patents owned by other parties              for out-licensing.
for in-licensing. Patent licensing is done by considering
various important patent valuation parameters in                     For patent licensing we analyze patent based on various
account.                                                             important patent valuation parameters and value is
                                                                     determined relatively of the patent with respect of
                                                                     patents close to the invention.
Useful for
    Find opportunities available in the market for
     expansion.                                                      Results
    Track activity of the competitors.                              Reporting will be done on a collaborative platform. The
    Better deals of patents.                                        results are summarized in a structured report which
                                                                     includes, usually a tabular presentation of the documents
    Assist in negotiation.
                                                                     and references to important passages, grouped according
                                                                     to relevance. It is also possible to have copies of the
Our expert team consist of patent analysts, scientists and           original documents or relevant passages, in the case of
PhDs performs rigorous data mining, data visualization               very long documents. Individual needs can be taken into
and data analysis to generate the report that helps clients          account when structuring the report.
identify competitive and technology trends.
We also provide a very interactive and user friendly                 Format
interface which can categorize each and every patent into            All reports will be stored on our password protected
several technological aspects.                                       proprietary web2.0 platform; however it is possible to
Analysis is done on detailed taxonomy generated by our               deliver report in other formats according to client
patent analysts.                                                     requirements.

About us:
IPCalculus is a global intellectual property and technology research services firm. We provide customized services in the
form of competitive patent landscape analysis, technology sector overviews, patent portfolio analysis, patent monitoring
& alerts, patent-product mapping, patent licensing support, trend analysis and various patent searches. Our clients
consists of fortune 50 and fortune 500 companies. Our analysis techniques and visualization tools helps CEOs, patent
attorneys, R&D department, IP department to make effective business decisions. We focus on a niche set of service
offerings and have proven experience in working with counsel in technology and related fields.

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