List of Low Performing Schools - DOC by lnd15050


									                                Schools In Need of Improvement
                                         August 18, 2003

The following list does not include the attendance factor. Additional schools could be identified
as a result of attendance rate. It also does not include any high schools. These will be identified
after High School Assessment results and graduation rate are factored in.

           Schools Exiting School Improvement Program 2003-2004 School Year

       School System                                          School
Allegany                          South Penn Elementary
Baltimore City                    0005 Langston Hughes Elementary
                                  0035 Harlem Park Elementary
                                  0051 Waverly Elementary
                                  0063 Rosemont Elementary
                                  0088 Lyndhurst Elementary
                                  0122 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary
                                  0202 Lafayette Elementary
Baltimore County                  Powhatan Elementary
Calvert County                    Beach Elementary
Caroline County                   Ridgely Elementary
Prince George’s County            Seabrook Elementary
St. Mary’s County                 Park Hall Elementary

           Schools Receiving Title 1 Funds in 2002-2003 – Parent Options Offered

School Improvement Year 1 = school choice only
School Improvement Year 2, Corrective Action, and Restructuring = school choice or supplemental
education services for income eligible students

  School System                         School                              Status for 2003-04
Allegany              John Humbird Elementary                            SI 1
                      Westernport Elementary                             SI 2
Anne Arundel          Freetown Elementary                                SI 2
                      Georgetown East Elementary                         SI 1
                      Harman Elementary                                  SI 1
                      Park Elementary                                    SI 1
                      Tyler Heights Elementary                           SI 2
                      Van Bokkelen Elementary                            C Action
Baltimore City        0011 Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary                    RE
                      0013 Tench Tilghman Elementary                     RE
                      0016 Johnston Square Elementary                    RE
                      0023 General Wolfe Elementary                      RE
                      0024 Westside Elementary                           SI 1
                      0025 Dr. Rayner Browne Elementary                  RE
                      0027 Commodore John Rogers Elementary              RE
                      0029 Matthew A. Henson Elementary                  C Action
                   0034 Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary   C Action
                   0042 Garrison Middle                        RE
                   0045 Federal Hill Elementary                C Action
                   0050 Abbottston Elementary                  RE
                   0053 Margaret Brent Elementary              RE
                   0054 Barclay Elementary/Middle              RE
                   0057 Lombard Middle                         C Action
                   0062 Edgecombe Circle Elementary            RE
                   0064 Liberty Elementary                     RE
                   0067 Edgewood Elementary                    RE
                   0075 Calverton Middle                       RE
                   0078 Harlem Park Middle                     SI 2
                   0079 William H. Lemmel Middle               RE
                   0082 Dr. Roland N. Patterson Sr. Academy    RE
                   0083 William Paca Elementary                RE
                   0085 Fort Worthington Elementary            RE
                   0089 Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle       RE
                   0097 Collington Square Elementary           RE
                   0098 Samuel F. B. Morse Elementary          RE
                   0102 Thomas G. Hayes Elementary             C Action
                   0124 Bay-Brook Elementary                   SI 2
                   0130 Booker T. Washington Middle            C Action
                   0134 Walter P. Carter Elementary            RE
                   0138 Harriet Tubman Elementary              RE
                   0142 Robert W. Coleman Elementary           RE
                   0145 Alexander Hamilton Elementary          RE
                   0157 George G. Kelson Elementary            C Action
                   0159 Cherry Hill Elementary                 C Action
                   0160 Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson Elem         RE
                   0162 Diggs-Johnson Middle                   RE
                   0164 Arundel Elementary                     RE
                   0180 Arnett J. Brown Jr. Middle             RE
                   0204 Mary E. Rodman Elementary              RE
                   0214 Guilford Elementary/Middle             RE
                   0217 Belmont Elementary                     RE
                   0219 Yorkwood Elementary                    RE
                   0225 Westport Elementary                    RE
                   0229 Holabird Elementary                    RE
                   0230 Canton Middle                          SI 2
                   0237 Highlandtowne Elementary               C Action
                   0246 Beechfield Elementary                  RE
                   0248 Sinclair Lane Elementary               SI 1
                   0251 Callaway Elementary                    RE
                   0254 Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Elementary      RE
                   0255 Southeast Middle                       RE
                   0260 Frederick Elementary                   RE
Baltimore County   Winfield Elementary                         SI 2
                   Woodlawn Middle                             C Action
Calvert            Appeal Elementary                           SI 1
Edison             Furman L. Templeton Elementary              RE
                   Gilmor Elementary                           RE
Frederick          Hillcrest Elementary                        SI 2
                   South Frederick Elementary                  SI 2
Harford            Halls Cross Roads Elementary                SI 1
                   Magnolia Elementary                         SI 2
Howard             Bryant Woods Elementary                     SI 1
                   Dasher Green Elementary                     SI 1
                   Guilford Elementary                         SI 1
                   Phelps Luck Elementary                      SI 1
                   Swansfield Elementary                       SI 1
                   Talbott Springs Elementary                  SI 1
Montgomery         Broad Acres Elementary                      SI 1
                   Burnt Mills Elementary                      SI 1
                   Gaithersburg Elementary                     SI 2
                   Harmony Hills Elementary                    SI 2
                   Highland Elementary                         SI 2
                   Kemp Mill Elementary                        SI 2
                   Rosemont Elementary                         SI 2
                   Summit Hall Elementary                      SI 2
                   Weller Road Elementary                      SI 2
                   Wheaton Woods                               SI 2
Prince George’s    Bladensburg Elementary                      RE
                   Concord Elementary                          SI 2
                   Gaywood Elementary                          C Action
                   John Eager Howard Elementary                SI 2
                   Longfields Elementary                       SI 2
                   Lyndon Hill Elementary                      RE
                   Morningside Elementary                      SI 1
                   Overlook Elementary                         RE
                   Riverdale Elementary                        SI 2
Saint Mary’s       Greenview Knolls Elementary                 SI 2
                   Lexington Park Elementary                   SI 1
Talbot             Easton Elementary-Moton Bldg                SI 2
Washington         Eastern Elementary                          SI 2
                   Hancock Elementary                          SI 1

     Schools Not Receiving Title 1 Funds in 2002-2003 – No Parent Options Required

  School System                       School                      Status for 2003-04
Baltimore City     0012 Lakeland Elementary/Middle             RE
                   0041 Hamilton Middle                        RE
                   0046 Chinquapin Middle                      RE
                   0049 Northeast Middle                       RE
                   0056 Robert Poole Middle                    SI 2
                   0058 Dr. Nathan Pitts Ashburton Elem/Mid    C Action
                   0080 West Baltimore Middle                  C Action
                   0081 North Bend Elementary                  C Action
                  0170 Thurgood Marshall Mid #170       RE
                  0201 Dickey Hill Elementary           SI 2
                  0206 Furley Elementary                C Action
                  0209 Winston Middle                   RE
                  0210 Hazelwood Elementary/Middle      RE
                  0220 Morrell Park Elementary/Middle   C Action
                  0231 Brehms Lane Elementary           RE
                  0215 Highlandtowne Elementary         RE
                  0239 Benjamin Franklin Jr. High       RE
                  0241 Fallstaff Middle                 RE
                  0242 Northwood Elementary             RE
Edison            Montebello Elementary                 RE
Prince George’s   Andrew Jackson Middle                 SI 2
                  Arrowhead Elementary                  SI 2
                  Charles Carroll Middle                RE
                  Doswell E. Brooks Elementary          RE
                  G. Gardner Shugart Middle             RE
                  James Madison Middle                  C Action
                  Nicholas Orem Middle                  RE
                  Stephen Decatur Middle                RE
                  Thomas Johnson Middle                 C Action
                  Thurgood Marshall Middle              RE

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