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									                       List of Commonly Used
                          U S Coast Guard
                                  JUNE 2005

Acronym   Definition

AAC       Activity Address Code

AAE       Administration Acquisition Executive

AAP       Affirmative Action Plan

AAPS      Automated Aid Positioning System

AAR       After Action Report

AAW       Anti-Air Warfare

ABCI      Allocated Baseline Configuration Index

ABCM      Activity Based Cost Management

ABL       Allocated Baseline

ABS       American Bureau of Shipping

AC        Alternating Current

ACADIS    Coast Guard Academy Information System

ACD       Allocated Configuration Documentation

ACE       American Council on Education

AC&I      Acquisition, Construction & Improvement

ACI       Allocated Configuration Identification

ACINT     Acoustic Intelligence

ACIP      Aviation Career Incentive Pay

ACMS      Aviation Computerized Maintenance System

ACN       Advance Change Notice

ACN       Activity Control Number
ACO       Authorized Certifying Officer

ACO       Administrative Contracting Officer

ACP       Area Contingency Plans

ACP       Alternate Compliance Program

ACP       Agency Capital Plan

ACR       Allowance Change Request

ACU       Air Control Unit

ADA       Americans with Disabilities Act

ADAS      Automatic Data Annotation System

ADF       Automatic Direction Finding

ADIZ      Air Defense Identification Zone

ADM       Admiral

ADM       Acquisition Decision Memorandum

ADNET     Anti Drug Network

ADOC      Air Defense Operations Center

ADOT      Active Duty Other Than Training

ADP       Automated Data Processing

ADPL      Active Duty Promotion List

ADR       Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADS       Application Development System

ADS       Automated Data Systems

ADSEG     Active Duty Supplemental Education Grants

ADSW-AC   Active Duty Special Work in Support of Active Component

ADSW-RC   Active Duty Special Work in Support of Reserve Component

ADT       Active Duty for Training

ADT-AT    Active Duty for Annual Training

ADT-OTD   Active Duty for Training - Other Training Duty

AEL       Allowance Equipage List
AEP         Affirmative Employment Program

AEW         Airborne Early Warning

AF          Audio Frequency

AFB         Air Force Base

AFC         Allotment Fund Code

AFDD        Accumulated Freezing-Degree Days

AFTS        Automated Funds Transfer System

AHP         Analytic Hierarchy Process

AI          Airborne Interceptor

AICP        Aviation Inventory Control Point

AIM         Academy Introduction Mission

AIM         Accountable Item Management

AIM         Administrative Investigations Manual

AIRSTA      Air Station

AIS         Automated Information System

AIS         Automatic Identification System

ALCOAST     Message Traffic Intended for Service-wide Distribution

ALCON       All Concerned

ALDIST      Message Traffic Intended for District-wide Distribution

ALE         Automatic Link Establishment

ALJC        Administrative Law Judge Circular

ALJIPP      Administrative Law Judge Internal Practices and Procedures

ALMIS       Aviation Logistics Management Information System

ALPAT       Alaskan Patrol

ALT         Administrative Lead Time

AMB         Ambassador

AMCONSUL    American Consulate

AMEMBASSY   American Embassy
AMIO     Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations

AMMI     Aviation Maintenance Management Information System

AMS      Customs' Automated Manifest System

AMT      Aviation Maintenance Technician

AMVER    Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue

ANB      Aids to Navigation Boat

ANG      Air National Guard

ANGRC    Air National Guard Readiness Center

ANS      Aquatic Nuisance Species

ANSC     Auxiliary National Supply Center

ANSI     American National Standards Institute

ANSO     Association of Naval Service Officers

AO       Assignment Officer

AOI      Area of Interest

AOO      Area of Operations

AOP      Area of Probability

AOPS     Abstract of Operations Data System

AOR      Area of Responsibility

AOU      Area of Uncertainty

AP       Acquisition Plan

APA      Appropriation Purchase Account

APB      Acquisition Project Baseline

APCIS    Asian Pacific Computerized Information System

APEC     Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation

API      American Petroleum Institute

APL      Allowance Parts List

APLMRI   Atlantic Protected Living Marine Resources Initiative

APP      Application Portability Profiles
APS      Acquisition Phase Summary

APSO     Asylum Pre-Screening Officer

AQL      Acceptable Quality Level

AR&SC    Aircraft Repair and Supply Center

ARMS     Automated Requisitioning Management System

ARNG     Army National Guard

ARNGRC   Army National Guard Readiness Center

ARTCC    Air Route Traffic Control Center

ARTIC    Abolish Red Tape in Contracting Program

ASAP     As Soon as Possible

ASCM     Anti Ship Cruise Missile

ASGEN    As Generated

ASM      Anti-Ship Missile/Air-to-Surface Missile

ASMD     Anti-Ship Missile Defense

ASME     American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASNE     American Society of Naval Engineers

ASO      Aviation Supply Office

ASPR     Armed Services Procurement Regulations

ASREQ    As Requested

ASSM     Anti-Surface Ship Missile

AST      Aviation Survival Technician

ASTM     American Society for Testing and Materials

ASUW     Anti-Surface Warfare

ASW      Anti-Submarine Warfare

AT       Annual Training

AT       Avionics Technician

ATB      Aviation Training Boat

ATC      Air Traffic Control
ATC         Aviation Training Center

ATE         Automated Test Equipment

AT/FP       Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection

ATON        Aids to Navigation

ATONIS      Aids to Navigation Information System

ATP         Allied Tactical Publication

ATP         Acceptance Test Plan

ATR         Ammunition Transaction Report

ATU         Administrative Target Unit

ATU         Appropriation Target Unit

ATW         Airborne Tactical Workstation

AURS        Aviation Utilization to Recapitalization Study

AUTODIN     Automatic Digital Network

AUXMIS      Auxiliary Management Information System

AUXOP       Auxiliary Operated Stations

AUXSARDET   Auxiliary Search & Rescue Detachment

AV          Audiovisual

AVDET       Aviation Detachment

AVIP        Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program

AVTRACEN    Aviation Training Center

AW          Air Warfare

AWACS       Airborne Early Warning and Command System

AWO         American Waterways Operators

AY          Anniversary Year


Acronym          Definition
BA      Bridge Administration

BA      Business Analysis

BAFO    Best and Final Offer

BAH     Basic Allowance for Housing

BAQ     Basic Allowance for Quarters

BARD    Boat Accident Reporting Data

BCCP    Business Continuity Contingency Plan

BCN     Billet Control Number

BDT     British Dependent Territories

BEA     Bureau of Economic Analysis

BEEP    Black Executive Excellence Program

B&I     Benchmark and Improve

BIB     Budget in Brief

BIC     Basic Instructor Course

BIMCO   Baltic and International Maritime Council

BINM    Bureau of International Narcotics Matters

BIT     Built-In Test

BITE    Built-In Test Equipment

BLG     Bulk Liquids and Gases

BM      Boatswain's Mate

BMR     Boat Mission Report

BNTM    Broadcast Notice to Mariners

BO      Boarding Officer

BOD     Board of Directors

BOSS    Boat Outfit and System Support

BP      Business Plan

BPA     Blanket Purchase Agreement

BPR     Business Process Review
BPR            Business Process Redesign

BRAC           Base Realignment and Closure

BRD            By-Catch Reduction Device

BRF            Best Replacement Factor

BRPSU          Battle Roster Port Security Unit

BST            Builder's Sea Trials

BT             Break Transmission

BTM            Boarding Team Member

BTS            Bureau of Transportation Statistics

BURRIER        Airline Drug Smuggler (Peru)

BUSL           Stern Loading Buoy Boat

BVI            British Virgin Islands

BW             Biological Warfare

BWI            Boating While Intoxicated

BWM            Ballast Water Management

BY             Budget Year

BZ             Bravo Zulu (well done)


Acronym   Definition
C2        Command and Control

C2CEN     Command and Control Engineering Center

C2PC      Command and Control Personal Computer

C3I       Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence

C4        Command, Control, Communications, and Computers

C4I       Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence

          Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Sensors, and
CA        Competition Advocate

CAA       Commander, Atlantic Area

CAB       Civilian Advisory Board

CAGE      Commercial and Government Entity Code

CAI       Computer-Assisted Instruction

CAIRO     Consulted, Approves, Informed, Responsible, Not Involved or No Role

CALMS     Combined Allowance for Logistics and Maintenance Support

CALS      Continuous Acquisition Life-Cycle Support

CAMP      Competitive Acquisition Management Panel

CAMS      Communications Area Master Station

CANTRAC   Catalog of Navy Training Courses

CAP       Combat Air Patrol

CAP       Civil Air Patrol

CAPMAN    Capabilities Manual

CAPT      Captain

CARICOM   Caribbean Common Market and Community (28 countries)

CART      Concept analysis and Review Team

CAS       Cost Accounting Standards

CAS       Combined Antenna System

CASCOR    Casualty Correct

CASP      Computer Assisted Search Planning

CASREP    Casualty Report

CAT       Conformance Acceptance Test

CB        Change Bulletin

CB        Citizen's Band

CBA       Cost Benefit Analysis

CBD       Commerce Business Daily

CBR       Chemical, Biological and Radiological
CBT      Computer Based Training

CBW      Chemical and Biological Warfare

CCA      Clinger-Cohen Act

CCA      Contamination Control Area

CCARIB   Central Caribbean

CCB      Configuration Control Board

CCDB     Consolidated Counterdrug Database

CCDG#    Commander, Coast Guard District #

CCDR     Central Configuration Data Responsibility

CCLEC    Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council

CCMP     Cutter Class Maintenance Plan

CCS      Communication Station Control System

CD       Counter Drug

CD       Collateral Duty

CDA      Career Development Advisor

CDB      Corporate Database

CDC      Center For Disease Control

CDC      Course Designers Course

CDCP     Central Data Collection Point

CDCRO    Collateral Duty Civil Rights Officer

CDM      Configuration Data Manager

CDOC     Counterdrug Operations Center

CD-ROM   Compact Disk-Read Only Memory

CDR      Commander

CDR      Contract Deficiency Report

CDR      Critical Design Review

CDRL     Contract Data Requirements List

CDSP     Coast Guard Counter Drug Strategic Plan
CDSPP    Counter Drug Strategic Planning Process

CE       Concept Exploration

CE       Civil Engineering

CEA      Cost Effectiveness Analysis

CEB      Concept Exploration Benchmark

CEDS     Civil Engineering Database System

CENTAM   Central America

CEO      Central Engine Overhaul

CEO      Chief Executive Officer

CERCLA   Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act

CEU      Civil Engineering Unit

CF       Contractor Furnished

CFATF    Caribbean Financial Action Task Force

CFIVAC   Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Advisory Committee

CFIVSA   Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Act

CFO      Chief Financial Officer

CFP      Contractor Furnished Property

CFR      Code of Federal Regulations

CFTRR    Centralized First Term Reenlistment Review

CFVS     Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety

CFVSC    Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinator

CFVSE    Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner/Exam

CG       Coast Guard

CGA      Coast Guard Academy

CGAA     Coast Guard Authorization Act

CGAAA    Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association

CGAAP    Coast Guard Affirmative Action Program

CGAP     Coast Guard Acquisition Procedures
CGARC    Coast Guard Acquisition Review Council

CGAUX    Coast Guard Auxiliary

CGC      Coast Guard Cutter

CGCOE    Coast Guard Common Operating Environment

CGDF     Coast Guard Dining Facility

CGDN     Coast Guard Data Network

CGDS     Coast Guard Directives System

CGHQ     Coast Guard Headquarters

CGHRMS   Coast Guard Human Resources Management System

CGI      Coast Guard Institute

CGI      Coast Guard Intelligence

CGI      Coast Guard Investigations

CGISS    Coast Guard Intelligence Support System

CGLC     Coast Guard Leadership Council

CGMA     Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

CGMS     Coast Guard Message System

CGPC     Coast Guard Personnel Command

CGPMS    Coast Guard Preventive/Planned Maintenance System

CGRIT    Coast Guard Recruiting Initiative for the 20th Century

CGSD     Coast Guard Support Date

CGSIC    Civil Global Positioning System (GPS) Service Interface Committee

CGSW     Coast Guard Standard Workstation

CGSWAP   Coast Guard Software Application Conversion

CGWeb    Coast Guard Intranet

CGYD     Coast Guard Yard

CHCP     Cargo Handling Cooperative Program

CHET     Customs High Endurance Tracker

CHIL     Consolidated Hazardous Item List
CHOP      Change of Operational Commander

CHRIS     Chemical Hazard Response Information System

CI        Counterintelligence

CI        Configuration Information/Identification

CI        Commandant Instruction

CIA       Central Intelligence Agency

CIC       Combat Information Center

CID       Component Identification

CIFP      Change in Financial Plans

CIM       Commandant Instruction Manual

CINC      Commander-In-Chief

CIO       Chief Information Officer

CIP       Capital Investment Plan

CIP       Container Inspection Program

CIPA      Classified Information Procedures Act

CIS       Contract Information System

CITAT     Container Inspection Training Assistance Team

CITS      Commandant International Technical Series

CIVNA     Civilian Needs Assessment

CIVPMIS   Civilian Personnel Management Information System

CIWS      Close-In Weapon System

CJCS      Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJTK      Chief Joint Task Force

CLAMS     Clinic Automated Management System

CLEP      College-Level Examination Program

CLIA      Cruise Lines International Association

CLIN      Contract Line Item Number

CM        Configuration Management
CMAN     Configuration Manager

CMC      Center for Marine Conservation

CMC      Classified Material Control

CMC      Command Master Chief

CMC      Commandant of the Marine Corps

CME      Courtesy Marine Examination

CMP      Configuration Management Plan

CMP      (Cutter) Class Maintenance Plan

CMP      Commodity Management Plan

CMPLUS   Configuration Management Unit Level System

CMS      COMSEC Material System

CN       Counter Narcotics

CN       Commandant Notice

CNA      Center for Naval Analysis

CNIWG    Crime and Narcotics Imagery Working Group

CNMI     Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

CNO      Chief of Naval Operations

CO       Commanding Officer

CO/OIC   Commanding Officer/Officer-in-Charge

COB      Close of Business

COBOL    Common Business Oriented Language

COCO     Command and Control

COCO     Commander of Chain Operations (LORAN)

COCO     Chief of Contracting Operations

COD      Certificate of Documentation

COD      Collect on Delivery

CODEL    Congressional Delegation

COE      Common Operating Environment
COFR          Certificate of Financial Responsibility

COG           Cognizance

COI           Certificate of Inspection

COI           Critical Operational Issue

COLA          Cost of Living Allowance

COMCEN        Communications Center

COMCON        Command Concern

COMDT         Commandant, U S Coast Guard

COMDTINST     Commandant Instruction

COMDTNOTE     Commandant Note

COMLANTAREA   Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area

COMMS         Communications

COMMSYS       Communications System

COMPACAREA    Commander, Coast Guard Pacific Area

COMPSTAT      Enlisted Comparative Status Report

COMSEC        Communications Security

COMSTA        Communications Station

COMTAC        Communications Tactical

CONFIG        Configuration

CONOP         Concept of Operations

CONOPS        Contingency Operations

CONREP        Continuous Alongside Underway Replenishment

CONUS         Continental United States

COOP          Continuity of Operations Planning

COORD         Coordinator

COR           Circular of Requirements

CORM          Commission on Roles and Missions

CORMV         Coalition of Retired Military Veterans
COSAL    Consolidated Shipboard Allowance List

COT      Consecutive Overseas Tour

COTHEN   Customs Over-the-Horizon Enforcement Network

COTP     Captain of the Port

COTR     Contracting Officer's Technical Representative

COTS     Commercial Off-the-Shelf

COWP     Contracting Officer Warrant Program

CP       Center Point

CPA      Commander, Pacific Area

CPA      Closest Point of Approach

CPB      Coastal Patrol Boat

CP/DO    Contingency Preparedness/Defense Operations

CPEB     Central Physical Evaluation Board

CPM      Critical Path Method

CPO      Chief Petty Officer

CPO      Chemical Protective Over-Garment

CPOA     Chief Petty Officer Academy

CPONA    Chief Petty Officer Needs Assessment

CPRL     Contingency Personnel Requirements Lists

CPRMS    Civilian Personnel Resource Management System

CPU      Central Processing Unit

CQA      Commandant's Quality Award

CR       Configuration Review

CR       Civil Rights

CRADA    Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

CRB      Contract Review Board

CRO      Civil Rights Officer

CSA      Command Staff Advisor
CSA      Configuration Status Accounting

CSAT     Combat System Alignment Test

CSC      Civil Service Commission

CSCC     Coastal Sea Control Commander

CSCI     Computer Software Configuration Item

CSD      Combat System Doctrine

CSFR     Continental Shelf Fisheries Resources

CSMP     Current Ship's Maintenance Project

CSMTT    Combat System Mobile Training Team

CSP      Career Sea Pay

CSPI     College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative

CSR      Cutter Support Review

CSR      Contractor Status Report

CSRS     Civil Service Retirement System

CSS      Centralized Shipboard/Shoreside Supply

CSSQAT   Combat System Ship Qualification Assistance Team

CSSQT    Combat System Ship Qualification Trial

CST      Caribbean Support Tender

CSTT     Combat System Training Team

CT       Country Team

CTAC     Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee

CTG      Commander Tactical Group

CTOS     Convergent Technologies Operating System

CTT      Communications Training Team

CTU      Commander Task Unit

CTVEP    Cooperative Towing Vessel Examination Program

CUPS     Civilian Unified Pay System

CVN      C- Carrier, (V) Fixed Wing, (N) Nuclear Powered
CVS          Commercial Vessel Safety

CW           Chemical Warfare

CW           Continuous Wave

CWA          Clean Water Act

CWBS         Contract Work Breakdown Structure

CWO          Chief Warrant Officer

CWS          Compressed Work Schedule

CY           Calendar Year

CZ           Coastal Zone

CZ           Contiguous Zone


Acronym    Definition
DAAS       Defense Automatic Addressing System

DAC        Diversity Advisory Committee

DACOWITS   Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services

DAFIS      Departmental Accounting and Financial Information System

DANTES     Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support

DARE       Drug Abuse Resistance Education

DATT       Defense Attache

DAU        Defense Acquisition University

DAVIS      Defense Audiovisual Information System

DAWIA      Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act

DB         Data Base

DBA        Database Administrator

DBOF       Defense Business Operating Fund

DC         Damage Control/Damage Controlman
DC         Direct Current

DCA        Damage Control Assistant

DCAA       Defense Contract Audit Agency

DCC        Damage Control Central

DCM        Dangerous Cargo Manifest

DCN        Design Change Notice

DCO        Direct Commission Officer

DEA        Drug Enforcement Administration

DEERS      Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System

DEFCON     Defense Condition

DEMIL      Demilitarization

DEMVAL     Demonstration and Validation

DEOMI      Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

DES        Digital Encryption Standard

D&F        Determinations and Findings

DF         Direction Finding

DFD        Data Flow Diagram

DGPS       Differential Global Positioning System

DHS        Department of Homeland Security

D/I        Due In

DI         Domestic Icebreaking

DI         Detect and Identify

DID        Data Item Description

DIDS       Defense Integrated Data System

DII COE    Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment

DIOC       Domestic Interdiction Operations Center

DIRLAUTH   Direct Liaison Authorized

DISA       Defense Information Systems Agency
DIST      District Commander

DISTNET   District's Record Message System

DITCO     Defense Information Telecommunication Certification Office

DITY      Do-It-Yourself Move

DIU       Digital Interface Unit

DIW       Dead in the Water

DLA       Dislocation Allowance

DLA       Defense Logistics Agency

DLEA      Drug Law Enforcement Agency

DLR       Depot Level Reparable

DLRP      Data Link Reference Point

DLS       Decoy Launching System

DLSC      Defense Logistics Service Center

D&M       Detection and Monitoring

DMA       Defense Mapping Agency

DMACS     Debt Management and Collection System

DMB       Disposition Medical Board

DMB       Datum Marker Buoy

DMI       Depot Maintenance Inter-Service

DMISA     Defense Maintenance Interservice Support Agreement

DMS       Debt Management Services

DMS       Defense Message System

D/O       Due Out

DO        Defense Operations

DO        Diesel Oil

DO        Delivery Order

DOCARE    Department of Conservation and Resource Enforcement

DOCR      Departmental Office of Civil Rights
DOD      Department of Defense

DODISS   Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards

DOJ      Department of Justice

DOP      Designated Overhaul Point

DOS      Disk Operating System

DOS      Department of State

DOT      Department of Transportation

DOTRES   Department of Treasury

DP       Deployment Plan

DP       Data Processing Technician

DPB      Deployable Pursuit Boat

DPOSD    Deployed Port Operations, Security, and Defense

DPRI     Directives, Publications, and Reports Index

DR       Defense Readiness

DR       Dead Reckoning

DRIS     Defense Regional Interservice Support

DRM      Direction of Relative Movement

DRT      Dead Reckoning Tracer

DSAA     Defense Security Assistance Agency

DSC      Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers

DSC      Digital Selective Calling

DSCS     Defense Satellite Communications System

DSO      Designated Senior Official

DSOT     Daily System Operation Test

DSR      Disability Separation Representative

DT       Defense Tactics

DT       Developmental Test

DTC      Desktop Tactical Computer
DT&E      Developmental Test and Evaluation

DTG       Date-Time Group

DTO       Drug Trafficking Organization

DTO       Direct Turnover Material

DW        DeepWater

DWFN      Distant Water Fishing Nations

DWMA      Deep Water Mission Analysis

DWRRA     Deep Water Royalty Relief Act of 1995


Acronym   Definition
E2CEN     Electronics Engineering Center

E3        Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

EA        Environmental Assessment

EA        Executive Assistant

EA        Electronic Attack

EAD       Extended Active Duty

EAR       Enforcement Action Report

EARS      Excellence, Achievement, and Recognition System

EBA       Emergency Breathing Apparatus

ECARIB    Eastern Caribbean

ECCTT     Engineering Casualty Control Training Team

ECDIS     Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems

ECDP      Enlisted Career Development Program

ECE       Environmental Compliance Evaluation Program

EC/EDI    Electronic Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange

ECI       Employment Cost Index
ECM      Electronic Countermeasures

ECONOP   Engineering Logistics Concept of Operations

ECP      Engineering Change Proposal

EC&R     Environmental Compliance and Restoration

ECR      Engineering Change Request

ECS      Electronic Charting Systems

ED       Environmental Defense

EDA      Excess Defense Articles

EDI      Electronic Data Interchange

EE       Employee Express

EEBA     Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

EED      Electro-Explosive Devise

EEIS     Electronic Equipment Information System

EEO      Equal Employment Opportunity (civilian)

EEOC     Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EEZ      Exclusive Economic Zone

EFTO     Encrypted for Transmission Only

EGICP    Electronics General Inventory Control Point

EGL      Equipment Guide List

EGT      Emergency Gas Turbine

EHF      Extremely High Frequency

EIA      Environmental Impact Analysis

EIC      Equipment Identification Code

EILSP    Electronics Integrated Logistics Support Plan

EIR      Electronic Installation Record

EIR      Electronic Inventory Record

EIS      Environmental Impact Statement

ELC      Engineering Logistics Center
ELEX       Electronics

ELEXALTS   Electronics System Alterations

ELF        Extremely Low Frequency

ELINT      Electronic Intelligence

ELT        Emergency Locator Transmitter

ELT        Enforcement of Laws and Treaties

ELT-A      Enforcement of Laws and Treaties - Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations

ELT-D      Enforcement of Laws and Treaties - Drugs

ELT-L      Enforcement of Laws and Treaties - Living Marine Resources

ELSC       Engineering Logistics Steering Committee

E-MAIL     Electronic Mail

EM         Electrician's Mate

EMCON      Emissions Control

EMD        Electronics Maintenance Detachment

EMI        Electro-Magnetic Interference

EMI/EMC    Electromagnetic Interface/Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMIS       Enforcement Management Information System

EMR        Electromagnetic Radiation

EMU        Electronics Maintenance Unit

EMW        Electromagnetic Wave

EN         Ensign

ENR        En Route

EO         Equal Opportunity (military)

EO         Enabling Objective

EO         Engineer Officer

EO         Executive Order

EOA        Equal Opportunity Advisor

EOB        Explanation of Benefits
EOC     End of Contract

EOCT    End-of-Course Test

EOD     Explosive Ordnance Detail

EOD     Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOIT    Engineer Officer in Training Program

EOM     End of Month

EOQ     End of Quarter

EOQ     Economic Order Quantity

EOS     End of Season

EOS     Equal Opportunity Specialist

EOW     Engineer Officer of the Watch

EP      Estimated Position

EP      Electronic Protection

EPA     Environmental Protection Agency

EPAC    Eastern Pacific Ocean Area

EPCRA   Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act

EPIC    El Paso Intelligence Center

EPIRB   Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

EPOY    Enlisted Person of the Year

EPPP    Emergency Planning, Preparedness, and Prevention Guide

ER      Extended Range

ERPAL   Electronic Repair Parts Allowance List

ERQ     Economic Repair Quantity

ES      Electronic Warfare Support

ESA     Endangered Species Act

ESC     Executive Steering Committee

ESD     Electro-Static Discharge

ESD     Estimated Shipping Date
ES/EA     Electronic Support/Electronic Attack

ESERB     Enlisted Selective Early Retirement Board

ESM       Electronic Surveillance Measures

ESO       Educational Services Officer

ET        Electronic Technician

ETA       Estimated Time of Arrival

ETC       Estimated Time of Completion

ETD       Estimated Time of Departure

ETR       Estimated Time of Repair

EU        European Union

EW        Electronic Warfare

EWO       Electronic Warfare Officer

EWS       Early Warning System

EXT       Entity External to the Coast Guard


Acronym     Definition
FAA         Federal Aviation Administration

FACNET      Federal Acquisition Computer Network

FAD         Force Activity Designator

FAI         Final Acceptance Inspection

FAQ         Frequently Asked Question

FAR         Federal Acquisition Regulation

FARA        Federal Acquisitions Regulations Automated

FAT         First Article Test

FAT         Final Acceptance Test

FAX         Facsimile
FBCI    Functional Baseline Configuration Index

FBE     Fleet Battle Experiment

FBI     Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBL     Functional Baseline

FBM     Foot Board Measure

FBR     Feedback Report

FC      Firing Channel

FC      Flotillia Commander

FCA     Functional Configuration Audit

FCD     Functional Configuration Documentation

FCI     Functional Configuration Identification

FCS     Fire Control System

FCZ     Fisheries Conservation Zone

FD&CC   Facilities Design & Construction Center

FD&CC   Facilities Design and Construction Center

FDCC    Facilities Design and Construction Center

FDSS    Federal-Wide Drug Seizure System

FEEF    Facilities Energy Efficiency Fund

FEHB    Federal Employees Health Benefits

FEMA    Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEORP   Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program

FERS    Federal Employees Retirement System

FFA     Forum Fisheries Agency

FFLA    Family Friendly Leave Act

FFV     Foreign Fishing Vessel

FG      Fighter Group

FGP     Fiberglass Pipe

FHWA    Federal Highway Administration
FI        Facility Inventory

FIA       Financial Inventory Accounting

FID       Foreign Internal Defense

FIIG      Federal Item Identification Guide

FIIN      Federal Item Identification Number

FINAIDS   Financial Aid Sheets

FINCEN    Finance Center

FLAR      Forward Looking Airborne Radar

FLC       Fleet Logistics Center

FLETC     Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

FLIR      Forward Looking Infrared Radar

FLIS      Federal Logistics Information System

FLOCS     Fast Lube Oil Change System

FLS       Fleet Logistics System

FLS       Fleet Logistics Savings

FLSA      Fair Labor Standard Act

FLSIP     Fleet Logistics Support Improvement Program

FM        Field Manuals

FM        Frequency Modulation

FMECA     Failure Mode and Effects Criticality Analysis

FMFIA     Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act

FMFP      Foreign Military Financing Program

FMLA      Family and Medical Leave Act

FMP       Fishery Management Plan

FMP       Fleet Modernization Program

FMS       Foreign Military Sales

FNP       Federal Navigation Plan

FO        Fuel Oil
FOB       Forward Operating Base

FOB       Free On Board

FOC       Full Operational Capability

FOIA      Freedom of Information Act

FORACS    Fleet Operational Readiness Accuracy Check Sight

FORMICA   Foreign Military Intelligence Collection Activity

FOSC      Federal On-Scene Coordinator

FOT       Force Optimization and Training

FOT&E     Follow-On Operational Test and Evaluation

FOUO      For Official Use Only

FPA       Financial Property Accounting

FPEB      Formal Physical Evaluation Board

FPMR      Federal Property Management Regulation

FPR       Failed Parts Reporting

FR        Force Revision

FRA       Federal Railroad Administration

FRAM      Fleet Renovation and Modernization

FRC       Federal Records Center

FREDIM    FINCEN's Rapid Electronic Data Interchange Method System

FRMM      Financial Resource Management Manual

FRP       Fiber Reinforced Plastic

FRP       Facility Response Plan

FS        Fire & Safety Technician

FS        Food Service Specialist

FSA       Family Separation Allowance

FSC       Federal Supply Classification

FSD       Full Scale Development

FSG       Federal Supply Group
FSO       Flotilla Staff Officer

FSR       Frequency Spectrum Reallocation

FT        Fire Control Technician

FTA       Federal Transit Authority

FTA       Financial Transfer Authorization

FTE       Full Time Equivalency

FTE       Full Time Employee

FTP       Full Time Permanent Position

FTQMC     Flag Total Quality Management Coordinator

FTS       Federal Telecommunications System

FTSC      Fleet Technical Support Center

FTX       Field Training Exercises

FV        Fishing Vessel

FVS       Fishing Vessel Safety

FWP       Federal Women's Program

FWPCA     Federal Water Pollution Control Act

FWS       Fish and Wildlife Service

FXP       Fleet Exercise Publication

FY        Fiscal Year

FYI       For Your Information


Acronym        Definition
G-             USCG Headquarters Office Staff Symbol

GAO            General Accounting Office

GBL            Government Bill of Lading

GCM            General Court-Martial
GCP     Gun Control Panel

GDOC    Geographic Display Operations Computer

GDP     Gross Domestic Product

GE      General Emergency

GF      Government Furnished

GFCS    Gun Fire Control System

GFE     Government Furnished Equipment

GFI     Government Furnished Information

GFM     Government Furnished Material

GFP     Government Furnished Property

GHA     Greenwich Hour Angle

GILS    Government Information Locator Service

GIS     Geographic Information System

GLIB    Great Lakes Icebreaker

GLIPM   Great Lakes Icebreaking Performance Model

GM      Gunner's Mate

GMAW    Gas Metal Arc Welding

GMDSS   Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

GMF     Ground Mobile Forces

GMR     Ground Mobile Radar

GMS     Gun Mount System

GOM     Government of Mexico

GOMEX   Gulf of Mexico

GOTS    Government Off the Shelf

GOTS    Government Off the Shelf System

GPETE   General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment

GP      Group

GPO     Government Printing Office
GPRA         Government Performance and Results Act

GPS          Global Positioning System

GQ           General Quarters

GRP          Group

GS           General Schedule (civilian)

GSA          Government Service Administration

GSR          Ground Surveillance Radar

GTAW         Gas Tungston Arc Welding

GTMO         Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

GUCL         General Use Consumables List

GWS          Gun Weapon System


Acronym   Definition
HA        Humanitarian Assistance

HACS      Hazards Assessment Computer System

HACU      Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

HAZMAT    Hazardous Materials

HBA       Health Benefits Advisor

HBCU      Historically Black Colleges and Universities

HCA       Head of the Contracting Activity

HCG       Haitian Coast Guard

HCPV      High Capacity Passenger Vessel

HDC       Harbor Defense Commander

HDCU      Harbor Defense Command Unit

HDIP      Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay

HDPS      Harbor Defense/Port Security
HE       High Explosive

HEC      High Endurance Cutter

HEP      Hispanic Employment Program

HERF     Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel

HERO     Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance

HERP     Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel

HF       High Frequency

HFDL     High Frequency Data Link

HH       Small Arms Instructor Designator

HHG      Household Goods

HHS      Health and Human Services

HICOM    High Command Worldwide Voice Network

HIDTA    High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

HIG      High Interest Grid

HIN      Hull Identification Number

HITRON   Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron

HLS      Homeland Security

HM       Hazardous Materials

HM&E     Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical

HMER     Hazardous Materials Emergency Response

HMIN     Hazardous Material Inventory

HMIS     Hazardous Materials Information System

HMIS     Housing Mangement Information System

HN       Host Nation

HOA      Head of Operating Administration

HOWG     Haiti Operational Working Group

HPMS     Highway Performance Monitoring System

HPT      Human Performance Technology
HQINST    Headquarters Instruction

HQPC      Headquarters Planning Coordinator

HR        Human Relations

HR        Human Resources

HRP       Human Resources Plan

HRSIC     Human Resource Services and Information Center

HS        Health Services Technician

HSC       Headquarters Support Command

HSC       Hardware Systems Command

HSDN      High Seas Drift Net

HSE/HSI   Human Systems Engineering/Human Systems Interface

HSI       Human Systems Integration

HTA       High Threat Area

HUMINT    Human Intelligence

HW        Hazardous Waste

HWCI      Hardware Configuration Item

HYT       High Year Tenure (enlisted)


Acronym    Definition
IAC        Information Analysis Center

IAC        Intelligence Analysis Center

IACM       Interagency Assessment of Cocaine Movement

IADT       Initial Active Duty for Training

IAG        Interagency Agreement

IAGC       Independent Analysis Government Contractor

IALA       International Association of Lighthouse Authorities
IAMSAR   International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue

IAP      Incident Action Plan

IAS      Initial Assessment Survey Program

IAW      In Accordance With

IBU      Inshore Boat Unit

IBUDS    Integrated Budget Development System

IC       Internal Combustion

ICAO     International Civil Aviation Organization

ICC      Intelligence Coordination Center

ICCB     Internet Configuration Control Board

ICCL     International Council of Cruise Lines

ICD      Interface Control Drawing/Documentation

ICLL     International Convention on Load Lines

ICP      Inventory Control Point

ICS      Incident Command System

ICVE     Initial Control Verification Examination

ICW      Interactive Courseware

ICWG     Interface Control Working Group

IDA      Institute for Defense Analysis

IDAD     Internal Defense and Development

IDP      Individual Development Plan

IDPL     Inactive Duty Promotion List

IDS      Integrated Deepwater System

IDT      Inactive Duty for Training

IE       International Engagement

IEP      Item Entry Proposal

IETMS    Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

IF       Intermediate Frequency
IFB        Invitation for Bid

IFC        Intelligence Fusion Center

IFF        Identification Friend or Foe

IFQ        Individual Fishing Quota

IFR        Instrument Flight Rules

IG         Inspector General

IHP        Indicated Horsepower

IIP        International Ice Patrol

IIR        Intelligence Information Report

IL         Identification List

ILS        Integrated Logistics Support

ILSM       Integrated Logistics Support Manager

ILSMT      Integrated Logistics Support Management Team

ILSP       Integrated Logistics Support Plan

IMA        Individual Mobilization Augmentation

IMAGE      International Mexican American Association of Government Employees

IMAT       Incident Management Assist Team

IMB        Initial Medical Board

IMET       International Military Education and Training

IMINT      Imagery Intelligence

IMISS      International Maritime Information Safety System

IMO        International Maritime Organization

IMPAC      International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card

IMPT       Integrating Matrix Project Team

IMS        Integrated Maintenance Standards

INCSR      International Narcotics Control Strategy Report

INFO       Information

INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite
INS             Immigration and Naturalization Service

INTEL           Intelligence

INTELCOORDCEN   Intelligence Coordination Center

INTERPOLE       International Criminal Police Organization

INTERTANKO      International Association of Independent Tanker Owners

INTSUM          Intelligence Summary

IO              Ice Operations

IO              Investigating Officer

IOA             Independent Operational Assessment

IOC             Initial Operational Capability

IOL             Initial Outfitting List

IOPP            International Oil Pollution Prevention

IOT&E           Independent Operational Test and Evaluation

IOTEA           Independent Operational Test and Evaluation Advisor

IPB             Illustrated Parts Breakdown

IPD             Issue Priority Designator

IPDE            Integrated Product Data Environment

IPG             Issue Priority Group

IPO             Indoctrination Petty Officer

IPPS            Integrated Personnel and Payroll System

IPT             Implementation Planning Team

IR              Infrared

IRM             Information Resources Management

IRR             Individual Ready Reserve

IRT             In Reference To

IR/UV           Infrared/Ultraviolet

I&S             Interchangeability and Substitutability

IS              Information System
ISAR    Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar

ISC     Integrated Support Command

ISD     Instructional Systems Design/Development

ISEA    In-Service Engineering Activity/Agent

ISI     Initial Safety Inspection

ISIL    Interim Support Items List

ISL     Inactive Status List

ISM     International Ship Management

ISMC    International Safe Management Code

ISO     International Standards Organization

ISP     Information Strategy Planning

ISP     Information Systems Plan

ISS     Instructional Systems Specialist

ISS     Interservice Supply Support

ISSR    Internal Supply support Request

ISTEA   Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act

ISTU    Inter-Service Training Unit

IT      Information Technology

IT      Instructor Training

ITD     International Training and Technical Assistance Division

ITMRA   Information Technology Management Reform Act

ITOS    International Tug of Opportunity System

ITRO    Inter-Service Training Review Organization

ITS     Intelligent Transportation System

ITU     International Telecommunications Union

IV      Investigator

IV      Initial Velocity

IV&V    Independent Verification and Validation
IWG         Counternarcotics Interagency Working Group


Acronym   Definition
JAOC      Joint Air Operations Center

JCET      Joint/Combined Exercises for Training

JCN       Job Control Number

JCP       Joint Committee on Printing

JCS       Joint Chiefs of Staff

JEEP      Joint Emergency Evaluation Program

JFTR      Joint Federal Travel Regulation

JIATF     Joint Interagency Task Force

JLC       Joint Logistics Commanders

JMCIS     Joint Maritime Command Information Exchange

JMIE      Joint Maritime Information Element

JOMSCC    Joint Operations/Marine Safety Coordinating Council

JONA      Junior Officer Needs Assessment

JOOD      Junior Officer of the Day/Deck

JOTFOC    Justification For Other Than Full and Open Competition

JOTS      Joint Operational Tactical System

JPR       Job Performance Qualifications

JQR       Job Qualification Requirement

JRCC      Joint Rescue Coordination Center

JROTC     Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

JRR       Joint Rating Review

JSG       Joint Steering Group

JTA       Job Task Analysis
JTF        Joint Task Force

JUMPS      Joint Uniform Military Pay System


Acronym         Definition
KDP             Key Decision Point

KEYMAT          Cryptological Keying Material

KO              Contracting Officer

KSAA            Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Abilities


Acronym      Definition
LAC          Leadership Advisory Council

LAMPS        Light Airborne Multipurpose

LAMS         Leadership and Management School

LANT         Atlantic

LANTAREA     Atlantic Area

LAT          Latitude

LAT          Local Apparent Time

LATAM        Latin America

LAWSDB       Legal Automated Workstation System Database

LC           Leadership Council

LCC          Life Cycle Cost

LCCB         Local Configuration Control Board

LCCE         Life Cycle Cost Estimate

LCCM         Life Cycle Cost Manager
LCCS      LORAN Consolidated Control System

LCDR      Lieutenant Commander

LCP       Legislative Change Proposal

LDC       Leadership Development Center

LDP       Coast Guard's Leadership Development Program

LE        Law Enforcement

LEA       Law Enforcement Agency

LEAN      Law Enforcement Asset Needs

LEDET     Law Enforcement Detachment

LEI       Leadership Effectiveness Inventory

LEIS II   Law Enforcement Information System

LEM       Logistics Element Manager

LEMAN     Law Enforcement Manual

LF        Low Frequency

LHA       Local Hour Angle

LLNR      Light List Number

LMI       Logistics Management Institute

LMP       Logistics Master Plan

LMR       Living Marine Resources

LMT       Local Mean Time

LNB       Large Navigational Buoy

LNG       Liquid Natural Gas

LNM       Local Notice to Mariners

LO        Learning Objective

LOA       Length Over All

LOB       Line of Bearing

LOEP      List of Effective Pages

LOIS      LORAN Operations Information System
LONG    Longitude

LOOP    Louisiana Offshore Oil Port

LOP     Line of Position

LORA    Level of Repair Analysis

LORAN   Long-Range Aid to Navigation

LOS     Law of the Sea

LOS     Line of Sight

LP      Learning Point

LP      Lesson Plan

LP      Local Purchase

LPG     Liquid Petroleum Gas

LPO     Leading Petty Officer

LPO     Lesson Plan Outline

LPOC    Last Port of Call

LPOP    Listening Post/Observation Post

LPV     Low Profile Vessel

LR      Lloyds Register

LRA     Long Range Aircraft

LRF     Limited Repair Facility

LRIP    Low Rate Initial Production

LRMP    Long Range Maintenance Plan

LRRAP   Long Range Resource Allocation Plan

LRS     Long Range Surveillance/Search

LRV     Long Range Vessel

LSA     Logistic Support Analysis

LSAR    Logistic Support Analysis Record/Report

LSOS    Local Site Operating Set

LSP     Logistics Support Plan
LSU             LORAN Support Unit

LT              Lieutenant

LTJG            Lieutenant Junior Grade

LUFS            Large Unit Financial System

LWOP            Leave Without Pay


Acronym     Definition
MA          Mission Analysis

MAAP        Military Affirmative Action Plan

MAB         Mishap Analysis Board

MAL         Microcomputer Allowance List

MAM         Maintenance Assistance Module

MAP         Mission Analysis and Planning tool set of MISLE

MAPP        Major Acquisition Policies and Procedures

MAR         Major Acquisition Review

MAR         Mission Analysis Report

MARAD       Maritime Administration

MARB        Major Acquisition Review Board

MARB        Marine Assistance Request Broadcast

MARDEFCOM   Marine Defense Commander

MARGRAD     Maritime Academy Graduate

MARIS       Marine Information System

MarOpsSim   Maritime Operations Simulation

MARPOL      The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships

MARRB       Mission Analysis Report Review Board

MARSEC      Coast Guard Section Marianas
MARTP     Maritime Academy Reserve Training Program

MASINT    Measurement & Signatures Intelligence

MAT       Maintenance Assistance Team

MAT       Maintenance Augmentation Team

MBL       Maritime Boundary Line

MBS       Multi Year Budget Strategy

MCEB      Military Communications Electronics Board

MCM       Manual for Courts-Martial

MCR       Material Condition Review

MCRC/F    Military Civil Rights Counselors/Facilitators

MCRL      Master Cross-Reference List

MDF       Master Data File

MDL       Management Data Letter

MDS       Maintenance Data System

MDSU      Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit

MDT       Maintenance Delay Time

MDZ       Maritime Defense Zone

MEA       Mission Essential Applications

MEA       Maintenance Engineering Analysis

MEB       Machinery Evaluation Board

MEC       Medium Endurance Cutter

MECP      Military Employment Capability Plan

MEDEVAC   Medical Evacuation

MEO       Most Efficient Organization

MEP       Marine Environmental Protection

MEPO      Marine Environment Protection Committee

MER       Marine Environmental Response

MERPAC    Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee
MF          Medium Frequency

MFCMA       Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act

MGR         Manager

MGT         Management

MHA         Military Housing Area

MHC         Manhole Cover

MHI         Main Hawaiian Islands

MI          Marine Inspection and Investigation

MIC         Maritime Interception Commander

MIDET       Marine Inspection Detachment

MIL-STD     Military Standard

MILSATCOM   Military Satellite Communications

MILSBILLS   Military Standard Billing System

MILSCAP     Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures

MILSPEC     Military Specifications

MILSTAMP    Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Movement Procedures

MILSTEP     Military Standard Supply and Transportation Evaluation Procedures

MILSTICCS   Military Standard Item Characteristics Code Structure

MILSTRAP    Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting

MILSTRIP    Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures

MIO         Marine Inspection Office

MIO         Marine Interdiction Operations/Maritime Interception Operations

MIP         Maintenance Index Page

MIPR        Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request

MIR         Management Information Reporting

MIS         Management Information System

MISLE       Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement

MITAP       Message Interface, Transition, and Automation Project
MIUWU     Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit

MJM       Military Justice Manual

MK        Machinery Technician

ML        Marine Licensing

ML        Management Data List

MLAT      Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty

MLB       Motor Life Boat

ML-C      Management List - Consolidated

MLC       Maintenance and Logistics Command

MLCLANT   Maintenance and Logistics Command Atlantic

MLCPAC    Maintenance and Logistics Command Pacific

MLD       Mariner Licensing and Documentation Program

MLD       Merchant Marine Licensing and Documentation

MLDT      Mean Logistics Delay Time

MLE       Maritime Law Enforcement

MLEM      Maritime Law Enforcement Manual

MLES      Maritime Law Enforcement School

MMA       Major Maintenance Availability

MMD       Merchant Mariner Document

MMDOC     Merchant Mariner's Documentation System

MMLD      Merchant Mariner's Licensing and Documentation

MMPA      Marine Mammal Protection Act

MMS       Mineral Management Service

MMTN      Merchant Marine Technical Notes

MNS       Mission Needs Statement

MOA       Memorandum of Agreement

MOB       Man Overboard

MODU      Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOE     Measure of Effectiveness

MOE     Major Organizational Entity

MOOTW   Military Operations Other Than War

MOPP    Mission Oriented Protective Posture

MORE    Minority Officer Recruiting Effort

MOTS    Modified Off The Shelf System

MOTU    Mobile Ordnance Technical Unit

MOU     Memorandum of Understanding

MOV     Material Obligation Validation

MP      Military Police

MPA     Maritime Patrol Aircraft

MPA     Maritime Propulsion Assistant

MPAR    Mission Performance Assessment Report

MPC     Maintenance Procedure Card

MPI     Mean Point of Impact

MPT     Matrix Project Team

MP&T    Manpower, Personnel, and Training

MRB     Medium Response Boat

MRC     Medium Range Cutter

MRC     Maintenance Requirement Card

MRIL    Master Reparable Item List

MRO     Material Release Order

MRP     Material Return Program

MRP     Materials Requirements Planning

MRP     Master Reference Plane

MRQ     Maximum Release Quantity

MRRA    Military Retirement Reform Act

MRS     Medium Range Surveillance/Search
MS       Marine Safety

MSC      Marine Safety Center

MSD      Marine Safety Detachment

MSD      Marine Sanitation Device

MSD      Material Support Date/Data

MSDS     Material Safety Data Sheet

MSEP     Marine Safety/Environmental Protection

MSG      Maintenance Support Guide

MSG      Message

MSGID    Message Identification

MSIS     Marine Safety Information System

MSL      Marine Safety Laboratory

MSM      Marine Safety Manual

MSMB     Monthly Summary of Military Billets

MSMP     Modeling and Simulation Master Plan

MSN      Marine Safety Network

MSO      Marine Safety Office

MSO      Maintenance Support Outline

MSODET   Maintenance Safety Office Detachment

MSR      Military Staffing Requirement

MSRT     Mean Supply Response Time

MSR      Maintenance Support Requirement

MSSC     Maintenance Software Support Center

MST      Marine Science Technician

MST      Mean Solar Time

MSU      Maintenance Support Unit

MSU      Marine Safety Unit

MSU      Mobile Support Unit
MT        Metric Tons

MTBF      Mean Time Between Failures

MTBMF     Mean Time Between Mission Failures

MTCC      Multi-mission Transportable Communications Center

MTF       Military Treatment Facility

MTIS      Material Turned In To Store

MTL       Master Training List

MTR       Module Test and Repair

MTR       Mandatory Turn-In Reparable

MTS       Marine Transportation System

MTT       Mobile Training Team

MTTR      Mean Time to Repair

MTW       Major Theatre War

MU        Musician's Mate

MWR       Moral, Welfare and Recreation


Acronym                 Definition
NA                      Non-Appropriated Fund

NA                      Not Available/Applicable

NAACP                   National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

NAFTA                   North American Free Trade Agreement

NALC                    Naval Ammunition Logistics Code

NAPIC                   National Action Plan for Injury Control

NAPS                    Non-Appropriated-Fund Automated Personnel System

NAPS                    Naval Academy Preparatory School

NAR                     Notice Of Ammunition Reclassification
NARA                    National Archives and Records Administration

NAS                     Naval Air Station

NATO                    North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAID                  Navigational Aid

NAVAIR/NAVAIRSYSCOM     Naval Air Systems Command

NAVCEN                  Navigation Center

NAVGARD                 Navy-Coast Guard Board

                        Naval Ordnance Center Inventory Management and Systems
                        Division (formerly SPCC)

NAVSEA/NAVSEASYSCOM     Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSEASUPCENLANT        Naval Sea Supply Center, Atlantic

NAVSEASUPCENPAC         Naval Sea Supply Center, Pacific

NAVSHIP/NAVSHIPSYSCOM   Naval Ships Systems Command

NAVSUP/NAVSUPSYSCOM     Naval Supply Systems Command

NBI                     National Bridge Inventory

NC                      National Coarse

NC                      Not Carried

NCB                     National Codification Bureau

NCBC                    National Codification Bureau Code

NCEA                    Non-Combat Expenditure Allocation

NCIC                    National Crime Information Center

NCMP                    Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan

NCO                     Non-Commissioned Officer

NCP                     National Contingency Plan

NCTAMS                  Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station

NCW                     Naval Coast Warfare

NDBC                    National Data Buoy Center

NDCS                    National Drug Control Strategy
NDI       Non-Developmental Item

NDRS      National Distress and Response System

NDRSM     National Distress and Response System Modernization

NDS       National Distress System

NECOS     Net Control Station

NEHC      Navy Environmental Health Center

          National Pollution Funds Center Expert Management Information

NEPA      National Environmental Policy Act

NERO      National Emergency Response Operations

NESU      Naval Engineering Support Unit

NE-TIMS   Naval Engineering Technical Information Management System

NEXTEA    National Economic Crossroads Transportation Efficiency Act

NF        National Fine

NFIC      National Foreign Intelligence Community

NFMP      Navy Foreign Material Program

NGO       Non-Governmental Agencies

NGB       National Guard Bureau

NHS       National Highway System

NHSC      National Home Study Council

NHTSA     National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NICN      Navy Item Control Number

NII       National Information Infrastructure

NIIMS     National Interagency Incident Management System

NIIN      National Item Identification Number

NIS       Navigation Information Service

NIS       Not in Stock

NISA      National Invasive Species Act of 1996
NIST     National Institute of Standards and Technology

NJP      Non-Judicial Punishment

NLS      Noxious Liquid Substance

NLT      Not Later Than

NM       Nautical Mile

NMC      National Maritime Center

NMCS     Not Mission Capable Supply

NMDMP    National Marine Debris Monitoring Program

NMFS     National Marine Fisheries Service

NMIC     National Maritime Intelligence Center

NNOA     National Naval Officers' Association

NOAA     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOFORN   Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals

NOR      Notice of Revision

NOS      Naval Ordnance Station

NOSAC    National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee

NOSRO    National Oil Spill Removal Organization

NOTAL    Not to All

NOTAM    Notice to Airmen

NOV      Notice of Violation

NPFC     National Pollution Funds Center

NPFMC    Northern Pacific Fisheries Management Council

NPOC     Next Port of Call

NPR      National Performance Review

NPRN     National Port Readiness Network

NPT      National Pipe Thread

NRC      Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRC      National Response Center
NRFI     Not Ready For Issues

NRT      National Response Team

NSA      National Security Agency

NSC      Near Shore Cutter

NSC      National Security Council

NSF      National Strike Force

NSF      National Science Foundation

NSFCC    National Strike Force Command Center

NSIDN    Navigation Systems Information Dissemination Network

NSN      National Stock Number

NSTM     Naval Ships Technical Manual

NSTT     Navigation and Seamanship Training Team

NSWC     Naval Surface Warfare Center

NTCS-A   Naval Tactical Command System Afloat

NTDS     Naval Tactical Data System

NTIS     National Technical Information Service

NTM      Notice to Mariners

NTP      Naval Tactical Publication

NTSB     National Transportation Safety Board

NUWES    Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station

NVDC     National Vessel Documentation Center

NVIC     Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular

NWG      National Wire Gauge

NWG      Natural Work Group

NWP      Naval Warfare Publication

NWPL     Naval Warfare Publication Library

NWS      Naval Weapons Station

NWSOCC   Northwest Strategic Operations Command Center

Acronym   Definition
OADR      Originating Agency's Determination Required

OASIS     Operational and Shore Facilities Information System

OA&TP     Objective Architecture and Transition Plan

OAV       Operational Alignment Verification

OAW       Oxyacetylene Welding

OBA       Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

OBC       Officer Billet Code

OC        On Center

OCMI      Officers-In-Charge, Marine Inspection

OCMP      Officer Corps Management Plan

OCONUS    Outside Continental United States

OCS       Outer Continental Shelf

OCS       Officer Candidate School

OD        Officer of the Day

OD        Ordnance Databook

OD        Ordnance Drawing

OD        Overdose

OE        Operating Expense

OER       Officer Evaluation Report

OET       Office of Emergency Transportation

OFCO      Operating Facility Change Order

OGA       Other Government Agency

OHA       Overseas Housing Allowance

OHMTADS   Oil and Hazardous Materials Technical Assistance Data System
OIC      Officer-In-Charge

OIG      Office of Inspector General

OIR      Offense Investigation Report

OIS      Operational Information System

OJT      On-the-Job Training

OLSP     Operational Logistics Support Plan

OLSS     Operational Logistics Support Summary

OLTP     On Line Transaction Processing

O&M      Operations and Maintenance

OMB      Office of Management and Budget

OMPT     Overarching Matrix Project Team

OMT      Operations Management Team

ONI      Office of Naval Intelligence

ONSC     Omega Navigation System Center

OOC      Out of Commission

OOD      Officer of the Deck/Day

OOH      Out of Hemisphere

OOS      Opportunities of Selection

OPA 90   Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (P L 101-380)

OPAREA   Operational Area

OPCEN    Operations Center

OPCON    Operational Control

OPD      Operating Program Director

OPDEC    Operations Deception

OPFAC    Operational Facility

OPFAC    Operating Facility Code

OPGEN    Operation General

OPLAN    Operation Plan
OPM       Office of Personnel Management

OPM       Operating Program Manager

OPNAV     Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

OPNOTE    Operational Note

OPORDER   Operations Order

OPREP     Operational Report

OPSEC     Operational Security

OPSMSN    U S Operations Mission

OPSUM     Operational Summary

OPTAR     Operating Target

OPTEMPO   Operations Tempo

OR        Operational Readiness

ORD       Ordnance

ORD       Operational Requirements Document

ORDALT    Ordnance Alteration

ORL       Open Rate List

O&S       Operation and Support

OSC2      On-Scene Command and Control System

OSC       Operations Systems Center

OSC       On-Scene Commander

OSE       Open System Environment

OSHA      Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSI       Operating Space Items

OSINT     Open Source Intelligence

OSLTF     Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund

OSRO      Oil Spill Response Organization(s)

OSS       Optical Sighting System

OST       Office of the Secretary of Transportation
OSV          Offshore Supply Vessel

OT           Operational Test

OTAD         Over-The-Air-Key-Distribution

OTC          Officer in Tactical Command

OTCIXS       Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange System

OTO          Operations Training Officer

OT&E         Operational Test & Evaluation

OVBD         Overboard


Acronym Definition
P1P       Phase 1 Proposal

PA        Public Affairs Specialist

PAA       Personnel Allowance Amendment

PAC       Preaction Calibration

PAC       Pacific

PACAREA   Pacific Area

PACE      Project Analysis and Cost Estimation

PAL       Personnel Allowance List

PALT      Procurement Acquisition Lead Time

PAT       Preliminary Acceptance Trails

PAT&E     Production Acceptance Test and Evaluation

PAWSS     Ports and Waterways Safety Systems

PAX       Passenger Vessel

PB        Patrol Boat

PBCI      Product Baseline Configuration Index

PBL       Product Baseline
PBPM      Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Management

PBX       Private Branch Exchange

PCA       Physical Configuration Audit

PCAF      Preliminary Crew Assembly Facility

PCCMP     Preliminary Cutter Class Maintenance Plan

PCCN      President's Council on Counter Narcotics

PCD       Product Configuration Documentation

PCI       Product Configuration Identification

PCLT      Procurement Cycle Lead Team

PCM       Punched Cards Mechanized

PCN       Position Control Number

PCO       Procuring Contracting Officer

PCO/PXO   Prospective Commanding Officer/Prospective Executive Officer

PEIS      Programatic Environmental Impact Statement

PLMR      Protected Living Marine Resources

PCS       Permanent Change of Station

PD        Presidential Directive

PD        Position Description (civilian)

PD        Project Director

PDD       Presidential Decision Directive

PDD       Priority Delivery Date

PDE       Personnel Data Extract

PDES      Physical Disability Evaluation System

PDO       Property Disposal Officer/Official

PDR       Personnel Data Records (military)

PDR       Preliminary Design Review

PDR       Project Deviation Report

PDS       Permanent Duty Station
PDS          Personnel Data System

PDS          Project Development Submittal

PEAG         Proposal Evaluation and Analysis Group

PE&E         Peacetime Engagement and Enlargement

PEP          Proposal Evaluation Procedures

PERSRU       Personnel Reporting Unit

PERT         Project Evaluation and Review Technique

PFD          Personal Flotation Device

PGP          Professional Growth Point

PHOTINT      Photographic Intelligence

PHS          Public Health Service

PHS&T        Packaging, Handling, Storage/Stowage and Transportation

PH&T         Packaging, Handling and Transportation

PIAT         Public Information Assist Team

PICA         Primary Inventory Management Activity

PIE          Partnership in Education

PIIN         Procurement Instrument Identification Number

PIM          Position and Intended Movement

PIQAT        Process Implementation Quality Action Team

PIW          Person in the Water

PLT          Production Lead Time

PM           Project/Program Manager

PM           Preventive Maintenance

PMA          Private Messes, Afloat

PMIS         Personnel Management Information System

PMIS/JUMPS   Personnel Management Information System/Joint Uniform Military Pay System

PMO          Project/Program Management Office

PMP          Project Management Plan
PMR       Periodic Maintenance Requirement

PMS       Preventive/Planned Maintenance System

PO        Polar Operations

PO        Petty Officer

PO        Purchase Order

POA&M     Plan of Action and Milestones

POAP      Petty Officer Assignment Policy

POB       Persons on Board

POC       Point of Contact

POD       Probability of Detection

POE       Port of Embarkation

POE       Port of Entry

POE       Projected Operational Environment

POISE     Port Operations Information for Safety and Efficiency

POM       Planned Operations Memorandum

POP       Planned Obligation Process/Program/Project

PORD      Preliminary Operational Requirements Document

POSH      Prevention of Sexual Harassment

POS/NAV   DOT Positioning/Navigation Executive Committee

POV       Privately Owned Vehicles

PP        Performance Plan

PPA       Personal Property Accountability

PPA       Program, Projects, and Activities

PPBES     Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Evaluation System

PPE       Personal Protective Equipment

PPEP      Pre-Commissioning Program for Enlisted Personnel

PPI       Plan Position Indicator

PPL       Provisioning Parts List
PP&M     Packing, Preservation and Marking

PPRB     Planning Proposal Review Board

PPS      Post-Production Support

PPV      Public Private Venture

PQS      Personnel Qualification Standard

PQT/OT   Product Qualification Test/Operational Test

PR       Procurement Request

PRA      Primary Review Authority

PRANG    Puerto Rico Air National Guard

PRC      People's Republic of China

PREIS    Performance and Results Executive Information System

PRF      Pulse Repetition Frequency

PRI      Pulse Repetition Interval

PRIDE    Parents Resource Institute for Drug Education

PRO      Project Resident Office

PRR      Production Readiness Review

PRR      Pulse Repetition Rate

PRS      Performance Requirements Summary

PS       Port Securityman

PSC      Port State Control

PSRC     Presidential Selective Reserve Call-Up

PSS      Port Safety and Security

PSTFS    Pollution Spill Trajectory Forecast Service

PSU      Port Security Unit

PSWBS    Project Summary Work Breakdown Structure

PTC      Performance Technology Center

PTD      Provisioning Technical Data/Documentation

PTP      Part Time Position
PTP       Project Termination Plan

PTP       Prevention Through People

PTSA      Port and Tanker Safety Act

PVA       Passenger Vessel Association

PVC       Polyvinyl Chloride

P=V/C     Productivity is Value Over Cost

PW        Pulse Width

PWC       Personal WaterCraft

PWS       Performance Work Statement

PWSA      Ports and Waterways Safety Act of 1972

PY        Promotion Year


Acronym          Definition
QA               Quality Assurance

Q&A              Questions and Answers

QAMP             Quality Assurance Management Plan

QAT              Quality Action Team

QAWTD            Quick Acting Watertight Door

QAWTES           Quick Acting Watertight Escape Scuttle

QAWTH            Quick Acting Watertight Hatch

QAWTS            Quick Acting Watertight Scuttle

QDR              Quality Deficiency Report

QEC              Quick Engine Change

QM               Quartermaster

QMB              Quality Management Board

QML              Qualified Manufacturers List
QPC              Quality Performance Consultant

QPL              Qualified Products List

QPR              Qualified Personnel Required

QRMC             Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation

QSI              Quality Step Increase

QSS              Quality Standards System

QTP              Quarterly Training Plan

QTR              Quarter

QTR              Quarterly Training Record


Acronym   Definition
R21       Rescue 21

RA        Radio Navigation Aids

RA        Resident Agent

RA        Requirements Analysis

RACON     Radar Beacon

RADHAZ    Radiation Hazard

RADM      Rear Admiral

RADMIS    Research and Development Management Information System

RAM       Radio Active Material

RAM       Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability

RAP       Remedial Action Program

RAS       Remote Access Software

RATT      Radio Teletype

RBOC      Rapid Bloom Off-Board Chaff

RBS       Recreational Boating Safety
RBS      Requirements Based Sparing

RCC      Rescue Coordination Center

RCE      Regional Coordination Element - Immigration and Naturalization Service

RCM      Reliability Centered Maintenance

RCMP     Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCP      Resource/Requirements Change Proposal

RCRA     Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1986

R&D      Research and Development

R&DC     Research and Development Center

RD       Radarman

RD&TM    Research, Development and Technology Management

RDD      Required Delivery Date

RDF      Radio Direction Finding

RDO      Regular Day Off

RDT&E    Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation

REC      Regional Examination Center

REFTRA   Refresher Training

REP      Representative

RETCO    Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator

RETREP   Regional Emergency Transportation Representative

RF       Radio Frequency

RFD      Request for Deviation

RFI      Ready for Issue

RFP      Request for Proposal

RFPB     Reserve Forces Policy Board

RFW      Request for Waiver

RHI      Rigid Hull Inflatable

RHIB     Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
RIA       Resource Impact Assessment

RIF       Reduction in Force (civilian)

RIG       Recognition Identification Guide to Ship Associated Flags, Ensigns, and Aircraft
SAFEARM   Rondel Markings

RIU       Riverine Interdiction Unit

RJTS      Regional Jungle Training School

R&M       Reliability and Maintainability

RMA       Reliability, Maintainability, Availability

RML       Relative Movement Line

RMP       Risk Management Plan

RN        Radio Navigation

ROC       Regional Operations Center

ROD       Report of Discrepancy

ROE       Rules of Engagement

ROM       Rough Order of Magnitude

ROM       Read Only Memory

ROMIS     Real Time Outfitting Management Information System

ROTC      Reserve Officers' Training Corps

ROTHR     Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar

RP        Resource Program/Proposals

RP        Reference Point

RP        Responsibility Party

RPA       Reserve Program Administrator

RPAL      Reserve Personnel Allowance List

RPB       Remotely Piloted Vehicle

RPI       Roller Path Inclination

RPM       Revolutions Per Minute

RQ        Reportable Quantities
RRI       Response Resources Inventory

RRT       Regional Response Team

RRTC      Regional Riverine Training Center

RSA       Regional Strategic Assessment

RSA       Reserve Special Agent

RSAT      Reserve Strategic Assessment Team

RSD       Required Support Dates

RSD       Ready Stock Depot

RAD       Redistribution Stop Date

RSL       Reparable Item Support List

RSPA      Research and Special Program Administration

RSS       Ready Service Spares

RSS       Eastern Caribbean Regional Security System (7 countries)

RT        Reserve Training

RTAT      Repari Turn Around Time

RTB       Reserve Transition Benefit

RTC       Reserve Training Center

RW        Relative Wind


Acronym      Definition
SA           South America

SA           Special Agent

SAB          Support Allowance Billet

SACA         System Alignment and Calibration Appraisal

SADT         Special Active Duty for Training

SAG          Senior Advisory Group
SAG           Surface Action Group

SAIL          Systems to automate and Integrate Logistics

SAM           Systems Acquisition Manual

SAM           Surface-to-Air Missile

SANSS         Structure and Nomenclature Search System

SAR           Search and Rescue

SAR           SHIPALT Record

SARA          Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act

SARDET        Search and Rescue Detachment

SARF          Small Arms Repair Facility

SARMIS        Search and Rescue Management Information System

SARSAT        Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking

SARSIM        Search and Rescue Simulation Model

SAT           Systems Approach to Training

SATCOM        Satellite Communications

SATE          Security Awareness, Training and Education

SAU           Search Attack Unit

SBA           Small Business Administration

SBD           Silent But Deadly

SBP           Ship Base Plane

SBU           Sensitive But Unclassified

SC            Search and Rescue Coordinator

SCA           Stock Control Activity

              Spill Control Association of America/Association of Petroleum Institute
              Cooperation Managers

SCAAIN        Standardized Conventional Ammunition Automated Inventory Record

SCAMP         Shipboard Computer-Aided Maintenance Program

SCANTS        Ship Control and Navigation Training System
SCB      Supply Center Baltimore

SCBA     Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCCB     Supply Center Curtis Bay

SCCR     Supply Center Computer Replacement

SCCS     Shipboard Command and Control System

SCLSIS   Ship Configuration and Logistics Support Information System

SCM      Summary Court-Martial

SCN      Specification Change Notice

SDAP     Special Duty Assignment Pay

SDD      Standard Delivery Date

SDIF     Standard Data Interface Format

SDL      Standard Distribution List

SDR      Systems Acquisition Review

SDR      Supply Demand Review

SDTE     Suspected Drug Trafficking Entity

SE       Systems Engineering

SE       Support Equipment

SEA      South East Asia

SEACEN   Naval Sea Logistics Center

SEAP     Senior Enlisted Assignment Policy

SEAS     Simplified Engineering Analysis System

SEB      Source Evaluation Board

SECAS    Ship Equipment Configuration Accounting System

SEER     Summary of Enforcement Events Report

SEH      Safety and Environmental Health

SEL      Selected Equipment List

SELRES   Selected Reserve

SEMCIP   Shipboard Electromagnetic Compatibility Improvement Program
SEMP      Systems Engineering Management Plan

          Always Ready

SEP       Student Externship Program

SEPRATS   Separate Rations

SERB      Selective Early Retirement Board

SES       Senior Executive Service (civilian)

SESEF     Shipboard Electronics Systems Evaluation Facility

SESSOCC   South East Strategic Operations Command Center

SF        Shore Facilities

SFCAM     Shore Facility Capital Asset Management

SFDL      Shore Facility Divestiture List

SFMIS     Shore Facility Management Information System

SFMP      Shore Facility Master Plan

SFO       Sector Field Office

SFPDM     Shore Facilities Project Development Manual

SFRL      Shore Facility Requirements List

SGML      Standardized General Markup Language

SHA       Sidereal Hour Angle

SHF       Super High Frequency

SHP       Sexual Harassment Prevention

SHPO      State Historical Preservation Office

SICA      Secondary Inventory Management Activity

SIGINT    Signals Intelligence

SIM       Selected Item Management

SIMA      Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity

SINS      Ship's Inertial Navigation System

SIO       Senior Investigative Officer
SIP       Streamlined Inspection Program

SIPRNET   Secret Internet Protocol Routing Network

SIRMP     Strategic Information Resources Management Plan

SITOR     Simplex Teletype Over Radio

SITREP    Situation Report

SIV       Special Interest Vessel

SK        Storekeeper

SLAR      Side-Looking Airborne Radar

SLEP      Service Life Extension Program

SLOC      Sea Lines of Communication

SLSDC     Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation

SLTG      Shoulder Line-Throwing Gun

SMEF      Systems Management Engineering Facility

SMGC      Supply Management Grouping Code

SMGD      Supply Management Grouping Designator

SM&R      Source, Maintenance and Recoverability

SMS       Subject Matter Specialist

SMT       Senior Management Team

SMTJ      Special Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction

SN        Serial Number

SNAFU     Situation Normal, All Fouled Up

SNAME     Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

SNO       Statement of No Objection

SNSL      Stock Number Sequence List

SNTA      Suspected Narcotics Trafficking Aircraft

SNTV      Suspected Narcotics Trafficking Vessel

SOLAS     Safety of Life at Sea

SONS      Spills of National Significance
SOP        Standard Operating Procedure

SOP        System Operating Program

SOPA       Senior Officer Present Afloat

SOPEP      Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans

SORTS      Status of Resources and Training System

SOS        Source of Supply

SOSUS      Sound Surveillance System

SOV        Special Operations Vessel

SOW        Statement of Work

SP         Selection Plan

SPBO       Spare Parts Breakout

SPC        Standard Personnel Costs

SPCC       Ships Parts Control Center

SPCM       Special Court-Martial

SPD        Support Program Director

SPEAR      Strategize, Publish, Engage, Act, Review

SPEARS     Spill Planning, Exercise, and Response System

SPEC       Specification

SPECWAR    Special Warfare

SPERTERL   Ship Portable Electrical/Electronic Test Equipment Requirement List

SPI        Ship-Port Interface

SPM        Support Program Manager

SPOE       Sea Port of Embarkation

           Strategic Planning, Business and Capital Planning, Programming, Budgeting,
           Budget Execution, and Evaluation

SPS        System Performance Specification

SPTD       Supplementary Provisioning Technical Documentation

SRA        Short Range Aircraft
SRA      Short Range Aids to Navigation

SRB      Selective Reenlistment Board

SRBOC    Super Rapid Bloom Off-Board Chaff

SRC      Short Range Cutter

SRD      Sponsor's Requirement Document

SRI      Storeroom Items

SRM      Speed of Relative Movement

SROE     Standing Rules of Engagement

SRR      System Requirements Review

SRU      Search and Rescue Unit

SRU      Surface Resource Unit

SRV      Short Range Vessel

SS       Subsistence Specialist

SSA      Social Security Administration

SSA      Senior Special Agent

SSAMPS   Standard Semi-Automatic Message Processing System

SSB      Single Side Band

SSB      Special Separation Benefit (military)

SSC      Scientific Support Coordinator

SSC      Small Scale Contingencies

SSC      Ship Structure Committee

SSDG     Ship's Service Diesel Generator

SSIC     Standard Subject Identification Code

SSN      Social Security Number

SSO      Special Security Officer

SSO      Source Selection Official

SSR      Software Specification Review

SSR      Surface-Search Radar
SSR        Supply Support Request

SSTG       Ship's Service Turbo Generator

SSU        Special Service Unit

SSMR       Shore Station Maintenance Request

STA        Station

STAFFDEL   Congressional Staff Delegation

STANTEAM   Standardization Team

STAR       Standard Automated Requisitioning

STAV       Shipboard Training and Alignment Verification

STB        Surface Transportation Board

STBD       Starboard

STCP       Secure Telecommunications Plan

STCW       Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping

STRIDE     System to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence

STU III    Secure Telephone Unit

STW        Standards of Training and Watchkeeping

SUBJ       Subject

SUPCEN     Supply Center

SUW        Surface Warfare

SVRP       Switched Voice Replacement Project

SVTT       Surface Vessel Torpedo Tube

SWA        South West Asia

SWBS       Ship Work Breakdown Structure

SWE        Servicewide Exam

SWOT       Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

SWS III    Standard Workstation III (Computer Workstation)

SYS        System

Acronym Definition
TAB      Training Allowance Billets

TAC      Tactical Computer

TACADE   Department of Transportation Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drug Education

TACLET   Tactical Law Enforcement Team

TACON    Tactical Control

TACT     Tailored Annual Cutter Training

TAD      Theatre Area Deployment

TAD      Temporary Assigned Duty

TAE      Transportation Acquisition Executive

TAM      Transportation Acquisition Manual

TANB     Trailer Aids to Navigation Boat

TAO      Tactical Action Officer

TAPS     Trans Alaska Pipeline Service

TAR      Department of Transportation Acquisition Regulation

TASC     Transportation Administrative Service Center

TAT      Technical Assessment Team

TAV      Total Asset Visibility

TAV      Training Audiovisual

TBA      To Be Announced

TBD      To Be Developed/Determined

TCC      Transportation Communication Central

TCM      Telecommunications Manual

TCM      Task Commitment Memorandum

TCN      Transportation Control Number

TCP      Telecommunications Plan
TCT      Tracking Comparison Test

TDA      Tactical Decision Aid

TDS      Target Designation System

T&E      Test & Evaluation

TECH     Technical

TECS     Treasury Enforcement Communications System

TED      Turtle Excluder Device

TEDS     Treatment Episode Data Set

TEMAC    Temporary Active Duty

TEMP     Test and Evaluation Master Plan

TERA     Temporary Early Retirement Authority

TFRIL    Technical Feedback Response Information Letter

TGL      Task Group Leader

TI       Technical Information

TIC      The Interdiction Committee

TINWG    Training Infrastructure Natural Working Group

TIP      Transition and Implementation Plan

TIS      Technical Infrastructure Study

TIS      Time in Service

TISCOM   Telecommunications and Information Systems Command

TL       Task Leader

TLE      Temporary Living Expense

TM       Technical Manual

TMCR     Technical Manual Contract Requirement

TMOT     Test Management Oversight Team

TMP      Task Management Plan

TO       Training Officer

TOI      Targets of Interest
TONO      Travel Order Number

TPFDD     Time Phased Force Deployment Data

TPM       Technical Performance Measurement

TPO       Terminal Performance Objective

TQC       Training Quota Management Center

TQM       Total Quality Management

TR        Trouble Report

TRACE     Technical Review and Consolidation of Equipment

TSC       Transportation Systems Center

TRACEN    Training Center

TRADET    Training Detachment

TRATEAM   Training Team

TRE       Training Readiness Evaluation

TRR       Test Readiness Review

TSARC     Transportation System Acquisition Review Council

TSD       Time, Speed, and Distance

TSP       Thrift Savings Plan

TSS       Traffic Separation Scheme

TSTA      Tailored Ships Training Availability

TT        Telephone Technician

TTX       Table Top Exercises

TWC       Total Water Current

TWS       Track-While-Scan

TWX       Teletypewriter Message

TYCOM     Type Commander

Acronym     Definition
UAV         Unmanned Air Vehicle

UCF         Uniform Contract Format

UCMJ        Uniform Code of Military Justice

UCN         Unique Control Number

UCP         Unified Command Plan

UD          Unit Designation

UFS         Unit Financial System

UHF         Ultra High Frequency

UI          Unit of Issue

UIC         Unit Identification Code

UL          Underwriters Laboratories

ULP         Coast Guard Unit Leadership Program

UMMIPS      Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System

UN          United Nations

UNCLAS      Unclassified Information

UNCLOS      United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

UND         Urgency of Need Designator

UNHCR       United Nations High Commissioner for Refuges

UNIDCP      United Nations International Drug Control Program

UNIDOS II   Mexican Counterdrug Operation

UNREP       Underway Replenishment

UOFP        Use of Force Policy

UPH         Unaccompanied Personnel Housing

UPV         Un-Inspected Passenger Vessel

URR         Unconstrained Resource Request

USA         United States Army
USACE        United States Army Corps of Engineers

USAF         United States Air Force

USAID        United States Agency for International Development

USAR         United States Army Reserve

USASOA       United States Army School of the Americas

USBP         United States Border Patrol

USC          United States Code

USCG         United States Coast Guard

USCG AUX     United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

USCGA        United States Coast Guard Academy

USCGAUX      U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

USCGR        United States Coast Guard Reserve

USCS         United States Customs Service

USF          United States Forces

USG          United States Government

USIC         United States Interdiction Coordinator (COMDT, USCG)

USMC         United States Marine Corps

USMS         United States Marshals Service (DOJ)

USN          United States Navy

USNR         United States Naval Reserve

USO          United Services Organization

USPHS        United States Public Health Service

USPS         United States Postal Service

USTRANSCOM   United States Transportation Command

USVI         U S Virgin Islands

USW          Undersea Warfare

UTB          Utility Boat

UTM          Universal Transverse Mercator

Acronym   Definition
VAC       Volts Alternating Current

VADM      Vice Admiral

VBSS      Visit, Board, Search and Seize

VCS       Vapor Control System

VDC       Volts Direct Current

VDS       Visual Distress Signal

VE        Value Engineering

VEAF      Venezuelan Armed Forces

VECP      Value Engineering Change Proposal

VENAV     Venezuelan Navy

VERA      Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (civilian)

VERTREP   Vertical Replenishment

VHA       Variable Housing Allowance

VHF       Very High Frequency

VIDS      Vessel Identification and Documentation System

VISTA     Visit in Support of Training and Assistance

VLF       Very Low Frequency

VMS       Vessel Monitoring System

VNTSC     Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

VOSS      Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System

VRP       Vessel Response Plan

VSC       Vessel Safety Check

VSI       Voluntary Separation Incentive (military)

VSIP      Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (civilian)
VT          Variable Time

VT-IR       Variable Time - Infrared

VTM         Vessel Traffic Management

VTOL        Vertical Take-Off and Landing

VTS         Vessel Traffic Services


Acronym   Definition
WAGB      Coast Guard Large Icebreaker

WAMS      Waterways Analysis and Management System

WAT       Weapons Augmentation/Assist Team

WBS       Work Breakdown Structure

WCA       Workforce Cultural Audit

WCARIB    Western Caribbean

WCC       Weapon Control Console

WCO       World Customs Organization

WCP       Weapon Control Panel/Processor

WCRP      Weapon Control Reference Plane

WET       Waterways Evaluation Tool

WG        Wage Grade (civilian)

WGMC      Working Group on Maritime Cooperation

WHEC      Coast Guard High-Endurance Cutter

WIC       West Indian Commission

WLB       Coast Guard Buoy Tender, Seagoing

WLI       Coast Guard Buoy Tender, Inland

WLM       Coast Guard Buoy Tender, Coastal

WMD       Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMEC      Coast Guard Medium-Endurance Cutter

WMS       Workforce Monitoring System

WO        Warrant Officer

WOPA      Women Officers' Professional Association

WPA       Workforce Policy Advisor

WPB       Coast Guard Patrol Boat

WPRFMC    Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council

WQSB      Watch, Quarter, and Station Bill

WSF       Weapon System File

WTD       Watertight Door

WTGB      Coast Guard Icebreaking Tug

WTH       Watertight Hatch

WTP       Weekly Training Plan

WX        Weather

WWM       Waterways Management

WWW       World Wide Web (Coast Guard's Internet)


Acronym   Definition
XO        Executive Officer

Y2K       Year 2000

YD        Yard

YN        Yeoman

YR        Year

YTD       Year To Date

ZT        Zero Tolerance

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