Healing Form Qigong Class Introduction by lnd15050


									     Healing Form Qigong
      Class Introduction
      Wednesdays, December 9th and 16th
           beginning at 6:00pm
          at The Angel’s Touch • Downtown West Jefferson

                                              Qigong (pronounced chee gong)
                           consists of techniques for balancing human energy flow. In applying these
                  techniques, one employs the use of the human body’s chakras and meridians which are the
                   focal points and channels through which Qi flows. In the view of Chinese medicine, many
   illnesses are caused by blockages in these channels. In learning to recognize, circulate, and direct the internal energy
 of the human body, an individual can also connect with the energy of the universe and of the earth, and learn to interact
     with all of nature. Through use of certain energies and techniques, Qigong can relieve pain, strengthen the body’s
constitution, increase energy and prolong life. It’s widely accepted that exercise can promote health and prevent illnesses.
             Western exercise, however, concentrates on muscular/skeletal development through the application
              of stress and load to build up strength. In other words, it works from the outside inward. Qigong,
                 on the other hand, works the body from the inside, outwards. It connects the body and spirit,
                                  focusing on breath, concentration, and physical movements.

                      Come and join Julie Smith as she offers
                    FREE introductory classes in
                   Qigong Healing Form Level One
         at The Angel’s Touch in downtown West Jefferson.
                 As a certified Qigong Healing Form Level One instructor
              she will be offering an introduction into the art form of Qigong.
                  If you are interested in attending one of these
                 free classes please contact us at 336-246-2888.
                                  The Angel’s Touch is located at
                                   107 North Jefferson Avenue

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