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									Presented by Carbon Clear
            Presentation Outline

• About Carbon Clear

• Review Walmart’s Sustainable Product Index (SPI)

• What is a carbon footprint?

• Carbon Reduction Planning

• Carbon Disclosure Project
                   About Carbon Clear
Carbon Clear is a world leader in carbon management. We provide solutions for
organizations to improve their environmental performance and reduce carbon
emissions. Our approach includes:

•Measure your carbon footprint. Our in house experts comply with
internationally recognized standards.
•Reduce your carbon emissions. We work with you to identify opportunities for
•Offset your remaining emissions with high quality offsets from our own
carbon reduction projects.
•Stakeholder engagement We educate and engage your stakeholders to
promote acceptance of your environmental initiatives

With over 140 clients worldwide, and offices in London, Paris, Madrid and
Austin, TX, Carbon Clear one of the world’s most experienced and trusted
carbon management firms.
Walmart’s Sustainable Product Index
In July 2009, Walmart announced plans to develop a worldwide
sustainable product index with the intent of selling products of
higher quality and lower cost, helping customers to live better
in the 21st century.

• To manage the current strain on natural resources.
• Customers want more efficient, longer lasting products made
from safe materials that are produced in a responsible way.
Walmart’s Sustainable Product Index
Phase 1: Supplier Assessment

Phase 2: Create Life Cycle Analysis Database

Phase 3: Provide customers with product life cycle impact

 “The index will bring about a more transparent supply
 chain, drive product innovation and ultimately provide
 customers the information they need to assess the
 sustainability of products.”
                         – Mike Duke, CEO of Walmart
Index Step 1: Supplier Assessment Questionnaire
Walmart’s Sustainable Product Index
Above Target Supplier: 100 – 81%
On Target Supplier:    80 – 60%
Below Target Supplier: 59 – 0%

Currently, no absolute numbers will be used for comparison
to other suppliers. Though in the future, Walmart intends to
reward those suppliers who have measured impacts and
show progress to reduction.
Walmart’s Sustainabile Product Index
Energy & Climate
1. Have you measured and taken steps to reduce your corporate
    greenhouse gas emissions ? (Y/N) ( 40%)
2. Have you opted to report your greenhouse gas emissions and
    climate change strategy to the Carbon Disclosure Project? (Y/N)
    (0%, Scoring on question 2 begins in 24 months)
3. What are your total annual greenhouse gas emissions in the most
    recent year measured? (Enter total metric tons, scope 1 & 2
    emissions) (40%)
4. Have you set publicly available greenhouse gas reduction targets?
    If yes, what are those targets? (Enter total metric tons and target
    date) (20%)
           What is a carbon footprint?
        Why are they gaining in importance?

•   A footprint represents an inventory of all Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
    generated as a consequence of an organization’s activities.

•   New metric in measuring environmental performance

•   Provides a baseline

•   Measure well to manage well
What is included in a carbon footprint?

3 general categories:

• Scope I emissions – direct energy consumption

• Scope II emissions – purchased electricity

• Scope III emissions – all other emissions
What is included in a carbon footprint?

    Source: (2009) World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol:
   A corporate accounting and reporting standard, Revised Edition, pg. 26.
         Carbon Reduction Planning

Develop a Reduction Plan

Setting reduction targets

   – Reduce the Need

   – Increase Efficiency

   – Make it Clean and Green
           Carbon Reduction Planning
Example: Dana Undies

       1. Clean all air
           conditioning coils
       2. Retrofit T12 lighting

       Result: 52% reduction in
          electricity bill annually
          and payback on
          capital improvements
          in 12 months
The Carbon Disclosure Project

 The CDP is an independent non-profit organization
    that holds the largest corporate climate change
    information in the world, gathered on behalf of
    institutional investors, purchasing organizations
    and government bodies.

 Walmart believes the CDP is the most complete and
   credible GHG reporting tool. It believes that
   suppliers that report their emissions with the CDP
   have a better understanding of climate change risks
   and opportunities.
            Concluding Remarks

 30% of assessment weight assigned to Energy & Climate

 Measure at a minimum Scope I & II carbon emissions

 Devise a carbon reduction plan based on footprint results

 Report measured emissions and reduction strategy to the
    Carbon Disclosure Project
    Part 2 : Makin g Sen s e o f Walm art ’s
     Sustainabilit y I n dex : Res o urces ,
        Materials , an d Co m m u nity
The second webinar will be presented by retail sustainability
expert Ecoxera, and will cover the remaining questions 5-15
of the survey.
   When: Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
   Time: 1:00pm to 1:45pm CST
        *Note: You will need to register separately for this webinar
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