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Financial Advice for Young Married Couples

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The destructive sin of financial unfaithfulness that ruins so many

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Mention unfaithfulness in a marriage and more then likely your thoughts
will focus on sexual relationships. Yet over 50% of divorces are not at
all related to sexual unfaithfulness but rather financial unfaithfulness.
In today's debt ridden society, the face of unfaithfulness is financial
and divorces are happening much more repeatedly as a result of uncovered
financial secrets. More often then not, women are financially unfaithful
compared to men however financial unfaithfulness is wide ranging and will
annihilate a marriage as quickly as sexual unfaithfulness.

Young married couples and debt are common however, they also form a
cocktail for marital ruin. Often with a young married couple, one of the
partners will hide certain financial things to prevent confrontations and
getting help. As soon as the unfaithfulness begins, it usually does not
stop until it hits the point of no return. At this point, financial debts
become too big to hide and either the partner will reluctantly bring it
up or the other partner will discover it on their own, which will bring
with it feelings of great frustration, bitterness and often is the
beginning of the end for the marriage, especially if professional help is
not seeked out immediately.

Men seem to be less apt to handle the financial unfaithfulness then women
and when it is discovered that their spouse has been financially
unfaithful then a battle will often begin. So what is a young married
couple to do to avoid this disaster?

Be accountable to one another and help each other prepare and maintain a
budget. When only one spouse has their hand in control of the cookie jar,
temptation can often cause for the hand to dip in more then its fair
share. This can often start out innocently but quickly grows into a
problem while the other partner sits by innocently unaware of the
financial burden that is starting.

If a young couple is set on only having one person in control of the
budget, that is fine however it is wise to site together once every week
and review the income and expenses and allow for open questions and
answers. This will provide that additional step of accountability that is
often more then enough to keep the temptation of financial unfaithfulness
at bay.
Marital problems that are caused from a lack of financial maturity do
cause many best friends to become bitter enemies and in any marriage, it
can certainly be the brutal destruction of the foundation for which it
stands. If you are hiding financial problems from your spouse, come clean
with them immediately and seek out financial guidance. If you are not
sharing the budget responsibly currently, then start.

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