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									                 Introduction to Architecture.

Examining House Plans

Name: _______________ Name of House Design: __________________

Using the house plan you have selected, examine it carefully and complete
the following investigations:

   1. Looking at the elevations views of your house plan, describe the
      artist’s/architect’s efforts. What elements of the home is he/she
      trying to accentuate? What elements of the house might appeal to
      the potential buyer? (Describe)

   2. List and name all of the rooms/spaces in the plan:

   3. What do the following short forms stand for:

      DN-                                          OPT. -
      CL-                                          W-
      W.I.C. -                                     T-
      F-                                           PDR-
      LIN-                                         D-
      S-                                           O.T.B-
      DW-                                          ELEV.
   4. Draw the symbols for the following:

a) door                                b) window

c) sliding                             d) folding
door                                   door

e) toilet                              f) sink

g) tub                                 h) shower

   5. List any other symbols or titles from your house plan:

   6. How can you tell the difference between interior and exterior walls?

   7. Choose which model you like the best and describe why?

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