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									 We can’t make

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                                  The easy

                              electronic option

                                for filing your

                              sales and use tax


but we can make

   them easy.


Fast. Easy. Accurate.

      Board of Equalization
What is E-filing?                                           How do I get started?                                For more E-filing information

E-filing is a way to file your sales and use tax            ➤ Log on to our website at                             Please contact
return over the Internet instead of by mail.                  elecsrv/efiling/srvprovider.htm and select
                                                                                                               Board of Equalization Information Center
                                                              BOE-file or a service provider.

Who can E-file? *                                           ➤ Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to
                                                              register and begin!                                            TDD/TTY: 800-735-2929

You can E-file if you

➤ Are a registered seller with only one
   business location, and you                               What do I need with me when I
➤ File an EZ sales and use tax return                       E-file?                                                  Log on to our website at
   (Form BOE-401-EZ) or a Form 401-A with                   ➤ Your sales and use tax account number.          
   Schedule A only.                                                                                                     and E-file today!
                                                            ➤ Your user ID and password (you choose them
                                                              when you register).
Why should I E-file?
                                                            ➤ Your sales and deduction information for the
It’s fast                                                     filing period.
                                                                                                                                  Board of Equalization
➤ Just log on to the Internet, register, and                ➤ If you owe tax: a check so you can supply the
   complete your return.                                      account number and the transit and routing
➤ No need to mail a check. If you owe tax,                    number of the bank account you will use for
   you can transfer funds directly from your                  your payment.                                   E-filing options and services
   account to ours.                                                                                           E-file directly through our BOE-file system or
                                                            What if I need help while I’m                     use a service provider. See options and services
It’s accurate
We do the calculations for you.                             E-filing?
It’s convenient                                             ➤ Use the online help or                                                                           ax            es
                                                                                                                                                             sT           Tax
                                                                                                                                               le          le           ur
➤ File from home, your office, or anywhere you              ➤ Contact the service provider by phone or                                     E-            Sa           Yo
                                                                                                                                                      ile           le
   can connect to the Internet.                               e-mail.                                                                    BO         Ef            Fi
                                                                                                               Your cost                Free         $4.95        $9.95
➤ There’s no postage cost—and no need to
   worry about your return being lost or de­                What should I do when I’m                                                                          three filings
   layed in the mail.                                                                                                                                              free
➤ File when it suits you and schedule your                                                                     On-screen help            Yes          Yes           Yes
   return and payment processing for any day                ➤ Print a copy of the confirmation page for
                                                                                                               E-mail reminders          No           Yes            No
   up to the return due date.                                 your files.
                                                                                                               View past returns         No           Yes           Yes
It’s confirmed                                              ➤ Celebrate all the time you saved!
                                                                                                               Other languages           No         Spanish          No
You’ll receive instant confirmation that your                                                                  Customer service
return and payment have been accepted.                                                                         by phone and e-mail       Yes          Yes           Yes

It’s low cost or free!
* Please note: Mandatory EFT and prepayment
  accounts may not E-file at this time.            Publication 144 • State Board of Equalization • September 2005
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State Board of Equalization
September 2005
Board Member Names Updated 2007
Betty T.Yee,
First District
San Francisco
Bill Leonard
Second District
Michelle Steel
Third District
Rolling Hills Estates
Judy Chu, Ph.D.
Fourth District
Los Angeles
John Chiang
State Controller
Executive Director
Ramon J. Hirsig

Board website and Member contact

Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate

           Publication 144 • LDA

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