An Introduction to Venture Capital

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					                                                                   Equity Ready Program

                           An Introduction to Venture Capital


This half-day workshop is part of the Equity Ready Program run by                        “This was an
Venture Capital SA. The workshop looks at:                                                 excellent
                                                                                        introduction to
                                                                                          financing a
1)   Who   can provide your business capital, including:
                                                                                          high growth
     •     How private equity works?
     •     How business Angel networks work?
     •     What other sources of capital are there?
2)   How   to make your business attractive to capital providers, including:               practical
     •      What is an attractive market?                                                insight into
     •      What is an attractive business proposition?                                 private equity
     •      How do you develop and implement a successful capital raising               requirements
            strategy?                                                                      in South
                                                                                         “This was a
It is envisaged that upon completion of this workshop and consultation with                 brilliant
Venture Capital SA that participants will be able to identify whether venture            presentation
capital is a viable option for their business and secondly the characteristics           and without
necessary to make their company attractive to potential investors.                      doubt the best
                                                                                         three hours
Presenter Profile                                                                        work I have
                                                                                         done for my
                                                                                        business in the
Andrew Leunig is a facilitator and investor with over 25 years experience in
                                                                                          last twelve
helping businesses to grow, improve and raise capital. His clients range                   months.”
from start-up ventures to well known public companies, from government
agencies to regional development boards.

Further Information           Dates 2009:
                              5 February, 3 June, 23 July, 24 September, 12 November
Richard Cooper
Investment Manager            Time:
                              2.00—5.30 pm
Venture Capital SA
Level 10, Terrace Towers      Venue:
178 North Terrace             Seminar Room, Level 7 Terrace Towers, 178 North Terrace, Adelaide
Adelaide SA 5000
T+61 8 8303 2039              Free
F+61 8 8303 2191
                              Online at or e-mail :

                                             *Only available to South Australian companies*