AND MORTGAGE COMPLIANCE UPDATE
             PROGRAM ONE:                                        PROGRAM TWO:
              COMPLIANCE                              Provides hands-on training including                 Real changes in real time…the most
   Provides a thorough overview of the                 disclosure and timing requirements                    current changes to rules covering
  major lending compliance regulations,                    for the most popular loans.                      consumer real estate transactions.
      including new developments.

PROGRAM ONE: INTRODUCTION                           Other Focal Points Include:                         PROGRAM TWO: MORTGAGE DISCLOSURE
TO LENDING COMPLIANCE                               • Prohibitions on discriminatory lending            WORKSHOP
“Compliance” is fundamental job knowledge for         activity
all financial institution personnel. The burden     • Spousal signature rules                           A “Hands-On” Transactional Approach to
of comprehending the increasing list of federal     • What can be asked during the application          Consumer Mortgage Loan Disclosures
regulations cannot be effectively placed on just      process
one person or group of people.                      • Permissible uses of credit reports                Making consumer mortgage loans is a complex,
                                                    • Coverage and disclosure requirements for          time-consuming process, especially with all
Get the best information…first hand. Seminar
                                                      flood insurance                                   the new Truth-in-Lending and RESPA
instructors are highly experienced members of
                                                    • General coverage and mortgage disclosure          changes. Disclosure errors expose the financial
our consulting staff. The seminar includes a
                                                      requirements under Truth-In-Lending               institution to serious potential liability in the
separate, dedicated review of each regulation.
                                                    • Right of Rescission                               form of regulatory enforcement and class action
Attendees learn when a regulation is applicable,
                                                    • Section 32 mortgages                              lawsuits. A variety of statutes and regulations
the financial institution’s general responsibili-
                                                    • RESPA coverage and disclosures                    require disclosures throughout the mortgage
ties and where additional information can be
                                                    • Collection and reporting of HMDA data             loan process. Coordinating these disclosures in
found to deal with complex issues. They also
                                                    • Written and oral disclosures related to the       a transaction is as difficult, if not more so, than
have an opportunity to relate the regulations to
                                                      sale of optional insurance                        mastering the applicable regulations. The
one another and develop an overall understand-
                                                    • Coverage and disclosure rules for certain loans   Mortgage Disclosure Workshop brings the “big
ing of the regulatory framework.
                                                      to service members and their dependents           picture” into focus.

Topics                                              The Manual The manual includes a “plain lan-        This full-day workshop focuses on the content
• Truth-in-Lending Act/Regulation Z, including      guage” explanation of each regulation covered.      and timing of required disclosures, how the var-
  the recent changes involving Higher Priced        Like all our seminar manuals, it is designed to     ious disclosures interrelate, areas of examiner
  Mortgage Loans and new Section 35 and             serve as a continuing reference.                    emphasis, and frequent problems and viola-
  Section 36 Requirements                                                                               tions.
• RESPA/HUD’s Regulation X – including a            Who Should Attend This seminar is an overview
  review of the new Good Faith Estimate and         of compliance responsibilities imposed by the       Attendees will work through four typical mort-
  HUD-1/1A Forms                                    major regulations in the lending area, particu-     gage products – a purchase-money adjustable-
• HMDA/Regulation C – including recent              larly consumer compliance. It is designed to        rate/fixed rate mortgage, an initial home con-
  changes to the Rate Spread calculation            meet the needs of lending officers and loan         struction loan, a refinance/home improvement
• Fair Credit Reporting Act – including the         administration personnel. It is taught at the       loan, and a revolving home equity line of cred-
  accuracy and integrity of information report-     basic level and is appropriate for those needing    it. In addition, attendees will review a HOEPA
  ed to consumer reporting agencies                 an introduction to lending compliance or more       (Section 32) loan. Factual scenarios illustrate
• Flood Disaster Protection Act – including a       experienced personnel wanting a refresher           specific disclosure content, when each disclo-
  summary of the new Interagency Q&A’s              course.                                             sure is required and how disclosures given early
• Bank Sales Of Insurance                                                                               in the process affect and relate to those pro-
• Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit                                                               vided later. Attendees will “walk through” each
  Extended to Service Members and Dependents
• Equal Credit Opportunity Act/Regulation B                                                                                 (Continued on next page.)

 REGISTRATION FEES                                    DATES & LOCATION

$290.00 for each           Includes lunch, cof-     These programs are presented by                          January 5—Lending Compliance
attendee for each          fee breaks and all       Professional Bank Services, Inc. in con-                 January 6—Mortgage Disclosure
program.                   course materials.        junction with the Missouri Independent
                                                    Bankers Association.
                                                                                                            January 7—Mortgage Compliance
                           Breakfast and park-
SAVE on every                                                                                                        KCI Expo Center
                           ing are on your own.
attendee.                                                                                                      11730 N. Ambassador Drive
                           Payment must                                                                          Kansas City, MO 64153
(Normal registration fee   accompany                                                                                  816-891-7694
is $335.)
scenario, from the first meeting with the appli-    based on factual scenarios, and checklists for      • Homeowners Protection Act
cant through the loan closing. Completed exam-      each transaction discussed. The manual is an        • Home Ownership Counseling Notification
ples of the required disclosures are provided for   excellent resource for future reference and as an     Requirements
each transaction, with special attention placed     internal control or audit tool.
on current examiner focus, potential pitfalls,                                                          Here’s What You’ll Learn:
and frequent violations.                            Who Should Attend This workshop is designed         • The full list of disclosure and other compli-
                                                    for personnel who already have a basic under-         ance requirements for closed-end, consumer
This transactional approach is similar to the       standing of the applicable laws and regulations.      purpose real estate secured loans, including
method used by many examiners. It integrates        It will explore how to implement those rules in       the new requirements of the Mortgage
disclosure requirements into one cohesive           a timely and integrated process. Loan officers,       Disclosure Improvement Act, new Section 35
process, instead of focusing on the require-        loan processors, in-house personnel responsible       and 36 requirements under Regulation Z, and
ments of one regulation from beginning to end.      for mortgage loan closings, outside settlement        recent RESPA-related changes to HUD’s
Attendees will review checklists for each mort-     agents, compliance officers and auditors will         Regulation X
gage product that detail the required timing of     benefit from this program.                          • Timing and acknowledgement requirements
disclosures in chronological order, from applica-                                                       • When fees can be collected in the application
tion to closing. These checklists can be used                                                             process
after the workshop as an internal control and       MORTGAGE COMPLIANCE UPDATE                          • How recent changes have impacted the veri-
audit tool. Areas addressed in the workshop                                                               fication and approval process for certain
include:                                                                                                  closed-end, consumer mortgage loans
                                                    A full-day seminar bringing together all require-
• Truth-in-Lending Act/Regulation Z –                                                                   • When escrows will be required and what must
                                                    ments necessary to ensure compliance for
   Disclosures including: early, NEW pre-closing,                                                         be included in escrow accounts
                                                    closed-end, consumer purpose real estate
   closing, rescission and HOEPA (Section 32),                                                          • A clear and accurate explanation of how
                                                    secured loans. In particular, this seminar will
   along with NEW waiting periods, fee restric-                                                           recent changes affect some non-fully amor-
                                                    focus on recent changes to the disclosure
   tions and rules Section 35 mortgages.                                                                  tizing (balloon) loans
                                                    process resulting from changes to the Federal
• RESPA – Mortgage servicing disclosures, the
                                                    Reserve Board’s Regulation Z and HUD’s
   NEW Good Faith Estimates, affiliated busi-                                                           The Manual The Mortgage Disclosure Update
                                                    Regulation X.
   ness arrangement disclosures, escrow account                                                         manual will provide attendees with a valuable
   disclosures, and the NEW HUD-1/1A settle-                                                            reference tool that summarizes the require-
                                                    The recent volume of changes to consumer
   ment statements, and what constitutes a                                                              ments of the various laws and regulations relat-
                                                    mortgage compliance obligations includes new
   “changed circumstance” in order to issue a                                                           ing to consumer purpose, real estate secured
                                                    disclosure, timing and verification require-
   revised GFE.                                                                                         loans. As requested, the manual includes a dis-
                                                    ments. In some cases, existing requirements
• Flood      Disaster     Protection    Act     –                                                       closure matrix clarifying which disclosures are
                                                    have been expanded while in others entirely
   Determination documentation and disclo-                                                              required for which loan types, and also stating
                                                    new procedures are mandated. Some disclosure
   sures                                                                                                the timing rules for providing these disclosures.
                                                    forms have merely been “tweaked” while others
• Fair Credit Reporting Act – Credit score dis-
                                                    have been completely redesigned. In many
   closures and options when supplying nega-                                                            Who Should Attend This seminar is designed
                                                    cases, timing requirements have also been
   tive information to credit reporting agencies                                                        especially for the compliance professional who
                                                    revised. The Mortgage Compliance Update will
• Equal Credit Opportunity Act/Regulation B                                                             is already familiar with the basics of compliance
                                                    help your institution not only make sense of
   monitoring information and appraisal notifi-                                                         for closed-end, consumer purpose real estate
                                                    this myriad of new material, but also under-
   cation rules                                                                                         secured loans but who wants to be completely
                                                    stand how all these changes will fit in with
• HMDA/Regulation C data collection                                                                     up-to-date regarding recent changes in the
                                                    those compliance requirements that are not
• Private Mortgage Insurance – Disclosures                                                              process. The seminar will also benefit those in
                                                    changing. Attendees will walk away with com-
   relating to a borrower’s right to cancel and                                                         the loan application, processing, closing and
                                                    plete materials including a disclosure matrix
   automatic termination of required PMI                                                                audit functions who need to know about these
                                                    detailing both the form and timing of required
• Bank Sales of Insurance disclosures                                                                   changes.
                                                    disclosures by loan type.

Consumer mortgage loan disclosures and relat-
                                                    • Truth-in-Lending Act/Regulation Z (including      AGENDA FOR ALL THREE PROGRAMS
ed regulations, addressed chronologically, in a
                                                      Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act addi-            8:30 ................Registration
transactional setting. Attendees work through
                                                      tions, and new requirements for Section 32           9:00 - 4:00 ............Program
the disclosures for four of the most popular loan
                                                      loans, new Section 35 requirements for               12:00 noon ...............Lunch
products, and a Section 32 Home Improvement
                                                      Higher Priced Mortgage Loans, and new             All times are local at seminar site.
                                                      Section 36 requirements)
• Purchase Money Adjustable Rate/Fixed Rate
                                                    • RESPA/HUD’s Regulation X (including using         Questions Call 800-523-4778. For program
                                                      the new Good Faith Estimate and HUD-1/1A          questions, more information or refunds ask
• Initial Home Construction Loan
                                                      forms, and a review of the escrow process)        for ext. 205 or ext. 235. For administrative
• Home Refinance/Home Improvement
                                                    • Fair Credit Reporting Act (focusing on accu-      policies, such as complaint resolution, ask for
• Home Equity Line of Credit
                                                      racy and integrity of information reported
                                                                                                        ext. 237.
                                                    • Equal Credit Opportunity Act/Regulation B
The Manual Attendees receive a detailed man-
                                                    • HMDA/Regulation C
ual with narrative explanations of the disclosure
                                                    • Fair Housing Act
requirements, completed disclosure examples
                                                    • Flood Disaster Protection Act
                                                                                                                              (Continued on next page.)
J. Patrick Liddy is a Senior Consultant at          Dame and a Juris Doctor degree from The          Confirmations You will receive a written
PBS. Prior to joining the firm he practiced         Ohio State University College of Law.            confirmation of your seminar registration
law for ten years in Ohio and Arizona where                                                          within ten days after we receive payment. If
he is currently licensed. Mr. Liddy then began      Kathleen Mayes is a Senior Consultant at         an e-mail address is provided, your confirma-
his banking career as General Counsel and           PBS. Prior to joining the firm in 2000, Ms.      tion will be sent via e-mail, please make sure
Compliance Officer for a $43 million commu-         Mayes served as a compliance examiner for        to add to your list of
nity bank. The bank was purchased by a              the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in     approved e-mail addresses.
major bank holding company where he served          the San Francisco Region. Ms. Mayes has
as Director of Compliance through a tenfold         nearly fifteen years experience with the FDIC    In-House Training We can bring this seminar
expansion of assets. Mr. Liddy has performed        and Federal Home Loan Bank/Office of Thrift      to your institution. Professional Bank
in-house training on a variety of compliance        Supervision. In addition to her compliance       Services, Inc. provides in-house training to
and legal topics. He has also served as Senior      experience, Ms. Mayes served as a senior         financial institutions on a wide variety of
Risk Officer and Risk Division Counsel. Mr.         supervisory analyst with the FHLB/OTS,           topics. Call 800-523-4778, ext. 237.
Liddy was appointed to and served a three-          supervising multi-billion dollar savings and
year term as a member of the Federal Reserve        loan associations and holding companies and
Board Consumer Advisory Council in                  recommending action regarding institutions
Washington, D.C. He is a graduate of the ABA        exhibiting adverse financial operating trends,
National Graduate School of Compliance              violations of law and regulations, and other
Management. Mr. Liddy holds a Bachelor of           problems. Ms. Mayes is a Certified Regulatory
Arts degree from the University of Notre            Compliance Manager.


CE CREDITS:                          MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO:                    CHARGE PAYMENTS ONLY:              CANCELLATION POLICY:
Eligible for 6.75 CRCM and 6 CPE     Professional Bank Services, Inc.          FAX 502-451-6755                   If you cancel seven days before
credits for Introduction to                                                    PHONE 800-523-4778                 the seminar date, we grant full
Lending Compliance. Eligible for     MAIL TO:                                          Ext. 205 or 235            refunds. If you cancel later, but
6.75 CRCM and 6 CPE credits for      Education Division                        WEB                prior to the date of the seminar,
Mortgage Disclosure Workshop.        Professional Bank Services, Inc.          Enter Promotion Code:              we impose a $50 cancellation
Anticipated approval for 6.75        Suite 305                                 BCLMIB10 (Program 1)               fee. If PBS cancels a seminar for
CRCM and 6 CPE credits for           6200 Dutchman’s Lane                      MORMIB10 (Program 2)               any reason we refund all fees
Mortgage Compliance Update.          Louisville, KY 40205-3309                 MCUMIB10 (Program 3)               paid and supply you with a com-
                                                                                                                  plimentary copy of the manual.

                             AND MORTGAGE COMPLIANCE UPDATE
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