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					2003 Chicago Open
Round 2 – Tossups

1. A giant statue of him was raised on the hillside near the town of Detmold in the late 19 th-century. He failed to
take advantage of his major victory, only fighting to a draw at Idistaviso and capturing the paltry base at Aliso. One
of the stories of him concerns his angering of Segestes by eloping with Segestes‘ daughter, Thusnelda. They would
stay married until he was assassinated in AD 21. This member of the Cherusci made his name by laying a trap while
serving on the staff of Quinctilius Varus. FTP, name this German leader who sprang that trap in AD 9 and crushed
three Roman legions at Teutoburger Wald.
          Answer: Arminius or Hermann

2. In his Appreciations Walter Pater called this novel the ―perfect fiction,‖ and in The Historical Novel Lukacs
criticized it for its privatization of history. The preface is written by Ms. Warrington, who praises the title character,
her father. Among the real life figures we encounter are Marlborough and the apparently weak writer Jonathan
Swift. The bastard title character is brought up in the Castlewood household and becomes infatuated with Beatrix,
though it is his mother figure Rachel that he marries. FTP, name this novel dealing with Stuart intrigues in turn of
the 19th-century England, a work by William Thackeray.
          Answer: The History of Henry Esmond Esq.

3. The second type are also known as W Virginis stars. Ionization of helium just below their photosphere results in
increased opacity in the kappa mechanism. They reside in a namesake instability strip on the HR diagram and are
named for the Delta one discovered by John Goodricke. The main star in Polaris is one of these stars, which show a
period-luminosity relationship discovered by Henrietta Leavitt. Used as standard candles for nearby galaxies, FTP,
name these pulsating stars.
         Answer: Cepheid variables

4. In his diary, this composer wrote of Johannes Brahms, ―What a giftless bastard! It annoys me that this self-
inflated mediocrity is hailed as a genius. His middle period produced such consecutive works as his Variations on a
Rococo Theme for Cello and Orchestra and his orchestral works Francesca da Rimini and Marche Slave. These
followed early operas like The Sorceress and Mazeppa and were, in turn, followed by his Capriccio Italien and
Manfred symphony. FTP, name this composer, whose operas include The Queen of Spades, and whose ballets
include The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.
          Answer: Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

5. Original member Robert Buck, who authored such songs as ―What‘s the Matter Here?‖ and ―Hey Jack Kerouac,‖
died in 2000 of liver failure. Cofounder and guitarist John Lombardo left this band in 1986 a year after the release
of their first album The Wishing Chair. Lombardo rejoined in 1992 with new vocalist Mary Ramsey, whose voice
on a cover of ―More than This‖ helped sell their subsequent album, Love Among the Ruins. But it was another
vocalist who drove such albums as Blind Man’s Zoo and In My Tribe and such songs as ―Candy Everybody Wants‖
and ―These are Days.‖ FTP, name this band whose biggest album was Our Time in Eden, featuring the vocals of
Natalie Merchant.
          Answer: 10,000 Maniacs

6. Two of the chief initial instigators, Paul de Gondi and Armand de Conti, were present at the temporary
compromise achieved at Rueil. However tensions sprang up again resulting in a conflict at Rethel, in which Spanish
mercenaries were defeated by government troops. Rebels held out until the Peace of the Pyrenees even though this
conflict had officially ended six years earlier due primarily to the supremacy of Turenne and Conde. Initially
divided into a two-stage conflict of the parlement and the princes, it greatly weakened the authority of Mazarin.
FTP, name this series of outbreaks in France from 1648 to 1653.
          Answer: Fronde
7. The title character of this novel was at one point apparently hiding out in the Adirondacks and at another point
was apparently murdered in Philadelphia. His absence only becomes important upon the investigation of Julia
Wolf‘s murder. The suspects include the gangster Shep Morelli and the title character‘s vengeful former assistant
Victor Rosewater, who now goes by the name of Curt Jorgensen and is married to the title character‘s ex-wife,
Mimi. Yet it was Herbert Macaulay who murdered Charles Wynant, the never seen title character. This is finally
deduced by Nick Charles, FTP, in what novel by Dashiell Hammett.
          Answer: The Thin Man

8. He predicted the existence of the non-naturally-occuring elements promethium and technetium. An overview of
Bragg‘s work and an ordering of the elements based on straight line plots against the square root of the frequency of
K-series radiation are included in his 1913 paper The High Frequency Spectra of the Elements. FTP, name this
English physicist who justified the concept of the atomic number based on his X-ray work and who met his maker at
         Answer: Henry Gwyn Jeffries Moseley

9. In one myth she and her son Melicertes leapt into the sea and became marine deities. In a more popular tale she
killed herself by jumping off a cliff after following in Agave‘s footsteps and being forced to kill her own children.
This happened after she listened to Hermes, who advised her to suckle a divine child to keep him alive and safe from
Hera. That child had been taken from her the womb of her dead sister. FTP, name this daughter of Harmonia and
Cadmus, the sister of Semele who brought up Dionysus.
         Answer: Ino

10. This day of this figure's death, May 8, is still celebrated by certain extremists as ―White Lotus Day.‖ Societies
bearing this figure‘s name still exist in Egypt and India, and not surprisingly she was forced to move her
headquarters to the latter. In America she was supported by Henry Olcott, who actually wrote much of the text of
her 1888 two-part summation of her movement entitled The Secret Doctrine. Perhaps better known is her
plagiarized book on the occult, Isis Unveiled. FTP, name this Russian mystic who founded the Theosophical
         Answer: Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

11. After serving in his most famous post, he became the chief U.S. member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration,
or Hague Tribunal, and also headed the commission to settle the Venezuela Boundary Dispute. He rose to regional
prominence in the Democratic power machine as a Chicago lawyer before coming to national prominence via an
appointment by Grover Cleveland in 1888. Despite being overshadowed by such men as Joseph Bradley and
Stephen Field he offered two major opinions in U.S. v. E.C. Knight and Co. and Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan and
Trust. FTP, name this Supreme Court chief justice who also presided over Plessey v. Ferguson.
         Answer: Melville Fuller

12. Robinson Jeffers‘ version of this play ran for almost a decade starting in 1947. In 1959 Countee Cullen
produced it with a black title character, who was much more sympathetic than Seneca‘s AD 60 version. The
original version ends with the title character promising to go to stay with the son of Pandion, Aegeus, and has its
events set in motion with one character‘s decision to marry Glauke. This leads to Glauke‘s death via a poisoned
dress, and eventually the title character‘s decision to murder her own children. FTP, name this Euripides play about
the wife of Jason.
         Answer: Medea

13. It is now known that there are four groups of them, and studies in Tetrahymena elucidated what happens in
Group I. The earliest physical evidence of them was found in the beta-globin gene in mice, though the ovalbumin
gene in chicken has been found to contain a more extensive set. Their removal was first identified via a self-
excision process and the possible use of a complex known as a spliceosome. FTP, identify these nucleotide
segments that are not expressed in the final mRNA product unlike their analog, the exons.
           Answer: introns
14. Its third volume, oddly enough, ends with an excursus on the Crimean War. Its final volume is perhaps most
famous for its chapter, ―The Two Boyhoods,‖ which describes two of the author‘s favorite cities. That volume also
includes discussion of such men as Wouvermans and Salvator Rosa and divides the title subject into Heroic,
Classical, Pastoral, and Contemplative orders. The fourth part contains the famous passage on the tower of Calais
Church, while the second introduces the author‘s concept of the pathetic fallacy. FTP, name this work originally
written as a defense of J.M.W. Turner, a treatise on art by John Ruskin.
          Answer: Modern Painters

15. While in Venice, he executed a series of stained glass windows for St. Mark‘s, and his one on the resurrection of
Jesus Christ is still in place. His first dated work is a fresco of the English mercenary Sir John Hawkwood. After
returning from Venice as a mosaicist, he produced two frescoes from the Old Testament in the Green Cloister of
Florence‘s Santa Maria Novella. Another work in the Green Cloister, The Deluge, better shows the preoccupation
which characterizes major works like The Hunt in the Forest. FTP, name this Florentine painter whose obsession
with perspective is seen in his The Battle of San Romano.
         Answer: Paolo Uccello or Paolo di Dono

16. This explorer‘s prolific writings included his Bref Discours, a description of his first three-year tour to the king,
and his Des Sauvages, his description of the natives around the rapids at Lachine in the New World. With the
patronage of the Sieur de Mont, he discovered Mt. Desert Island, founded a colony at the mouth of the St. Croix
River, and discovered and mapped most of the larger rivers of Maine. His new voyages finally ended in 1629 when
he was captured by the English. FTP, identify this chief founder of New France, whose name lives on a lake on the
New York-Vermont border.
         Answer: Samuel Champlain

17. The protagonist of this novel participates in a revolt led by Burne Holiday, and nearly falls in love with his
widowed cousin Clara not long after his romance with his childhood friend, Isabella. The protagonist‘s companions
include Tom D‘invilliers and Alec Connage, who join him on adventures like joining the Triangle Club and
discovering the joy of English fin de siecle poets. After returning from World War I, he discovers his mother
Beatrice is dead, as is Monsignor Darcy, his father figure. The best episodes are those set at Princeton, where he
becomes a ―literary bird.‖ FTP, name this autobiographical novel about Amory Blaine, a work by F. Scott
         Answer: This Side of Paradise

18. Although initially stated by Euler in 1783, Gauss was the first to prove it after an unsuccessful proof by
Legendre. Gauss called it his ―aureum theorema‖, or golden theorem, and went on to prove it eight different ways.
It requires that p and q be odd primes, and produces a different result when both p and q are congruent to 3 mod 4.
FTP, what is this theorem which relates p being a quadratic residue of q to q being a quadratic residue of p?
          Answer: quadratic reciprocity or QR theorem

19. They are divided into two administrative bailiwicks, each of which has a crown appointed lieutenant governor.
They were mostly Christianized in the 6th-century through the efforts of St. Sampson and St. Helier, and the latter
gives his name to its chief port, along with St. Peter Port. Herm, Jethou, and Lithou are small constituents and like
the rest of the group they maintain Norman customs. FTP, name this island group whose members include Sark,
Alderney, Jersey, and Guernsey.
          Answer: Channel Islands

20. Susan Sontag wrote a play about this figure ―in Bed.‖ In 1873 she met another single woman, Katherine Loring,
with whom she formed a so-called ―Boston marriage.‖ The only daughter of Mary Robertson Walsh, she suffered
from repeated mental breakdowns from the age of 19 onward. Much of this is chronicled in her famous diaries,
along with her disappointment at not being able to receive an education comparable to that of her famous brothers.
FTP, name this sister of philosopher William and novelist Henry.
         Answer: Alice James (prompt on just last name)
2003 Chicago Open
Round 2 – Bonuses

1. Name these Cormac McCarthy novels, FTP each:
A. Possibly the most violent novel you‘ll ever read, it follows the adventures of the Kid in and around the Texas-
Mexico border in the mid-19th-century.
         Answer: Blood Meridian, Or, The Evening Redness in the West
B. McCarthy‘s first novel, it centers on the relationship between young John Wesley Rattner and the bootlegger
Marion Sylder. Unbeknownst to both of them Sylder has killed Rattner‘s father.
         Answer: The Orchard Keeper
C. Fans of Matt Damon might be familiar with this not great novel that began the Border Trilogy and first
introduced us to John Grady Cole.
         Answer: All the Pretty Horses

2. Name these Crusades from descriptions, FTP each:
A. Innocent III called for this crusade against Egypt. It was led by King John of Jerusalem and ended with a
decisive Egyptian victory at Ashmoun Canal.
         Answer: Fifth Crusade
B. Innocent III also called for this crusade, which was led by Simon de Montfort against the namesake heretics.
         Answer: Albigensian Crusade
C. Saint Louis succumbed to an epidemic during his siege of Tunis during this Crusade, which ended shortly
         Answer: Eighth Crusade

3. Name these Turing Award winners, FTP each:
A. This 1971 recipient was recognized for his achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, for which he
developed the language Lisp.
            Answer: John McCarthy
B. This recipient in 1974 was cited for his contribution to the ―art of computer programming‖ through his books by
that title.
            Answer: Donald Knuth
C. This first Turing Award recipient in 1966 was also the first president of the ACM and was known for his
epigrams such as ―one man‘s constant is another man‘s variable.‖
            Answer: Alan J. Perlis

4. Name these Alfred Hitchcock films, FTP each:
A. Hitchcock made two versions of this film. The latter included Doris Day‘s beautiful performance of ―Que Sera
Sera,‖ the original 1934 version is superior.
          Answer: The Man Who Knew Too Much
B. Its climactic finale on Mt. Rushmore culminates this marvelous espionage tale starring Cary Grant and Eve-Marie
Saint. Also of note is the famous crop duster scene.
          Answer: North by Northwest
C. It is probably the weakest of the three Hitchcock movies starring Grace Kelley, as it is far inferior to Rear
Window and not as lightheartedly entertaining as To Catch a Thief.
          Answer: Dial M for Murder
5. Name the philosophers who utilized these terms, FTP each:
A. This hunchback warned of the danger of ideological ascendancy, or ―hegemony,‖ and urged progressive elements
to create a counterculture. His major work is Prison Notebooks.
          Answer: Antonio Gramsci
B. In History and Class Consciousness he dwells heavily on Marx‘s concept of reification, the process by which
bourgeois society transforms social relations into commodity relations.
          Answer: Georg Lukacs
C. He theorized an ―epistemological break‖ in the work of Marx, and viewed society as a totality of economy,
politics, and ideology, all of which possess particular relationships called conjunctures. He reasoned that any
specific conjuncture is likely to be ―overdetermined,‖ or be complex and slightly redundant.
          Answer: Louis Althusser

6. Name these writers who have written critically on Jane Austen, FTP each:
A. In her essay on Mansfield Park, this writer claims that Austen intentionally blunted her ironic voice in the novel,
choosing to concentrate wholly on a ―benevolent scheme instead.‖ She wrote a biography of Austen in the Penguin
Lives series but is best known for the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Stone Diaries.
          Answer: Carol Shields
B. Austen is the prototypical pre-Victorian writer who was forced to work amongst the distractions of a woman‘s
duty and would have desired ―A Room of One‘s Own‖ in an essay of that name by this writer.
          Answer: Virginia Woolf
C. In this writer‘s essay on Northanger Abbey, a close parallel is drawn between Austen‘s Gothic parody and her
epistolary parody in Love and Freindship. His major work is Reverse Tradition: Postmodern Fictions and the
Nineteenth Century Novel.
          Answer: Robert Kiely

7. Name these 20th-century American attorneys general, FTP each:
A. He served in that post for Taft from 1909 to 1913 but might be better known for heading a commission that, in
1930, released a negative report on the status of Prohibition.
         Answer: George Wickersham
B. Known as the ―Fighting Quaker,‖ in 1920 he conducted a series of namesake raids to round up suspected
         Answer: A. Mitchell Palmer
C. This attorney general under Teddy Roosevelt from 1906 to 1909 was the grandson of Jerome Bonaparte,
Napoleon‘s youngest brother.
         Answer: Charles Joseph Bonaparte (prompt on just last name)

8. Name these eponymous reactions from organic chemistry, FTP each:
A. This addition of an alcohol to a carboxylic acid is one of the more common methods of producing an ester.
         Answer: Fischer esterification
B. This synthesis utilizes the addition of cyanide to an aldehyde in the presence of ammonium chloride to yield the
analogous amino nitrile.
         Answer: Strecker Synthesis
C. This is a conjugate addition reaction utilizing a carbanion nucleophile on an unsaturated ketone.
         Answer: Michael addition

9. Andre Agassi has faced an odd array of opponents in many of his Grand Slam finals. Name some of them, FTP
A. Andre‘s first Grand Slam final came in 1990 at the French Open, which he lost to this Argentine veteran, thereby
giving this man his only Grand Slam title.
          Answer: Andres Gomez
B. Andre‘s first US Open title came in 1994 when, as an unseeded player and playing for the last time with long
hair, he beat this German, who had already won his only Grand Slam title in 1991 at Wimbledon.
          Answer: Michael Stich
C. Andre has only beaten this player once in a Grand Slam final, the 1995 Australian Open. Agassi previously lost
to him in the finals of the ‗91 US Open, the ‗95 US Open, ‗99 Wimbledon, and most recently the 2002 US Open.
          Answer: Pete Sampras
10. Name the French painters of these controversial nudes, FTP each:
A. His La Grand Odalisque was accused of having extra vertebrae.
         Answer: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
B. This academic painter is remembered for his nude September Morn, which was forced out of France at the threat
of destruction when it was exhibited in 1912.
         Answer: Paul Emile Chabas
C. His notable nudes include Lady in Blue and The Blue Nude.
         Answer: Henri Matisse

11. Name these poets who experimented with form, FTP each:
A. Her ―Cardinal Ideograms‖ lists the numbers zero through ten and gives impressions of the numbers as if they
were pictures. Other poems include ―Goodbye, Goldeneye‖ and ―Motherhood.‖
         Answer: May Swenson
B. His poem ―Swan and Shadow‖ is written in a way that the poem appears as a swan on the page. He co-invented
the double dactyl with Anthony Hecht.
         Answer: John Hollander
C. The imaginary character of Henry unusually speaks in the first, second, and third person in this man‘s The Dream
         Answer: John Berryman

12. Name these things related to Muslim rule of India, FTP each:
A. Muslims took decisive control of northern India after this 1192 victory for Mohamad of Ghor over Rajput forces
led by the Amir of Dehli.
         Answer: Second Battle of Taraori [this is enough; no one knows about the first anyway]
B. Muslims ruled northern India uninterrupted until the fall of this dynasty in 1857.
         Answer: Mughal or Moghul dynasty
C. Muslims exerted their greatest control over the Indian subcontinent under this Mughal emperor, whose death in
1707 led to almost complete collapse of the empire within 40 years.
         Answer: Aurangzeb

13. Identify these hormones, FTP each:
A. This hormone raises blood pressure by causing blood vessels to constrict. It is converted from a blood protein by
the action of renin, a kidney protein that is released in response to low blood pressure.
         Answer: angiotensin
B. Angiontensin stimulates the release of this adrenal hormone that interacts with the kidney‘s to regulate the
blood‘s sodium and potassium content.
         Answer: aldosterone
C. This hormone, released from the posterior pituitary, also acts on the kidneys by making the walls of the renal
tubules and collecting ducts more permeable to water, thereby increasing water reabsorption.
         Answer: ADH or antidiuretic hormone or vasopressin

14. Name these related figures of Greek myth, FTP each:
A. This daughter of Telephassa and Agenor was abducted by Zeus in the form of a white bull.
         Answer: Europa
B. This son of Zeus and Europa was the founder of the city of Miletus and was gifted with long life by Zeus.
         Answer: Sarpedon
C. Europa married this Cretan ruler after Zeus had taken her to that island. Zeus gave him the mighty bronze man,
Talos, to defend his realm as compensation for taking Europa‘s virginity.
         Answer: Asterius
15. Name these orchestral works of Maurice Ravel, FTP each:
A. Ravel orchestrated this Mussorgsky suite for piano inspired by ten paintings by Victor Hartmann.
          Answer: Pictures at an Exhibition
B. Its four movements include such sections as ―Prelude to the Night,‖ and the second and third ―Malaguena‖ and
―Habenera‖ sections.
          Answer: Rapsodie espagnole
C. While occasionally performed as a ballet, this suite is usually heard in concert, represented by its final three
numbers, ―Daybreak,‖ ―Pantomime,‖ and ―General Dance.‖
          Answer: Daphnis et Chloe

16. Name these related playwrights, FTP each:
A. This playwright authored several one-act works, including The Rising of the Moon and The Doctor in Spite of
         Answer: Lady Gregory or Isabella Augusta Persse
B. This flamboyant playwright wrote The Coming of Gabrielle and The Making of an Immortal, but it is on the
novel Esther Waters that his fame rests.
         Answer: George Moore
C. Lady Gregory and George Moore co-founded the Irish Literary Theater with this playwright of The Countess
         Answer: William Butler Yeats

17. Name these things related to Napoleon‘s rise to power, FTP each:
A. After successively defeating four Austrian generals in Italy, the little man forced concession and the end of the
War of the First Coalition via this 1797 treaty.
          Answer: Treaty of Campo Formio
B. In 1799 Napoleon crushed the Turks near this bay, where a year earlier his own forces under Admiral Brueys had
been crushed by Horatio Nelson‘s fleet.
          Answer: Aboukir Bay or Abu Qir Bay (do not accept ―Nile‖)
C. Napoleon was one of the chief participants of the coup of 1799 on this date in the French Revolutionary calendar
that led to the establishment of the Consulate. Give both the day and the month.
          Answer: 18 Brumaire (accept 19 Brumaire – it went on for two days but the first day is the important

18. Answer these questions about relativity, FTP each:
A. This famous paradox can be resolved by noting that the two people involved are not identical, since one must
accelerate when he turns around to return to Earth.
         Answer: twin paradox
B. An important prediction of special relativity is that this effect should have a different form than that for sound,
since there is no medium through which light travels.
         Answer: Doppler effect
C. Energy and momentum can form one of these quantities, which can be transformed by a Lorentz transformation.
         Answer: four-vector

19. Name these early American ethnologists, FTP each:
A. His 1846 work Synopsis of the Indian Tribes of North America, earned him the title ―father of American
         Answer: Abraham Alphonse Albert Gallatin
B. His Algic Researches on the tribes of the Allegheny region was the primary source for Longfellow‘s Hiawatha.
His Narrative Journal of Travels through the Northwestern Regions of the United States is an account of his 1820
expedition to Michigan and Lake Superior with Lewis Cass.
         Answer: H.R. Schoolcraft [Henry Rowe}
C. His doctrine of a common origin and psychic unity of all races is featured in his major work, Ancient Society.
         Answer: Lewis Henry Morgan
20. The fact that she was a biology major and went to DePauw didn‘t prevent her from writing such popular novels
as Pigs in Heaven and The Poisonwood Bible. FTP each, name—
A. This American writer.
         Answer: Barbara Kingsolver
B. The Barbara Kingsolver novel, probably her best-known, which features Taylor Greer and her journey across the
         Answer: The Bean Trees
C. The Kingsolver novel that utilizes a double narrative to relate the stories of Doc Homer and his daughters Codi
and Hallie.
         Answer: Animal Dreams

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