How to use Filezilla to Access the BHS

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					                               Uploading your Website using Filezilla

Filezilla is a program you can use to upload files to your Nipissing web site over the Internet while on
campus or from home.

   1) To begin, please open Filezilla from your Education Menu – Internet and Web.
   2) The following window will appear. Please note where to locate the folders on your computer and the
      files located within the folders.
   3) Click on the Site Manager Button in the top left of the window.

   4) A new window will appear. Click the New Site button. Then type a name for your connection (i.e. My
5) Enter the following site details:
          Port: 22
          Servertype: SFTP using SSH2
          Logontype: Normal
          Username: <your username> (i.e. k0034588)

6) Click on the Advanced button. Under the Default local
   directory, click the (…) button and search for your website
   folder (Documents – My Web Sites - <what you named
   your folder>). Click Ok.

7) Then click Connect. You will now be able to enter your
   password. It is your birthday MMDDYY. (for example: 103183)
8) The following message will appear, click Yes.

9) You will now see a connection to the university’s
   server in the right-side box in Filezilla. Your
   computer will be on the left side.

10) To transfer files from your computer to the Internet
    server, locate the folders/files you wish to transfer on
    the left-side box, then click on them and drag them
    into your html folder on the right-side box. For the
    first time copy ALL files and folders in your website
    folder and drag them over.

10) When you are ready to disconnect, use the Disconnect button, or click the Red X.
11) Your website address will be: