How to Use the Digital DropBox in Blackboard

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					How to Use the Digital DropBox in Blackboard

The Digital DropBox enables users of Blackboard to send files to other users or even to
transfer files from one computer to another. The first step is to locate the DropBox.
Your teacher may have assigned it to a particular button in his or her course OR you may
have to click the TOOLS button which is the case in this example. You then click the
link to the Digital DropBox

There are two operations to complete. First you Add a file then you Send a file. To Add
a file, click the Add File button.
Next you will be presented with this screen. It asks you to name your file submission
here, browse to your hard drive to find the file here, and add any comments you may
choose to make here.

When you click the Browse button, you will see this screen. You need to browse to the
appropriate folder on your computer, click on the file and then click the Open button.
Then click the Submit button here

You will then see a message which tells you that the file will be added but not sent. This
is OK and you just need to click the OK button.
You will now see a screen which tells you that the file has been added to the DropBox.
Now you need to Send it to someone. First say OK on this screen.

If you wish to transfer a copy of your file from the computer you are currently using to
another one, just leave the file where it is and when you get to your other computer, you
can right click on your file and download it. However, if you want to send this file to
another user choose the Send File button.
Now you will be presented with this screen. First choose the person or people to whom
you wish to send the file. Then choose the file by dropping the list arrow here and
clicking on the file. Add a name to the link here and any comments you wish to make
here. Then click Submit and the file will be sent.

NOTE: The Browse button is available so that you can Add and Send a file all in one
step, however, if you do this you will not have the option of transferring a file to your self
on another computer as described above. When you click the Submit button you will get
this screen, click OK one more time and you are finished.
Then when you say OK you should get this screen:

Now you are done.