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                   SIDDHA METHOD

        P.P.Swami Hardasji, founder and inventor of Siddha Science visited Orissa from
19 to 22 nd Oct 2008 to launch the project “Disease Free village through Siddha method.”
He camped at Jharapokharia near Baripada in the tribal district of Mayurbhanj. There
was a team of about 100 Volunteers who visited about 21 villages in three days from
19th to 21st and carried out the following process.

   1.      Survey of villages where not done earlier.
   2.      Gathered them at an identified place.
   3.      Inform them about objective of the gathering.
   4.      Practise Kalyan Sadhana.
   5.      Practise Sakti Data Sadhana
   6.      Saktipat
   7.      Practise Siddha Treatment for self and others.

Thousands of people gathered in different places to participate in the programme. The
results of the programme was astonishing. About 90% of the people got relief against
their various ailments. About 15 persons got back their lost eye sight, five bed ridden
patients could walk, 4-5 Deaf could hear. There was a lone case where a lady could talk
up to 60 to 70%. Most of the people suffering from joint pain , arthritis, skin disease,
stomach problem, Headache, movement problem of body parts, piles etc. could get
substantial relief. The villages which were covered during these three days are :
1st Day Coverage :
    Manbhanj, Jaldinga,Uparbeda, Kherana & Paktia.
2 Day Coverage :
    Bansda,Bandhiari,Tulsibani,Astia,Chaulagheri,Deuli,Pathuri,Talpunasia,Rajbandh &
3 Day coverage :
    Bahadurpur,Paikabasa,Sirisbani,Samakhunta,Bholgadia & Gudipokhari.

        About 100 Volunteers associated in the programme, captured the out come of
Kalyan Sadhana, Sakti Data Sadhana and treatment. It was remarkable to note the impact
of such Kalyan Sadhana, when done properly. Sri Jagdish Kumar Mohanta, Basudev
Patra, Basant Kumar Sethi, Tophan Kumar Mohanta and Smt. Swarnalata Das, Inductors
coordinated the programme. Sri Paramananda Das from Balasore and Sri Nilamani
Mohapatra from Bhubaneswar supervised the activities. It was a remarkable achievement
worth seen by Siddha Volunteers.      The general public welcomed Swami Hardas in all
the villages with deep regard and listened to him carefully. Eradication of disease in few
hours without medicine, though sounds impossible to new comers, they believed it,
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practiced and got result. Swami Hardasji was moved with the sincerity and dedication of
the tribal people working selflessly in rural villages.

       A workshop was organized on Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar where about 100
Volunteers participated on 20th Oct. 2008 evening. Swamiji expressed six important
methods to control the above ailments. There was a demonstration on effect of Siddha
Mantra on Blood Pressure. Within 5 minutes of Siddha Mantras with speed, the level of
Blood Pressure patients with Low Blood Pressure such as 100/70, 100/90 and 110/70
could become 120/80 in each case. They were reciting Mantra “Om Siddhaya Namah”
with speed. Two patients having High B.P. of 140/90 and 200/120 recited the mantra
slowly and within 5 minutes it became 130/80 and 130/100 respectively. It was an
astonishing fact but true. The workshop proved the power of Siddha Mantra with change
in speed.

       On 22nd morning Swami Hardas laid the Foundation Stone of Siddha Bidyashram
at Rajabasa about 8 KMs from Baripada.
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