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									Driving Traffic To Your Blog
Driving traffic to your blog is not difficult when you have an idea in your
head about how you want to do it. One of the best ways to drive traffic to
your blog is by commenting on other blogs. I see people mention this all the
time, but I don’t see many people talking about it in-depth.

I ran a decent blog for years, and tried every new gimmick and method of
getting traffic to my blog that there was. One thing I didn’t spend a lot of
time on was visiting other blogs in my niche and commenting on their posts
in a meaningful way. A blog consultant that I hired told me that his best
recommendation was for me to subscribe to seven blogs in my niche and
comment on a different on each and every single day of the week. I scoffed
at the idea, but said I would do my best to at least try it.

After I did this for about a week, I couldn’t believe the surge in subscriptions
to my RSS feed and traffic in general. It seems that people returned the
favor whenever I contributed to their blog. I realized then that
communication and socialization is what made blogs such a hit to begin
with. Just because you run a blog doesn’t mean that you stop reading
blogs, the opposite is true actually.

So do yourself the favor of commenting on other related blogs, it will benefit
you in ways that you may never even realize. Make sure that you do your
best to offer something to the comment posts also, don’t just give one of
those, “Yeah great post, thanks!” and click submit. You would be better off
doing nothing compared to that. If you spend time enriching the content of
a fellow blogger, you are almost always going to get it back ten-fold.

Everything I learned, I learned from the best blogging system in the world, it
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be amazed.

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