PLANNING APPLICATION REF NO:             CR/2009/0158/LBC




 AGENTS NAME:                Mr GRAHAM ROSS.

 EXPIRY DATE:                28/05/09


 05-09-11 Rev B Existing & Proposed Elevations of Seating Area, 05-09-10 Rev B
 Existing & Proposed Floor Plans of Seating Area, 05-09-01 Rev B Existing &
 Proposed Floor Plans , 05-09-02 Rev B Existing & Proposed Positioning of Extract
 Duct, 05-09-03 Rev B Existing & Proposed Partition Wall , 05-09-04 Rev B Existing &
 Proposed Elevations of Signs, 05-09-05 Rev B Existing & Proposed Signs


 Consultation expiry date:          5 May 2009

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 1.     Society Prot. Ancient Building          N/A
 2.     WSCC                                    No objection
 3.     The Council For British Archaeology,    N/A
 4.     CCCAAC                                  Objection
 5.     CBC - Env. Health Division              No comment received.
 6.     Joint Committee of the National Amenity Societies N/A
 7.     English Heritage - South East Region No comment received
 8.     The Georgian Group                      N/A
 9.     Ancient Monuments Society               N/A
 10.    The Victorian Society                   N/A


 1.     The Occupier           FLAT                            07/04/2009
 2.     The Occupier           FIRST FLOOR                     07/04/2009
 3.     The Occupier           63 HIGH STREET                  07/04/2009
 4.     The Occupier           59 HIGH STREET                  07/04/2009
 5.     The Occupier           65 HIGH STREET                  07/04/2009
 6.     The Occupier           57 HIGH STREET                  07/04/2009

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7.        The Occupier           55A HIGH STREET           07/04/2009
8.        The Occupier           57A HIGH STREET           07/04/2009
9.        The Occupier           63 THE CORN EXCHANGE HIGH STREET 07/04/2009
10.       The Occupier           60 HIGH STREET            07/04/2009
11.       The Occupier           61 HIGH STREET            07/04/2009
12.       The Occupier           55 HIGH STREET            07/04/2009
13.       The Occupier                                     07/04/2009
14.       The Occupier           50-54                     23/04/2009
15.       The Occupier           SHAW HOUSE                23/04/2009

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No other representations have been received.


Located on the west side of High Street in the conservation area, and facing onto the
pedestrianised are of High Street, The George Hotel is a prominent Grade II* Listed building
comprised of a number of different elements.

The application site comprises a C19th section of the building to the north of the original medieval
parts of the building. Including a covered carriageway arch to the stables at the rear. The
passage has now been enclosed with a conservatory style extension, and a raised floor has been
added. The ground floor of the part of the building to the north has been converted into a
restaurant and the conservatory style infill extension of the passage is in use primarily as a take

The installation of new cooking facilities in the conservatory has also resulted in the addition of a
large metal extract funnel, finished in matt black, being erected adjacent to the rear east facing
elevation of the original C19th part of the building, and attached to a brick flat roof part of the
building north of the original passage.


This application seeks listed building consent for the following works:

      •    Listed building consent for the replacement of the existing unauthorised internal partition
           with a new metal framed glazed partition.
      •    Retrospective consent for the extract duct.
      •    Retrospective consent for the erection of four signs comprising a hanging sign
           (illuminated), two fascia signs and screen sign. The latter would not be attached to the
           building and would not require Listed Building Consent.
      •    A retrospective change of use of part of the building from A3 (restaurant) to mixed A3
           (restaurant) and A5 (Hot Food takeaway.


There have been numerous previous applications in respect of this site. However since 2000
there have been a few applications of particular note. Application CR/2000/0443/LBC which
sought the removal of lower level open bar, metal gates and erection of timber gates to existing
posts to existing carriageway arch was granted consent.

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In 2005 Listed Building Consent was granted for the opening up of two doors in the elevation of
the C19th part of the building to allow access to the restaurant. Ref. CR/2005/0721/LBC. This
was implemented in 2009.

In 2005 listed building consent was granted for the erection of a glazed canopy to the rear of the
carriage arch and signs. This was not erected in accordance with the approved plans.
CR/2005/0836/LBC. There was no application for planning permission.

There was also an application in 2005 for the erection of one externally illuminated fascia sign.


Policy BN11 states that proposals which affect a listed building will only be permitted if there is no
adverse impact on the building’s historic or architectural interest, appropriate materials are used
and existing walls, railings, gates and other features are retained with the minimum of alteration.

Policy BN7 relates specifically to development in the High Street Conservation area and includes
the consideration of impact of development upon the setting of listed buildings, with particular
reference to the design of shop fronts and other building frontages.
Bn2 specifies policies in regard of Conservation Areas generally.

The guidance within Planning Policy Guidance Note 15 ‘Planning and the Historic Environment,’
is also of relevance to the determination of this application.


The determining considerations for this application are the impact of the proposals on the special
architectural and historic character of the Grade II* Listed Building.

This report will initially consider each of the proposed elements individually. Firstly with regard to
the screen proposed for the carriage arch facing onto the High Street conservation area. It must
be emphasised that the screen currently in place in unauthorised and was erected earlier in 2009
without the benefit of Listed Building Consent or Planning Permission. The screen proposed is
therefore intended to replace the existing unauthorised wall. This is not clearly indicated in the
submitted information.

In 2005 the Listed Building Application submitted under ref. CR/2005/0721/LBC was amended
and the removal of the doors to the coach entrance and the installation of a glazed screen was
withdrawn from the application prior to determination. The application was then granted consent
for the installation of four pedestrian doors into the existing High Street frontage of the building,
giving access to restaurant areas. The doors were therefore to be retained and neither planning
permission or listed building consent was granted for the erection of any form of screen in the
carriage arch.

Later listed building consent was granted for the erection of a glazed canopy to the rear of the
carriage arch in the courtyard area. No raised floor was indicated and the surrounding walls were
proposed to be trellis, details of which were to be submitted prior to the works being undertaken.
A barbeque was proposed to the rear of the covered area with a pipe form of extract/flue running
across and up the wall of the original building to the south of the enclosed area. The area would
therefore have provided a covered eating area within the courtyard setting, surrounded by trellis-
work and not the solid walls and enclosed area as erected. The installation of the raised floor has
of itself had a significant impact on the proposed design of the screen. The consent was
granted with the doors at the front of the carriage arch to remain in situ, providing enclosure and
security from the High Street. The area was then used to provide an enclosed seating area for
use in conjunction with the neighbouring restaurant located in part of the building immediately to
the north of the arch.

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The current applicant has retained the raised floor and has installed cooking facilities in the now
enclosed courtyard area to provide grilled food for an apparent predominantly takeaway use, with
ancillary seating, whilst the original part of the building to the north is laid out for use as a
restaurant. The seating and service area within the courtyard has now been enclosed by a
partition wall painted beige/magnolia with two timber framed windows and a timber door and
frame. This is situated approximately 1.7m from the front gates in the carriage arch at the point
at which the raised floor has been installed. The existing unauthorised screen in terms of design,
creates a physical and highly visible enclosure of the courtyard area, and is considered to have a
fenestration pattern and a use of materials on this highly visible elevation, which are completely
inappropriate in design, and of inappropriate materials and poorly implemented in relation to
either the open character of the courtyard area, or to either of the neighbouring parts of the
building. The inappropriateness of this screen has a significant impact on the frontage of the
building at this location, as the use as a restaurant and take away results in the doors to the front
of the carriage arch remaining open during times when there will be most activity in the already
busy High Street, onto which it faces directly.

The County Conservation Architect has advised the applicant with regard to a replacement for the
existing screen. This includes a powder coated metal frame to the area above the unauthorised
raised floor with effectively the creation of a powder coated metal stall risers at the floor level and
below. In addition the door would be replaced by a powder coated metal framed ¾ glazed door,
with fanlight above, all within a powder coated metal framework. Acid etched strips are proposed
for the glass to prevent the glazing being a hazard. The proposed screen would have the
appearance of a modern shop-front with metal powder coated stall riser. The extent of the metal
framing would give the screen a permanent and fixed appearance. It would introduce modern a
shop front appearance to this originally open courtyard element of the building, with materials and
a finish which would be appropriate to a modern shop front on this modern building. Whilst in
terms therefore of physical impact on the historic building the proposal would not be likely to
result in damage to historic fabric of the building, it would introduce modern materials and an
inappropriate design to the building.

The takeaway/restaurant use also trades for long hours during the day and the gates to the front
of the arch are therefore generally open to view from the High Street. Although the screen is set
back, it is conspicuous from the High Street and is therefore harmful to the character of the High
Street Conservation area, contrary to policies BN2 and BN7 of the Crawley Borough Local Plan

It is considered that the design as proposed is based on the current unauthorised developments
within this courtyard area, which of themselves may not result in individual harm to the character
of the original building, however they do result in a requirement in design terms to introduce a
need to provide framing and a stall riser to hide the raised floor and this results in the elements of
the design as proposed which would create a heavily framed screen of modern design within this
significant and highly visible grade II* Listed Building.

Secondly with regard to the extract at the rear of the building. A large and conspicuous extract
has been erected on the west/rear facing elevation of the building. It is attached to a flat roofed
mid C20th element and extends above the roof of this par of the building. It has been situated to
the rear of the carriage arch and rises above the eaves height of the C19th part of the building
fronting High Street. The drawings as originally submitted under-represented the height and size
of the extract. This has been amended in the revised drawings as submitted.

It is clearly visible from the service area, which is also open to the public at the rear of the
building. There is however screening provided by existing buildings from public viewpoints. The
extract has been installed linking a new cooking area installed in the enclosed courtyard area,
which provides a take-away service in addition to the authorised A3 restaurant use. The extract
has been painted black, but it is not considered that any attempt has been made to consider the
siting and scale of the extract in relation to the existing building, and unlike other extracts, this is
not screened and appears as a large and incongruous element in a visible location. It is also
considered that the flue as proposed for original barbeque area under the canopy would have

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been of considerably smaller massing and would have had significantly less impact on the
building. This flue has however not been implemented, and an alternative smaller flue was
installed in the roof of the canopy.

The extract has been attached to more modern flat roofed part of the building and it is not
therefore considered that there is harm to the historic fabric of the building.

With regard to the signs.

In principle it is considered that the fascia signs are similar to the signs originally installed on the
building, and they would not result in a clutter on the frontage, then they would be acceptable.
Conditions would however be required to ensure that the proposed finishing materials of the
hanging sign are acceptable.

The hanging sign however, would be situated on an area of decorative tile hanging on the front of
the building. No details of the method of attachment have been provided with the application and
it is therefore considered that it could result damage to the historic fabric of the building at this

With regard to the use of the site as a takeaway, in principle it is considered that this use could be
complimentary to the existing restaurant use to the north and the bar/pub to the south. The
building now has a mixture of A3 and A4 uses and provides an active street frontage. Concern is
however expressed that in order to use the covered courtyard for a takeaway with its own
serving/kitchen facilities, the applicant has had to install the extract and the new frontage screen
behind the doors, and there is therefore a concern that the use as proposed has resulted in
unacceptable alterations to the building.


It is considered that the existing and proposed screen at the front of the building, under the
carriage arch, and the extract have a detrimental impact on the special architectural and historic
character of this listed building, and that insufficient information has been submitted to show that
hanging sign would not have a harmful impact on the historic fabric on the front of Listed Building.
It is therefore considered that the proposal is contrary to policy BN11 of the Crawley Borough
Local Plan 2000 and PPG15 in this regard.


To refuse for the following reasons:


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