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									Letter announcing Camp Quest 2010
Dear Friend of Camp Quest UK,

Firstly, apologies if you receive this twice - we are having some
problems with our mailings lists!

We are proud to announce that Camp Quest UK is open for registrations
for our 2010 camps! Due to such unexpected press coverage last summer
and a huge amount of public support, we will be operating two camps
2010, with a capacity of 40 campers each.

*Camp A -- Kilve Court, Somerset*

The first camp will be held from* Monday 26^th July to Friday 30^th
July* at Kilve Court in Somerset. This centre will host a variety of
activities, and its close proximity to the beach will mean that the
children will have the opportunity to go on a fossil walk. This camp
intended to be aimed at those who enjoy walking and nature, or
who suffer from a heavy school schedule and are in need of a break.
Campers will be staying in rooms in a large house.

*Camp B -- Caythorpe Court, Lincolnshire*

The second camp will be held at a PGL centre, Caythorpe Court in
Lincolnshire, from *Monday 23^rd August to Friday 27^th August*.
will be staying in a Grade II listed manor house, and enjoy access to
PGL's fantastic facilities. This camp would be suitable for those
campers who want to try plenty of different activities.


The Camp Quest activities will be held in the mornings and evenings,
was the case last year. This year our theme is the Mind, which means
children will be exploring questions such as "What does it mean to
a mind?", "Can robots have minds?", and "Are we more than the sum of
our brain cells?" to name but a few. In addition, we intend to hold
sessions on astronomy, critical thinking, science, and much more,
although our programme has not been finalised yet, so we cannot
guarantee anything!

*Both Camp A and Camp B will run outdoor adventure activities in the
afternoons*. We have agreed with the camps that those at Camp A
Court) will do one activity per afternoon and those at Camp B
Court) will do two activities per afternoon. We are offering this
as we found that some of the children were exhausted by the
last year. The campers certainly won't be missing out at Kilve Court
even though there are fewer different activities, they will get to
longer on each one.


Each place at camp costs ?275, with a non-refundable ?80 deposit
required to reserve the place. The price includes food, board, the
t-shirt, and all activities but does not include transport to and
the camp.

We are working on providing discounted or subsidised places. If you
finding the cost of camp financially unfeasible, please get in touch
with us.


As an organisation which aims to keep the cost of camp as low as
possible, we are always open to donations. Every amount, no matter
small, can contribute to a better Camp Quest experience for all,
it goes towards arts and craft supplies, science experiments,
or helps subsidise the cost of camp for those who are struggling to
afford it. You can either donate via Paypal (click on the yellow
"Donate" button in the top right corner of our website), or by Cheque
(please make payable to Camp Quest UK)

_*How to register*_

*/Please complete the attached form and send it, along with an ?80
deposit, to:

*/Camp Quest UK - Registrations
1 Gower Street
/WC1E 6HD/

*/PLEASE NOTE: We expect places for both camps to go extremely
In order to avoid a situation where too many people are sending in
deposits, and we have to disappoint, please send an e-mail to
/*/info@camp-quest.org.uk/*/ just to let us know that your form is in
the post, and how many children you are registering. This way we can
keep track of how many places we have left and update the website
accordingly. Thanks for your understanding./*

Best wishes to you all, and we hope to receive your applications

Samantha Stein
Director, Camp Quest UK
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