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					                                                                          RUBRIC: Response to Literature—Poetry
      This rubric is aligned to the Grade Span Expectations as set forth by the Rhode Island Department of Education and the potential Depth of Knowledge that should be
               expected in the work. To achieve a successful score on the task, a student must meet or exceed standard on the expectations indicated by an asterisk.
                                            Exceeds Standard                          Meets Standard                   Nearly Meets Standard                Below Standard
                                                     4                                        3                                    2                                 1
               *                 Skillfully hooks reader’s interest by      Effectively hooks reader’s interest Attempts to hook the reader but       Weak and/or confusing
    Engages and orients          using descriptive language and/or          by using descriptive language        strategies used ineffectively.       attempt to hook the reader.
         the reader              authoritative voice.                       and/or authoritative voice.
                                                                            W 10-1.4, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5              Attempts to establish the contexts. Incomplete or inaccurate
                                 Skillfully establishes a context.                                                                                    context.
                                                                            Establishes a context (a situation,  Attempts to establish a thesis
                                 Advances a provocative thesis based        problem, condition, or               based on the prompt, but it is not   And/or
                                 on the prompt.                             circumstance). W 10-2.1              entirely clear or complete.
                                                                                                                                                      Establishes a weak,
                                                                            Clearly establishes a valid thesis                                        confusing and/or inaccurate
                                                                            based on the prompt. W 10-3.1a                                            thesis or one that does not
                                                                                                                                                      address the prompt.
               *                 Effectively supports valid judgments       Effectively supports valid           Most judgments are not supported     Little or no evidence to
  Identifies and interprets using specific details and references to judgments using specific details            with valid or clear evidence and/or support judgment and/or
  the theme and the effect       the poem to support the thesis.            and references to the poem to        most interpretations are inaccurate. inaccurate interpretation.
   of the literary devices                                                  support the thesis. W 10-3.2, 3.3
                                 Accurately identifies and interprets the                                        Identifies and interprets few        Fails to identify or interpret
                                 effect of several appropriate literary     Accurately identifies and interprets literary devices in relation to      literary devices in relation
                                 devices in relation to the prompt.         the effect of several appropriate    prompt.                              to the prompt.
                                                                            literary devices in relation to the
                                                                            prompt. W 10-3.2                     May include several inaccurate       Interpretations are
                                                                                                                 interpretations.                     inaccurate.
   Creates an organizing         Uses an organizational structure that      Uses an organizational structure     Uses an organizational structure     There is little evidence of
          structure              enhances the response.                     that allows for a progression of     that causes confusion.               organization.
                                                                            ideas to develop.
                                 The opening, body, and closure are                                              The response shows some
                                                                            W 10-1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 3.4, 4.6,
                                 skillfully organized.                                                           elements of organization.
                                                                            14.3, 14.5
                                                                          The response includes an opening,
                                                                          body, and closure.
  Demonstrates command          Demonstrates consistent control of        Demonstrates control of usage,         Demonstrates some control of          Demonstrates little control
    of written language         grammar, usage, punctuation, sentence     grammar, punctuation, sentence         usage, grammar, punctuation,          of usage, grammar,
        conventions             construction, and spelling.               construction, and spelling.            sentence construction, and            punctuation, sentence
                                                                                                                 spelling.                             construction, or spelling.
                                                                          Occasional errors do not interfere
                                                                          with meaning. W 10-9.1, 9.2, 9.3,      Errors interfere with meaning.        Numerous errors interfere
                                                                          9.4, 9.5                                                                     with meaning.

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