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									Appendix 1: Template Materials

                a) Template cover letter to councillors/leader to go with Get Serious postcards.

                      MODEL LETTER
           for adaptation and use by your Friends of the Earth group
  Council lobbying (postcards): group to council leader
                                                    (Delete this box before use)

[insert address]

[insert date]

Dear [insert name of council leader],

I am writing on behalf of [insert name of Friends of the Earth group].

We are working with other Friends of the Earth groups on the Get Serious About CO2 campaign, to
ensure that local councils implement policies to address climate change.

Local Government is crucial to delivering climate solutions. Councils have a huge say in local
emissions - how we plan our communities, how we power and heat our homes, and how we get
around. Councils are well placed to understand local communities’ interests in building a green future.

But although there has been inspirational leadership from some councils, much more ambitious action
is needed from most councils if we are to meet our national climate commitments and do our bit to
avert catastrophic climate change. A response on a wholly different scale is needed.

We have been working to mobilise local public support for [insert name of local council] to do its bit
to tackle climate change. Please find enclosed postcards that local people have signed to show their
support for our campaign.

We are calling for [insert name of local council] to cut emissions in our area by at least 40 per cent,
and to draw up a Climate Change Action Plan to show how the emissions will be made.

We are also calling for Local Carbon Budgets for every council, placing a cap on emissions in each
area; and for more money and support for councils to take action on climate change.

As council leader, we hope you will champion these asks being formally supported by the council. We
look forward to [meeting with you to discuss this further/ hearing from you about this matter].

Please find enclosed two briefings: an introduction to the Get Serious About CO 2 campaign, and a
policy document outlining six best-practice carbon-cutting policies that the council could adopt now
and information about Climate Change Action Plans. More information is also available at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
[Insert name of local group member]
On behalf of [insert name of local group name]

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