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					                                                                        Building List with Registrar Codes

505           441 Pennsylvania Ave                               K-8    73     TPC    Forestry Building                              H-10   235      OB   Oswald Building (BCTC)                            I-17
286    ASTC   A.S.T.E.C.C. Building                              I-6    142           Farmhouse Fraternity                           J-11   571           Parking & Transportation Services                 C-8
481      AT   Academic Technical Building (BCTC)                 J-18   31      FH    Frazee Hall                                    I-4    197           Parking Structure 1                               H-15
275           Agricultural Regulatory Services Building          E-21   54      FB    Funkhouser Building                            H-7    198           Parking Structure 2                               I-9
 91     AGN   Agricultural Science Center North                  F-14   215   GARR    Garrigus Building (Ag. Science Center South)   F-15   199           Parking Structure 3 (Kentucky Clinic)             G-9
 69           Alpha Delta Pi Sorority                            K-8     34     BE    Gatton College of Business & Economics         H-5    202           Parking Structure 5                               I-2
127           Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority                         L-8    294           Gill Heart Institute                           F-12   571           Parking Structure 6                               C-8
115           Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity                         L-11    33     GB    Gillis Building (Administration Annex)         H-5    572           Parking Structure 7                               J-15
  A           Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority                          M-5     99   GERC    Gluck Equine Research Center                   D-17   601           Parking Structure 8 (Medical Center)              D-11
112           Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity                         J-10   243           Greg Page Apartments                           G-23     9    PAHA   Patterson Hall                                    K-2
119     ALH   Alumni House                                       L-6    42     EGJ    Grehan Journalism Building                     I-7     27     POT   Patterson Office Tower                            I-5
 29     AGN   Alumni Gym                                         J-3    166           Guardhouse (Administration Dr)                 H-5     41     PEN   Pence Hall                                        I-7
503    RGAN   Anderson Mechanical Engineering Building           I-6    22     GUI    Guignol Theatre                                K-6      5           Peterson Service Building                         H-3
 46    FPAT   Anderson Tower                                     H-6    283           Hagan Baseball Stadium                         M-15   126           Phi Delta Theta Fraternity                        K-8
 76      AP   Animal Pathology Building                          H-12   111   HAHL    Haggin Hall                                    I-10   138           Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity                        J-12
347           Appalachian Center (624 S. Limestone)              F-7    10      HH    Hamilton House                                 K-2      N           Pi Beta Phi Sorority                              L-8
333           Appalachian Center Annex (641 S. Limestone)        F-7    495           Hardymon Communications Building               N-4    312           Plant Sciences                                    F-16
302           Arboretum Visitor Center                           I-27   154           Headhouse - Greenhouses 1-12                   G-14   281     OHR   Raymond Building                                  H-6
566           Baldwin Hall                                       L-14    6            Holmes Hall                                    J-2    216           Research Facility 3                               G-9
  E           Baptist Student Center                             L-9    567           Ingels Hall                                    K-14   101           Reynolds Warehouses 1-4                           F-2
 28      BH   Barker Hall /Buell Armory                          I-4    351           Jesse Harris Building                          F-7    108     RMB   Robotics Facility - CRMS                          H-6
276    CEBA   Barnhart Building (Ag. Engineering)                E-16    7     JSR    Jewell Hall                                    J-3    613           Samaritan Parking Structure                       K-1
344    GCH2   Betts House - Gaines Center                        M-3    220           Johnson Student Recreation Center              I-15   230    SBCA   Sanders-Brown Center On Aging                     F-10
225      BS   Biological Sciences Building                       H-9    345    MKH    Kade German House                              M-3      2           Scott Street Building                             G-4
596           Biological Pharmaceutical Building                        125           Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority                     K-8     64     AES   Scovell Hall                                      G-8
509           Biomedical/Biological Sciences Research Building   F-9    128           Kappa Delta Sorority                           K-7    219      SB   Seaton Center                                     I-14
145           Blanding Tower Dorm                                J-13    D            Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority                     M-3    189           Shawneetown Apartments A-F                        D-24
 12           Blazer Hall                                        K-3    140           Kappa Sigma Fraternity                         K-12   113     SPC   Shively Sports Center                             L-15
 14           Boone Faculty Center                               J-8     44    KAS    Kastle Hall                                    I-7    507           Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity                    L-8
213           Boone Indoor Tennis Facility                       J-16   11            Keeneland Hall                                 K-2    504           Sigma Chi Fraternity                              L-8
485           Boone Tennis Stadium                               K-16    75           Kelley Hall (Med Center PPD)                   I-11   129           Sigma Kappa Sorority                              K-8
305    HSRE   Bosomworth Health Science Research Building        H-12   293           Kentucky Children's Hospital                   G-12   121           Sigma Nu Fraternity                               M-8
 59    BOW    Bowman Hall                                        H-8    284           Kentucky Clinic (Wright Medical Plaza)         G-9    505           Sigma Pi Fraternity                               N-7
  8    BOYD   Boyd Hall                                          J-3    315           Kentucky Humanities Council                    M-3      C           Singletary Center For The Arts                    K-6
 58    BRAD   Bradley Hall                                       I-8     K            KET - The Kentucky Network                     L-18   241     SRB   Slone Research Building                           H-8
 56    BREC   Breckinridge Hall                                  H-8    57      KH    Kinkead Hall                                   I-8     53           Smith Hall                                        L-13
 23           Campus Police                                      M-6    149           Kirwan Tower Dorm                              K-13   565           Soccer Field & Press Box                          L-24
  F           Catholic Newman Center                             L-7     71           K-Lair Grill/Food Storage Building             I-10   451           Softball Field & Press Box                        L-24
209           Centrifuge Building                                I-9    24       L    Lafferty Hall                                  J-6    452    JWST   Stuckert Career Center                            L-6
 55      CP   Chemistry/Physics Building                         I-8    137           Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity                    J-12   494      SC   Student Center                                    J-4
 67           Chi Omega Sorority                                 K-7    212    LAC    Lancaster Aquatic Center                       I-14    30     SCA   Student Center Addition                           J-4
  G           Christian Student Fellowship                       M-11   48     LAW    Law Building                                   G-7     26           Sturgill Development Building                     K-7
9983   COMB   College of Medicine Building                       E-10   417    LRC    Learning Services                              G-7     15     TEB   Taylor Education Building                         G-3
232      CN   College of Nursing Building                        G-10   400           Legal Clinic                                   F-7      1     DVT   Terrel Civil Engineering Lab                      G-7
 82      PH   College of Pharmacy Building                       G-10   224    LCLI   Library (Fine Arts)                            J-6     52           Tobacco & Health Research Institute               G-17
  3      RF   College of Public Health                           G-8     39     KL    Library (M.I. King South)                      J-6    236           UK Bookstore                                      J-4
 96    CCRC   Combs Cancer Research Building                     H-11   442           Ligon House - Donovan Scholars Program         G-7     26      UH   UK Chandler Hospital                              G-12
432    GCH1   Commonwealth House - Gaines Center                 M-3    32    MAIN    Main Building                                  I-5    293           UK Federal Credit Union                           B-8
222           Commonwealth Stadium                               I-19    93   RPCA    Markey Cancer Center                           G-11     M           UK Healthcare Good Samaritan Hospital             L-2
106           Commonwealth Village 1                             C-16   322   MAHO    Math House                                     L-9    8633          United Methodist Student Center                   M-11
105           Commonwealth Village 2                             D-16   47     MAT    Mathews Building                               G-6       I          University Apartment Housing (268 Rose Ln)        N-9
 94      CH   Cooper House                                       E-15   40            Maxwell Place                                  J-7    240           University Apartment Housing (404 Linden Walk)    M-7
130           Cooperstown A-G                                    M-14    45    MCV    McVey Hall                                     I-7    238     UHS   University Health Service                         F-11
343     BDH   Davis House - Gaines Center                        M-3    78     MCA    Med Center Annex No.5 (Wilford Building)       I-12   582           University Press                                  F-8
 68           Delta Delta Delta Sorority                         K-7     86           Medical Behavioral Science Bldg                H-13   336    VAHC   Veterans Hospital                                 G-13
122           Delta Gamma Sorority                               L-9    298           Medical Science Building                       G-12      J          Visitors Center                                   I-5
  B           Delta Tau Delta Fraternity                         D-15    19     MC    Memorial Coliseum                              L-4     32    WTYL   W.T. Young Library                                K-10
124           Delta Zeta Sorority                                K-8     49    MEH    Memorial Hall                                  H-6    456           Wenner-Gren Addition                              I-9
460           Dental School Insurance                            D-11   207    MAB    Metal Arts Building                            F-2    237    WGRL   Wenner-Gren Research Lab                          I-9
297     DSC   Dental Science Building                            H-12   35            Miller Hall                                    I-5     70    CTW    Wethington Allied Health Building                 F-11
 17      DH   Dickey Hall                                        F-3     51    MIIN   Mineral Industries Building                    G-7    200     TRB   Whalen Building                                   G-5
 72     DON   Donovan Hall                                       I-10   107   MMRB    Mining & Minerals Resources Building           J-8     43           William E. & Casiana Schmidt Vocal Arts Center    L-6
350           Drug & Alcohol Research Center                     E-7    274     MB    Moloney Building (BCTC)                        I-17   433      CB   White Hall Classroom Building                     I-5
 97    ESGB   E. S. Good Barn                                    F-17    88           Motor Pool                                     J-20    25    MRIS   Whitney & Hendrickson Cancer Facility For Women   H-11
 38      ML   Engineering Annex                                  I-6    568           North Hall                                     K-3     98           Wildcat Lodge                                     L-3
314           Environmental Health & Safety                      N-4    461           Nursing Home Research                          D-11   242           Wright Medical Plaza (Kentucky Clinic)            F-10
490           Environmental Quality Management Center            G-15   285           Nutter Field House                             J-20   223           WUKY                                              I-7
  H           Episcopal Student Center                           K-7    277   NFTF    Nutter Football Training Facility              L-15    45
 50      ER   Erikson Hall                                       H-7     21     ER    Old Engineer's House                           K-6

 22      FA   Fine Arts Building                                 K-6