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					Rohrbach’s Beer List
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KÖLSCH – First only brewed in Köln, Germany, the Kölsch is a bit of a hybrid beer. Though it is
considered an ale, it can be lagered or conditioned for a long period of time that makes the beer crisp
and dry. This Kölsch is brewed with a small amount of wheat to give the beer more body, and hopped
with authentic German hops. 5% ABV

VANILLA PORTER (Premium) – Vanilla Porter is a complex English-style porter that was brewed
with a wide variety of specialty malts. Chocolate malt, caramel malt, black malt, and roasted barley are
used in this beer to give it an intricate flavor. The vanilla flavoring is an extract that is added after
fermentation that gives the beer yet another layer of taste. Porters are considered to be in-between
brown ales and stouts, but Vanilla Porter is right on the edge of a stout. 6.5% ABV

BLUEBEARY – A fruit beer that uses blueberry flavoring, this beer is subtle in fruit flavor, not
overwhelming like most on the market. Since the base style is a blonde ale, Bluebeary is crisp and clean
with a noticeable hop presence. Refreshing on warm summer days! 4.5% ABV

HIGHLAND LAGER – Realistically, Highland Lager (or Amber as it used to be called) is a Vienna
Lager. Named for the city that it was originally brewed in, Viennas use quite a bit of Munich, Vienna, and
wheat malts to give the beer a subtle toasty flavor. Crisp, clean, and well balanced with hops, Highland is
definitely a session beer. 5%ABV

SCOTCH ALE (Premium) – Scotch Ale (or sometimes called “Wee Heavy”) is a strong ale that is
full-bodied with a sweet caramel flavor, and a high alcohol content. This beer is much stronger than it
tastes and varies between 7 to 7.5% ABV.

KACEY’S KRISTMAS ALE – Rohrbach’s winter seasonal that is named after one of John Urlaub’s
daughters, this beer is a slightly different twist on the usual Christmas beers seen at this time of the
year. Instead of a spiced ale, Kacey’s Kristmas Ale is a brown ale that is flavored with cherries! Wooden
and coffee flavors are balanced by the crisp zest of hops, which finishes with a semi-tart taste of
cherries. 4.6% ABV

WINTER WASSAIL – A special winter warmer beer, this beer is stylistically known as a German
dunkel lager. Instead of a traditional decoction mash, the Winter Wassail depends on crystal and
chocolate malts to give it a dark ruby color with an off-white head. Balanced with American hops, we
then tossed four pounds of fresh ginger root and a pound of bitter orange peel into the boil, and spiced
it again after fermentation! Sweet, spicy, and clean, the Winter Wassail will remind you of gingerbread
cookies on a cold winter night. 5.6% ABV
RAILROAD STREET ALE (Premium) – Notably named since it is now brewed at our commercial
brewery off of Railroad Street in downtown Rochester, this beer used to go under the name “Stock Ale”.
Though it is effectively the same recipe as the Stock Ale, Railroad Street Ale is able to be brewed to its
true strength on the larger brewing system. Rohrbach’s version of an India Pale Ale, Railroad Street Ale
has a big sinuous malty body backed by an overload of citrusy hops. 6.5% ABV

DIPA (Premium 12oz) – Chock full of American Cascade hops, the Double India Pale Ale uses a
yeast propagated from a well renowned brewery in California to maximize all the hop aroma and flavor
in this beer. Relying on only three malts, the Double IPA is extremely deceiving in that it is light in color,
but you can smell it a mile away. Hovering around 85 IBUs, this beer is guaranteed to wipe your palate
clean! 8.6% ABV

MAPLE DUNKELWEIZEN – Literal translation meaning “dark wheat”, this dunkelweizen is brewed
with 50% wheat malt and a touch of chocolate malt. Fermented with a traditional Bavarian wheat yeast
and blended with two gallons of maple syrup after filtration, this beer touches on a number of fruity
flavors, and finishes with a sweet maple aftertaste. 5.3% ABV

ESB – Using an authentic English yeast from London, we have crafted a beer based after the most
“bitter” of English bitters. The ESB is light amber in color with a plethora of English hops invading your
nose and mouth. With the subtle toastiness of Amber malt, this Extra Special Bitter clocks in at 45 IBUs
and leaves you with a pleasant lingering hop flavor. 5.8% ABV

MONKEY STUNT IMPERIAL STOUT (Premium 12 oz) –An all-malt imperial stout, Monkey
Stunt has a heavy emphasis on complex chocolate, coffee, and toasted flavors. Conditioned for an
extended period of time to mellow out the taste and tone down the alcohol presence, Monkey Stunt is
heavy and robust. Served on nitrogen to give it a softer mouthfeel, this imperial stout is like a liquid
brownie beer! 8.5% ABV