Packing List Identification - Documentation Passport or Passport by amd51223


									Packing List

Identification - Documentation
Passport or Passport Card (Required after June 2008)
Drivers License and Insurance Information
Confirmation from Finlayson Resort
Money - Canadian funds if you have some

Food - Beef, Dairy, and Root Crops are regulated. Please check the Canada Border & Customs
Information see link.

Dish Soap
Trash Bags
Bottled Water
Zip Lock Freezer bags - different sizes

Personal Gear
Matches/ Lighter
Filet Knife / sharpener
Rain Gear
Camera - film/ batteries
Sun Screen
Sunglasses - polarized
Clothes - appropriate to weather; which you can check at bottom of this page.
Hat with a visor
Flip Flops (wear in shower)
Prescription/ Required medications
Shampoo & Soap
Toothbrush/ Paste etc.
Dirty Clothes Bag
Reading Material
Travel Power Strip with Surge Protector (to protect devices from generator)
Playing Cards

Fishing Equipment
First Aid kit
Fishing Tackle
Rods & Reels
Bait Containers
Boat Cooler
Camp Chair
Fish Stringer/ Fish Net
Insect repellent - at least 20 percent Deet
Waterproof Boat Bag

Finlayson Recommends trying a Shore lunch kit which could include---
fry pans, tongs, salt and pepper, paper plates, oil, forks, cans of beans, potatoes, can opener,
breading, zip lock bags, boards to fillet fish, fillet knives, matches. Store in one container so it's
easy to handle in the boat.

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